Lucky Me

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Part 1

“Why wait?” That’s the question I am always being asked when it comes to sex.

My mates can’t believe that at nineteen, I’m still a virgin. They love to taunt me with extravagant stories of who they had last night and how many new positions they tried, and it can really get to me. So, one day, after a particularly vivid description of a mates encounter, I decided I’d waited long enough. I was going to lose my virginity and find out what I was missing.

It had been a hot day, temperature well in the thirties, and so the girls were out in their multitudes around town wearing insanely short-cut skirts and revealing tops. Had I managed to find time to stroll along the beach I would’ve seen plenty of topless women soaking up the rays. But, in the space of about ten minutes, the sky turned murderously black and the heavens opened, drenching everyone outside to the skin in seconds. Of course, I was in my car, driving home from college so I didn’t get too wet, except when I pulled over to give someone a lift…

As soon as it started raining, I could see the looks of panic on all pretty much all of the girls walking down the street – they were all in the main wearing white tops, which very quickly became very transparent. I’m surprised there wasn’t an accident with the amount of male drivers ogling out of the window as they drove past. One girl, about eighteen years old managed to catch my eye, amongst all the others. She just carried on walking regardless, even though I could clearly see a dark lace bra through her drenched top.

First of all I was shocked by her apparent lack of interest in how obvious the rain had made her, and then I was stunned by taking a second look at her entire figure. She was no model, but she certainly looked fantastic! She must’ve been around five foot six, slim, and with the best rack I’d seen in a long time. She had full 34C breasts that looked amazing on her, and although I’ve never gone all the way, I’ve seen my fair share of tits to compare them to. I could feel myself starting to get aroused by the sight of her, and remembering my earlier promise to myself, I thought I’d see what would happen if we met.

I pulled over as she was walking past and shouted “Hell girl you’re soaked! You’ll catch you’re death if you stay out here. Lem’me give you a lift home.” She looked as if she was going to refuse, but changed her mind and hopped into the passenger seat. “Where to,” I asked, hoping that I could invite her round to my flat first. “Well… I don’t suppose you could take me back to your place for a bit? Only I’ve left my keys at Şirinevler escort home and my parents are at work till late.” Hey, I wasn’t going to turn a stunner like her down and just thought to myself I must’ve done something right recently! Out loud I just said “Sure, no problem.”

Part 2

I drove to my flat in silence, but still semi-erect by the thought of what I had seen and what might still happen. My passenger broke the silence by introducing herself as Katherine. I replied and told her my name. “So Jason, have you got a girlfriend?” was the next thing she said. So I relaxed a bit and we started chatting: no I hadn’t got a girlfriend, she was single as well after just breaking up with a boy who made to many advances, and so yes, she was still a virgin. My heartbeat quickened as I heard that, and my prick decided to wake up a bit more. I think Katherine noticed, but she didn’t say anything and just leaned over to whisper something in my ear. I didn’t hear what she said the first time, but when she repeated it I swerved and almost hit a truck. “I’ve never seen a proper cock. I can see you’re interested, will you show me yours?” After I recovered my breath, I calmly nodded “Why not,” as if it was something I did everyday. However my penis responded in a more excited manner, instantly swelling to full size and becoming very uncomfortable trapped in my jeans.

“I’m not gonna let you take it out now ‘cus that will cause an accident but if u like, you can put your hand in my jeans and stroke it if you like.” I’ve got to give her credit – for someone who’d never seen a dick before, she had a good idea of how to make me enjoy what she was doing. She started by licking her fingers, then put her hand through my flies and under my boxers and then proceeded to pull back my foreskin and rub her saliva into my enlarged head. Soon I was starting to feel like I was gonna blow by load right in my jeans but fortunately I realised I was back at my flat.

“Right we’re here,” I said. “Do you want to remove your hand for a minute while we go inside?” Katherine laughed, her smile beaming. I decided I’d go for a kiss before we got wet again, so I leaned forward, pushed her hair back and briefly touched her lips. Then I went in again, and tried to slide my tongue into her mouth. At first she was unsure as to what she was doing, but then she relaxed and opened her mouth. I tried something a little more adventurous by suddenly moving my hand to feel her breasts. She pulled away and I stopped, but she surprised me by taking her top off instead! She then unclasped her bra Şirinevler escort bayan and her tits fell out, perfectly symmetrical, and I could not help but stare. I leaned forward and traced the outline of an areola, causing her to shiver slightly. I lightly pinched a nipple and then leaned even closer to continue.

I kissed one boob all over and then the other, then went to work sucking one nipple to try and get it as hard as possible, while rolling the other in-between my fingers for the same effect. I could hear her moaning softly and knew I’d got myself a prize catch. Then she whispered the words every guy wants to hear “I want you to fuck me; I want to feel you’re big cock deep in my pussy!” Well I wasn’t going to refuse, was I, so I gave helped her put her top back on and me made a dash for my flat.

Part 3

We got in out of the rain and I led her to the couch. I proceeded to take off her top again, and then I leaned forward for another helping of nipple. This time though I slid a hand up her skirt and onto her panties and started rubbing her slightly wet pussy. I was into unknown territory myself now, but I let instinct take over. After a while, I pushed her panties aside and started to slide my finger into her virgin pussy. This time her groan was quite audible, and it helped to turn me on more than I thought possible. I abandoned her nipple to concentrate solely on fingering her, so when I started to pull her skirt off, Katherine was in no fit state to resist. Then off came the panties (which were decidedly soaked) to give me full access, and the sight of my first pussy.

When I found her clit she gasped and begged me to rub it harder so I complied. I then added two more fingers to the one already probing her slit, and her eyes flew open in desire and passion. When she started thrashing about I stopped because I thought that I was hurting her, but it was her orgasm. She screamed my name and collapsed back onto the sofa. I started rubbing her again while she recovered, until she demanded I stop. I was taken aback, but she got up, pushed me down instead and pulled my jeans and boxers down to reveal my eagerly anticipating dick. She looked at it for a second then lowered her head and kissed it. One kiss and I was in heaven – I’d heard blowjobs were good, but this was amazing! She slowly lowered her head down my shaft, and then proceeded to pump with her mouth and fingers. Very soon I was close to cumming and I told her so, but she didn’t stop, she carried on and started massaging my balls. I could hold it in no longer – I shot a massive escort şirinevler load straight down her throat and she started to gag. I pulled my cock out and sprayed the rest of my jism on her lovely breasts. We looked at each other briefly, then I went to kiss her again, tasting my cum on her lips.

“That was amazing doesn’t even come close to describing that. Thank you,” I uttered breathlessly. “By the way, I thing its best to tell you I’m a virgin to, so are you sure you want to go along with this?” “I need your big fucking cock in my virgin pussy, I want you to take my cherry with your prick!” was the reply, so I thought that’s a good enough invitation for me. I suggested we went to my bedroom and carried on there as the couch wasn’t very comfortable. I showed her where it was then gave her a minute to sort herself out while I cleaned up a bit of spilt cum from the couch. Five minutes later I knocked and entered my room to find Katherine on the bed, legs splayed wide, fingering herself like her life depended on it. I stepped forward, removed her hand and dived in head first to eat my first girl. I quickly had her close to another orgasm, so I concentrated on licking her clit furiously. She came all over my face, her juices running on the sheets but I didn’t care, I just lapped it all up like a dog. After a couple of minutes rest I decided now was the time to fuck this stranger good and proper and lose my virginity.

Part 4

Katherine must’ve been as wet as it’s possible to be so I had no problems slipping the head of my dick into her pussy. I felt her hymen and we looked into each others eyes. She nodded slightly, and I prepared myself. I pulled out and then thrust in hard, breaking her first time and taking both our virginities with it. I could see tears in her eyes from the pain so I stopped and rubbed her clit with my finger until she told me to carry on. I started slow, and then built up the speed until she was bucking her hips madly underneath me. She started groaning “Fucking shit… fuck me hard… I need your cock … Fuck Fuck FUCK!!!” She came in an earth-shattering orgasm, and the pressure of her vagina sharply contracting round my dick sent me over the edge. I shot deep into her and kept fucking her for a couple of minutes while we finished climaxing, then I collapsed on top of her.

I woke up a couple of minutes later, still buried deep inside Katherine. I kissed her full on the lips and we played with each others tongues for a minute. I checked the time and suggested we’d better clear up so I could get her home before dark. After making the bed and putting the sheet with a couple of drops of blood in the wash, I went for a shower. Katherine joined me a couple of minutes later and we carried on from were we left off.

But that’s another story… At least I had something to relive with my mates, and they would have one less thing to laugh at me over.

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