Loving Rita Ch. 02

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It’s been some time since I submitted: “Loving Rita.” In that story, Chris, a 35 year-old widower is smitten with Rita, his 58 years old neighbor on Lake Lausanne. After her husband died, Rita became Chris’s lover. In this story, Chris and Rita continue to love each other. Rita introduces Maria, her 55 years old best friend and a widow, to 40 years old Brian. Hope you enjoy this story; please don’t forget to vote. Thanks. Andru.

Rita’s Friend: Maria Meets An Eager Young Lover

After loving each other during two days in the Sheraton, on Sunday, Rita and I talked a long time about our families. Rita told me her daughter had no problem with her going out with me. We agreed that Mel, my five-year old daughter, should begin to spend more time with us and, beginning in the fall, live with me. For the time being, we decided to keep our respective homes and Mel would live with me. Rita reminded me:

“Mel knows me. Laurie asked me to baby sit Mel several times; she calls me Rita; I lover her. I can take care of her. I can’t be a parent; you’re the only parent she has, her Dad.”

I said, “Ok, first, I’ll bring Mel to live with me at the cottage; I’ll take care of her; Ed and Angela took care of her for a long time.”

Rita quietly said, “Before winter, we can clean up my den, move my computer to the downstairs den, and make a bedroom for Mel.”

I replied, “It’s a good idea. I was thinking of giving up the apartment in Boston; the rent is too high,” and I realized Rita had invited me and Mel to live with her.

“Mel and I’ll go to Lawrenceville with you before school starts. I’ll take her to the mall there; I’m sure she needs clothes and supplies for the new school year,” said Rita.


About a week after Rita returned from Las Vegas, I spent four long days working closely with a client, Brian, in Lawrenceville, where Ed and Angela lived. Brian was a nice, single guy, about 40 years old; he was a year ahead of me in high school; he played basketball, point guard, for the school and Community College teams. Brian and I renewed our friendship easily, as I helped him better manage his construction business. Soon after graduating from high school, Brian married, Missy, one of the cheer leaders; within a year, the couple had one daughter.

One day, after work, Brian said to me, “Missy became pregnant when she was still a high school senior. She and I simply grew apart; I spent too much time building my business; we divorced amicably a year ago. Our daughter, Peggy, is a well-adjusted young woman; she turned 21 recently.”

Brian continued, “At Peggy’s urging, I’ve dated several young women; they seemed to be too young for me. It’s a new generation; new problems.”

I said, “Rita and I know an attractive woman you may like; she’s a widow. We can introduce her to you; have supper with us on Sat’ day,” and gave Brian directions to Rita’s home after he agreed.

Brian said, “A few years ago, I did some work on a property on the lake. The man had a beautiful and smart wife; she talked to me nicely. I hope it would be her I meet.”

I called and spoke with Rita every night; I told her how much I missed her. She was keeping busy cleaning her home and visiting her friends who welcomed her with parties in her honor; we were looking forward to being together over the weekend. I told Rita about Brian and that he was interested in going out with Maria. We agreed we should introduce Brian to Maria.

While in Lawrenceville, I made sure I saw Mel everyday in the evening. Mel was doing well; kids do well in a loving climate. When I told Mel I wanted her to live with me, she liked the idea of spending time at the cottage and lake. She had invited several of her friends for a slumber party on Friday night and I spent most of the night helping Ed and Angela take care of Mel and her friends.

At about 4 AM, I drove about an hour to Rita’s home and let myself in. In the living room, I saw the large bouquet of flowers I sent Rita the day before. After removing my clothes and sneakers, I crawled in to bed, snuggled up to Rita, and kissed her neck and cheek; she mumbled:

“Hi, darlin. Thanks for the flowers. Missed you. Love you,” and went back to sleep, snoring softly.


I woke up with a morning woody. It was a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning. I realized I was in Rita’s bedroom; I watched her silhouette as she stood in front of the large window and gazed at Lake Lausanne. Rita looked very alluring in a diaphanous white silk night gown.

I walked to Rita; as I hugged her, she pressed her voluptuous ass in to my erection and cooed:

“Hi darling; I see you’re ready to take me. Missed you,” and Rita raised her arms, reached back, and hugged me.

I said, “You smell nice, feel nice,” and cupped Rita’s large sagging breasts, and kissed the nape of her wrinkled neck; Rita shivered with excitement.

I continued, “I need a shower; let’s take one together,” and gently pulled a willing Rita towards the bathroom.

“It’s gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları been a long time I took a shower with a man; I never took one with a young stud; it should be fun,” said Rita giggling.

I said, “This young guy wants to do it in the shower,” and picked up the tube of lubricating jelly from the dresser.

Rita cooed, “In the shower? That’s a new one,” and giggled.

In the bathroom, I adjusted the water temperature of the shower and entered the stall. Rita removed her nightgown and followed me. I hugged Rita from behind, and as she squealed happily, I began to gently wash her neck and back with a soft wash cloth soaked with liquid soap. I reached around and gently washed Rita’s already shiny pendulous boobs for a long time, while fondling them and pinching her large nipples. Every time I pinched Rita’s nipples, she moaned and tilted her head back with pleasure. After nudging Rita to raise her arms above her head, I washed each of her armpits gently and slowly. Rita closed her eyes, rested her head on my chest, and cooed,

“Feels gooood; I’m sooo horny,” and kept her arms raised with her palms resting on her head.

I was only too glad to continue rubbing Rita’s sexy underarms and armpits; it made me hornier. After several minutes, I bent down and washed Rita’s smooth buttocks and inner thighs. Rita wantonly spread her legs and thighs; her anus and crotch received just as much cleansing as her boobs. Rita was surprised when I knelt down and gazed as I washed her ample buttocks; she didn’t realize that I loved them too. I nudged Rita to turn around to gaze at her blonde and gray pubes, and pussy. Gently, I spread her puffed pussy lips, and licked her whole opening and clit further arousing her sexual need; Rita moaned continuously with pleasure.

When I stood up, Rita washed my cock, balls, and crotch for several minutes. She knelt down sucked my semi erect cock to a raging erection.

Gently, with my hands in her armpits, I lifted Rita to her feet and kissed her passionately on her mouth. Sensing I wanted to fuck her in the shower, Rita holding my cock in her delicate grasp, mumbled:

“It’s pulsing; it’s so hard.”

I knew Rita used jelly for additional lubrication and it would have washed away during the long shower. With our backs to the shower, quickly, I put a large dollop of jelly on my finger and lovingly spread it in Rita’s slightly wet pussy.

I gently nudged Rita to lean forward and slowly snaked my raging cock in to her jelly-slickened pussy. As I grabbed Rita’s voluptuous boobs and began to fuck her, she grasped the stainless steel handle on the wall for support. Soon, Rita cooed and gasped:

“The water feels great on my back. I love your big cock. I feel stuffed.”

After a few minutes of steadily sliding my cock in and out of Rita’s pussy, she whispered urgently, “My clit. Cliiit. Squeeeeze. Squeeeeeze.”

As I gladly tweaked Rita’s juicy clit between my thumb and index finger, her breathing became more rhythmic. In addition to tweaking Rita’s clit, I rubbed her slick slit along its length until she had an intense orgasm, “Ohhhhhhh. Cummmmming. Cummmmmming.”

After her orgasm subsided, Rita stood up with my cock embedded in her pussy and cooed:

“It’s first time in a shower for me. I love it,” and continued in a loving tone:

“My pussy is still pulsing. Your cock is still hard; don’t take it out, yet.”

After a while, Rita reached backwards with her arms to hug me. When she turned her face, I kissed her mouth and left cheek; my twitching cock was still embedded in Rita’s pussy and precum was oozing continuously. I was tired from our love-exertion. I wanted to love Rita in her bed. After her orgasm subsided, I said:

“Let’s do it in bed.”

Rita agreed; we got out of the shower and quickly dried ourselves. While Rita was drying her hair, I went to the bedroom window and gazed at the lovely lake surface. I turned around when I heard footsteps: as a totally naked Rita walked towards me, her drooping boobs swayed sexily. Rita saw my stiff cock twitch; she cooed:

“I’m glad you like my body; this is plain me; no make up; no sexy lingerie.”

Rita began to sway her hips and watching my face intently and with a smile on her face, she slowly raised her arms above her head to expose her white underarms and armpits.

Continuing to sway, staring at my twitching stiff cock, Rita, smiled and cooed:

“It’s still big and twitching. Take me, lover.”

I rushed to Rita and hugged her, and kissed passionately her armpits, wrinkled neck, and mouth. I nudged Rita backwards to the bed, gently lifted her on to it, and after she spread her voluptuous thighs, I climbed between them, and plunged my engorged cock in to her snug, juicy, pussy.

With my cock deep in Rita’s pussy, I resumed kissing her neck, mouth, and armpits. Rita left her underarms exposed as I fucked her slowly savoring the sensations gaziantep escort bayan telefonları of my cock in her slick sheath and the undulating body beneath me. I lifted myself up and saw Rita’s boobs had spilled to the sides and rested on her rib cage; they jiggled in unison as I thrust my cock in to her juicy pussy. When Rita tightened her vaginal walls around my cock and slightly raised her legs, squishing sounds emanated from her pussy as I slowly slid my cock in and withdrew it. I fucked Rita for a long time, pausing frequently to kiss her mouth, wrinkled neck, or her armpits. Perspiration was running off my face and chest. My passion built up gradually to its peak; I hugged Rita tightly, grasped her meaty buttocks, buried my face in her sexy right armpit, and released dozens of jets of my sperm-laden cum at her cervix. “Fuckkkk. Tiiiiight. Ohhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

I collapsed on Rita, with her pillowy boobs cushioning my sweaty, hairy, chest. After we rested for several minutes, Rita cooed in awe:

“It’s still hard. I love it; but, have to pee.”

I mumbled, “Ok. Missed you. I’m sleepy,” and gently got off of Rita and stretched on my back.

A few minutes later, Rita returned to the bed, lovingly sucked my still erect cock and licked our mixed love juices; she then gently wiped my cock with a warm wash cloth. Rita kissed my cheek and said:

“I’ll be in the yard working; sweet dreams.”

After sleeping for about two hours, I got up, dressed in shorts and a white tank top, and went downstairs. After I drank a cup of coffee Rita had brewed, I fixed a glass of ice water for Rita and went looking for her in the garden.

Rita was weeding; she had on a wide-rim white cotton hat, sun glasses, a light blue tank top, and a pair of very short cutoff jeans. When she heard me, she turned around and looked at me with a smile:

“Is that water for me? That’s sweet,” and stood up, took the glass of water, and kissed me on my mouth.

As Rita sipped water, from the outline of her boobs, I realized she did not put on a bra. She had built up sheen due to sweat; yet, she looked alluring, bra-less in the tank top; my semi erect cock became stiff.

Rita said, “I’m sweaty. Before weeding, I lifted weights for a few minutes.”

When I hugged her and started rubbing her toned arms, Rita smiled and leaned against me; she felt my hard cock and, giggling, cooed:

“What turned you on? I’m all sweaty,” and wiggled her voluptuous ass against my cock.

I said, “Everything. You’re a beautiful woman,” and reaching under her tank top, grasped both her boobs.

Rita squealed happily, and bent down to put the water glass and clippers on the ground; I grasped her waist and pulled her voluptuous ass to my crotch.

Rita giggling, said, “It’s a good thing no one can see us,” and turned towards me; she pulled down my shorts and underwear, and gently grasped my stiff cock. Looking up in to my eyes, and holding my cock in her tiny wrinkled hands, Rita sucked it to a raging hard on. She cooed:

“I’ve to finish clipping a few more plants,” and smiling at me seductively, Rita slowly lowered her shorts and stained panties; still smiling, she picked up the clippers and bent to clip the dead shoots.

The Sun just came out. When I saw Rita’s voluptuous buttocks shining in the sunlight, I fell to my knees on the grass, and kissed and fondled them. Rita’s pussy, framed by generous amount of blonde-gray-curly pubic hair, looked like a large piece of succulent fruit. I stared at Rita’s pussy in admiration of its beauty for a minute. I licked it up and down its length. When, I gently scratched around Rita’s anus, she squealed in surprise. I returned my attentions to Rita’s lovely pussy lips, and slowly inserted my middle finger, scooped her nectars, and licked them.

I mumbled, “It’s so interesting.”

Rita giggled and asked, “What’s so interesting? You have seen it before!”

I mumbled, “I’m fascinated with its looks. It’s beautiful, so succulent, and it gives me so much pleasure.”

Rita giggled and said, “It gives me lot of pleasure too.”

I knew Rita’s pussy was juicy from our earlier love making, so while holding Rita’s hips firmly, I aimed my stiff cock at Rita’s pussy, and slowly pushed its head in; Rita squealed in surprise and giggled. Assured of her consent, I pushed it in until my crotch made contact with her’s. I was in no hurry to climax; I wanted to enjoy the fantastic sensations of slowly fucking Rita’s juicy pussy in the garden. I was grateful that voluptuous Rita was also an imaginative lover, as she pretended to work on the plants.

Rita wiggled her ass, signaling she was done clipping one plant. Then Rita bent to look at a potted plant a few feet away; again, I grasped her waist firmly, shoved my cock deep in to her pussy, and slowly fucked her.

After a few minutes, Rita walked to a bed of flowers along the house; I followed her closely; again, she bent gaziantep escort bayan videoları to look at the petals of a flower allowing me to stuff my cock in to her pussy and fuck her.

When Rita straightened up, I kissed her neck and said, “Darling, thank you for playing with me.”

Rita replied, “It was fun to couple while gardening,” and continued:

“It’s becoming warm. Let’s go inside.”

I nodded in agreement. On a whim, I picked up a surprised Rita, put her on my right shoulder, and, as she happily squealed and giggled, carried her inside the house. I put her down near the living room sofa and began to kiss her neck, cheeks, and mouth.

Weakly, Rita mumbled, “I should take a shower.”

Between kisses, I whispered, “Not yet. Can’t wait. I love your body as is.”

I stretched out on my back on the sofa with my cock still stiff and twitching. Rita got on the sofa between my legs, and gently licked and sucked my cock tasting her own pussy syrup. She then straddled my crotch and slowly stuffed my cock in to her pussy. I helped Rita take off her tank top; she leaned forward on me for a minute cushioning her bare boobs on my chest.

Grasping her voluptuous jelly-like buttocks, I kissed Rita’s mouth and neck; I tasted her salty skin. Rita, looking in to my eyes, cooed:

“This is so nice being on top of you,” and began to move her pussy up and down on my cock.

Soon, there was a determined look in Rita’s aroused eyes; she began to slam her crotch in to mine with my cock in her snug velvet-walled cunt. Our colliding crotches made slapping sounds. Somehow, I was able to grope Rita’s swaying boobs and pinch her nipples; her pussy juices started to run down my cock and coated my balls. Several beads of perspiration formed on Rita’s forehead and cleavage; she rested for a minute, smiled and kissed my mouth.

Soon, she resumed slamming her crotch in to mine; the slapping sound of our crotches resumed. Rita started moaning and whimpering. Her face was flushed. She stopped pounding my cock, collapsed on my chest crushing her pillowy tits, cumming for several minutes as her pussy spasmed around my rigid cock: “Cummming. Goddddddddd. Hsssssssss. Ohhhhhhhhh.”

I was aware of the heady aroma of sex. My cock remained hard in Rita’s pussy as she rested for several minutes. With my rigid cock still buried in her pussy, Rita lifted her head and smiled at me, and cooed:

“I was so horny. It was fun. It’s still hard, in one piece; not broken,” and giggled.

I whispered to Rita:

“I want to see your ass; turn around and ride me. Let’s do it in front of the mirror.”

Rita cooed, “I’m amazed at the naughty things you think of,” and gently got off my oozing cock.

Quickly, Rita spread a mattress on the living room floor in front of the mirror and put three pillows for me to recline. As I reclined on the pillows, Rita first stood facing away from me, then slowly sat in my lap and, holding my stiff cock in her left hand, stuffed my cock in to her well-lubricated pussy. Rita broke in to a huge smile when she saw our reflection in the mirror: she saw her pussy stuffed with my cock and her boobs swing sexily in unison as she rocked back and forth slightly bent forward; I fondled her smooth, jelly-like, buttocks whose wrinkles formed different patterns in my grasp, as she rocked on my cock. I also watched in fascination my stiff cock disappear in to Rita’s pussy and came out of it making squishing sounds; and, just above her pussy was her pretty puckered pink ass hole.

When Rita stopped rocking back and forth to rest, I gently pulled her by her shoulders to my chest, and wrapped my arms around her chest and nuzzled her pendulous boobs. Rita raised her left arm and placed it around my neck; I kissed her left boob and armpit that were close to my face; I also smelled the intoxicating mixture of Rita’s sweat and perfume.

I was approaching my climax; I grasped Rita’s buttocks to slowly lift and lower her pussy on my steel-hard cock several times. Soon, as my climax started deep in my loins, Rita gently kept squeezing my balls cooed:

“Come for me, baby. Fill my pussy with your cum,” and continued to fondle my balls with her delicate hand.

I held Rita’s boobs tightly in my hands as my cum flowed in numerous spurts in to her pussy. My climax was intense, long, and very satisfying. When my cock softened, I handed Rita several tissues and helped her get off of me. We cleaned up as best as we could and, hugging each other, rested for a few minutes on the mattress.

Rita said, “We can rest for a while; Brian and Maria will be coming here; we’re introducing them to each other,” she paused and added:

“You’re grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner; I’m making a salad. We’re going to a concert tonight.”

I nodded and, as I fell asleep, I saw Rita’s eyes were closed as she rested with her wrinkled hand holding my shriveled cock.

When I woke up, I saw Rita working in the kitchen; she looked very alluring in: light make up, bright red lipstick, taupe shorts, light blue tank top, black thigh highs, and black flat shoes.

I got up, dressed in navy blue shorts, a red sports shirt, and sandals; I helped with Maria prepare for the evening.


Brian came at about 5 p.m. He was about 6 ft and 190 lb, with brown hair, light blue eyes, and a bushy moustache; he was dressed in sneakers, shorts and a sports shirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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