Lost in the Fire

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I recognized your hesitance, I felt you draw closer and pull away, ebb and flow of eternal tides, I didn’t know if you were completly there with me.

You moaned wildly, and I moved my hand to your quivering Cunt, pressing your mound beneath your clothes. I held you in my hands and felt the heat within you; your body betraying you with its hot desire. A Debutante, a woman by every right, kissing me passionately, you drew my tongue into your mouth and were teasingly sucking it, like a humid wind.

You pulled back and your face was a mixture of obsession and addiction. I nodded and without moving, I pulled your Skirt and panties down so that they rested around your ankles, you stepped out of them, and I knew your guard had come down, and it was then that I knew, you were with me.

You pressed your groin against my hand and I slid my finger across your cunt, feeling your wet, horny snatch, inviting, tempting. I pulled away from you and kissed your neck, biting you softly. listening to you moan, and let go of your desire to be resistant, painstakingly methodical in my attempt to possess you, in each and every way. holding you for eternity, bursa escort in a timelessness rivaling the gods.

I slid my finger the length of your hot slit and flicked your clit. I could feel my own body wet with desire and I held you as close to me as I possibly could. Wanting you more and more as my desire bellowed in me, while my breath hotter and lustful, universal noises coming from places in me that I did not know existed. as if the void had been awakened and given a name.

Your body pressed against mine, urging it deeper and deeper still. Your body pressed hard against me, biting your neck, squeezing your tits, I was fucking you with my hand, owning you… I pushed my finger inside you and your moans became louder. I held you until your body stopped shaking and you rested against me.

Slowly I pulled my finger from you and you shuddered again. You turned and nestled into me, your head cradled into my shoulder, resting peacefully, in the turgid humidity, that had become your primality, acting only on animal instinct

She was so close that when she touched her own clit she exploded inside. I continued to fuck her pussy and bursa escort bayan ass until she fell forward exhausted.

I felt my pussy lips tingle like they do when I get turned on and I could feel them swelling. We spread our legs wider, reaching down, opening ourselves, staring into each other’s pussy.

I watched her pleasure, as my own hand flew in ever tighter circles over my her clit. Then, I just stopped, lost in her rapture as her stomach muscles began spasming in uncontrollable orgasmic bliss.

I ran my finger along it and then put the finger into my mouth, tasting how sweet she was. She sat up and started her blow job action again, cleaning the hard rubber cock of her juices.

She undid the side buckles, eased the plug out of my ass and gently took the harness off me. This time I wanted to lie on my back as she fucked me, I wanted to see the pleasure she was giving me. I wanted it all, and a lifetime more. an eternity in my hands.

She shuffled across the bed and placed the head of the cock against my pussy lips. She loved to tease me, I was resting on my elbows and as she did this, slowly driving me insane, escort bursa ever so slowly in and out.

Feeling myself ready to explode I moaned,” For Christ’s sake sweetheart, fuck me as hard as you can.” She started to fuck me harder now, my ass moving up and down to meet her, trying to match the hard cock inside me. I was finding her rythym now, desperately wanting to become one as the passion would squeeze the life out of me, and the fire would consume me, if I let it, and I was slowly losing the battle.

My body totally exhausted now, waiting to catch my breath, and I was covered in sweat, my juices dripping down my legs. She removed the harness herself, I don’t think I could have been much use as my body was still gently shaking.

Just little angel kisses, barely touching my skin but so beautiful. I never wanted it to end. She ran her hands over ass and legs then turned round, we then took a long time rubbing each other’s breasts and stomachs.

I don’t know how long we lay like that. Closing my eyes I was surrounded by your smell and I was hooked by it. My mouth watering and my body aching. “I have to go.” You looked at me then and I wanted to tell you then.

You looked at me and You started to speak from below, but I was lost in your eyes, willing you to tell me. You walked down the stairs to the street, with the last few ounces of summer protecting you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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