Long grass


This is a true story, the names of the woman involved has not been changed because she approves of this account of my experience and this story is a tribute to her and her unrivaled understanding.

My name is Amanda and I would like to tell you about my first sexual experience with another woman, I was much younger and quite inexperienced compared to her, but it was a special time in my life that I will always remember and treasure. Just the previous summer, my body had undergone some incredible changes that I still wasn’t sure how to deal with. I went from virtually flat-chested to a C-cup and developed hips, so I had gone from “flat as a board” to hour glass figure. I was secretly delighted with my new womanly body and had taken to wearing tight clothes to show it off. My best friend, Sarah, was terribly jealous from what little I saw of her, she had no curves to speak of and looked as if she would be an A-cup for good. She had always envied my long blonde hair and my pale complexion, but now she told me she hated me for being so utterly feminine! I laughed because I had always envied her for her gorgeous long legs and beautiful eyes. Sarah and I had been close friends for years and shared everything, we spent most of are spare time hanging out at my house, when we weren’t shopping that is.

At this time, I had an older brother, twenty-seven, who had left home, and an older sister, twenty, who still lived at home. We were lucky to grow up in a large house with a huge garden, which gave us the space to escape from parents, a must for most growing teenagers and looking back a must for their parents. My sister had a close friend who was also always hanging around at the house with my sister, her name was Kim and she was the same age as my sister. Kim was gay and had come out while she was in her last year at school and it spread like wild-fire through the school. From that moment on only her best friend, my sister, had stuck by her, the rest of the girls in school avoided her, it was an unhappy time for Kim but after leaving school at 16 and going to large College she and her sexuality was accepted by her fellow students.

Kim had a lovely smile with beautiful full lips and an infectious laugh. She was well liked by students, colleagues and parents alike. She had dark short cut hair and sparking blue eyes. She was slim, 5’9″ tall with a very boyish appearance. She always wore tight jeans and tight t-shirts that emphasized her small breasts and her boyishness. I was always fighting and arguing with Kim but privately, I rather admired Kim; I didn’t think I could ever hold myself with that kind of confidence. I also envied her bubbly flirty personality, which often left me rather in awe of her. Kim was always flirting with any girl she met, she would flirt with me, deliberately brushing against me and when she looked at me it seemed that Kim held her stare for a second longer than necessary. Some times she would make me blush and my sister would chastise Kim, telling her not to flirt with her little sister but being referred to as the “little” sister embarrassed me more than Kim’s flirting.

One night I dreamt that Kim came into my bedroom, quietly closed the door in the half light from the window I could see she was completely naked. Walking across the room, Kim slid into my bed, and I froze.

“It’s ok,” whispered Kim, “I just want to kiss you.”

Before I could even protest, Kim’s soft lips were on mine… sweetly and gently pressing down onto my mouth, her tongue sliding slyly between my lips. I sighed into Kim’s kiss, feeling my sister’s friend nude body pressing against mine…

With a gasp I woke up, finding my body was aroused; my nipples were so erect and hard. I was often embarrassed because my nipples were so large and sensitive that the rubbing of a bra would make them grow hard. Sometimes they were unmistakably visible through my clothes. In fact, they were so sensitive that sometimes just touching them would bring a tremor to my body.

Did this dream mean that I was attracted to Kim?

Did I really like girls? Or was it just brought on by Kim’s flirting.

I lay in bed wondered what it would be like to kiss another girl. I’d kissed two boys… both during Truth or Dare at a party, but still. There were times when I’d thought that other girls were really attractive… but did that make me a lesbian? I was also very shy around guys. I’d never had a boyfriend because privately I was never sure about my feeling towards boys and now I was considered a kiss with another girl. That kind of behavior would be more than out of bounds… but now I was wondered. Especially what it would be like to kiss Kim with whom I was becoming pretty close to lately, we had found a shared interest in books. We hardly argued now, I always Eskort Bayan looked forward to talking with her about the book I was reading and of course her endless flirting.

Confused, I huddled in the sheets…………. my pussy was wet with arousal. It took awhile before I managed to slip back into an uneasy sleep.

A few days after my dream about Kim, she was at the house with my sister.

Kim came to my room to say hello and borrow a book from me. I felt a little embarrassed even though she knew nothing about my dream. I watched Kim across the room, at the bookcase as she searched for a book and found myself looking at her backside as she searched for a book, her jeans pulled tight across her bum, I started to imagine her naked, like she was in my dream. As Kim stopped searching for a few seconds, she turned her head and looked behind her with her lovely smile, she looked directly at me. She held my stare for several moments. Then carried on looking for a book and my eyes were drawn to her bum again, Kim bent right over reaching down to the bottom shelf, Kim’s panty line could clearly be seen snugly covering her little bum. Kim turned her head again and caught me looking at her bum. I looked away but found my eyes meeting Kim’s several times, each time I felt my face colored more in embarrassment.

She turned to face me and asked me

“If it was okay to borrow this book about dreams”


I was so flustered I couldn’t speak but found myself nodding an approval.

As Kim left my room she said

“You look so cute when you blushing Amanda”

That night as I lay in bed it kept going through my head, what Kim had said about me looking so cute. Did Kim feel the same as me? She was gay, maybe she fancied me but should I let her know I was having feelings for her? I’d got her mobile number from my sister’s phone earlier that day when I’d felt courageous. Now I wasn’t feeling all that brave. Kim at twenty seemed so much older than my sixteen years, she might dismiss me as a kid or worst still tell my sister. I typed a text on my phone.


I didn’t press send, I couldn’t, and instead I went to the bathroom and showered. Returning to my room, I turned off the light and got in bed, I picked up my phone and looked at the text again. I told myself to be brave as I pulled the bed clothes over my head……closing my eyes I pressed send.

I was just slipping off to sleep when my phone rang.

“Hi, it’s Kim”

“Oh hello” I said nervously

Thanks for the text Amanda, it’s so sweet and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone” Kim reassured

Kim was really nice about my text, she sounded excited on the phone and after we talked about books for a while she asked me if I was free tomorrow afternoon, suggesting we could meet up and spend sometime together. Tomorrow was Saturday, I normally go shopping with Sarah but I could cancel. I said I’d like that so much. Kim said shed pick me up in her car, at the end of my street: if it would be more discreet for me. I said that would be better, so we agreed a time and said our goodbyes. I ended the call and I noticed my heart was beating faster than normal and my palms were sweating.

Is this a date? What can I wear?

I slipped off to sleep after deciding what I would wear tomorrow.

All morning I’d slipped back and forth between being incredibly nervous to being so excited about meeting Kim. Now it was ten to two and I’d be meeting Kim at Two. I looked in the mirror at myself; I looked so grow up in the black lace underwear that I’d bought that morning, along with my black high-heels. I was slightly conscious about my height being only 5’3″.

I didn’t wear any make-up I had such a good complexion naturally, I thought about lipstick but decided against it. I put on my favorite black slightly flared skirt it was just above my knee and gave glimpses of my thighs when I walked. Finally I slipped on my pale yellow strap top; I liked the contrast between my black bra straps and the yellow straps of my top.

As I gave my hair a final brush I noticed my nipples could be clearly seen through my tight top and for once I felt proud of them not embarrassed.

I left the house without any one noticing me go; it was such warm sunny day I didn’t take my jacket. At the far end of the street I could see Kim’s car, I ran as fast as I could in my high-heels to her car, jumped in and shut the door. She said Hi and kissed me on the cheek, we were driving down the main road before I smiled to myself after realizing that Kim had just kissed me. It was only on the cheek and it seemed so natural but still, a definite sign of affection. Kim suggested we could go to a quite pub that was next to a wood, that was a local beauty spot; after a drink we could have a walk together through the wood. We parked on the car park and as we walked to the pub, I took the opportunity to check out Kim’s cute bum again. It was tightly encased in usual blue jeans and her “usual” tight black t-shirt and sneakers.


Kim ordered two white wines for us and we sat in a quiet corner table. Several times as we talked, Kim reached over and touched my hand. I felt butterflies in my stomach at each touch. I found myself often losing my concentration as Kim gazed into my eyes. We talked about the book Kim had borrowed, I laughed when she told me that since borrowing the book she had not had a dream.

“I had a dream about you” I said without thinking.

“You were naked” I blurted out.

With out breaking eye contact Kim leaned over the table, closer. When our faces were but inches apart, Kelly whispered,

“What did you like the most about me?”

I kept thinking of Kim’s gorgeous bum, but replied.

“I loved your lips. They were so full and sensual.”

With that she reached out and touched my lips with her fingertips.

“Women’s lips are so sexy,” she whispered.

“Come on, lets go for a walk” Kim urged and gulped down the last of her wine.

I did the same and we left. As I walked behind her, a little light headed from the wine, I found myself staring at her bum again. I walked along side Kim as we entered the wood, Kim took hold of my hand, her grasp was so strong and warm; I felt safe as we walked together and I couldn’t see anyone else walking in the woods. We talked liked we had been life long friends, I felt so at ease with Kim, it felt so right to be this close to another girl.

Holding on to my hand tightly, Kim led me off the track through some thickly set trees and bushes into an open area within the wood. We sat together in the long grass; it was a world away from the house and the company of others, in which we so often found ourselves. Kim snuggled up close to me and put her arm around my shoulder.

Warning bells were going off in my head, but the sound of my heart beating faster drowned them out. I closed my eyes and waited, holding my breath in anticipation of what I knew was coming. A moment later I felt it… felt the lips of another woman on my own for the first time in my life. A little moan escaped my mouth when Kim pressed a little harder, spreading her soft lips across my own. It was just like my dream when I felt Kim’s tongue touch my lips. It ran back and forth, tickling my suddenly dry lips and leaving moisture behind. Then the tip moved to the center… wiggling gently but waiting patiently. It seemed like hours but was only seconds when, with a moan from deep in my throat, I opened my mouth. Kim turned her head to the side. She pressed her tongue forward, opening her mouth wide. She reached her hand up and gently ran her fingers through my hair. I felt Kelly’s long and wet tongue inside my mouth. My lips automatically closed around it, sucking the sweet saliva from the smooth surface and drinking it down. She felt Kim’s tongue moving inside my open mouth as if trying to touch every place it could reach. Then, when Kim pulled her tongue back, my tongue automatically followed until it was trapped in the Kim’s hot ravenous mouth. Kim wasn’t as reserved as I had been and sucked my tongue with thinly veiled sexual abandon. My ears were filled with the loud sucking sound as the kiss continued and grew even more passionate by the second. I didn’t know how long the kiss lasted. When I finally managed to wrenched my lips away from Kim’s I was gasping for breath. My mouth and tongue were tingling and my lips felt swollen.

“Are you sure my lips were the part of me you liked the most because I’m always catching you looking at my bum?”

Kim’s question brought me crashing back to earth.

I felt myself blush; Kim gave me a big reassuring hug.

“It’s okay Amanda; it feels so good that you like to look at me in that way.”

“Would you like to see my bum naked, like it was in your dream?”

I nodded shyly, Kim stood up and faced me slowly undid her belt and popped the top button of her jeans.

Stopping she asked me to close my eyes.

I covered my eyes with my hand and smiled to myself as I thought about how she was never this shy in my dream. I heard her tight jeans slip over her slim hips, curious I parted my fingers a little. I was a little taken aback to find she had pushed her underwear down together with her jeans and I could plainly the bulge of her pussy lips with a small patch of black curly hair, which was in my direct eye-line. Embarrassed I closed my fingers again tightly; I heard her pulling her jeans off completely.

“Okay, you can open them now.” Kim whispered.

I gulped as her heavenly long slender legs came into view, my eyes slowly traveled up them until I saw the bum that I had lately often gazed upon in those tight jeans, was now naked just a few feet from me. Kim turned her head and looked behind her with her lovely smile, looking directly at me, holding my stare for several moments; like she was in front of my bookcase once again.

“Would you like me to get the book from the bottom shelf again?” Kim teased.

Her eyes held mine as she parted her legs and slowly bent over, I had to move my gaze to her bottom as her cheeks spread and revealed her slightly darker bum-hole and below that the lips of her pussy were partly open showing her soft pink interior. Smiling, she held her pose for me, I smiled back lovingly and told her she was just like my dream. She came and sat beside me, Kim’s hand slid back up my back and then to the front of my shoulder, as she kissed me again Kim’s other hand held the back of my head in our embrace. Then her hand on my shoulder began to slide down my front, and my breath caught in my throat as Kim cupped my breast, thumbing my nipple which was clearly erect through my top.

Kim broke away from our kiss and told me her favorite part of me was my beautiful large breasts and the amazing way my nipples often showed clearly through my clothes. She asked if she could see them, I didn’t reply but simply pulled my strap top over my head. Kim’s hands cupped my breasts and slowly eased their way around to my bra clasp behind me, the clasp released and Kim put the bra to one side and gazed upon my breasts lovingly.

“They are amazing, Amanda” Kim purred she held them and caressed my nipples.

Easing me backwards I felt the cool long grass against my back, after kissing me deeply, Kim’s mouth moved down slowly with soft slow kisses until she reached my nipples. Taking them into her warm mouth she sucked and licked my nipples in turn making them throb with more and more intensity, making me breathless. As closed my eyes and could feel my little clit start to throb too. I’d been wet down there ever since I’d set off from my house to meet Kim but now I could feel myself getting wetter with every throb of my clit. I felt the cool air on my thighs as Kim pulled the front of my skirt up over my belly, I my pussy ached for her touch. My eyes still firmly shut I looked down on the scene of us both from above, picturing her knelt beside me. I felt her hands grasp the waistband of my panties, raising my hips Kim slipped my black panties down my legs and off over my shoes. I could feel her eyes upon me, looking at my pussy with its sparse blonde hair. I wanted Kim to see every part of me. I pulled my feet up until I felt my heels touch my bum and opened my knees as wide as I could. My lips were open for her gaze and I felt a drop of my wetness run from my pussy down between the cheeks of my bum.

“You’re beautiful,” Kim whispered.

I was so wanton for her touch, my pussy ached so much, and I desperately wanted her hand to find its way there. I felt her move between my legs, I felt her soft warm thighs touch mine as she lower herself on top of me. I felt her t-shirt roughly rub against my nipples and than crushed my breasts against her body as she kissed me again. Kim’s hot wet pussy slowly rubbed against mine as our tongues met breathlessly, it was like an electric shock between us when our clits touched together. My legs entwined around her body and Goose bumps went up on my arms as my hands found her cute little bum and caressing it as the kiss deepened. We moaned as out bodies pressed tightly together and Kim grinded her body into mine. Any resistance due to my shyness had now gone from my body. Suddenly, the incredible stimulation of Kim’s mouth and the fanatic rubbing of our pussies were too much for me. Our tongues began to duel for possession of each other’s mouth; I felt Kim’s tongue push deep into my mouth as her hands squeezed my nipples hard. It took only seconds before I felt a climax coming on.

“Mmmmm!!!” I gasped into Kim’s mouth as waves of pleasure rushed over me.

Tremors shot up and down my body, making me shake all over. I thrashed wildly in the long grass as my body went into convulsions, which went on and on. I was lost… lost in a sensual pleasure that surrounded me and threatened to consume me. When I thought my climax was ending, I felt Kim start to shudder. I held her close and my climax started again; Kim shouted out aloud as we climaxed together. Kim became still between my legs and I held her close. Nothing had prepared me for this… no climax that I have had during masturbation had ever equaled this experience.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Kim looking at me with a smile on her face. My own face turned red with embarrassment again.

“That was incredible,” Kim said.

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