Lola opens the door wearing sexy lingerie and high heels, like she always does. Her skinny frame perched on those three inch shoes, her ass sticking out just enough, the little white panties and bra. It always makes me crazy. Her long hair, her sparkling eyes, that stunning smile, her perfect body…I have to stop to catch my breath when I see her. She is young, she is full of life and passion and humor and energy and sex and everything that makes the world a worthwhile place to live.

She can’t possibly know how I feel, how her smile turns this middle aged man into a child, how deeply and acutely I need her, for reasons she can never know, with a depth that makes no sense at all…this is a professional relationship…I have to stop thinking. It’s a moment in time, nothing more, nothing less. Just a snapshot.

She greets me with the usual hug and peck on the cheek and brings me to the room where she keeps her massage table. I undress and lay down and she gets to work.

What she does with her hands in indescribable. To look at her you would never think it was possible. She surely weighs less than 100 pounds, a body devoid of fat but also without obvious muscle. She puts her hands on my neck and my back and my shoulders and my legs and somehow finds the places where muscles are tired, where bones and cartilege rub each other the wrong way, where my bad posture takes its toll. Somehow she finds the places where it hurts and lays her hands on them and prods and rubs them in just the right way.

As she works, we talk. She tells me a little about herself…I hang on every word, careful to try to remember everything she says, to retain every precious detail. Sometimes her sharp accent fools my ears and I have to ask her to repeat herself. She is patient with me. I am an old fool who merely melts like a cheap candle in the presence of her warmth. I want every part of her. I want to know her thoughts, her feelings, her past, her present, her future.

She works on my neck, my shoulders, down my back. She climbs up over me and I touch her calves with the backs of my hands as she works down my body. I feel a charge, Sivas Escort a pulse, something electric when I touch her. She climbs down and works on my arms…then my legs…then she touches me softly…up both legs, she runs her fingers lightly. She touches my hips with both hands. For a brief moment I feel connected to her and then…

She steps away and dims the lights. She takes her lingerie off as I look over my shoulder and watch. Her beautiful nipples emerge from her bra. She slides her panties down to reveal her hairless body, her flawless skin shines in the low light. I want her more than any woman I have ever seen. I dream of her at night and when dawn arrives I think of her all day. Every hour that I am not with her I am killing time.

She comes over to the table with the softest look in her eye and a hint of a smile and I turn and run my hands over her perfect ass. I run my hands up her sides and touch her breasts lightly. Her nipples harden to my touch. I look into her eyes and I am lost, lost, lost. Helpless, I would do anything for her, anything she wants or needs, just for the privilege of standing in the light she casts on everything around her.

She motions to me that she wants to lay down and I lift my body from the table and she takes my place. I take each nipple into my mouth and caress them with my tongue, feeling them harden. I move down down down, planting kisses along her chest, then her belly, and then I am between her legs. I lightly touch her clit with my tongue and she moans softly, a sound she can’t control, something that comes from a place inside her where desire lives and fulfillment awaits. Then I begin to taste her – she puts champagne to shame. The lips are moist and as my tongue enters her I feel her hips roll forward in the unmistakable motion of need, desire, lust. I withdraw and circle her hard clit slowly and then faster and faster. The little moans of desire from her lips spur me on and touch my tongue to her hard clit and she makes a noise I have never heard from her before, a little involuntary squeak. Now I know I have her, that I will bring her to the Sivas Escort Bayan full expression of her pleasure…that I will make her come.

I stop and I slide my face down and taste her delicious tight ass. So perfect, how can one woman be so perfect…I slide my tongue into her ass and she moans a low, guttural sound. She reaches down and grabs my ears and pulls my face back up to her pussy. “Noowwwww,” she sighs. Returning my tongue to her clit, I gently touch my finger to her moist, tight asshole and slide it in – just a little – as I lick her wet pussy harder and faster. I slide a finger into her wet pussy too now. So tight, I can barely slip it in. She tells me she hasn’t had a man inside her for two years and I believe her. I have spent many hours wondering exactly how my cock would feel inside her.

She moans another guttural moan and her breathing is heavy. I touch my tongue to her hard clit and start to move fast. My tongue is everywhere, faster and harder and I hear that the sounds she is making are rising and rising and finally she pulls my face against her and starts to shake. Words come from her mouth that are not English but not her native Chinese…broken bits of language and heavy breathing fill the air and settle slowly around us like feathers from a torn pillow.

I am profoundly grateful for what I have with her, what she gives me that is more precious than time or money. My clock runs fast now. Where time used to stretch endlessly before me with no horizon, now I can see that it is finite and limited. Regret is pointless. When you measure time in months not years you can’t look back, you can only wring each day for the joy and pleasure it holds.

We trade places and Lola begins touching my growing cock. I grow hard quickly with her soft eyes gazing through mine and her hair flowing over me. She takes me into her mouth, slowly teasing me, her tongue caressing the head, and then she begins bobbing up and down, bringing me into her throat. I start fucking her mouth and she gags a little. She’s not a big girl. I forget how small she is. I slow down and she puts her hot Escort Sivas hand on my cock, stroking it evenly. She oils her hand and touches a finger lightly to my asshole as she keeps stroking my cock. I am arching my hips and just as I think I am about to explode she slows down until I am back from the edge. She slides her finger deep into my ass and takes my aching cock into her soft, warm mouth again.

As her mouth holds my impossibly hard cock and she begins bobbing her head again I feel I am going to come in her mouth. I am close. Closer. Almost there.

Then she gags again and has to stop but she brings her hand back to my cock and starts stroking again, bringing me back to the edge and then down again and then she knows the time has come and begins stroking her hand fast and hard on my rock hard cock, her finger deep in my ass. She sees that the time has arrived and she takes me into her mouth as I explode a river of cum and she takes it all in, swallowing as she slowly pulls her finger from my ass.

I lay there, slowly fading into nothingness, turning to ether and floating away. I would give everything for this woman, this amazing, vibrant, sexy, passionate, smart, beautiful woman. I am hers, if only she would want me.

She never will, nor should she. I am an old man running out the clock and she is just beginning what will be a life of beauty, of grace, and of love and passion. I love her, in a way I should not, in a way that will only hurt me…and yet I am grateful for every minute I spend with her.

I dress quickly and we chit chat a little. She hands me a bottle of water and I hand her a wad of twenties and thank her. She smiles and peels a couple twenties off and hands them back to me, saying “it’s too much.”

No, it’s not too much. It’s not too much to pay for an hour of youth, of life, of feeling like I can do anything and go anywhere and live forever.

When you measure time in months not years there is nothing more precious than feeling alive. All the riches in the world would not be too much for the way she makes me feel.

I put on my hat and she hugs me and smiles and we say “see you soon”. I go down the elevator and out into the bright midday sun that burns through the clouds and warms my face, just like Lola warms my soul.

I say it to myself once again. All the riches in the world would not be too much for the way she makes me feel.

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