Linda, The Babysitter Ch. 09


Unfortunately for me, the blowjob Linda gave me in the car by the beach was the only sex I was able to get from her for about 3 weeks. Needless to say, it was not long before I was going crazy with lust again for this gorgeous blonde MILF. I was willing to hump and cum in almost anything that moved, but I craved her more than anyone else. Every time I saw her, all I could think about was all of the amazing sexual encounters we had experienced in the past, but was completely hamstrung by the fact that we could not do anything while my brothers were around. I was left to simply jerk off to fantasies of earlier times, but was chomping at the bit for an opportunity to have her again.

Fortunately I had three straight weeks of basketball camp down at the local high school that started up the week after we had went to the beach. The camp at least gave me something to do during the week so that I wasn’t just sitting around all day, and it certainly wore me out to. And it definitely beat having to watch Linda strut around all day but not be able to do anything with her because all of my younger brothers were around.

However, I did get to see Linda on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays when she would pick me up from camp. She would drive down with my brothers and pick me up around 3:00, and she would stay with us for the next couple of hours until one of my parents got home. Those couple of hours at least gave me the opportunity to get some fresh mental images of her in my mind for later on in the evening when I typically rub one out.

During the middle of the third week of camp, which was during the first week of August that summer, Linda was scheduled to pick me up around 3:00 like she usually did. Near the end of the camp day, I saw her sitting in the bleachers in the giant fieldhouse where the camp was held at about quarter of, which was what she normally did if she arrived a little early. However, I soon noticed that two things were out of the ordinary. The first was that my brothers were not with her, which I did not think that much of at the time.

The second was what really caught my eye – and I’m sure the eyes of just about every other warm-blooded guy in the gym. She was dressed in a tight, white one-piece athletics outfit, and it hugged her body in all the right places, thus allowing her to flaunt her flat belly and all her lovely curves. The skirt barely covered her ass cheeks, and the slender shoulder straps did not converge near her midsection before showing off the top of her perky breasts. The back was kept together by only a few straps, and the color extenuated her stunningly tan skin. It’s like she was advertising that she wanted to be fucked, and wanted everyone else there at the camp to know it. As soon as she caught my eye, I could not stop glancing over at here throughout the rest of camp as thoughts of defiling her filled my head.

Once we were released from our teams and I walked over to meet Linda, I could not take my eyes off of her. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one, and all the guys must have been envious that I was the one who was walking out with her. However, they probably all thought she was my mom. Little did they know…

Once we got to her Tahoe and were working our way through traffic in the parking lot, I asked her where my brothers were. She explained that they were all at one of the local pools with some of their friends. One of their friend’s parents was there too, so they were watching my brothers for a few minutes while she came to pick me up and bring me to the pool in a little while. Not thinking anything more of it, I just sat back, rolled down my window, and let my mind wander as we made the short ride home to my house.

As we pulled into the driveway and she turned off the car. As we both opened our respective doors, Linda asked if I wanted to join my brothers at the pool or stay her Beylikdüzü escort by myself.

“I guess that I’ll go up to the pool. I just need to run inside and get my bathing suit first,” I unpretentiously replied.

“You know, why don’t you stay here for a little while before you go up to the pool. I have a little something for you,” she replied as she stepped out of her car and walked around to my side.

Now standing in the open door and placing her hands on my leg, she proceeded, “I know that we haven’t been together in a long time, and I see how you always look at me. I know that you must be suffering, and I appreciate you not forcing yourself upon me…so I figured that we could use this alone time to take care of some things.”

“You mean…” I began to mutter.

“Yes, you can have your way with me,” she replied while smiling and nodding her head.

With me being at a loss for words, she grabbed my hand and began strutting in her beautifully revealing white outfit towards the side door of the house. I quickly hopped out of the car and followed close behind, barely able to believe that I was about to score with the stunning blonde maid. I had weeks of pent-up cum and sexual tension, and I could not wait to unleash it all into her dazzling body.

As we entered the house through the side door, we walked through the kitchen and began going up the back stairwell as she led the way to the place that she wanted to be had. We turned to walk down the hall and entered into my parents’ master bedroom, finally arriving at our destination.

“I know that I must smell and am really sweaty. Let me hop in the shower really quickly and then we can have some fun,” I quickly sputtered as I stared at her gorgeous ass through her dress. Although I desired nothing more than to get down and dirty with this hot MILF, the last thing I wanted was for her to hate the experience and then never offer herself up to me again.

“Oh no, I want you just the way you all sweaty and dirty. I was turned on by watching all of those hot, sweaty, muscular boys down at the gym today…and now I want one of them on top of me,” she seductively replied as she turned to face me.

Taking a step towards me, she grabbed my shirt and began to lift it over my head. I lifted my arms to help her with the process, and she tossed it to the side and turned to walk towards the bed. As I stood and watched in awe, she methodically slipped her arms out of the straps of her dress, and then softly wiggled her body so that it dropped to the floor. As she softly stepped out of it, she was left standing before me in a matching white thong and skimpy bra. Continuing to face away from me, she reached up and unsnapped her bra, and proceeded to fling it towards the edge of the room. With only piece of clothing left covering her ultimate prize, she continued the underdressing process and stepped out of her thong so that she stood completely naked in front of me.

Coming up behind her stunning mature body, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in tight. Grinding myself up against her, my penis instantly began to twitch in eager anticipation. As I leaned down to kiss her, she met my advance for a moment before pulling away. She stepped forward, lifted up one of my arms with hers, and slowly spun herself around twice; displaying one of the hottest bodies I had ever seen. I could hardly believe that I had been fortunate enough to get with her before, and that I was about to be lucky enough to fully enjoy her womanly charms again.

Completely mesmerized and my jaw basically on the floor as a result of the beautiful sight that stood in front of me, Linda glanced down at my shorts, and then back up at me. Quickly snapping out of my awe-struck state, I eagerly stepped out of my shorts. My briefs soon followed, allowing my already hardening cock to spring free.

“There Beylikdüzü escort we go, that’s more like it,” Linda said as she turned towards the king-sized bed. Strutting with her gorgeous legs, she paused once she reached the mattress and tuned her head towards me. Biting her lip through an iniquitous smile on her face, she motioned towards me with one finger to follow her. “Come on big boy,” she invited as she gave me a wink.

Not needing to be asked twice, I began to stride towards what would surely be our love nest for the afternoon. As I did so, she climbed onto the bed at a very deliberate pace, one hand and foot at a time, until she was on all fours. She then proceeded to drop down to her elbows, to her chest, and then to the point where she was lying flat on her stomach – seemingly showing off all of the possible sexual positions that her body was willing to offer up.

Not able to resist the immaculate sight that lay in front of me any longer, I placed my four limbs on the sides of her body and then steadily lowered myself down on top of her. With my frame soon encompassing hers upon contact, I promptly began to grind my young cock against her exposed ass cheeks. It reached its’ full 7 inch mast in no time as I gently humped her, without any penetration.

‘There you go baby, I want you to give it to me nice and slow,” she gently beseeched as my body continued to tenderly caress, touch, and embrace hers. Reaching around her stomach with my right arm, I lifted her hips slightly, and then began to sensually stroke her midsection from her breasts to her pussy and back again.

Purring in arousal and beginning to breathe deeply, Linda turned her head to the side so that it lay directly underneath mine. “Give me that young cock baby. Give me that young cock,” she begged as she voluntarily pushed her ass back up towards my manhood.

Being just as willing to get things going as she was, I spread her cheeks apart with my left hand, rubbed my cockhead along the edge of her pussy lips a few times, and then pressed it in.

Closing my eyes and exhaling deeply, she did the same as I pushed about three inches of my penis into her already sobbing wet pussy before pulling out slightly. I pushed back in again momentarily, sending about four inches into her as she moaned in arousal.

“Oh yeah, you like that baby?” I probed directly into her hear as I continued to methodically guide the same amount of my meat in and out of her.

“That’s it Marc, right there, yyeeesss,” Linda whispered back to me in between kindled sighs. As I slowly and sensually began to roll my hips and proceeded to go slightly deeper into her, she grasped onto the edge of the mattress with both hands as she pressed back to meet my tender advances. Lifting her head up off the bed and then turning her head back to face me, I brought myself down so that my face was directly next to hers. Both inhaling and exhaling heavily, we paused for a moment as our faces stood next to each other’s while we breathed the same air. Knowing that she wanted to kiss, I waited before going in just to make it craze it that much more. However, after a few seconds I could no longer resist her womanly allure, and our tongues met as we began passionately kiss.

Excited and fully aroused, I began driving my full length into her pussy with each strong, deliberate thrust. Surprised and roused herself, she broke our oral embrace and began panting animatedly with her mouth wide open as a result of each plunging of my manhood.

With Linda fully focused on handling all of my 7 inches on bulging meat, I pressed her lower back down against the mattress so that I could both feel her striking body and keep her ass in place. She was so gorgeous and her pussy felt so good around my cock that I could not take it slow anymore. My pace began to quicken with sultry lust, Escort Beylikdüzü and Linda whimpered indistinguishably in approval. Make me your slut baby; make me you slut,” she begged as I continued to zealously fuck her glorious mature pussy.

However, as I did not want to cum too soon, I began to slow my pace down similar to the one that I started with. I wanted sex with this blonde goddess to last as long as possible, and I wanted to relish every moment of it.

As I slowly and purposeful made love to her, Linda glanced back at me and we locked eyes. She admiringly watched the expressions on my face as I enjoyed her love tunnel, and she definitely seemed to be reveling in the fact that I was having such a glorious experience.

After about another 30 seconds of unhurried, affectionate, and tender lovemaking, her waist began pressing back towards me. It was clear that she wanted more, and I was happy to oblige. I began picking up my pace, which soon brought a twinkle of excitement to her face. After a few strong strokes, I held my penis all the inside her for a few seconds so that she could feel all of it, and then began thrusting again. Now moaning in arousal, she bit her lip as she took me like a pro.

Now pumping into her at a modest pace, she turned her head back over her left shoulder towards me once again. Grabbing the opposite side of her face and neck with my masculine hand, I held her head in place. She smiled, as she liked being taken control of, I brought her face up to mine and we began to eagerly kiss again. I caressed her neck and face as we made out, indulging in her supple, velvety skin.

Excited, my tempo began to quick as we continued to swap saliva. After another few moments of kissing, I pulled my head away and her mouth was left chasing line. She soon gave up and settled for craning her neck and staring into my impassioned eyes as I began really plowing into her.

“UUHH UUHH, OH MY GOD, UH OOOHHH,” she cried out as my hips repeatedly slapped against her ass cheeks. Now going all the way in and drawing almost all of the way out with each plunge, her eyes rolled to the back of her head from the lascivious sensation. Overflowing with carnal lust, I started pounding into her as fast as I possibly could.

As she threw her head back one more time and began panting and moaning feverishly at the pace of my rapid thrusts, I couldn’t hold back anymore. Plowing into her with everything I had, I felt that glorious tingling sensation build up in my balls and went over the edge.

“OH YEAH, OOHH YEAH, OOHH YEAH, UUUHHHH” I screamed out as I erupted, pressing my hips as firmly as I could up against her ass and making sure that she received all of my seed.

“That’s right Marc, oohh yeah, give it me, that’s right,” she whimpered as I sent stream after stream deep into her accepting body.

As the pumping of my hips slowed to a mild, circular grinding on her ass, she turned her head back and I leaned down to kiss her once again. As I brought my right hand underneath her body to feel her wonderful breasts and sweaty stomach, we continued to tenderly kiss for what was at least several minutes. Even though I had already cum, I did not want to let this stunning, naked blonde MILF who wanted my cock escape my touch.

However, I finally pulled out and broke our mouth’s embrace. Pushing my body up with both hands, I paused over her for a few moments more and kissed her one last time before climbing out of bed.

We both took our time getting dressed, and I couldn’t help but sneak a few more lustful glances at her petite, mature body while we still shared the same room. Having temporarily forgotten about my brothers, we realized that we better get up there soon, as for all they knew I was just getting picked up from basketball camp. Before we climbed back into the Tahoe to drive up to the pool, I trapped her up against car and kissed her one more time while I felt up her body over her clothes. As our lips slowly pulled apart, I knew that would last me for the time being, and I was able to spend the rest of the day at ease with a satisfied smile on my face.

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