“Like Mother . . . ” Ch. 01



Dan Brigner arched his head back, his knees suddenly weak, both hands clutching the platinum blonde head that was bobbing back and forth at his waist, his hard cock surrounded by an incredible warm wetness, a deep moan rising to his ears.

Although he’d received numerous blow jobs in his young life, the high school senior couldn’t believe anyone could suck cock this well. Adding to this sense of the surreal was the fact that he was in a hotel room with his girlfriend’s sexy mother, both of them completely naked.

Randi Boehmon pulled her lips away from his thick shaft with a loud pop and took a big breath, as if she had just come from underwater. With her big breasts heaving, she looked up at the young man from her knees, vigorously jerking his wetly shining cock, a sexy sneer on her beautiful face.

She kissed the bulbous head of his rod, her tongue swirling around its crown, and arched her eyebrows, asking:

“You like this, Baby?!”

Without waiting for his response, Randi dropped her jaw, taking the young man’s sweet meat back into mouth, her hands wrapping around to grab his taut butt cheeks as she fucked his cock with her face.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!” she slobbered as she blew him, her pussy already wet in anticipation of the fucking she expected she would be receiving soon.

“AAAaaahhhh . . . Mrs. Boehmon!!!!! . . . Oh Jesus!!!!!!!!” Dan managed to sputter before he felt his nuts begin to tighten, suddenly wondering if his girlfriend’s mother was actually going to let him cum in her mouth.


Since his freshman year, Dan had heard all the outrageous rumors surrounding Randi Boehmon. Initially, he had written them off as nothing more than adolescent fantasy based more upon her striking good looks than anything factual.

Although in her late forties, the petite blonde had the body of a woman half her age, with a trim waist and slender legs. Her breathtaking blue eyes were usually set against a dark, smoky eye shadow, and her make-up and fashion always seemed to cause her to stand out, even among much younger women from Middleton who were quite attractive in their own right.

However, after Dan started his senior year,he found himself rethinking his original position. He took notice when Mrs. Boehmon dyed her hair platinum blonde and cut it in stylish, short angular bob, just brushing her shoulders.

One of his buddies thought she looked like Posh Spice and the midwestern MILf shared the celebrity’s penchant for short, tight skirts and sexy high heels. Dan felt she was a sexier version of Jenny McCarthy, but everyone agreed that she was smokin’ hot.

The kicker came when he saw her at Mass after she had clearly had her boobs done. Never busty by any measure, Mrs. Boehmon appeared to have gone up at least two cup sizes. At that point, Dan decided that he was going to see if there was any truth to the rumors about Randi Boehmon’s sexual exploits.

Dan had known Randi’s daughter Katie since the 6th grade. Smart, gorgeous and outgoing, she had inherited her mother’s incredible blue eyes, high cheekbones and limited bust size. Although she was obviously very popular, Dan was not at all suprised when she agreed to go out with him. A stand-out on the Middleton Bison hockey team, the strapping youth was a well muscled athlete with broad shoulders and thick muscular thighs. He wore his black hair longer than most, liking the way it hung out from under his helmet and his aggressiveness on the ice won him a reputation as someone not to mess with.

In short order, Dan became a regular at the Boehmon home, and was warmly welcomed by Katie’s parents. Her dad seemed like a great guy and Dan felt badly that he was jerking off to his sexy wife. For her part, Randi was always a gracious and attentive host, and to Dan’s lingering disappointment, she never said or did anything that would cause him to believe that she was anything other than a loving wife and mother.

That all changed on a bright April afternoon.


Dan had a part-time job at a local hardware store and stopped by Katie’s on his way home. Familiar with her schedule, he expected that she would be home even Escort Esenyurt though she had failed to respond to his text. He was a little suprised when Randi Boehmon answered the door.

“Dan . . . So nice to see you! Please . . . Come in!” the sexy MILF addressed him, his eyes immediately drawn to her big, full breasts which were pushing tightly against the thin material of a light blue cardigan sweater, the bottom buttons undone allowing a flash of her tight, flat tummy to peek out above her snug jeans.

“Katie and her dad went to the mall. They shouldn’t be long.” she added over her shoulder as he followed her into the house. His eyes dropped to her cute little ass, loving the way she moved on her ankle strap sandals with the 4 inch heels.

“Make yourself at home.” the lovely soccer mom added with a killer smile, her lips glistening in a soft, cinnamon shade. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“No thank you . . . I’m good. I just got off work and swung by. I really should have called first.” he explained, taking a seat on the couch.

“No . . . I’m glad you did. There’s been something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.” Randi told him.

“Really? . . . What’s that?” Dan asked, looking up at the petite beauty who was standing in front of the hearth.

“It’s about you and Katie.” she told him a serious tone, taking a seat next to him on the couch.

“Okay.” Dan responded, suddenly a little nervous.

Randi sighed. “I know that you’re both seniors . . . adults really since you are both 18 now, and I try not to be naive about these things . . . It’s just that last weekend . . . when you were here . . . I saw something that concerned me.”

Suddenly alert, Kyle’s mind replayed his weekend visit, wondering what, or more specifically, how much Mrs. Boehmon had seen,

“I’m sure you two didn’t hear me when I came downstairs to the basement. I was making some popcorn for Katie’s dad and I was going to see if you kids wanted some.”

Dan’s throat tightened, suddenly fearing what Randi may have seen.

“You guys were sitting on the couch . . .” Dan felt his shoulders relax, he exhaled not realizing that he had been holding his breath. Relieved that she evidently had not caught them in the basement bedroom where he and Katie usually fucked.

Randi hesitated before adding ” . . . and you had your hand down my daughter’s pants.”

“Oh . . . Mrs. Boehmon . . . I’m sorry . . . I just got a little carried away . . . That’s all . . .It will never . . . “

Randi held her finger up to quiet the young man. “Dan . . . Dan . . . Please . . . Let me finish.”

Dan quickly shut his mouth, already thinking about how he could talk his way out of this mess.

“My daughter is very precious to me. And when I allow a young man to visit her in my home, I expect that she will be treated with respect. Do you understand?”

Dan lowered his eyes. “Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. Because if I have any suspicion that you are trying to take advantage of her, I will take whatever steps necessary to assure that you are no longer able to see her. Are we clear on this?”

“Yes Mrs. Boehmon.” Dan quickly agreed, considering himself lucky that he’d only gotten busted with his fingers, and not his cock, in Katie’s sweet pussy.

“Fine.” Randi reached over to pat Dan’s hand. “I’m glad we had this talk. Katie is not some whore . . .” She slid her hand over to squeeze the young man’s thick, muscular thigh and when Dan raised his head with a questioning look, he was stunned to see Randi staring at him, her gorgeous eyes filled with lust. ” . . . unlike her mother!!”

With that, Randi tilted her head and kissed her daughter’s boyfriend on the lips, her tongue thrust hotly into his mouth, her hand resting gently on the the side of his face.

Dan, not believing that this was happening, returned her kisses, softly at first, then more urgently, his hand reaching up to paw one of her big melon breasts, squeezing it roughly.

Randi put her tiny hand on his deep chest, pulling back slightly.

“Whoa . . . Slow down . . . Let’s get some things straight between us first. There are a Etiler escort few rules you’ll need to agree to.”

Dan nodded his head in eager agreement.

Randi went on to explain that, under no circunstance, was anything going to happen in her home. She would contact him with a time and place to meet her and he would respond by texting “Yes” or “No”. There would be no long phone calls or detailed texts between them. In addition, Randi advised the young man that she would be paying very close attention to his relationship with her daughter, and if she suspected that Dan was sexually involved with her too, she would break off both affairs.

“Trust me.” she purred seductively, leaning in to kiss him softly on the lips. “You wouldn’t want that to happen!!”

Randi took the boy’s face in her hands and crushed her lips to his, his tongue probed her mouth, his hands sliding up from her waist, back to her full, firm tits.

After a few moments had passed, Randi reluctantly pulled her lips from Dan’s, leaving the young man panting.

“You’d better go. Katie and Mr. Boehmon may be back soon. I wouldn’t want them to see you in this state!” she teased, running her fingers over his fat package which was straining against his jeans.

“I’ll call you . . . Soon!!!”


Randi’s knees were raised up in the air as her daughter’s boyfriend laid between her legs, thrusting his young, fat cock deep into her wet pussy. She had one hand on the small of his back, the other flung across his broad shoulders, a thin contented smile etched upon her beautiful face, her pussy muscles squeezing his thick shaft like a silken hand.

Her experience with younger boys had shown that it was always a good idea to get them off quickly, usually with a juicy blow job, before taking them to bed. Under her practiced hand, it never took them much time to get it up again and she wanted to make sure that they could fuck her long and hard. Dan was not disproving her theory.

Amazingly, she was even able to get him to slow down a bit, and he was pounding her with steady, deep strokes, the fat head of his cock rubbing deliciously against her over-heated pussy walls. He was grunting each time he bottomed out in her and she could feel him as he pressed against her cervix.

The bedsprings were singing erotically and Randi felt a stream of her pussy juice flow down between her legs and over her ass.

Randi sensed the first pulse of her orgasm beginning to build and turned her face toward’s Dan’s, pulling his lips to hers. As their tongues dueled, Randi hooked her heels behind his thick thighs, grinding her hips eagerly against the young man.

She felt his dick stiffen, and he pushed himself up on his arms. Randi’s french-manicured fingernails bit into the hard muscles behind his arm as she looked up lovingly at the handsome boy. His long black hair had fallen over his face, his eyes were screwed shut, and it looked like he was biting his lower lip.

“That’s it, Baby! . . . That’s it!!” Randi whispered in a pleading tone. “Keep fucking me just like that!!! . . . I love it, Baby!!! . . . Are you gonna cum in my pussy?!!!” she teased.

“Oh . . . Shit! . . . Yea . . . Mrs. Boehmon . . . I’m gonna cum . . . Oh fuck! . . . Mrs. Boehmon!!!!”

“Give it to me Baby!!!! . . . Fuck me!!! I wanna cum all over your big, fat cock!! . . . Fuck me . . . Fuck ME . . . FUCK MEEEEE!!!!!”

Randi felt his cock lurch violently and the first jet of cum triggered her own orgasm which spread over her lithe little body in waves as she shuddered beneath his thrusting bulk.

Her tiny butt squirmed in ectasy, her body rolled hard against his, as rope after thick rope of his sticky seed shot into her married pussy. Randi’s heart was pounding in her chest, her breath was ragged, her petite body clenched in a knot before suddenly falling limp as she felt Dan’s young cock continue to jerk between her slender legs. He kissed her softly, his tongue darting into Randi’s mouth, her big, fat breasts pressed against his deep, smooth chest.


Randi padded naked out of the hotel bathroom and reached for her purse. She had touched up Eyüp escort bayan her make-up, applying a thick layer of shiny red gloss to her lips.

Dan sat up in bed and watched as she pulled out a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s and flipped the top of the hard pack. Using a tiny gold lighter, she lit one of the long, white cigarettes, dragging deeply, directing the smoke towards him as her hand fell to her side.

Smiling seductively at the young man, she watched as his eyes slid up her slender legs, past her cleanly shaven pussy, across her hard, flat tummy to her surgically enhanced breasts. His eyes lingered there for a long time; her surgeon had done a masterful job. Randi recalled the first time she had shone them to her husband after she had flown home from California.

Katie was gone, her son Jake was at college, and Bill was waiting for her in their bed. She had finished applying the final touches to her make-up and was brushing her long platinum blonde side bangs away from her face. She was wearing a short, silky jade green robe along with a pair of sexy bedroom slippers with 3 1/2 inch heels.

The lights were turned down in the bedroom but she could still see Bill take a deep breath when she entered the room, his eyes alight with anticipation. Randi knew that she looked incredibly hot and she walked slowly and seductively over to the his side of the bed, a sexy smile on her gorgeous face.

She teased him by slowly untying her sash, barely pulling the robe open, before sliding her hands up to her collar and pushing the robe off her toned shoulders, allowing it to pool around her spiked heels.

Her husband gazed upon her with an almost animal lust, tinged with a hint of sadness. Even though they had continued to see a marriage counselor, and their relationship had improved tremendously, Bill knew that when Randi had told him that she wanted to have breast surgery, she wasn’t doing it simply for his benefit. He understood, just like when she had gotten her shorter, sexy platinum hairstyle, that her new boobs were part of Randi’s ongoing fight against Father Time; a fight she was winning decisively.

And as Randi crawled into bed next to her husband, he knew with an aching certainty, that he was not going to be the only man to see them, touch them, or taste them. But when she took his hard cock into her mouth, Bill pushed these thoughts to the back of his consciousness, desperately hopping to keep them at bay.


Randi rolled off Dan and stared up at the hotel ceiling, exhaling loudly, her body covered in a sheen of sweat. She was sprawled across the mattress, her arms and legs splayed like they had no bones, her eyes soft and lidded.

“I can’t believe that I’m actually saying this . . . but I don’t think I can go again!”

She turned her head and smiled at the young man lying next to her. “I think you’ve fucked me out!!!” she laughed softly, a hint of suprise in her voice as Dan broke into a wide grin.

Randi sighed and snuggled into his arms, her head on his thick chest, one leg looped over his. Her french-manicured fingernails danced lightly over his muscled six pack, her big breasts pressed against his side.

After several quiet moments had passed, Randi told him “Katie and I are going to Easton this weekend with the Laines. Do you know Abby?”

“Yea . . . Sure I do.” Dan responded, an image of Katie’s sexy dark-haired friend and her equally hot mother flashing in his mind. Both the Boehmons and the Laines attended the same church as Dan and until recently, he thought that Mrs. Laine had the best set of tits in the entire congregation.

Randi raised her head and kissed him quickly on the lips. “Maybe I’ll pick up a little something for you . . . ,” she offered before adding “. . .or something naughty for me!!”

Dan took the MILF into his arms and kissed her hard, his tongue sliding over hers.

“I like the second idea!” he told her, his voice thick with passion as he palmed one of her big tits as she wiggled against him, her hand sliding down between his legs to find him fully recovered.

“I guess I was wrong!” she whispered seductively as she stroked his long shaft. “I’m not quite done with you yet!!”

Randi kissed him. ” How would like to take your big . . .” Their lips smacked. ” . . . Hard! . . . ” , she kissed again ” . . . Young cock and fuck me in the . . .!!!” Her breath was hot in his ear as she whispered her idea, pleased at his excited response.

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