Liar: His Story


Author’s note: This story was inspired by “Liar” and I had some time so I thought I’d put in my take on it. – Christie


My wife and I had another one of our legendary fights and I decided to just go stay at a hotel for the night and just relax. The clerk stared at me kind of funny when I went to check in at 9pm and didn’t have any ID. I explained to him the fight with my wife and how I’d left my wallet at home and the story about my emergency cash stash in the car and, with a $100 tip, I soon had a no-questions-asked room with double queens.

After dropping off my bag I went down to the restaurant and got in a quick bite. I had a rum & cola with the dinner that I didn’t even touch so I just took it back to the room with me and sat it on my bedside for a nite-cap. I’d been wise enough to grab my trunks so I changed and then headed down to the pool to get in a few laps and maybe a hot soak before calling it a night.

I got in my obligatory twenty laps I always do when at a hotel and then got out of the chill water and padded over to the hot tub. I’m guessing it was just after 11pm at that point so I was a little surprised to see an obviously teenage girl alone in the hot tub at that hour. We made small talk and she started to jabber on about her college debate team and her “asshole” room mate who was getting laid at that moment while my hot tub companion was pruning up in the hot tub.

You know how a stupid idea just sometimes escapes your mouth before the mind catches up? Yeah, well I invited the girl up to my room to use the extra bed since she obviously couldn’t stay out all night with the pool getting ready to close. I guess I was thinking of my own daughter sitting in a hot tub at such an hour with an older man right near by who may want to…screw her.

I was just about to reconsider my offer when she took me up on it. She was getting out of the tub saying something about a wake up call and all I could see was her amazing body. She was tall and thin, the spitting image of the willowy wisp my wife had been when I’d met her. She just had me entranced and I had to stop myself from thinking what I was starting to think.

We got back to the room and I told her to take a shower and set out one of the robes for her to wear. Her little bikini was quickly rinsed and I set it to dry on the heater. I sipped on my drink and watched some show on the History Channel. When she came out Şirinevler escort of the shower she was toweling her hair and not much could be seen under the robe and that was probably a good thing. I got onto my own shower and as I soaped up I hoped that the girl wouldn’t just steal my money and run out on me.

When I came out of the shower I immediately noticed my drink was gone! That little sprite had downed a double shot of 151 rum with that drink! I knew she was going to be feeling it pretty fast. Before I left the bathroom I slipped a condom into my robe pocket in the hopes that maybe, just maybe…

I sat down next to her and turned off the TV meaning to give the hint to go to bed and we just started talking and I began to realize that she was sizing me up. I asked her about her room mate and if she was envious of what was going on in her room and she told me about being a virgin (yeah, right, I thought) and about fearing getting pregnant. I forget what else I had to say but it went over well.

She some other comment about boys not being into her and I said, “Really. You have a beautiful body. If I was your age, I’d be all over you.”

I could not believe I said that and I expected her to run off but she sat there and my stupid mouth added, “It’s really cute the way your blush goes all the way down your neck and onto your shoulders.”

I don’t know what compelled me to do it, but I touched her bare shoulder as I said this. Suddenly I knew I had to have her and my hands just kept doing their thing and I started massaging her just the same way I do with my wife when I want to get laid.

I sat down behind her and kissed the nape of her neck and saw the goosebumps break out all over her. I knew she was mine now. I also figured that my drink had worn down her resistance and judgment quite a bit as well so when I went to lay her down she didn’t complain. I pulled the robe down a bit as a test and she didn’t resist in the least. I rubber her nipples and they responded quite positively. I pulled the condom out of my pocket and put it on the table near the bed and she saw me do this.

She said, “We won’t be needing that.”

I replied, “I know. Just letting you know it’s there.”

I laid beck behind her and pulled her snug to me and reached around to where I could feel her pert breasts. My other hand snaked around and slowly pushed her robe open until the front of her body was bare to my touch. Şirinevler escort bayan

I pulled her robe open and eased it off of her shoulder and down her body to where it was wadded up between us down there. My own robe was already off and she didn’t seem to notice when my cock rubbed up against the velvety skin of her spine. I went for her pussy and she didn’t resist when my finger slipped between her lips and started working up her dew. She soon relaxed even more and when I hit her clit she just melted in my arms.

When she spread her legs a bit I slipped my cock between them and nuzzled her pussy with it.

She immediately but reluctantly said, “No!”

I said, “Look, just rub yourself with it. As long as you hold it, it won’t go anywhere you don’t want it.”

The alcohol and sex addled girl accepted this nonsense and held my cock up against her body and I set to humping at her as she tried to get the head of my cock to kiss her all-important clit.

She bitched about my cock chafing her and I said “Of course. It’s still dry. You have to get it wet. Rub it into yourself like I did with my fingers.”

Oh, God. She did it and I had to stop myself from wanting to just squeeze her tits and shove my cock up her right then and there! She was kind of stroking me and I knew I was going to cum if she didn’t stop so I said “Here, try this. Rub my shaft across yourself down there and that’ll feel better for both of us.”

Good. This calmed me down and it also seemed to excite her even more. I humped at her as she started to hump at me and soon we were mutually griding on each other. Once I felt my head gain a purchase in her pussy and then she backed off. But she moaned at me and I figured to take that as encouragement. I bumped my head into her pussy a few more times and loved how she’d arch her back at me. She was giving me what I call the “Fuck Me” signal and I started to progress our little bump and grind into lovemaking.

I moved up a little and got the head of my cock into her and didn’t pull it out. She gave a seriously satisfied moan and she pushed back at me for more. It was not long before I felt her hymen and the realization that she really was a virgin was too much for me. I held her hips and slowly pushed into her body and felt her hymen surrender to me.

A couple strokes more and I bottomed out in her. That seemed to get her attention and she silently reached for the escort şirinevler condom and tried to put it in my hand. I pulled partway out of her, and then pushed back in again. She swooned. I reached around and started rubbing her clit as we fucked.

Still she kept on with the fool condom. I took the damn thing from her and tossed it to the floor. This was the best pussy I’d had in years and I wasn’t going to stop. Frankly, the thought of impregnating her taut belly turned me on.

She surrendered to me and I started to take her the way God intended. She just seemed to melt as her cum started to rise and then she just shivered and I knew she was cumming! Geez, I knew I had to take her fully so I pulled out and rolled her on her back and got between her legs and mounted her. I just plain fucked her until I came and filled her pussy with its first load of baby batter.

She suddenly had the sense stirred back into her and shared her concerns about getting pregnant. I just told the old reliable lies about not getting pregnant the first time and all that. She was still nervous and unsure and I just decided to comfort her and when I saw there was a little blood from the sex I went and got a warm cloth and cleaned her up. She liked the attention, I could see. I laid back next to her and we snuggled a while and then I wanted her again. I didn’t wait on ceremony this time and just got between her legs and did her. This second time I could see she wasn’t into it but I wanted what I wanted. I held myself deep in her pussy this time when I came and it felt like a conquest of sorts as she gasped with each pulse of my sperm into her cervix.

At that point it was about 3am and she kissed me goodbye after she got back into her bikini and then she was gone.

A quick shower and twenty minutes later, so was I. I realized that if she suddenly got sensible she could call the police on me so I took advantage of my no-name hotel reservation and made tracks home.

I slept on the couch the rest of the night and thought about that girl I’d fucked into womanhood. Would she have my baby, I wondered? Would I ever know if she did?

In any case it was a couple of weeks later when my 19 year-old daughter drafted me to chaperone a group of her friends for a month-long summer enviromental camp-out thing at some lake. It would be me, my daughter, and seven of her teenage-twenty-something girlfriends for a month of hard work fixing up trails and cabins in a remote forest.

I first said no and then relented thinking about being the only male with seven available and ripe females. My daughter told me I was the best dad in the world when I said yes.

In a way, she was right. It was my sincere intention to be a dad again and again and again.

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