Letters to Nicole 09

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Dear Nicole,

You know what? I understand what you’re saying, but so many fun things happened then that it’s really difficult to keep them all straight. It was only a week later that Felecia and I seduced Kelly Conway in the locker room (which was the letter I wrote you that started this whole story!) After that fun time, Kelly joined our “elite” circle of friends. Oh, my God, Nicole, Kelly is just a little slut! I’m kidding of course, but she really is insatiable. She told me once that she liked boys more, just like me, but once we introduced her to lesbian sex she played with girls more because she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. I didn’t even tell her I was on the pill now. We got to have sex together more often this way. I’m so bad! Giggle!

That Sunday afternoon, two days after the locker room, Felecia and I were sunning out by my pool. My dad was out there cleaning it so she and I were on out best behavior. Felecia was wearing this spectacularly small bikini. It really showed off her curves, and you know, Nicole; you know how some tops just fit so well? Well this one was perfect for her. Her cleavage looked so hot and I wanted to touch her really bad. My dad was constantly checking her out, which really would have pissed me off had I not just recently discovered that he and my mother had a new “understanding”. I was really curious about them now. Since my conversation with my mom I wanted to know more about Teri Johnson and the two of them.

Anyway the phone rang and it was Kelly. She wanted to know if we were busy. Her parents were leaving in a couple of hours for the afternoon and evening and she wanted to know if we would come over and have some fun. Felecia and I jumped at the chance.

“Dad, it’s Kelly Conway. Can I go over there and stay for dinner?”

“I think so.” My dad went to the patio door and called my mom, “Lauren! Could you come here a minute?”

When she poked her head out the door, she said, “What?”

“Nancy wants to know if she can spend the evening at the Conway’s?”

Nicole, a few weeks before that I wouldn’t have noticed anything. But now, knowing what I know, it was easy to see the furtive look they exchanged. Something was up!

“Of course, dear! When are you leaving and when will you be home?”

“Oh…we’re gonna leave at 4:00 and I think we’ll be home about 10:00.”

“That’s good, tomorrow’s a school day,” she replied (a little too eagerly I thought!) and she disappeared into the house.

Just on a hunch, I got up and jumped into the pool, swam across and hopped out near my parent’s bedroom window. Sure enough…I saw mom on the phone. Her back was to me but I could tell she had her free hand over the mouthpiece. This was just too much for me…I had to know what was going on! Felecia was kinda napping in her chair so I dried off and went on into the house and walked down toward their bedroom. “Okay,” I heard her say as I stood in the doorway, “we’ll see you at 4:30 then…yes… right…k…uh-huh, I’m excited too…bye!”

She turned and jumped when saw me standing there. “Ooops…I didn’t mean to scare you,” I said giggling, noting that she was blushing deeply. “I just wanted to know if there was anything you wanted me to do before I left.”

“Uhh…no…uuhhh…not that I know of,” she was clearly flustered and I giggled again.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, dear.”

“Was that Teri Johnson on the phone?”

My mom blushed even redder than before, but she smiled, “Yes…why?”

“Ohh…I just caught the tail end of that; is she coming over this afternoon?”

“Yes,” my mother studied my face for a moment, “does that bother you?”

“Not at all…I think it’s exciting too! But you know, you never told me if Eric Johnson knows about all this?”

“Well, he doesn’t…Teri says he’d never accept it.”

“Aren’t you afraid he’ll find out?”

“No, we’re all much too careful for that. Like, we never do it at their house on the off chance that he or Jessi might come home unexpectedly. We either go to a hotel or we come here…like today!”

“I overheard you…couldn’t he?”

My mother smiled again. She was clearly enjoying these intimate conversations with me now…so was I! “Nancy…I’m a little more relaxed around you now. You know it all! You’re either going to keep the secret properly, or not! I trust you, honey.”

That made me smile, and I gave her a big hug. We held each other close for several seconds. “You know,” I finally said, “you never told me about that first time together, you and dad and her…you told me you would.”

“I did, didn’t I? Well…how about right now?” She walked to the hallway and glanced into the living room. My dad was watching TV. Looking out the window, Felecia was happily smoothing on some more sun-tan lotion, and settling back into her chair again. We had about an hour and a half before she and I needed to leave. So my mom closed the door and eryaman escort we both sat down cross-legged on the bedroom floor.

“Okay, after that first time with Teri we got together two or three more times for sex. Each time was better than the last. I almost started to forget what got us together in the first place, which was the threesome with daddy. But when your father reminded me one night about our search, I told him I had found someone…well, he was just so excited! He wanted me to tell him who it was…but I wouldn’t, oh…did I ever tease him with that.”

“You enjoyed watching him beg, huh, Mom?”

“Did I ever! Teri and I started planning. We decided we better get sitters and go to a hotel for the first time, just to be safe. Eric was out of town for the week on business, so we set it up for a Thursday night. Teri dropped Jessi off at our house and Carla babysat you both, remember Carla?”

“Sure, I loved her; she was so much fun!”

“Yes…well your father didn’t know we had this set up. I called him at work and told him that I had a special evening planned. He had to come home, take a shower and shave, put on the nice outfit I had laid out on the bed, and read the note that was in the pocket.”

“This is starting to sound pretty cool!”

My mom giggled and continued, “First he had to go pick up a couple bottles of our favorite wine, then some Chinese take-out, and then take it over to the Embassy Suites hotel downtown. The note said that his surprise would be there when he got there.”

Nicole, I wish I could describe to you how my mom’s face looked as she told me this story. She clearly reveled in the memory; she was so into the story. I want to say that her face was beaming, but that’s not quite right…close though! “So how did you work it then,” I asked.

“Craig pulled into a parking space and made his way to the front doors. We had arranged for Teri to ‘just happen to be there’ too, and meet him. She said he looked so surprised! He asked her what she was doing there. Later he told me…oh, Nancy, this is so funny…Teri acted so surprised and embarrassed. He was grilling her about why she was there and she lead him to believe that she was meeting another lover.”

My mom and I were both laughing right here! We could just imagine my dad, sputtering at Teri…getting on her case for having an affair when he was so unaware of who she was gonna have the affair with! It was hysterical, Nicole! Teri later told my mom that when they got on the elevator together, my dad didn’t even notice that they were gonna get off on the same floor, he was so busy chastising her for running around on Eric!

“But finally,” said my mom, “the funniest thing of all occurred. Craig and Teri walked up to the same door, and he looked at her and asked her where she was going!”

I lost it then, Sweetie! Oh, my God…I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my whole life! To this day I wonder how my dad could have been that dense! What a priceless memory that is! My mom and I laughed loud and long for a good ten minutes. So long that my dad came to the door and said, “What’s going on in here?” That just made us laugh even harder! Eventually we were able to compose ourselves again and my mom continued with the story. But we still giggled for five more minutes or so.

“When they walked into the room,” said my mom, “Teri was giggling about it all, but we had said that we would greet each other with a hot kiss. So she came over to me and kissed me really good. Under the circumstances…it was a really good kiss! Our mouths and tongues were all over each other. When I looked over her shoulder at Craig, he was standing there, holding the wine and food, his mouth wide open in shock!”

“I said to him, ‘Craig…Teri’s going to be joining us tonight, do you mind?’ Nancy! The biggest grin I’ve ever seen broke over his face! He put the things down and walked over to us. He put a hand on each of our shoulders and dropped his head, but he was still grinning! Then he looked right at Teri and said, ‘You must think I’m a complete moron!’ We laughed so hard…and agreed!”

My mom and I laughed loudly again. God, Nicole, what a story…and she hadn’t even got to the good part yet! “Oh Mom,” I said, “that was twelve years ago and it’s still this funny!”

“I know, and we pulled out the Chinese food and the wine, and ate and drank and got a little tipsy and laughed and had just the best time! But finally your dad asked the question that I knew he eventually would get around to.”

“What was that?” But I knew, they were going to get around to the sex…something had to trigger it, this question had to be it.

“He asked, ‘So Lauren, how is it that Teri happens to be in the room here with us?’ Oohhh, we got serious quickly! Teri and I looked at each other. Our eyes seemed to say, ‘Here we go…are you ready?’ I nodded to her and said to him, ‘Craig, Teri and I have been lovers for about a month now!’ Honey, my heart eryaman escort bayan was thumping wildly all at once. Your father just kept smiling, his eyes flickered back and forth between the two of us. Finally he just said, ‘Oh, my God! For real?’ We nodded. All he could manage to say was ‘Wow!’ “

“Did you go through the story with him like you did me, Mom?” I was getting pretty excited by now. I could tell this was gonna be good.

“Yes, and oh…I was getting so turned-on as I did. I went into a lot of detail; I told him about how Teri begged me, I told him about our first kiss, I told him what it was like to kiss her breasts and nipples, I told him about what it was like to lick another woman’s pussy and clit for the first time. It was so erotic, Mmmm… it was so hot to watch his face and see his eyes glaze over as I described it all.”

“What about his cock, Mom, was it hard?” Oh, my God, Nicole, was it ever strange hearing myself talk about my father’s dick that way. But I was so excited listening to her, that we both didn’t care.

“His cock grew immediately,” she replied, “God…you wouldn’t believe the bulge! And while I was describing it all he kept glancing at Teri. I really took no notice of that for a while because I was so into the story. But when I did see his reaction I looked at her myself. Oh Wow! She had taken off her shoes and was sitting on the bed staring straight at me, one foot up on it, with her skirt hiked up around her hips. She had the cutest pink panties on with a little black bow and she was lightly stroking her pussy while I talked. Oh Fuck! Mmmm…she looked so sexy! I wanted to get my hands on her bad right then!”

This was the first time I had ever heard my mom use the word “fuck” and it sent a shock through me. I couldn’t believe how quickly our relationship was changing and I smiled. I loved this! She seemed a lot more like a person than she ever had before and from this point on, my mom and I became really great friends.

Her voice broke through all that again when I heard her say, “Then he asked me how often we’d been fucking and when I said about once a week, he visibly sighed and his hand reached for his hard-on right through his pants. Teri was giggling now… watching him and she said, ‘I think you’re enjoying this, aren’t you Craig?’ He could only smile weakly and nod. Then she shocked even me, Nance, when she said, ‘Would you enjoy this too?’ and she pulled her panties aside and exposed herself to him! The tip of her forefinger touched her clit and rubbed it a little and I heard Craig gasp and then moan softly. Teri then turned him into a complete puddle of mush by pushing that same finger into her vagina and swirling it around in there for a few seconds. Then, she stuck the same finger in her mouth sucking her juices off of it! ‘Oh Godddd…’ your father moaned. ‘You like that?’ she asked.”

I know I liked it! My pussy was doing flip-flops and if it had been anyone else but my mother telling this story, I would have been fingering myself like mad. And STILL we hadn’t even gotten to the really good part yet! “What happened next?” My voice croaked as I tried to speak and we both giggled.

“Well, I wasn’t sure what the next step was going to be, but your father solved all that for us by saying, ‘I know what I would really like! I’d like to watch you two girls together for a while and then I’ll join in!’ I remember it so well, Nancy. We stared at each other for a moment and then Teri said, ‘Love to…’

“We both got up and stood together right between the two beds facing each other. We were still fully clothed except for our shoes. Teri had on a short floral print skirt and a white tube top. I had on a violet skirt (similar style to hers) and spaghetti strap T that hugged my body. I reached for her and ran my fingers lightly up and down her upper arms. She stood there for a moment and let me do that. My touch was drawing the goosebumps to the surface and when my right hand slid over her left breast and nipple, she shivered and her head fell back. She put her hands on my hips and pulled us together. She whispered to me, loud enough for Craig to hear, ‘I love kissing you, Lauren, you’re so good at it!’ We both giggled a little but our lips closed quickly on each other’s and we slid our tongues together with a moan.

“I’m not sure how long we kissed like that but it had to have been several minutes. I was so totally into it. Our sex together was just so new and hot. My hands closed on her bra-less tits and it thrilled me to feel her nipples hard under my palms. Her longer arms held me, her hands were all over my ass. Each second that passed made the kiss hotter, wetter, deeper. She spun me around with my back to her, facing Craig; but we kissed over my shoulder and she cupped my tits, cradling them in her hands and pinching the nipples aggressively.

“Finally, when I was squirming under her hands, the kiss ended. Craig was just sitting in his chair watching intently. He had escort eryaman unfastened his pants and pulled his dick out. It was incredibly hard, the skin was stretched so taut that it glistened and he slowly stroked it as he watched Teri continue to play with my boobs. I smiled at him and turned to face her again. Taking the top of her shirt, I asked him, ‘Would you like to see her beautiful tits, Craig?’ He nodded and I peeled the shirt down, her tits popping free from under its tightness.

“We kissed again and Teri and I pushed our boobs together. We grabbed them and began rubbing our nipples across each other’s setting off a fresh series of moans. I loved rubbing nipples with her, but when I couldn’t stand it much longer, my lips slid down her neck and breast to her left teat and I sucked the tight bud hard into my mouth. She cried out softly, ‘Oh, Lauren…my God!’ and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me tightly into her. I switched nipples and treated the other the same way, her body trembling with emotion and eagerness.

“All of a sudden, we stopped and began pulling the rest of our clothes off. I had shaved my pussy, just for this occasion. Craig and Teri saw it at exactly the same time and they both said simultaneously, ‘Lauren, you shaved!’ We laughed at that! I backed up a little so they could get a good look at me. Teri’s was freshly trimmed, just a short strip of hair above her slit. She showed us too and then she came over to me and touched my labia, rubbing the lips and cooing about how cute it was. ‘Isn’t it cute, Craig?’ she teased. ‘Don’t you just want to fuck it, it’s so cute?’ She patted my pussy and made me giggle.

“Craig was beside himself with desire, ‘Fuck yes I do,’ he enthused, ‘but you know what else I’d like, Teri?’ ‘What?’ she said as she slipped a finger inside my slit. ‘I think Lauren would like it even more if that was your tongue inside her instead of your finger!’ God he was so naughty, Nancy. I was so wet too and so ready to be fucked. But it was good that we were in no hurry. So I said, ‘Oh God, yes, Teri…I need that bad, I need you to suck my pussy and make it feel good!’

“Then Teri surprised me! She had a few things planned which she hadn’t told me. ‘Okay,’ she said, lying down on the bed with her head over the edge, ‘C’mere Lauren!’ She reached up, offering me her hands and I took them. She drew me over to her head. ‘Step over…straddle my face, Baby…your hub wants me to eat your pussy!’ Oh, my God, honey, I couldn’t believe this! I had to squat down a little to sit on her face, but the position spread me open a bit and Teri started tonguing my cunt, sucking and nipping my pussy lips and sliding her tongue up and down my gash. I cried out pretty loudly! I couldn’t help it. I grabbed my tits and pushed them up my chest in ecstasy.

“Ohhh, what a feeling! After fifteen or twenty seconds of that I could feel an orgasm building already and I said so, ‘Oh fuck! Teri…Shit…Oh, my God…I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that…Mmmmm…oohhh….FUCK YES!’ I reached down and grabbed her nipple, wrenching it hard and making her squeal into my pussy. She was frigging her clit rapidly with one hand while she tongue-fucked me. I didn’t even notice when Craig stepped up next to me. He put his hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear, ‘Cum on her face Lauren, God, you’re so fucking hot, you know that?’ He bent over and took my right nipple into his mouth sucking hard on it while he stroked the top of my ass with his left hand.

” ‘Make her cum, Teri,’ he said, ‘do you want her to cum? Fuck! I think she’s ready! Cum on her face, Lauren!’ Teri just groaned. She was thumbing my clit with one hand, playing with her own tight box with the other. Her tongue was stabbing deeply into my hole. I felt the orgasm rush up my legs. Grinding down on her mouth, I shouted, ‘God… I’m cumming!’ My whole body shook with pleasure as I exploded into her mouth. ‘Fuck yeah…’ said Teri, as my pussy slid off her mouth, smearing her face with girl-cum. ‘Oh, Lauren…shit! Mmmm…do you ever taste good!’

“I couldn’t stand it anymore so I fell back and flopped onto the bed behind us. Craig was on me in a second, kissing and touching and telling me how much he loved me! My body was still quivering from the intensity but we held each other close. Teri came over and we shared a three-way kiss…the first one of my life! Have you ever had one of those, honey?”

I had inadvertently taken my mother’s hand as the story unfolded. I squeezed it and said, “Yes…they’re awesome, I’ll tell you my own story some time, but don’t stop now, Mom, what happened next?”

“Well somehow, while watching, Craig had removed his own clothing. During the kiss my hand closed on his cock and I pumped him a little. His pre-cum had oozed out a bit and he felt so slick and wet in my hand. But I said to him, ‘I think it’s Teri’s turn, she needs to cum bad.’ Craig and I rolled away from her and we laid her flat on the bed. On an impulse he gently but firmly took both of her wrists and pulled her arms up straight over her head pinning her hands there. Then he kissed on down the inside of her arm. I held her legs down and knelt between them on the floor, her pussy very near the edge of the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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