Let Me Have a Taste!

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Penny and Paul have been married for 9 and a half years. All things aside they had a good marriage. They have two children and both are currently working at jobs that seem to be both stimulating and challenging. Their only problem has been in the bedroom.

A few months ago, during their last lovemaking session, Penny attempted for the first time, to orally stimulate Paul. He was so surprised that a small amount of precum soon came out and, Penny spit it out in shouted in disgust: “I’m not one of your whores – I’m your wife, the mother of your children”. She even whacked at his tool in disgust. Paul became horrified at the thought of ever having sex with Penny again, and has not been able to get an erection with her since. He had resorted to masturbation and two times he actually got satisfied orally by a female co-worker.

Their tenth anniversary was coming up soon. Penny, took a day off from work, and sought the help of a sexual therapist. The therapist was an attractive, well-built, woman in her mid forties. Upon hearing Penny’s problem, she smiled and said I feel your pain, and have also personally experienced it. I resorted to seeing a professional and now I’d rather give a good blowjob than get laid. You see I was hypnotized, and every time I’d give a blowjob, to this very day, when my partner comes in my mouth, I too achieve a climax of my own. Do you think this is something that you might want to try? Penny answered with a resounding yes.

The therapist then asked Penny to name her three favorite desert flavors. Penny listed them as chocolate, raspberry and vanilla. At this point the therapist hypnotized Penny so that every time canlı bahis a member of the opposite sex mentions those three flavors, she will orally satisfy him, and is relieved at the same time. The therapist did warn her that this is her first attempt, but that it worked for her several years ago. When her ‘victim’, hopefully Paul, comes in her mouth she will savor and taste of one of the three flavors and gratefully swallow it, as she’ll explode into her own orgasm.

The kids were sent to their grandparents for the night and Penny couldn’t wait for Paul to get home from work. Paul came home, in a grumpy mood, asked about the kids, sat down to dinner, and announced that he was watching the football game, and does not wish to be disturbed. They ate in silence, and after dinner Paul asked what was for dessert. Penny asked what he preferred, and Paul commented that anything chocolate was ok by him and would she mind bringing it to him in the living room. Penny went to the bedroom, changed into a nightie and came out with two dishes of chocolate pudding. She sat down next to Paul who didn’t even acknowledge her change in clothes. Penny didn’t know what made her put her hand on his thigh first then on his crotch. Paul now looked up and was starting to object as Penny quickly unzipped him and reached in to rub his already aroused penis. She helped Paul get out of his pants and pulled down his shorts, revealing an erection she hasn’t seen in months. She dropped to her knees and took his balls into her mouth one by one, while stroking him at the same time. Seeing how aroused she was, Paul did not try to stop her, but grew to his full seven inches. Meanwhile Penny bahis siteleri was getting wetter in anticipation. She felt his precum, and thought it to be incredible, for it tasted like milk chocolate. She really started deep throating him now as he wanely started to pull out, but she held his butt firmly as his cock was anchored in her mouth. He started to bend his knee, his balls contracted and his ass tightened as he exploded in her waiting mouth. She to achieved to most incredible orgasm, as she licked and sucked up every delicious drop. She then asked: “aren’t you going to watch football?”

Paul said, “not me, my wife is back”. They had a few more takes or should I say tastes, and exhaustedly fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day Penny went to work as usual, but had a real glow about her. She was a group leader and when questioned by her co-workers, as to why, she just smiled. Around 10:30 AM the mail boy who couldn’t have been older than nineteen came by and asked if anyone wanted to share some raspberry tarts his grandmother baked. Penny asked if he could stop into her office. When Eric entered her office she locked the door, and asked him to trust her for he is about to have the time of his life. She unzipped his pants and felt around for his cock. She found him to be semi-erect and she dropped to her knees and placed him into her mouth, and felt him get hard, he was not as big as Paul, but a little thicker. Eric started to moan as she felt a small precum on her tongue, incredibly tasting like raspberry. She stroked him and licked the eye and teased the crown as she inhaled all of him and started to suck him at a faster tempo. bahis şirketleri Eric wanted to tell her that he was about to come, but thought better of it, and exploded in her mouth in three squirts as she felt her own euphoria, and a gush of fluid on her panties. As they were cleaning up she asked Eric to be discreet, for she did not know what came over her, but she had to taste him.

Weeks passed as Penny went through life not knowing why and when her craze to taste men would show up. One day after a board meeting, the vice president called her into his office. He was in a great mood and started telling her that she was a valuable employee who is due for a raise and a promotion. Asked Penny how a $10,000 raise and the title of General Manager sounded. Penny was ecstatic, and gratefully accepted. The newly hired Office Manager, Greg was her replacement a good-looking, well-built guy, with a mustache. Penny offered to take him to dinner to celebrate her promotion and his hire. Greg always enjoyed a sweet after-dinner drink. When they finished their meal he asked for two vanilla cordials. Penny then asked Greg if she could show him something in her car. As they got into the car, she grabbed at his crotch and felt him starting to stir. He tried kissing her, but she unzipped his pants and had his pecker out, and was soon sucking him dry. Greg didn’t understand this situation, him sitting on the front seat, facing out, and Penny on her knees on the pavement. He was not complaining. He came a little and she tasted the vanilla flavor. Penny felt her own wave of passion, and started to stroke, and suck his cock real fast and hard, like a hungry child saying: “let me have a taste”, and Greg emptied into her waiting mouth in five squirts, as Penny climaxed at the same time.

Nothing ever was said between Greg and Penny, but secretly she couldn’t wait for the next cordial.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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