Katie’s Conversion

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The people and events described in this story are based in reality, but imagination took the reins somewhere along the way. The action takes some time to build.


Emily and I were fighting again. It was the third or fourth time this month we were going through the same argument. I came home late from work the night before and woke this morning only to have to complete all of the chores Em swore up and down to me she would get done on her day off. She didn’t wash a single dish, didn’t take out the trash, didn’t prepare for our dinner tonight, but the worst sin of all was that she didn’t feed our fur babies, Athena and Princess.

“I swear to you I did feed them yesterday,” she yelled dramatically. Lie. I just shook my head, knowing from experience that nothing I said would convince her just to own up to it and tell me the truth. She would deny blame until she ran out of breath and I wasn’t interested in going through this again. Work was exhausting enough and nobody paid me to try and manage my girlfriend.

“I don’t care anymore Em. I just wanted things to be ready for dinner with Doug tonight. We haven’t seen each other in forever and you haven’t lifted a finger to help.”

“What does it matter if things are perfect? You two are just going to get drunk and ignore me like you do every time he comes over. I swear to God if you weren’t the biggest dyke I know I’d think you were in love with him.” Em spat the accusation out at me and I could hear the loathing for Doug in her tone. Doug had been my closest friend for almost 4 years and she resented the intimacy of our friendship. But no lines had ever been crossed and she was right about one thing, I’m a huge dyke and Doug never had a chance.

“I wish you’d stop saying that, it’s fucking ridiculous. You know it, he knows it, so just get the fuck over it. Jesus Christ I wish you could get some friends so you can stop being so jealous of mine. Anyway he’s bringing his on-again, off-again girl so you’ll have company while we have fun.” Doug’s every now and then fling was Molly, who was exactly like Emily in more ways than one. They loved each other’s company and I asked Doug to bring her so Em wouldn’t feel left out. Not entirely heartless after all.

“Whatever Kate. I’m not stupid or blind,” she responded. What the fuck does that mean? Checking her watch and realizing she was late for work, she gave me a mournful sigh and eye roll and grabbed her keys on the way out the door. I watched her go in silence and as soon as the door clicked shut I regretted not telling her I loved her. As much as we argued and Em drove me crazy, I loved the girl to death and I didn’t want our relationship to stay in turmoil.

Since she was gone the house suddenly held an eerie silence. Athena was still sleeping in her doggie bed and Princess was probably hiding under furniture somewhere, so I reveled in the isolation and got to work. There was still so much to get ready for dinner that evening. I started in the small living room and worked my way to the kitchen/dining area. By the time I got to the kitchen counter I had picked up so much laundry and garbage that my back ached. I can’t believe I live with such a slob. Where did all of this shit come from in the first place?

Up next was dinner preparation. I had asked Emily to prepare one of her better dishes but she did fuck all so I decided Doug and I would grill instead. That would give Emily and Molly some girl time to chat and make Doug and I feel useful. I texted Doug to make sure he was game.

K: You good to grill with me tonight?

D: Sure, thought we were having Indian cuisine tho?

K: Em “forgot”

D: Gotcha…want me to bring xtra beer?

K: As much as u can carry lol…Molly still coming?

D: Yep she’s hyped to see Em

K: Good, see u @ 8


Since Doug agreed to grilling I did have to go out and get a few supplies, so I shook Athena’s lead and she came patting up to me happily. She bowed and stretched out the rest of her slumber and we proceeded to the Jeep for today’s adventure. Athena and I both love car rides, so I took the long way to the store so we could both have our fill. She stuck her huge head out of the window, auburn ears flapping freely in the wind. The sight brought a smile to my face and the tension of my argument with Em slowly washed away.

When we got back to the house I glanced at the clock and realized it was already 4 pm, and with Em coming home around 7 I knew I should nap to recover some of my energy from the day’s activities. I collapsed on our lilac bedspread but found myself unable to sleep despite my exhaustion. I shut my eyes and put my hand down my underwear, not really focusing on any person or fantasy but comforting myself with a gentle touch. I rubbed softly along my inner thighs and labia. I didn’t want to orgasm right now as Em and I might have a hate-fuck later because of the argument, but the massage did its work and I drifted to sleep.

Half-dressed izmir escort bayan with one hand down my pants and sprawled across our bed is exactly how Emily found me when she got home at 7. I startled awake out of my fragile sleep to find her straddling me and kissing the nape of my neck. The smell of freshly baked bread sauntered off of her uniform, and for a moment I thought I was still dreaming. When she realized I was awake she brought both hands to my breasts and used her thumbs to flick my now-hard nipples back and forth. I felt her smile as she continued to kiss my exposed shoulders and her hips began to rock back and forth on my lap.

As much as I should have enjoyed the gesture, I was annoyed that she thought it was a good time for sex. I told her as much and tried to pry her hands off of my chest, but she used the weight of her own massive chest to hold me down. Her huge breasts were suffocating me and I thrashed around until she was forced to dismount.

“The fuck Em? You know I hate it when you do that…” I started.

“What, when I touch you? I’m so fucking sorry. It won’t happen again.” Her retort was spiteful and I knew I had reignited the flame of the argument that had burned out earlier today.

“Not touching me, I hate when you try and crush me to death with your tits!” I tried to explain myself, but the bitch face had settled in and Em’s arms were crossed. I was definitely sleeping on the couch tonight.

Emily refused to talk to me until Doug and Molly arrived a little before 8. Thankfully she snapped back into the guise of a welcoming host, and she latched on to Molly’s arm as soon as they crossed the threshold into the house. Doug and I laughed it off and made our way to the grill in the back yard. Athena followed joyfully, excited out of her mind to see Doug. We always joked that Doug was Athena’s dad because of her unwavering adoration for him. When he visited she barely acknowledged Emily and I’s existence, much to Em’s disappointment. Athena made a show of her love to Doug by rolling on her back and snorting directly onto his feet.

“She’s happy to see you, she must realize how long it’s been since you’ve visited,” I said to Doug and handed him the first beer of many to come.

“I missed her too. And you. Work has been so hectic. I know you get it but I’m sorry I haven’t been around.” Doug’s apology was so genuine, which was something I loved about him. When we met he was actually my boss at the time. Even in our professional relationship we always worked “with one mind” and leveled each other out in a way our colleagues couldn’t understand. In the last year Doug had been promoted and transferred to a separate location in our city and I was promoted to his position. After accepting our promotions, we were finally able to fraternize and found that we were even better friends than coworkers, and that our like-mindedness in our professional lives transferred effortlessly to our personal relationship. Doug was a fantastic boss, but he was a superior friend and confidant, always genuine in his words and actions. The clarity of his character was surprising to me personally after having known so many shit-head men.

We started up the grill and continued to drink our beers in silence. The summer night was particularly warm so Em elected that we enjoy our dinner up outside. She and Molly were at work setting up the collapsible table, and Doug and I watched them struggle. Emily wasn’t quite built for any kind of physical activity. She was only 5″1′ but slightly on the chubby side. With wide hips and breasts that would rival most porn stars’ fake racks, she would probably never be considered a stunner. I didn’t mind, though, because I thought she looked like the statues of ancient goddesses.

Compared to Molly, Em was distinctly un-feminine. Her hair was short and choppy, and she struggled to find clothes to compliment her figure. Molly on the other hand was tall, blonde, and had legs for days. She would aptly be described as gorgeous, but I found her very typical bitchy girl look rather bland. Don’t get me wrong, if I were single and she weren’t fucking my best friend I wouldn’t think twice. But other than her appearance she lacked a personality and a brain, so I was surprised when Emily took such a quick liking to her.

“Should we help them?” Doug’s question interrupted my train of thought about our leading women, and I snapped back into the reality in which Emily and Molly were staring at a 3-legged table in utter confusion.

“They’ll figure it out,” I said and finished my beer. Doug chugged the rest of his and reached for two more. I noticed Athena still begging for attention and threw a nearby ball so she would feel engaged. The flames were starting to kick up so Doug and I got to work.

A few beers later after dinner, the four of us sat under the dim backyard lights and laughed about some old work story Doug had told. Emily subtly suggested that she and Molly should start to clean up so Doug and I kicked escort izmir back and enjoyed the stars and another drink.

“So what’s going on Kate? I feel like it’s been forever since we really talked.”

“Same as you, man. Working my ass off all the time. I never get any time at home anymore but when I do Em and I are always arguing.” I was surprised the admission came out so quickly. I hadn’t intended to complain to Doug about my relationship problems, but I suppose the many beers made my tongue looser than usual.

“Trouble in lezzie paradise? Is she on about getting married again?”

“I don’t know, I told her I didn’t want to because I thought marriage is stupid.”

Doug laughed loudly at that. “Why did you lie to her? Just tell her she drives you nuts already. You’re going to end up hating her!”

“Jesus Christ, Doug, I’m afraid I already do. I love her but I can’t stand living with her anymore. I feel like I have to treat her more like a roommate than a girlfriend.” Doug nodded in agreement, but I knew he didn’t really understand because he lived alone and had as long as I’d known him. Doug loved his solitude, I told myself, but I wondered for a few years if he was gay. Then Molly had walked into the picture, but they were as inconsistent as the weather.

“When are you and Molly going to make it official? It’s been like two years Douggie…you gotta commit eventually, even if she’s as dumb as a brick.” I loved prodding him about Molly after a few drinks. We always aimed to wound the other when we drank and complained. It was cathartic in many ways, and comforting in knowing that my best friend knew my weaknesses but could laugh at them with me instead of judging me like Emily might.

“Never! You know I’m a lone wolf. Ha-wooooooooo!” Doug howled into the dark sky so loudly that Athena chimed in, as well as a few dogs down the street. We cackled and finished off our beers, listening to the cicadas singing their night trance.

When Emily and Molly finished cleaning up the dishes we decided to call it a night. Em was already staring daggers into me (she definitely thought Doug and I had too much to drink) so I started the goodbyes. I gave Molly a friendly hug and reminded her she promised to lend me a book she had enjoyed. Doug and Molly shared a “leave room for Jesus” hug and we quickly switched partners for more farewells.

“Do you work tomorrow Katie?” I hate it when he calls me that.

“Nope, finally a day of freedom,” I snarked.

“Excellent. Hey, come over to mine and watch soccer.” Doug waggled his eyebrows, leaned in closer and whispered “We can drink in peace.” Sold.

We agreed on a time and I gave him a huge hug. Excited about tomorrow’s plans, Doug wrapped his arms tight around my midsection, picked me up, and spun me around in the air. Our bodies pressed together and the sudden airtime made me a little dizzy, but I was drunk and content and we had a good laugh. He put me down and rustled my hair, and he and Molly made their way out of the house.

Before the door had even closed, I felt the tension building between Emily and myself.

“What the fuck was that?” she cornered me as soon as Doug and Molly were definitely gone. “Are you trying to embarrass me AND Molly?” What?

“What are you talking about?”

“Why the fuck does he touch you like that? And picking you up and spinning you around? That is so fucking weird and I hate that you two don’t understand that.” I saw the tears forming in Emily’s eyes and immediately felt uncomfortable. Good performance.

“Come on Em, you’re being dramatic. He’s my best friend!” I tried to defend our friendship again but Emily wasn’t having any of it. She started turning off lights around the house, storming from one switch to the next and stopping to fill the food and water dishes for the girls. I followed her quietly into the bedroom and we went through the motions of our bedtime ritual in silence.

Quietly, we brushed our teeth and changed into sleeping clothes. We continued not talking as we opened up the bedsheets, climbed in, and turned off the lamps. And in silence Emily moved her body closer to mine and I knew that the day’s argument was coming to a close. Em didn’t want to be angry anymore, she wanted me to fuck her.

I quickly pulled off what little bed clothing she had on. She rolled to face me and we shared a long, deep, angry kiss that left me wet. I could smell her excitement and my body yearned to taste her. My hands moved to squeeze her breasts. Her nipples were so hard in contrast to her malleable tits. I rolled her nipples in between my thumb and forefinger, enjoying the moans as I simultaneously sucked on the skin of her neck. She still smelled like bread, a scent so deep she could never wash it out. Gradually I moved down her body, kissing every sensitive spot as I travelled and letting my hands explore familiar terrain. I took her nipples into my mouth and made a point to suck in the air around them after they were wet. izmir escort I knew the cold sensation would give her gooseflesh and the trick worked every time. Her nipple piercings clicked against my teeth but I continued to tease her until she pulled my head back up to her own.

Now that she was properly aroused I turned my attention to her pussy. I could still smell her wetness over that strong scent of bread and it turned me on even more. I kissed her hard, parted her lips and teasingly rubbed my fingers through her folds. When she began to cry out I breathed hotly into her ear and whispered, “What do you want me to do baby?”

Em groaned in frustration. “I want you to fuck me. Please, I need to feel you inside me.”

That was all I needed. I didn’t wait any longer or start slowly, but instead plunged two fingers into her. I gasped at the heat of her pussy and the tightness of the walls as they clamped down on my fingers. I moved so fast I thought my hand might cramp, but she bucked her hips and kept rhythm with my motions. Her breathing quickened and I could tell she was near orgasm, so I slowed the pace and kissed my way down her body.

When I got to her pussy I took a moment and breathed in her fragrance. If I could bottle it and use it as perfume I would, no joke. Her aroma was heavenly. I buried my face into the task and didn’t play around – I took her clit into my mouth and sucked quickly, picking up the pace of my fingers at the same time. She began to buck wildly and screamed as she climaxed, her legs clamping on my head so painfully I thought I might pass out. I tried to continue fucking and sucking her but the sensation became too much and she pushed me out from between her legs. I crawled back up her body and she took me in her arms, every muscle still in spasm from the orgasm.

She needed a few minutes to recover, but I waited patiently for her to return the effort. I laid in the dark staring at our ceiling as she clung to me, thinking about the dinner and Doug. I was so excited to spend more time with him tomorrow free of the ladies.

My thoughts were interrupted by Emily’s hand in my underwear. Her fingers had made their way directly to my clit and were going to town. Weird. I grabbed her wrist to indicate I wanted her to slow down, but she moved her hand down and started fingering me erratically. Weirder.

“Maybe I’m just too drunk honey, but I don’t think my body’s going to respond tonight…just get some sleep and I’ll let you repay me in pleasure tomorrow.” In truth I wanted to fuck, but she had gone straight for the prize instead of warming me up. I was weirded out and after everything I just wanted to sleep.

“Oh…okay.” Em sounded dejected by I kissed her head and held her tight to show her I wasn’t upset.

Despite her sobriety Em fell asleep quickly and rolled away from me. As soon as I was assured by her breath that she was unconscious, once again my hands made their way down my own body and I began to pleasure myself. I was still turned on from fucking Emily, but something else was sitting at the back of my mind as well. I couldn’t put my finger on it so I assumed it was seeing Molly for the first time in a while. I moved two fingers in and out of my own pussy while stroking my clit in good time and quickly came to my own climax. I made every effort to cum silently and without rocking the bed too hard, and was satisfied to find that Em hadn’t stirred a bit.

Finally satisfied, I passed out into my pillow and allowed sleep to take me where it may.

The next day Emily and I were on much more agreeable terms. She had to work early but left a sweet note on the kitchen counter that said she loved me and did a few extra chores that morning. All it takes is a good orgasm to get a little work done around here.

An alarm on my phone reminded me that I needed to get ready to go see Doug, so I quickly did my own morning chores and got dressed. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt relief that Doug wouldn’t judge me for wearing a plain black t-shirt and jeans. Emily always told me I should dress up if I was leaving the house. I would joke with her that nothing was dressier than black, but she never found that particular joke to be funny. Besides, the drab color complimented my short mop of curly ginger hair. Most other colors and patterns washed me out entirely or made me look like a leprechaun.

Before I left I contemplated bringing Athena. I loved how much she loved Doug, but for once I wasn’t interested in sharing anybody’s attention so I let her spend the day with Princess, who absolutely loathed her existence. I chuckled thinking about the fun they would have together.

On cue as I entered the Jeep, I got a text from Doug.

D: Bring more beer, I have a surprise for u


D: Surprise is a word with meaning Katie

Oh, he’s evil.

K: I hate you.

D: No you don’t 😛

K: See u soon asshole

I arrived at Doug’s, beer in tow, just in time to catch the game. Even though Doug had a TV in his living room, we always moved to the basement of his small house by default. Before he met Molly this was where we spent most of our time together, drinking and watching soccer.

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