Kathy’s Pool Party Ch. 01: Jen


As long as I had to switch this over from the “Gary X. November” story list to the “Gary Alexander” story list (“Gary X. November” suddenly ceased to exist in Literotica’s database; don’t ask), I did a bit of rewriting and I think I made it a better story.


“I’m going to a pool party tonight,” Mindy said. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

That seemed to be an odd thing for her to say: I was staying with her for a week, and I’d just naturally gone wherever she went. “Of course,” I said. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, sometimes Kathy’s parties get a little… don’t tell my mom, okay, but sometimes there’s a lot of kids making out. And last time somebody brought beer.”

“Horrors,” I said. “Mindy, kids in my town do drink.”

“I’m just saying…”

“We’ve even been known to cuss. Listen, if you think I’m going to embarrass you…”

“No. No, you’re right. I’m sorry. I want you to come. Really. A little fun will do you good.”

Mindy always thought that just because I’m a bit on the quiet side, and I live in a rural part of my state and I was homeschooled, I don’t know how to have fun. And that even though I’m eighteen, and she’s just half a year older, she has to take the role of “older cousin.”

But I did want to go to the party, so I didn’t say anything and risk getting into a fight with her.

“Did you even bring a bathing suit?” She asked me.

“Of course I did,” I said, and pulled it out of the one of the bureau drawers I was using for the week.

“Shit,” she said, “is that what you wear when you swim in the creek with Laura Ingalls?”

“Stop it,” I said, getting annoyed. “It’s a bikini. What do you want me to wear?”

She rummaged through her drawer, pulled out one of her own bikinis, and tossed it to me. “This should fit you,” she said. Then she turned her back to me, since she knows I don’t like to be naked in front of anybody.

I quickly took off my clothing and pulled on the bikini. Mindy and I are about the same height, but she’s a lot skinnier than I am. I was surprised the bikini bottoms fit as well as they did; maybe it because there was so little material to them. The top did not cover my breasts as well as they should have. “Are you ready?” she said.

“I guess so.”

She turned around, and raised her eyebrows when she saw how much of my breasts were exposed. “Wow, you’ll attract some attention at the party.”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Thanks. Now I feel even more self-conscious than I did a few seconds ago.”

“Jen, I know it’s not your style, but the bikini top you brought with you looks like you’re wearing an underwire support bra.”

“I can’t wear this in front of people.”

“Tell you what: don’t wear it under your clothing, just bring it along. If you need it, and you feel up to wearing it, fine. Otherwise, you won’t.”

A couple of hours later, we got dressed for the party. I thought I looked pretty nice in a pink, summery blouse and knee-length denim skirt, but of course Mindy shook her head at my outfit as if I were some innocent, ignorant farm girl, and her attitude was starting to tick me off. She was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts that were smaller than some of my panties. I wanted to tell her that we might be a bit behind the time in Iowa, but let’s just say that I’ve been to Duluth, and I’ve seen the girls who work the streets at night in the downtown area, and how they dress… well, let’s just leave it at that.

But before we left, I ducked back into the bathroom and removed my bra. I made sure nobody would be able to tell by looking at me, of course. I don’t think I’d been out in public without a bra since my body began developing — but I just wanted to be able to tell Mindy later on, if she started getting all cooler-than-thou with me again later, that I’d been naked under the shirt all night.

“I want to warn you right now,” Mindy said as we were getting out of the car, “Kathy’s parents aren’t home, and there are going to be a lot of couples there making out.”

“I’ve been to parties before,” I told her sharply.

“As what,” she said, “the chaperone? At least unbutton a couple of top buttons, okay?”

I did. I wasn’t accustomed to my shirts being this open, but it wasn’t nearly open enough that anybody could tell I wasn’t wearing a bra. “If you’re so sure I’ll embarrass you, why did you invite me along?”

“Because my mother told me I had to. Look, Jen, you know I love spending time with you — but I didn’t think you’d like it here, and I couldn’t not show up.”

“Why not?”

“Because my boyfriend Rob is going to be here, and… well…Didi.”


“You’ll see.” We walked around to the back of the house, where the pool and the party were, and things were quieter than I’d been starting to fear. Kids were eating and most of them were drinking, though there was plenty of Pepsi and bottled water for those of us who didn’t want alcohol. Mindy introduced me around, then spotted Rob and went Bayan Escort Gaziantep over to him.

Most of the girls were dressed petty much the way Mindy was, though a few were already wearing their bathing suits. One girl was wearing running shorts, low enough on her butt that the top of her red bikini bottom showed, and a red bikini top that barely covered more than her nipples, with an unbuttoned shirt over it. Later on, I’d learn that this was the infamous Didi.

Nobody was in the pool yet, though a couple of girls were sitting by the edge, both wearing short shorts over their bathing suits, dangling their feet in the water as they ate.

At the far end of the pool, away from everybody else, a boy and a girl were sharing a lounge chair, and I was pretty sure he had a hand under her t-shirt. It made me remember that one time I’d let Andrew touch me under my shirt.

I took my food, kicked off my sandals, and went to sit poolside with the other girls, introducing myself. I had to hike up my skirt a few inches to sit comfortably there, and I wished I’d brought my own bikini with me — or that I’d had the nerve to wear the one Mindy had lent me.

The girls were friendly, and they seemed to welcome the chance to tell somebody new about the various relationships in play around us that night. The couple on the lounge chair were Paul and Berni, and they’d been dating since the spring. As far as I know, one of the girls said, tonight was the first time Berni had let Paul “get any bare tit.” I was starting to think this wasn’t such a wild crowd after all, until the other girl added “Berni’s probably the only virgin here tonight.”

The next thing we knew, we were hit with a wall of water, then another: Rob and another boy had cannonballed into the pool. They came back to the surface laughing, and I saw that Rob was wearing bathing trunks, while the other guy had denim shorts that sagged with the weight of the water as he started to climb out.

Kimi, one of the girls I was sitting with, nodded her head in his direction. “The hunky guy’s Davy. He’s our dumb blond. Hey, it’s only fair that we get to objectify the guys sometimes.”

Davy peeled off his sodden shorts, wrung them out, and then lay on one of the lounge chairs in only a wet pair of boxers. “Later, girls,” Kimi said, getting to her feet and walking over to him.

Meanwhile, Mindy was standing by the deep end of the pool, showing off her bikini. I was startled at how little it covered, and then realized that the one she’d given me was only slightly more modest. She dove in, swam over to Rob, and kissed him hard, rubbing her body against his. The next thing I knew there was another splash, and the girl with the skimpy red bikini had jumped in, hitting the water only a foot or two from where Mindy and Rob were standing. When she came to the surface, her right breast was exposed and she adjusted her bikini top. Rob certainly got a long peek, though.

I giggled nervously and said to Tiff, the girl sitting next to me, “I’d have been mortified.” I didn’t add that no boy had ever seen my bare breasts before.

She shrugged. “Pool party. Accidents happen.” More people started jumping into the pool, girls in bikinis, some wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms, and boys, some wearing bathing suits and some in cut-off shorts or gym shorts. “Come on,” Tiff said, sliding into the pool and pulling me in with her.

As I sank to the pool’s floor, my skirt floated straight up, exposing my panties to anybody who might have been near me underwater. I frantically grabbed at the hem to pull it down, at the same time trying to kick my feet to push myself back up to the surface.

What I managed to do instead was flip myself over, almost hitting my head on the pool floor. I let go of my skirt and became disoriented for a moment, starting to panic. Then suddenly I felt arms around my waist and I was being grabbed out of the water, and there was light and there was air. Davy was holding me, and my skirt was bunched up above my waist. I realized my panties were exposed, and Davy almost dropped me as I quickly pulled the skirt back down.

I climbed out of the pool with as much dignity as I could muster, reminding myself of what Tiff had said: accidents happen at pool parties. And that even with the pool lights, probably nobody could tell that I’d exposed my panties. They could have been bikini bottoms. Davy knew, but… well, he was running around in his boxers. And he might have just saved my life, so letting him have a peek at my panties was a small enough reward.

Then I noticed that everybody’s eyes were on me. Was it because I’d almost drowned? No, that was over in only a few seconds, most of the kids probably never knew it was happening. One boy applauded, then another. I realized that my shirt had become plastered onto my chest, and that everything was showing. Everything.

I ran into the house crying.

I don’t know how long I was in the bathroom, with a bathtowel wrapped over my shirt, when there was a knock on the door. “Jen, you in there?” Mindy was saying.

“Just leave me alone so I can die in here.”

“That’s all very well,” Mindy said, “but eventually people are gonna have to pee. Let us in, okay?”


“Me and Tiff.”

I let them in. Mindy was still wearing her bikini; and Tiff had taken off her shorts, was wearing a one-piece that was cut so high on the bottom, most of her hips were bare. They were both dripping on the floor. “I can’t tell you how sorry I am,” Tiff said. “I had no idea you weren’t wearing a bra.”

“And since when don’t you wear a bra?” Mindy asked.

“Oh, shut up,” I said. “I want to go home.”

“Well, we can’t go,” Mindy said. “Just me coming to get you, Didi’s probably showing her boobs to Rob again.” She handed me her backpack. “We brought you a bathing suit, remember? Put it on and come on back outside, okay?”

“But –“

“Jen, I know that was embarrassing for you, but believe me, everybody’s forgotten by now.”

They left, and I changed into the bikini. It was as tight around my breasts as I’d remembered, and I made a mental note not to take any really deep breaths.

When I got back to the pool area, I understood why Mindy had told me not to worry: one of the girls, I think the girl who was making out with the boy on the lounge chair earlier, was swimming around wearing a t-shirt and panties. Her boyfriend kept grabbing at her every chance he got. Mindy was in the pool next to Rob, their bodies almost touching, while red-bikini’ed Didi lurked nearby.

I used the steps in the shallow end to walk into the pool — no jumping in with this top — then swam over to Davy. “Hey, I said, I never thanked you for the save before.”

“Any time, umm…”

“Jen,” I said.


“My own super hero.”

He looked down at his boxers. “Captain Underpants,” he said, and we both laughed. Then he said “Uh-oh,” and I turned to see what he was looking at. Mindy and Didi were in shoulder-depth water, trying to keep their balance as they pushed and shoved one another. Twice I saw them both go under the surface as they wrestled one another, spitting out water as they came back up. “You might have to save a few more girls from drowning tonight,” I told Davy.

The second time the girls came up, Didi’s bikini top came up without her, and began floating away. Instead of going after it, she lunged at Rob, wrapping her body around his and crushing her naked breasts against his bare chest. Mindy was fuming that Rob wouldn’t push her off, and stomped away (as much as somebody can “stomp” in shoulder-deep water).

“Is this normal for these parties?” I asked Davy.

“Not hardly,” he said, shifting his eyes from Didi’s bare back to the exposed sides of my breasts.

“Hey!” I said, folding my arms over my chest.


Rob had his both hands on Didi’s butt as they kissed. Mindy was probably furious at both of them by now. On the other end of the pool, Paul had pushed Berni’s wet t-shirt up to the bottom of her breasts, and she had her hands on his, keeping him from raising it higher. I noticed that Berni’s t-shirt wasn’t as sheer as my blouse had been; but then another girl jumped into the pool, in tank-top and panties, and she might as well not be wearing a top at all. I swear, if Davy had been a cartoon character, his eyes would have popped out their sockets.

At that point, at least half the kids at the party jumped into the pool, wearing whatever they had on: bathing suits mostly, but a couple of guys stripped down to their boxers and one more girl went in with her t-shirt and panties. One with a bra and panties. And one girl, whom I’d noticed was wearing a rather expensive blouse, took it off, placed it carefully on a table, and jumped in the pool wearing only her panties.

As everybody watched her go in, Paul took advantage of the distraction and yanked Berni’s t-shirt over her head, leaving her also wearing only panties. She shrieked and threw an arm over her breasts, but a moment later took her arm away and laughed. There were three topless girls in the pool now, and at least one more who might as well have been.

The girl wearing the bra — which couldn’t have been comfortable all wet — stripped it off and threw it out of the pool. She swam up behind Kimi, quickly untied her bikini top, and pulled it off. She shouted “You’re it!” and swam away.

Kimi dove underwater, and came up right behind me. Half the kids here were watching us; did I want to be the one who spoiled the game?

I shut my eyes tightly, as if that would keep everybody from being able to see me, and raised my arms. It took her a moment to work the knot out, since the bikini top was stretched so tightly, but she got it off and my breasts suddenly sprung loose. “You’re it!” she shouted, and just like that I was out in public naked except for a small pair of bikini bottoms. Oh well, it’s not as if I was the only one. It was no worse than being undressed in the girl’s locker room, I told myself. Except for all the boys.

Well, the more half-naked girls, the less anybody would be looking at me. I dove under the water and swam toward a girl I didn’t know, but miscalculated somehow and came up behind Tiff. Fine: I owed her an exposing anyway, didn’t I?

Her one-piece fastened with a bow behind her neck, so I undid the knot and peeled the suit down to her waist, exposing her breasts. “You’re it!” I shouted.

I was about to swim away when she turned to me and whispered “This is going to be so uncomfortable. Keep going.”

“Keep going?” I asked, not understanding.

She looked down at her suit, and nodded.

I couldn’t believe she wanted me to do that, but okay… I continued peeling her suit down, until she stepped out of the suit, completely naked. Most of her body was still underwater, so nobody could really see much, but everybody was suddenly quiet as she held her bathing suit over her head.

Then she dove under the water, briefly exposing her bare butt as she did so. Several boys — and at least one girl — ducked underwater themselves, the better to see her. She came up behind a guy I later learned was named Mike, and yanked down his suit before he realized the game’s rules had changed. She pressed her naked body against his and kissed him, then shouted “You’re it!” and swam off.

Mike dove down, and came up next to the girl who’d started all this by jumping into the water wearing only her panties. He pulled down her panties and after she stepped out of them, he pressed his body against hers and kissed her. The water was shallow enough that I could see his penis was hard. “You’re it,” he said, and then he swam back to Tiff. He kissed her again, and their hands were quickly all over one another.

Paul and Berni had taken themselves out of the game: they’d left the water and were grappling with one another on one of the lounge chairs, both naked. I had a feeling that before the night was over, Tiff would no longer think Berni was a virgin.

All the girls were topless by now: the ones who hadn’t had their tops removed had taken them off themselves, in anticipation of the game’s latest “round.”

The girl Mike had stripped naked swam over to Rob, separated him from Didi, pulled down his shorts, and kissed him. “You’re it.” Rob turned right to Didi and pulled off her red bikini bottoms, rubbing his body against hers in a way that told me Mindy had lost her boyfriend for good.

After a few moments, Didi pulled away from Rob and swam over to Davy, pulled off his boxers, and rubbed her body against his as she kissed him. I was still standing next to him, and this was the closest I’d ever been to a hard, naked penis.

Until a few seconds later: she swam off, and Davy turned to me. “Is it okay?” he asked softly.

“I’d hate to ruin everybody’s fun,” I said with a nervous smile.

He pulled down my bikini bottoms, exposing my naked body, then pressed himself against me and kissed me. I’d never been so aroused in my life. I swear, I wanted to wrap my legs around his body and let his penis thrust deep inside me.

Reluctantly, I broke the kiss and turned around. It was my turn to strip down some guy and kiss him, but I noticed that everybody in the pool was already naked: I guess some people were too impatient to wait. Most of the kids were paired off, kissing one another and groping one another under the cover of the water. Two girls were together in a far corner of the pool, and I could swear one of them had her mouth on the other’s right breast.

Rob was standing behind Didi, grinding against her body. Were they doing what I thought they were doing?

Paul and Berni were gone: they must have gone inside. And Mindy and some tall, well-built guy — both naked of course — were headed into the house as well.

Davy wrapped an arm around me, placing a hand on my left breast, and pulled me closer, then kissed the back of my neck softly. I sighed. Then I felt his penis sliding between my legs, almost brushing against my vagina, and I pushed my body back, letting his penis touch the lips. It felt so good, I could hardly think straight — not that any of us had been thinking straight for the past twenty minutes or so.

He pushed forward again, and I shuddered. Did he want to take my virginity right here, in the pool, in front of everybody?

And would I let him if he did?

I ground back against him again and let out a groan as the head of his penis just barely entered me. It would be so easy to push back hard right now, and feel his penis slide deep inside me. I could almost feel it, and for a moment I wasn’t sure I hadn’t.

Or I could let his penis stay just where it was, keeping us both tortuously stimulated. We’d probably both orgasm after a while.

But no. The first time I felt a boy orgasm inside me — cum inside me — I wanted him deep inside me, not just touching me. And I wasn’t going to have sex for the first time in a swimming pool.

And I couldn’t just stand here like this, no matter how good it felt, because I was already acting like a cocktease.

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