Judo – The Gentle Way


Light forced itself behind my eyelids as I woke up with a groan. My head ached and my mouth tasted as if it was a stale ashtray. Reaching out to my side, I found the bed was empty. Vague memories of a floozy blond I had picked up in a bar came back to me. I swung my legs out of bed and went to splash water on my face. The image that stared back at me from the mirror looked like hell. “Well, another day in paradise,” I thought to myself. Two years … It had been two years since my wife, my partner, my one and only love had died of cancer. Two years since I had begun my slide into this pit of self-hatred and despondency. When Karin had passed away, it was as if part of me had died with her. I let myself go. I no longer trained, no longer taught, and no longer gave a damn. I looked at the picture of Karin on the dresser and felt my eyes water. In my mind, I heard her voice, “Mike why are you doing this to yourself? I will always be here, darling. You, who were so proud, so confident, and tough. Why are you acting this way? You were always a fighter. Just go out and fight.” Once I had the most successful martial arts academy on the east coast. Today it barely survived. I had trained dozens of champions and hundreds of black belts. But, today I barely made ends meet teaching the local ghetto kids. Once I was a champion. Now, I wasn’t even a fighter. I went downstairs to the practice hall below my apartment, and looked at the exercise equipment. I hadn’t used it for months. With Karin’s words still ringing in my ears, I picked up a barbell and grunted my way through ten repetitions of my usual routine. I felt exhausted and discouraged. In the past, I could have kept it up for hours. “Don’t give up, my love. It’s a start.” My Saturday Judokas class was dribbling into the practice area. They ranged in age from twelve to fifteen and were here probably because they had dreams of being able to defend themselves from the other toughs out on the streets. Most of them looked like good kids, but they weren’t the one’s I wanted to train. They were keen to learn and I would do my best for them. However, I could see that few showed the determination and grit it would take to go to the next level. I led them through the usual warm up, and practice routine, and then watched them spar. They still thought with their muscles and showed no finesse. When that session ended, I prepared for my next class, a girl’s self-defense class. This was an older group that ranged in age from sixteen to twenty-four. As they trickled in, I noticed a young woman who appeared to be around twenty. She was examining the trophy cases and picture boards. Approaching her, I asked if I could help her. She gave me a sweet smile and asked, “Would you mind if I sit here and watch your class?” Pointing at a row of chairs next to the back wall I answered, “Please, be my guest.” When the class finished and my students trooped out, she stood and approached me. “Hi, I’m Mike, did you find this session interesting?” She looked me in the eye and said, “Mike, to tell you the truth, I thought it was a bullshit session.” “Yeah, they aren’t very good are they?” Without flinching, she answered, “ No, they were Erenköy escort fine. It was the instruction which stank.” I felt my temper rise. Who was she to tell me my instruction stank? “Who the fuck are you to tell me that my instruction stinks. Did you come to insult me? If that’s the case, you can just get the fuck out.” “No, I came to ask you a favor,” she replied with a soft smile. “You want a favor after saying what you just said?” Again, she offered the soft smile. “Yes, I do. I want you to train me.” I burst out laughing. “Who are you? If I stink why would you want me to train you?” “My name is, Marcy,” she answered. “I’m a third-degree black belt. You used to be the best trainer around. I can see that you’re not what you were, but I feel that you can coach me to win.” “How’d you get to be a third degree if you aren’t already a winner?” “Runner up more times than you can imagine,” She said with a rueful smile. “Do it Mike. Do it, you need this. Take up her challenge,” Karin whispered to me. “You just called me a has-been and you want me to coach you. What makes you think I would want to do that?” “Just look at yourself,” she said seriously. “Would you have led a session unshaved, unwashed and smelling of stale booze in the past? Everyone knows about your wife and how she died right after winning the nationals. That was over two years ago.” Marcy frowned as her eyes ran over him from head to toe. “Are you proud of what you are now? Would she be proud of you? I believe you still have the genius and talent hidden under that shell you built. I need to believe that. So what do you say?” “Mike she’s right. Listen to her.” I heard Karin say. Standing still, I took in this young woman who spoke to me so frankly. “Well, first let’s find out if you have what it takes to be trained? Do you have your equipment?” “Sure. Never leave home without it,” she answered. “The dressing room is over there. Get changed.” When she joined me on the mat, I led her through a warm up and then asked her to show me her five favorite moves. Her execution was faultless. Then we sparred for about ten minutes. Again, she showed great skill, but really no understanding of what I felt Judo was. “Okay let’s take a break,” I said feeling winded. “Well, what do you think? Do I meet your highness’s exalted standards?” “Sit!” I demanded pointing at the mat. “How do you want it? Sweet or hard?” “I can take the truth. Just tell me.” “What was your name again? Oh yeah, Marcy. Marcy, you have all the basic skills down pat. But when you start to spar, you have all the grace of a cow on skates. You fight with your brawn and not with your brain. You think you can overpower an opponent. That’s why you aren’t winning and will only win against weaker opponents. Sorry, but that’s what I see.” She was sitting on the mat facing me and I could see tears forming in her eyes. For the first time, I looked at her as a woman. My heart gave a lurch as I realized she looked so much like Karin at that age. The expression did it. Her hair color and eye color were different, but the expression and her figure were so similar they could have been sisters. She had copper içerenköy escort bayan red hair that was up in a ponytail. Her eyes were large and bright green. Her lips were sensuous and full. She was simply adorable. From what I had seen of her, she seemed to have long legs and tiny breasts, but who knows with Judo suits. “Down boy. Behave. She might be a student. You know the rules … never with students.” “Karin stop peeking into my head. I never intended to break the rules.” “Yeah, tell that to somebody else. I know that look.” “So Mike, I’m hopeless? Is that what you are telling me?” “I said no such thing,” I said honestly. “There’s just a lot of work for you to do.” “Will you coach me then?” “Yes, but there are rules you will have to follow.” “Like what?” she asked. “Are you ready to do exactly what I tell you to do?” “Yes.” She nodded and gave me a little smile. “Okay, here tomorrow morning at six. Do you have music you listen to that has a beat? Something like dance music?” “Sure,” she smiled. “Bring it with you.” I turned and walked away; saying over my shoulder, “See you at six.” After she left, I sat and reflected on what she had told me. I thought about what Karin’s voice kept whispering to me. Was I so noticeably a has been and a loser? Getting up, I stood in front of the mirrors lining the wall and looked at myself. She was right … I looked a mess. Thinking of her, I felt my cock stiffen. I had not desired a woman this way for the past two years. Yes, I had fucked the odd woman I picked up in bars but it wasn’t the same. I wanted her. I thought guiltily of Karin. “Mike, don’t stress. You’re my love and always will be, just the same as I will always be yours. I like this one and if something happened, I would be happy for you. I wouldn’t mind sharing you with her because she’s cute and I might even enjoy her as much as you do.” I could almost hear Karin’s voice giggle in my head. “Karin my little slut you always were fun. If you were here I bet you would try to seduce her.” “Mike, I am here. Yes, and if she proves out we will seduce her.” I smiled at the thought. I changed into running gear and headed out the door. I was determined to bring myself back to my previous standard of fitness. One hour later, I was back, streaming sweat from every pore. I had only managed to cover a third of the distance I used to travel. Damn I want to prove her wrong. No more drinking. I can smell the alcohol oozing out of my pores. Daily workouts from now on. In the shower, as the water ran over my body, I realized that thinking of her had brought me to a full erection. It had been a long time since that had happened. Soaping my cock, I began to stroke it. My hand wrapped itself around it and my mind dwelt on the image of her. Leaning against the tile my back arched and I could feel my buns tighten as I shot stream after stream of cum across the shower. The next morning I was up at five thirty and when she arrived at six, I was waiting for her having showered and shaved and wearing a snow-white Judo suit. “I can’t let myself be controlled by my emotions.” I thought. “I have to be tough on her. I want Escort Tuzla her to succeed.” “Mike, you always were a son of a bitch when you trained people. Even to me who you loved. Don’t worry you’ll be fine.” Karin said in my mind. Marcy smiled at me and handed me a pile of CDs as she wished me good morning. “What are the CDs for?” She asked “I just wanted to see what type of music you danced to. These will not do. We’ll use some of my music .” I answered. “Go get changed. Here’s a white belt. You’ll be wearing it during our sessions,” I told her. “Mike!” she groaned. “I worked my ass off to get to where I am and now you want me to go back to step one? I practiced for years to learn what I know.” “Marcy, you have practiced your mistakes for years. Practice does not make perfect, it only makes permanent,” I told her. “And yes … we’ll go back to step one.” “Okay, if that is what you think I’ll do it your way,” she answered ruefully. When she came out of the dressing room, I had her assume the kneeling position facing me. We exchanged ritual bows. “Marcy, you told me you liked to dance. Right?” “Yes, Mike.” “ First, let’s get things straight on the mat. When we are training, I’m not Mike to you. Address me as Sensei: master.” “Sorry, yes Sensei.” “Today you will dance for me.” “What! Dance?” “Yes, dance. Yesterday I told you that you were as graceful as a cow on skates. Remember, in Judo there are only four basic directions. You can go backward, forward, left and right. To these, you can add two variations, which are quarter turns, and half turns. You know that all these foot movements are done in a gliding motion. You never have your feet leave the ground. Now most dances are done exactly like that. So, today you are going to learn the Tango.” “Why the tango?” she asked with a puzzled look. “For one, because I said so. Also, when you win I will take you to dance the Tango with me. I always liked that scene in the movie ‘Scent of a Woman’.” “Careful , Mike. No flirting.” Karin whispered to me. “Is that the one with Pacino?” she said with a laugh. “ Well, that will be something. The cow on skates dancing the Tango with you.” “Okay let’s get to work. First, I am going to play some music. I want you to close your eyes and listen to the beat. Don’t listen with your ears only. Feel the beat in you. Notice how it starts with four beats and then the rhythm changes to a 3-3-2 beat then back to four. The four beats are your steps for moving in straight directions either left or right or backward or forward. The 3-3-2 are when you make your turns, two steps and turn. Got that?” I asked. “Now get up and remember to keep your center of balance directly under you; don’t lean. Keep your back straight and your center of balance directly centered under you at all times. Listen to me as from time to time I will have you move in different directions.” She started moving on the mats to the music. However, she kept going back to trying to move faster than the beat. After ten minutes, I stopped her. “Marcy, why aren’t you following the beat?” “I am trying to visualize the movement and speeding into it.” She answered. “There are no movements. You are just dancing. I don’t want you to think Judo. I want you to dance for me. Again, just dance.” Forty-five minutes later, I stopped her. Her body was drenched in sweat. “Much better. You look more graceful already,” I smiled. “Sensei, I feel that this was the hardest workout I’ve ever had, my thighs and legs ache.” “Good.

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