Judith: The Power of Desire Ch. 06


Part 6 — Both together

It was rather pleasant to step from the train carriage at her station and find both ‘her boys’ getting off the same train; she greeted both and, as they were all living in the same block of flats, naturally they walked back home together. It has been a funny old day weather wise, starting fine with a clear blue au­tumn sky and the promise of a perfect sunny if not exactly warm day; but as the day had progressed it had become overcast and by the time they were leav­ing the station entrance the sky was half grey and half filling with the blackest clouds.

“Looks like rain,” said Gary stating the obvious and on cue a few drops fell.

Raincoat and umbrella-less they agreed hurrying would be a good plan. Too far from the station, too far from home and not near a shop or any other refuge the heavens opened. It was not just a drizzle, not just rain but a verita­ble downpour soaking them all in seconds. There really was no point in hurry­ing to avoid getting wet—they were soaked already. The only thing to do was laugh. By the time they had splashed through the stream of water that was the path to their flat block’s door they were not only soaked, so that even their shoes were sloshing full of water, but they were getting cold as well.

“I need a hot bath, I’m freezing,” said Judith and then an idea struck her; “we need a hot bath. It’d be so ‘green’ to share the water and I’ve got one of those big oval baths big enough for three. Why the previous owner installed it I don’t know, always been a bit too big for me alone but it’ll come into its own now. We’ll use that. Hurry up and let’s run that hot steaming water.” Judith was putting confidence in the lasting effect of the pills, she was not disappoint­ed.”

“Of course, Judith.” They hurried up the steps and she let them into her flat.

“Hurry Keith, I’m really cold; get those wet things off you two, you’re soaked.”

Judith smiled to herself, she really liked being in charge, having these two boys doing what she said but now she had them both together doing as they were told. She put her bag down and looked at herself in the hall mirror. The re­flection was not flattering, she looked like a drowned rat with its hair hanging in clumps and dripping. Judith opened her handbag and tidied herself up a bit before following Keith and Gary into the bathroom. She was greeted by the sight of hot steaming water splashing into the large bath and the two young men standing naked in her bathroom appearing, not actually, a little uncom­fortable and surprised at each other’s naked presence. They turned towards Ju­dith and almost posed for her as their pleasure in being naked in front of Ju­dith came to the fore. Their conditioning was working.

“You first,” said Keith to Judith.

“Don’t be silly, we’re all cold, we’ll bathe together. You two get in. I’m not undressed yet — you boys are ahead of me.”

They were not happy getting in together and sat at opposite ends of the bath whilst Judith undressed. The cold had made Judith’s nipples harden and she was amused to see both boys trying not to look at her or make it obvious they were watching her but, undoubtedly, were taking in her generous breasts. She stepped naked into the water, her furry mound inches from them, and stood looking down at her two boys in the bath, relishing the feel of the hot water on her ankles, and enjoying what she was seeing.

“You boys get up one end, I’ll sit the other, at least the plug hole is at the side.” Judith was pleased to see the effect of her bouncing boobs, erect nipples and, the, no doubt, flash of pinkness, as she had stepped into the bath had had its result on her boys — a pleasing stirring in their loins. “Move up,” she said and they drew their knees towards them whilst, at the same time, clearly and desperately trying to ignore their own developing erections. Probably they had not noticed that their fellow was having a similar problem but Judith was going to change that.

It felt good to Judith to sink into the hot water, sending it even higher in the bath so that her breasts were half covered. She stretched out her legs right between those of the men and felt with her toes for their penises. If they were being moderately successful before at keeping themselves under control there was now no chance with Judith’s breasts bobbing in the water in front of their eyes and her toes stroking their cocks. Hard standing erections were the in­evitable result, even if only just visible through the water, and certainly nei­ther man was looking down at what was occurring as both tried both to ignore what was happening and yet revel in the attention of Judith’s toes.

The bath was warming and relaxing, so very pleasant after the coldness of the Autumnal rain. After a time Judith reached for the soap and was amused to see how carefully the boys watched whilst she soaped her breasts. Throw­ing them the soap her amusement continued as she watched how careful the boys were in washing not to Escort bayan let their cock heads break water; careful that there was no porpoising, that a fleshly periscope did not poke above the waves to peer around. She was not, though, going to allow that state of affairs to contin­ue, it amused her to think of their discomfort; discomfort at their nakedness with one another and how much more this would be if, or rather when, they re­vealed their arousal to each other—not something she imagined a man was usually happy for another man to see. Her view was quite the contrary: she was very much looking forward to seeing two erections at once.

“I feel so much better for this,” said Judith, “what I’d like now is a nice cup of tea; one of you boys wouldn’t be a dear and go and make one for me would you?”

There was panic in their eyes; whosoever got out to make the tea would be exposed, revealed in all his manhood. “You go, Gary,” said Keith.

“No, you go, I…,” but what excuse could he make?

There was a delay, a lack of any movement on the part of the men. A delay that was not gentlemanly, they should have sprung to her request but, of course, with the embarrassing consequence of exposure.

“Oh, both go then,” said Judith a little sharply.

There was a hesitation but the power of the pills meant they could not but obey. Slowly, reluctantly, they stood.

“Oh,” Judith’s hand went to her mouth in apparent surprise, “what a sight and, my, what big boys you are.”

There was relief in their eyes, neither was the only one with a hard on, though it was not a comfortable feeling revealed in that state to the other man but at least they were together in this. Worse, though, was to come.

“Well I never, what has brought that on.” She paused, “I wonder who is the biggest? What do you think, Keith?”

Keith didn’t like to say, neither did. Each, though, glanced at the other, a matter of pride to confirm that he was indeed the longest. It was not though clear.

“Come on stand facing so I can judge.”

This was worse, having another man’s erect cock inches from your own and being judged against it. Gary’s pointing straight up against his stomach as it did but Keith’s leaning out from his body and thereby pointing towards Gary’s.

“Mmm, difficult, they appear about the same length,” said Judith, “nice though, and both very long—but which is the longest? I must know. You’re both about the same height, body height I mean, so we start from the same point but Keith’s cock does bend, doesn’t it—not a criticism but it is a bit like a banana, and I like bananas, and I like your cock Keith, I really don’t mean to be disparaging, its just it has a bend in it. If it was straightened it might just have the edge and be the longest — the winner if you like. Come on, close togeth­er.” Her hands reached out one to each bottom and for emphasis she pushed the boys towards each other, showing she wanted them to touch, push their penises together.

Horror- she wanted them to touch!

There the young men were, standing in her big bath, face to face, their stomachs a couple of inches apart and with their cocks now pressed one to the other but with Gary’s just rising above Keith’s, rising by almost half the smooth dome; and there was naked Judith kneeling in front of them. With one hand she reached out and took the pair between her thumb and fingers and squeezed, forcing the middle of the two shafts together as she squeezed Keith’s cock against the straightness of Gary’s, the effect being to pull Keith’s straight so the two penises were firmly against the other for their whole length. Both were now straight with Keith’s bend being ‘ironed out.’ With her other hand Judith verified the bases of the penises were in the same plane, that neither had an advantage in starting from a higher position, her hand sliding soapily between their legs along the lower engorged foundations of their stand­ing cocks. Satisfied with that, her hand moved on and took hold of the dan­gling ball sacks to feel four testes all in one hand like four soft little eggs. Her fingers closed on them; she had them, both their vulnerability and indeed the young men themselves right in the palm of her hand!

Judith looked carefully, judging penis head against penis head. “Well, well, would you believe it? They’re exactly the same length and I mean that. You share joint honours.” Judith’s hand loosened a little allowing her to move upwards, her fingers and thumb sliding up the two shafts, but not released enough not to carry the loose skin of the foreskins with her so they rolled up and over the two glans, their wrinkled skin rolling together to cover the sensi­tive heads. She paused and then down went her hand again revealing the smooth heads pressed softly against each other, Judith liked what she was see­ing—two little eyes looking up at her from the centre of the two cock heads. She glanced upwards at the boys who were both staring at her moving hand, clearly aghast at Bayan escort what she was doing, masturbating them together, holding them as one so they could feel the warmth of the other, feel with their so sensi­tive skin the press of the others cock head, treating them as if they had a single cock. A thin smile came to her face. Well, if they didn’t like it now, how much worse would that be when she made those little eyes cry — no, not cry, nor just weep a little in embarrassment but really pour!

“Judith, can we stand apart now?” It was Gary voicing their mutual dis­tress.

“No, I like this. A girl’s dream, you have such big lovely cocks and I’ve got them both in my hand. Don’t you like my stroking?”

“I don’t like touching Keith.”

“Well, I like this so you will have to put up with it and I can see you like it really, look you’re leaking a little.”

And Gary was doing just that, a little clear fluid had appeared, had seeped to form a globule right at the end of his cock—his eye had indeed start­ed to weep. Judith took her other hand from their balls and with her forefinger touched the pre-ejaculate and spread it in a steadily widening spiral move­ment first across Gary’s penis head and then, as her finger circled wider, on to Keith’s.

“See Keith, how Gary is providing lubrication for you both—are you slid­ing easier now?”

Judith speeded her hand movement, rolling the foreskins faster. The young men were looking more and more perturbed. It was Keith now who spoke.

“Judith please, don’t do that so fast. You’ll make me come.”

That, though, was Judith’s intention.

“That would be nice,” she said in reply and she moved her free hand back to the balls holding them all together so the boys were held shaft to shaft in one hand and firmly by the testes in the other. There was no escape. Bending forward a little so her forehead was touching their stomachs there was room for her to extend her tongue and touch the very ends of their penises, just light­ly with a little lapping motion tasting the saltiness of their now jointly leaking pre-ejaculate. It was tempting to suck but there was no way she could take both in her mouth at once and she did not want to separate them. She leant back and watched her moving hand,

“Judith please don’t,” it was Keith again but before she could answer his voice rose with a cry of, “No, oh no!”

She glanced up at them both, each staring down at their penises with a look of shock.

Judith’s hand on their balls sacks gripped tighter, allowing no freedom, no possibility of escape. She could feel contractions, the process of ejaculation had begun for Keith and there was nothing that now could be done to stop it. The rising of the semen and its expulsion was inevitable—the eye would open!

Her hand on the penises gripped tighter and moved faster and as she stared it happened, a shot of white from Keith’s penis and then another spurt rising into the air between the two boys, propelled upwards only to react to the pull of gravity and fall back down again, back down from whence it had come. Keith’s cock was spewing its semen but it was also running down the shiny head, creamily translucent, and it was not just running down that cock but both onto and down Gary’s cock as well as over Judith’s working hand.

It would have been difficult to know which cock had actually come, so cov­ered were they both in the product of Keith’s ejaculation, were in not for a con­tinuing slight oozing from the centre of Keith’s dome, bubbling up through the coating of goo.

Judith’s hand still slid up and down, sliding easily on the spilling semen; it was even making a sound now, a slight squelching sound. She looked up at the boys’ faces. Keith’s eyes were closed caught in his orgasm but Gary was staring open mouthed at what was happening, clearly shocked, and then he too winced. Judith’s tongue licked across her lips. It was now Gary’s turn to come.

“Come on Gary, let fly.”

And he did. Alongside Keith’s still weeping eye the other eye opened and let forth a flood of tears, rising up into the air, higher even than Keith’s, before they too fell back to further cover the penises and Judith’s pumping hand. It was, thought Judith, like lava flowing as Gary’s semen ran down the two domes, flowing into and with Keith’s own production.

Judith’s hand slowed and came to rest holding the two cocks tightly just below the heads and leaving the glans fully exposed; she squeezed hard and even more semen bubbled up from the two urethras. Once again she leant her head forward and licked, tasting, indeed drinking in, the cocktail of semen.

“Well,” she said drawing her head back, “that was dramatic. I simply loved seeing that. Thank you. I expect you enjoyed that but what a mess you boys make. Look it’s all over my hand.” And she held it up for them to see.

Unsupported the two softening cocks fell away from each other; but they stayed hanging very close to each other as she still Escort had her other hand around their balls and was still rolling their now particularly tender testes together. They drooped, facing away from each other, each with its own hanging thread of semen slowly lengthening towards the warm bath water below. “All over your cocks, what’s more, and it’s even dripped down to your balls, I can feel them slimy in my hand. You really are quite messy boys. Let me wash you.”

She picked up the soap, allowed the two young men to separate and then began soaping their genitalia, handling rather roughly their now tender and sensitive penises and balls, washing the semen from them.

Picking up a towel she began to dry them as if they were two little boys that she was giving a bath to, a no nonsense drying. “Out you get,” she said as she dried herself.

“Can we get dressed now?” said Keith, Gary nodded in agreement—they were not comfortable in each other’s naked presence; what had just happened had not at all helped!

Judith did not really want that, it was so very pleasant having two naked young men around her. An idea came, an idea that amused her. “Wait,” she said and she was quick, hardly had she left the bathroom than she was back with what looked like a pair of socks in her hands and, indeed, that is just what they were, green cotton short socks with pink hearts on them.

“This will cover you up,” she said, “just the thing for you two; cover up your maleness which seems to so upset you, “go on put them on.” She was amused at their discomfort.

Keith went to put the sock on his foot.

No, silly, like this.” And Judith opened the end of the sock and slipped it over his penis, right over it and tucked his balls into it so the open end was right up against him, the elastic narrowing the open end behind his scrotum holding it in place. Keith was as naked as before except for his ‘wedding tack­le’ hidden inside a green sock complete with pink hearts. Bottom naked, pubic hair all as visible as before, just his penis tucked inside the sock which hung down between his thighs, the toe end swinging as he moved.

“Modesty is a funny thing,” said Judith, “do you think that would do for the beach? I mean a thong does not hide buttocks at all. Is there something which makes buttocks acceptable when there is a string hidden in the bottom cleft? Of course there is the pubic hair all around your sock but if you were completely shaved, Keith, would that be OK do you think? I mean bikinis on girls on the beach hide even less sometimes and waxing seems to make that ac­ceptable.” Whilst she talked her hands were pulling the other sock onto Gary. “There, are you both happy now? What do you think I would need to be decent on the beach then? Is it just my nipples that need to be covered, a couple of stick on circles would that do? What colour would suit me do you think? And down below what actually needs to be covered? All this bushy hair I know would have to be hidden, it is the pubic hair which offends isn’t it, but if I shaved — you boys would know about shaving but would I trust you with that? I suspect you would be far too keen with the idea of applying your after shave balm and would hurry too much to do a good job! If I shaved, is it just my slit that needs covering? Or do I need to cover up what is down below? But you don’t see that unless I sit immodestly, after all, if I wear a short skirt there is no need for knickers if you are careful.”

The young men seemed still too conscious of each other to make a proper reply to Judith’s stream of thought about the illogicality of modesty. She shrugged and wrapped a towel around her waist and, bare breasted, said she would make some tea. The men seemed to recover their composure as they sat around the table with cups and teapot. Conversation started and the air of un­ease quickly cleared and there was no move to leave when Judith began cook­ing supper for them, indeed it became obvious that the boys were not merely following her movements with their eyes because they were talking to her but the movement of her large breasts was, once again, of great interest. She specu­lated whether the effect on the men would be obvious, all she needed to do was send them on errands for plates and things and all would become clear. Their reluctance to get up almost certainly confirmed Judith’s suspicion and, of course, there were only so many excuses and reasons for delay they could give before she had them up and moving. Her suspicions were confirmed for the green cotton socks with pink hearts were no longer hanging half empty but were filled and standing. Young men recovered their stamina quickly.

“See,” said Judith—they were trying not to see at all—”modesty main­tained—well sort of. But how easy for me to pluck should I want to display. What fun these would be on the beach! All the men walking around with just these willy warmers on. Better if they were shaped to fit. Certainly draws the eye.”

Judith enjoyed having the two boys moving around her flat with their rather obvious erections—decorative she thought! There was, of course, a sub­sidence over supper but afterwards it did not take much to encourage the pink socks to rise again—indeed little more than an accidental slip of her towel.

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