Jessie’s Sister, Jill Ch. 02

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“What about Jessie, Danny?” I didn’t know what to say really, I just wanted to have her with me every day.

“I need you, Jillian. I love Jessie, maybe she won’t want to marry me if you move in, but I want you to.” She looked confused. “I want to, but I don’t want to hurt Jessie.”

“I don’t want to either.” She didn’t respond, the mood changed, the rain let up. She fell asleep against me, still sharing her sleeping bag.

When we awoke in the morning she was in a better mood. She lay part out of the sleeping bag, her arms stretched above her, one breast exposed.

“Good morning, Danny.” I leaned over and kissed her collar bone, she giggled.

“I have an orange for you.” I pulled two out of my bag and placed one on her belly.

“Peel it for me?” We were quiet, I studied the nipple of her exposed breast. It was hard in the cool morning air. I peeled her orange for her and placed a wedge to her lips. She took it into her mouth and sucked on my fingers gently.

“You like my orange?” A little bit of the juice ran down her cheek when she bit into the wedge.

“Yes, sir. I still kinda like you too.” She smirked, crinkled her tiny nose at me. I tickled her side, she wiggled around wildly, laughed and screeched, revealing more of her body to me. I stopped, fed her another orange slice. I kissed her lips, she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I leaned over her again and we made out, licked the orange juice from each other’s lips. When I began on her neck and started to suckle her small breast with need, she stopped me.

“Quit kissin’ my boob so I can get dressed. We should finish the oranges and go for a walk.”

“It’s going to be muddy, we should stay in the tent so we won’t get dirty.” She smiled.

“Like we’re not gonna get dirty if we stay in the tent…” I watched her put fresh panties and bra on. They were another pair of black, lacy panties. She watched me watching her as she hid her treasures.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to see ’em again…if you’re fun.”

There wasn’t much to do with her, it was too cool to swim and too muddy to walk very far in the woods. We wandered around the campsites and then down to the lake.

“So you wanna fish a little?” She was dressed in tight jeans, tennis shoes, and a little pink vest, pretty much the opposite of outdoorsy. I had two poles and basic tackle gear in my backpack.

“Ok, but I might just watch.”

“Sweetheart, nobody watches fishing.” She pouted and pulled at her vest.

“But I don’t wanna get gunk on my cute vest…” I took her hand and guided her down onto a platform of rocks beside the water. It was a little windy, her hair was blowing around her pretty face. We sat down and I messed with the poles.

“You look sexy down by the lake when it’s all windy.” She blushed, gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“So, if I move in with you, when would you want me to?” She’d been thinking about it. I smiled, I had one pole ready to cast.

“Tomorrow when we get home?”

“Ok.” I stood up and cast the line with an artificial lure then handed the pole to her. Using live bait would of turned her off for sure.

“What do I do?!” I laughed.

“Jilly, just hold the pole and gently wind it in. If that red ball disappears just wind quicker. I’ll show you how to cast it when you get it back in.” I figured we’d have hours of nothing, she’d get bored after a half hour, then we could just talk and pretend to fish. I was in the middle of assembling the second pole when she began to get nervous.

“Danny, Danny, Danny! The red ball disappeared!” I looked out, the water wasn’t exactly calm.

“It’s probably just the waves, do you feel any yanking on the line?”

“Yes!” I dropped what I was working on and told her to wind quicker.

“I don’t know what I’m doing, help!” I put my arms around her and held the pole, there was the definite tugging of a fish on the other end. I started winding it for her, told her when to yank the pole back. The fish came out of the water easily, it was a small sunfish. I laughed, she was giddy.

“I caught a fish, Danny!”

“I know, you’re a fisherwoman now.” I brought the wiggling fish toward her so she could see up close.

“Take her off the hook, Danny!” I removed the hook from the fish’s mouth.

“You get to throw her back, Jilly.” She took the fish and kissed it behind the gills, told it she was sorry then threw it back into the lake. I laughed.

“You just kissed a fish.”

“It was a traumatic experience for her.” I hugged her, picked her pole up off the ground.

“Want me to show you how to cast now?” She shook her head.

“I already caught my fish, I get to watch now.” I cast and set the pole down, took the other pole apart and sat with her against me on the rock for a few minutes in silence.

“I love you, Jillian.” She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck.

“I know, you’re my lover.” I giggled, she said it so silly and girlie. We spent most of the morning out by the lake, no more fish bites, plenty of human bites before Beylikdüzü escort we returned to our camp site. A ranger drove by and talked to us for a bit, mentioned that it was going to thunderstorm again in the late afternoon. When he left I asked Jill if she wanted to go home early.

“Kinda, but I really wanna finish our vacation.”

“We could go back to my house and finish our vacation, move you in too…” She jumped me.

“Ok, let’s go!” We were packed and back on the road in under an hour. She was back in her sunglasses sitting next to me for our drive home.

“First thing I’m gonna do is take a shower, then I’ll make us a vacation dinner.”

“I need to take a shower too, we should conserve water.” She blushed underneath her glasses.

We got back to my house in the early evening. I brought our bags in, she hesitated when I went upstairs with them. I stood in the stairway and watched her for a minute.

“What’s up, pretty girl?”

“I’m nervous, Danny.” I threw the bags on the landing and went down to her, picked her up and she squeaked.

“Oh boy.” I carried her up to my room and laid her on my bed. She hid behind her hair.

“You don’t have to be nervous, we’re on vacation.” I lay over her, kissed her neck and hair. She was so tiny under me, long thin legs and a short torso. She let me take her pink vest off.

“Was I entertaining enough today?” She giggled and nodded.

“We caught a fish. I think that’s worth a peek of my underwear at least.” She put her hands over her head so I could slip her top off. I kissed her perfect mouth and ran my fingers over the material of her bra. I took my jeans off while she licked my ear.

“You already pitched the tent…” My cock was hard in my boxers, we both laughed.

“I think you’re the one that erected it.” She hugged me to her, I undid her belt.

“We’re supposed to take a shower first, we’re kinda campy, foresty smelling.” I got up off her.

“You smell just right, but I guess we can take a shower.” She stood and shimmied out of her jeans. I really liked those little black panties. She took them off, smiled and handed them to me and ran into the bathroom. I smelt the scent of her from the fabric, fucking intoxicating, the immediate dampness from our fun on the bed.

The shower turned on, I stripped and hurried into the bathroom. I peaked behind the curtain, she covered her breasts and feigned surprise. She looked agonizingly sexy.

“What you want?!” She grinned.

“You.” I got in and we made out passionately. She stared into my eyes, her hair was wet and her body was hotter than the water as she squeezed me. I picked her up by the waist and she wrapped her legs around me. My cock found her entrance and I worked myself into her wonderful, tight puss as I sucked on her neck and small breasts.

“Ohhh, Danny…” Her back was against the wall, I couldn’t control myself, she was squeezing me with the walls of her pussy. I fucked her while she moaned and I grunted before spraying my load into her fertile womb. We washed each other after coming down from our intense fuck, got out and dried each other off.

Jill sat on my bed in a towel combing her long hair out as I unpacked my things from the trip. I stood in front of her when I was finished.

“You gonna unpack or you want me too?”

“You’re gonna unpack my bag?”

“I’m pretty good at domestic things, I’ll wash your dirty clothes too.”

“You will? I think I’m gonna like living with you.”

“I think you will too. What bedroom you want for your stuff?” As soon as I said it I wanted to take it back, her face fell.

“I thought we were gonna share…” She wouldn’t look me in the eye.

“I love you, I want to share everything with you. I just thought you’d want your own space, somewhere to put your clothes and stuff.” She’d stopped combing her hair, she wasn’t happy. She was quiet so I sat down on the bed next to her, she pulled back when I touched her arm.

“I’m sorry, you can have some of my drawers and closet space if you want.” She smiled briefly, let me hold her hand.

“I should talk to Jessie first…before I move in.” She was worried, I was too.

“You still wanna finish our vacation?” She smiled.

“Yeah, we still have one more night of camping. Plus, your gonna have to pitch me another tent, I sorta knocked the last one down.” She scurried away and put fresh clothes on. I met her in the kitchen, she insisted she was making dinner.

She knew how to make good food, probably because she didn’t get to play outside as much when we were younger–no sports after school or on the weekends for her. It was night, I had my window open in the bedroom, a cool breeze wafted about the room. I lay with Jillian under my makeshift tent, the bed sheet draped awkwardly on a string above the bed.

“You like our tent?”

“Yes, but this wasn’t the sort of tent I had in mind…” I laughed. We were naked, I don’t remember getting naked with her, just kissing her as she sat on the counter in my Beylikdüzü escort kitchen after dinner. She draped herself over me, mashed her little boobs into my chest and kissed my chin.

“Danny, I wanna tell you a secret.”


“In the summer me and Jessie always have our bedroom windows open–and for years, I’ve heard the two of you–all your noises, moans, the bed squeaking away, some words…and I’ve played along too, climaxed with the two of you.” She buried her face in my shoulder, then continued:

“Danny, it would get me so excited, the idea of you and her having sex, how passionate it sounded; but it was also the most lonely thing I’ve ever experienced. Two of my favorite people so happy, and me wishing I just had someone to flirt with over the phone.” I didn’t know what to say, I’m sure everyone has had that feeling at some time or another.

“Maybe someone’s listening to us right now, a bird laying in its nest, jealous of the way you say my name when you’re about to come.” She giggled and licked my cheek, placed my cock to her entrance and took me into her body.


Jillian moved in soon after, the conversation with Jessie was strained, but she didn’t really argue with me. I asked her to move in again, she said she would when we were married. She was irritated that Jill was moving in, but she didn’t fight it. The appearance was that Jill had her own bedroom at my house, kept some of her things there, but really she slept in my bed almost every night.

There were the nights we stayed over at Jessie’s, in which case I slept with Jessie, since I was still her boyfriend. I took her out on dates as was normal. Dealing with Jill after those nights wasn’t as pleasant. I was intensely in love with Jillian, but we both felt loyal to Jessie. Jillian could torture me like her sister, would withhold affection and grant supreme pleasure as she wished.

It was late fall when Jillian’s night breaths became more labored. I felt extreme anxiety hearing her struggling to breath, and it only got worse each night. It was the week of Thanksgiving that we had to admit her to the hospital. Her lungs were full of fluid. I was terrified of losing her, it wasn’t all that bad though, the treatment was working.

We would have dinner together and I’d try and stay until she fell asleep, but the nurses were only as accommodating as they were allowed to be.

It was the night after Thanksgiving in the hospital, I was in bed with her breaking some rules. She was trying to steal some smooches, which were forbidden because of my outside world germy-ness.

“Danny, it’s so boring in here, I just wanna make out for a couple hours.” She grabbed my cock through my pants. She was extra ansy tonight, she kept asking if I was happy with her.

“You must be getting better, you’ve never been this sassy…” She cut me off with another kiss.

“Sassy? Want me to totally freak you out?” She turned from playful to serious in an instant.


“I don’t know when they’re gonna let me go home, but this is even better than that. This is basically the greatest thing ever for me and you’re gonna hyperventilate and I love you so much and I found out this morning that I’m almost three months pregnant.” She said it all so fast and in one breath that I didn’t immediately register the word ‘pregnant’. I must of looked like an idiot.

“They even told me if it was a boy or a girl, you wanna know?”

“Jesus, Jillian, you’re pregnant?! We’re having a baby?!” She made a face and kissed my cheek.

“Yes! That’s what I said. We’re having a girl they think…oops!”

“A girl?! Hmmm. What’s her name gonna be?” Actually, I wasn’t as surprised as I figured I’d be at the news. Even before Jill was on birth control we didn’t exactly use protection every time. I let Jill ramble on about names while I thought hard about my impending fatherhood. Jessie would be crushed, I obviously couldn’t marry her now, I was sort of relieved. I wanted to be with Jill and now that she was pregnant, Jessie would have to understand.

“Danny, I wanna name her after some sort of flower, like lily, or daisy, or rose, or buttercup…”

“Buttercup?” She laughed, she was still pale and sickly looking, but I’d never seen her this happy.

“Ok, that’s not a real name, what you wanna name her?” Her eyes were shining.

“I wanna name her ‘Jillian’, after my sweetheart.” She smiled and cuddled with me. We were silent for a few minutes.

“Doctor said I have to change some of my drugs and I can’t take some others.” I read between the lines.

“Jill, they told you this baby could kill you, right?” She nodded.

“I need you, promise me you’ll do what’s best for your health?” She frowned.

“I have to have her, Danny.” There was no arguing with the look on her face.

“Jillian, you know better than me what a pregnancy can do to someone with CF.” She pretended to watch TV, she was giving me the cold shoulder for even hinting at not having the baby for the reason that it might Escort Beylikdüzü kill her.


“Dan, you got her pregnant?!” Jessie was pissed, no kidding.

“I’ve come to terms over the last few months with the fact that you want to be with her, but I mean this is too much. She has got to get an abortion, if you love her and if you ever loved me you’ll help me and mom get her to agree to it.”

“I know, Jessie, I talk to the doctors too, look up the same stuff on the Internet. Jillian isn’t going to have an abortion or endanger the baby. You know, it’s not a guarantee of the worst, it’s just a defined set of complications that doctors have dealt with successfully.” She was eying me.

“I kind of hate you, Dan. It’s not all your fault, it’s part mine and Jill’s, but I mean, you’re the one that got her pregnant. I could live with not being your wife, but not having my sister…” She was in tears, we hugged for a bit.

“Even if everything goes well and the two of you have a beautiful baby and are happy together I don’t want to see you or have any part in your life. I love my sister and I’ll love my niece, but you don’t mean anything to me now.” I was taken aback by how hurt she was and how clearly she expressed it.


“We’re going home, home, home, Danny’s taking us home, Baby.” She sang at her stomach and rubbed her little bump as I drove us home. It was early December, right around when Jessie and me would of been married. Jillian was released from the hospital that morning. I’d gotten the day off from work to make sure she was comfortable coming home.

“It’s your birthday next week, wanna have a party?”

“Yes.” We made it in the door but not up the stairs. She pretty much attacked me in the vestibule and we did it until we got to the second floor landing, took a break then did it again in the hallway on the way to the bedroom.


We were in my bedroom, I was watching her get dressed for the her birthday party. Most of our friends, her sister, her cousins were already downstairs talking and drinking. That first week was the best, we were telling people we were together, were having a baby. She wasn’t going to return to work at the supermarket. I’d come home and she’d be there waiting, it was pretty ideal. Jill was arranging her hair, she’d chosen a flimsy black dress with a white bow around her middle.

“You look gorgeous, Jilly. Are you ready to go down to your party?” She stood in front of me as I lay on the bed, she flipped her dress up in the front and I got a peek of her naked puss. The fact that she wasn’t wearing panties was sexy, but I’d never seen her all shaved. I was immediately aroused. She saw and giggled.

“That’s a thank you for throwing me a party, Danny. But we better go down now, so settle him down.” I stroked her silky leg and kissed her almost unnoticeable baby bump. She took my hand and dragged me out of bed.

She was anxious because everyone was over because of her, but she settled down and was having a great time, playing games, laughing. She was drinking her juice, everyone else was a little tipsy, Jessie was being sweet to her, totally ignoring me. When Jill got up off the couch she flashed everyone.

“Jill, if you’re not gonna wear panties you’ve got to keep your legs together.” Jessie didn’t say it very loud, but her cousins heard and laughed. Jillian was absolutely embarrassed, she went into the kitchen. I sat down next to Jessie.

“You embarrassed her, go tell her you’re sorry.” She had daggers in her eyes, then her face fell and she began crying. I started to say something but she got up and disappeared. She was a little drunk, so was I. It was actually getting late and since Party Girl had disappeared and someone was crying just about everyone left within ten minutes.

I went into the kitchen but no one was there, searched the whole downstairs then went up to my bedroom. Jill and Jessie were on the bed hugging and crying. They saw me and wiped their tears.

“What’s wrong?” I sat down on the bed next to them.

“We were just talking.” Jessie was quiet. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her ring and handed it to me.

“I should’ve given it back sooner…” I’d already gotten a new engagement ring for Jillian, I was actually going to give it to her after everyone left.

“No problem…”

“Happy birthday, Jilly, I guess I’ll go.” Jill grabbed her.

“No, you can’t drive, stay over with us. Plus it’s freezing outside and so warm and toasty right here.” Jessie hesitated, looked at me.

“Yeah, stay over, the birthday girl wishes it so.”

“Ok.” Jessie took off her shoes and whispered something to Jill who lay in the middle between us.

Jillian shimmied out of her dress and lay absolutely naked, her arms over her head holding her dress. She looked at me and I ran my hand over her thigh. Jessie broke our trance.

“Jilly, you have the best nipples.” The two girls giggled. Jessie pinched one of them and Jill squealed and turned over to hide them.

“Her bottom is my favorite, it’s so small and round, I wanna use it for my pillow.” I put my cheek to her cheek, she wiggled her butt around. She got up from under me and tugged my sweater off and unbuckled my belt. I was confused, considering Jessie was laying next to her.

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