Jenny and Carrie Ch. 05


2 hours later, the results came back. And yes as it turned out, the fragrance was one of the ladies problem, and also from the report she found out they both were also allergic to one of the medications she had prescribed to them. So with this news, Linda went back in and gave Jenny and Carrie shots to clear up their reaction to the pads, and gave each a new medicine. Then she helped get the ladies up to their room, where she had gotten a big cot for them to sleep on together. Lastly, Linda gave each lady a sedative that would help them sleep all night and left for her office.

When Katherine and Leslie got home, Leslie called Ann Cooper for her sister and the ladies, to tell her Linda had told them, then that the ladies couldn’t practice until maybe Thursday. Ann told les to tell Jenny and Carrie that she wished them a quick recovery. When Leslie hung up she and Katherine went to bed.

6:30 Tuesday morning, Linda entered Jenny and Carrie’s room, to see those two sleeping all cuddled up into a tight ball. She quietly walked over to the cot, and checked to see if she could tell if the ladies had fevers or not. She felt of their foreheads, very surprised to find that both felt normal there. So, she shook Carrie awake. Which Carrie sat up cross-legged on the edge of the cot, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes trying to focus them in.

“Good morning Mrs. Linda.” She yawned.

“Good morning Carrie dear. How do you feel?” Linda asked. And before Carrie could put up a false front, Linda told Carrie that she had gotten the full story from Jenny on how both had felt since starting their cycles. So, Carrie thought a long time, taking inventory of her body and how it felt now.

“Linda dear, actually I feel great. I honestly don’t hurt anywhere. I feel normal, like I did before I started.” Carrie answered as she sat on the bed and let Linda check her out, where Linda noticed that it did look as if Carrie felt well, as her color had returned. AS she gave Carrie a check up, she found out that indeed Carrie had finally recovered.

“Well honey, you do appear well. You have made a very quick recovery. Now let me check on Jen.” Linda told Carrie, and went over and woke Jenny up. Who woke up the same exact way Carrie had, sitting cross-legged and all. Linda did the same check up on Jenny, and at the end she determined that she was a well as Carrie was. So she told the ladies that they could get dressed and ready to go home.

When she returned she found both sitting on the couch talking and smiling happily. She handed both their discharge papers, and sat down and explained what had happened to them. Then she re-explained to the ladies that what they were felling and trying to deal with wasn’t in any way apart of their cycles.

“Ladies, if you feel bad again, don’t hide it. Let your mother know, you both got away with it this time. But, it could have caused you both a lot of trouble. Dears this wasn’t anything to play with.” To this Jenny and Carrie told her they would make sure to tell Katherine and Leslie when they got sick, because it had been torture for both to live and try to deal with. Then Linda led them out to her car, she happened to glance back at them. Both were walking, talking and holding hands. To which Linda just smiled as she unlocked to doors, and they got in and she headed for the ladies house.

Linda pulled into the driveway at 8, and they got out of the car, headed for the door. Jenny was looking in her purse for her key; she found it just as they got in front of the door. But before she could use it, the door opened. Katherine stepped out and engulfed both ladies in big hugs, and then Leslie took her turn. Then both eyed both ladies very well, to which Katherine was very happy to see that Linda had finally gotten Jenny and Carrie back to normal. All 5 went into the house and sat in the den.

“How are you both feeling now my ladies?”

“Perfect finally! We both are very glad this ordeal is behind us. Now we both had to get back into the swing of things.” Carrie answered.

“How true we both missed our school work yesterday and now today. We both just got moved up to the 8th grade yesterday. Then add to that the practices we missed in golf and diving. Ann was supposed to have that pro lady there last night. We both are now way behind in everything.” Jenny added.

“Look dear ladies, I know you both are well now, but, I recommend that you both take off until at least Thursday. Neither of you will have the stamina high enough as you need it to be for any of that. I’ve told your mother to keep you ladies home for all the rest you both will need. Believe me here dears; you both will need all of that time to rest up. By Thursday, after I check you both out again, where both of you should be ready to get back to your very busy lives.” Linda explained to Jenny and Carrie.

“Ok you know best. But, we both are going to hate this, because by that time both of us will be so far behind in everything.” Then both ladies ran down everything they were involved in the next Escort bayan few weeks. And both said they needed their practices. But saying this, both knew they were already getting tired.

“Ladies, we both have handled that school part for you. We went there and they got together all your assignments for the rest of the week and gave them to use so, you can do everything as homework. And they will send over a substitute teacher if you need her.” Katherine explained to her ladies. Then Linda told both they could still practice their golf if they wanted. Hearing this at least made both Jenny and Carrie feel better.

“So if you ladies want to get in a nap, before golf go on up and do that dears.” Then both thanked all 3 of the women for their help through this mess with them. Katherine then relayed about Jenny’s problem after Carrie was taken into an ER room. Hearing this, it seemed to all that Jenny didn’t remember any of this, and she was blushing brightly.

“I can’t believe I lost myself like any of you said I did.”

“That’s fine sis, because I also felt like I’d most likely be the same way, if the roles were reversed.” Carrie said and hugged Jenny lovingly and kissed her. All three Katherine, Leslie, and Linda watched this display of sisterly love, smiling brightly.

Soon, Linda had to leave and head back to the hospital, where they all hugged and thanked her again. Those 4 stood out in the drive, waiving as Linda drove away. Then both Jenny and Carrie told Katherine and Leslie that they were going up to take advantage of that nap.

At 1, the phone rang, interrupting Katherine and Leslie’s conversation. Katherine reached for it and answered.


“Hi Kathy dear we’ve arrived at the airport. Would you both like to come and get us? Or should we catch a cab?” Ross asked her.

“Oh you better know we’ll come and get you both. Which airline? And gate?” Both women squealed happily.

“Hello dear Leslie. Dears we are at American’s gate # 29.” Claude told them.

“Great! You men hold on and we’ll be there in a flash.” They said and traded goodbyes and hung up, just as Jenny and Carrie entered the room.

“What in the world is going on in here?”

“Come on ladies, get dressed, because you dad and Claude are at the airport” Leslie told them, all rushed to their rooms and dressed fast and left the house headed to get the men. At International, all 4 were looking for directions that would lead them to where Ross and Claude were.

“Which gate are they at again?” Jenny asked Katherine.

“They are both at gate 29 dear.”

“Here it is that arrow points down this hallway.” Carrie informed her group. They all rushed down the hall looking for the men. Soon each spotted both talking to 3 other men. “Ross, Claude” all four yelled to them. Both guys looked and saw all 4 ladies coming up to them. They all met in the center of the hall hugging and kissing. Then they all went and reclaimed the men’s luggage, and went out and packed the station wagon. Once everyone got in, all four adults got into deep and loving kisses. Jenny and Carrie smiled brightly at this show of affection and love. Neither could help laughing at Katherine’s and Leslie’s faces when the kisses were done.

“What is so funny to you ladies? And why are you both at home instead of in school?” To this, Katherine and Leslie explained all that both ladies had been through for the last week. Then what Linda told them, and did for them to finally get the ladies well, then lastly about the food poisoning yesterday.

“Damn! How are you both feeling now ladies?”

“Were doing great now, It was horrible for us that’s for sure. But, after Linda worked with us, we both feel as we have returned to normal.”

“True! And Linda said by Thursday we should back totally to our busy lives.”

“With all the women’s problems and then getting food poisoning at school, what did you ladies have for lunch?” Claude asked.

“We both had meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and a bowl of Jell-O.” The ladies answered.

Well I guess you both know now to bring your lunch the next time they serve that.”

“We both decided on a better plan of action poppa Claude. We have decided to never eat their lunches again; we are going to take our lunches every day, to keep ourselves safe and healthy. See we both know that some of our classmates have also gotten sick from eating their food. But, we both did make a big error because we both happen to love meatloaf. We didn’t at the time worry about who made it, just that we had to have some.”

“True. But after that mistake, which was a hard lesson to learn from. We can’t trust just anyone’s cooking, because after this, we both know whose cooking we can trust and now who’s we can’t. Neither of us can afford to become sick, because of someone not cooking food right. We have our school work, our diving and golf careers, and cheerleading, so we have to be careful.” Jenny finished.

“Yes Escort it does seem as though you ladies did learn a very valuable lesson from this, very wise dears.” Ross told them as he turned into their drive. They all helped the guys take in their luggage, and sat in the den talking. After an hour, Jenny and Carrie went up to take a short nap. Both Ross and Claude had to go and check in at their offices, and Katherine and Leslie followed the ladies and went to take naps.

The ladies were back up, and getting ready for golf practice. Both had also decided to carry their diving bags too, and would together make a decision on that practice after the golf one ended. Then both entered the den where the adults were. This was the time when Katherine and Leslie noticed what else they had brought down, and knew they were in for it.

“Why did you ladies bring down the diving bags?” Katherine asked her ladies, even though she already knew the answer but she had to ask it. So, this was where the ladies started their assault, each lady doing their very best to persuade the adults to let them do their diving after golf. Both were well and needed their practice. Opinions were traded by everyone, which went on for some 20 minutes.

With the adults giving up and deciding to let the ladies at least try. So, both Jenny and Carrie called Ann and told her, and planned practice at 8:30 after golf.

“Now ladies promise us, that if either of you start to feel sick, even slightly. You will call it off, and we’ll come home. We can’t watch either of you get hurt any worse that you have been.” Katherine pleaded with Jenny and Carrie. But quietly, she felt, that both of the ladies had gotten very dedicated, and were so much so to ever let off no matter how they felt. And knowing this had Katherine very worried for them.

“Mom, you don’t have to worry about that, because neither of us ever wants to fell like that again.” So they all ate a quick dinner, and left for the club and their golf facility.

Once there, both ladies went right into their routines of both getting ready and warming up while talking to James. Before they started, James led them over to some benches and introduced the ladies to his sister. Who was a LPGA star and was also a great coach. Jenny and Carrie greeted Holly.

“Now dears, the reason Holly is here is because she will be coaching you from next week on, because I’m going back to the PGA tour. But, before all this, I have a surprise for you both.”

“Really what gives?” Jenny asked him.

“Well dears I have entered you ladies into your first Amateur competition, set for this Saturday at the famed Pebble Beach golf links.” To this, James didn’t have to ask how the ladies felt about this news. Because both Jenny and Carrie were hugging each other squealing their happiness then all four went over to the driving range, where Jenny and Carrie got warmed up and did their stretches.

“Oh and we both are going to take you ladies over and let you both get a feel for the course. So, I’ll talk it over with your parents, so don’t count on school for the rest of the week because Thursday and Friday, we will practice heavily on that course, getting you ladies ready.” But Jenny and Carrie agreed to that, and then James gave them their bucket of balls. Holly sat and watched as James went over and told everything to Ross and Katherine.

When he came up, they all greeted him, and he sat down with them.

“Ross, Katherine I just explained to both Jenny and Carrie that this will be my last week coaching them. That’s why I brought Holly there.” He said pointing to the woman watching their ladies. “Holly is my sister, and she just retired from the LPGA.” Then he ran down for them the reasons he was quitting coaching, because he was headed back to the tour full time. Then he told them all about Holly, and why he thought she would be a great coach for Jenny and Carrie. Then he told each Holly’s impressive list of accomplishments. “She really wants to coach and develop new female talent for success on the LPGA tour. But, saying this I have a

feeling that your ladies may also find success as cross-over golfers on both the LPGA and PGA tours.” When he had finished explaining it to them, they were smiling and were also very happy that he hadn’t just up and left, but had found and excellent replacement. Who would not only keep Jenny and Carrie learning, but, really take the ladies forward in their games.

“Ok. Now for the big surprise that I told them about earlier. I guess you both saw then hugging and their squeals of happiness.”

“Yes we did see and hear that.”

“Well the reason for that is I have entered both in their first Amateur competition set for this weekend. To which they both loved this. But, the reason they went nuts was where it was going to be held at.”

“Really what course could excite those two ladies that much?” Katherine asked.

“I think I have a good idea.” Ross said. “Neither Bayan escort of the ladies will leave my tapes alone of the championship held there. And that course would make anyone yell in happiness, to find out they were going to play on it. It has to be Pebble Beach.”

“Yes. That’s where it’s going to be held.” James told them. “I told both that I would relay this to you both. And to see if either of you would mind if they missed the rest of the week at school. I with Holly plan on taking them there on both tomorrow and Friday. So, Jenny and Carrie can see the course and we can hold practice rounds there on both days.”

“No we don’t have a problem with that. We all might as well go together so, we can get hotel rooms, so the ladies don’t have to make long rides there and back. We could just stay until Sunday night.” Ross said and Katherine happily agreed.

“I guess I’ll go over in a few minutes and tell their diving coaches. Then let the school know. Jenny and Carrie will call Beth and tell her.” Katherine added.

“Count us in too.” Leslie said. “I want to see that place, and watch the ladies play in their first Amateur Competition.”

“Well I’d guess this will turn into a vacation for us all.” Claude said. James smiled and got up and went back to Jenny and Carrie because both had finished with their buckets of balls. As both Katherine and Leslie got up and headed to tell Ann for the ladies. So he took Holly with him as he went to get them more. Inside James introduced the staff to Holly and her to them. Then he told the staff that as of next week, she would be taking over coaching duties for Jenny and Carrie. Then he showed Holly around and where everything was, then both came back to the ladies with 4 buckets of balls setting 2 in front of each Jenny and Carrie.

“Ok dears, enough practicing you’re driving. It is now time for you to grab your long irons. Now the reason we got 4 buckets is that both of you will be using your irons most of the time at Pebble. So we need to get your skills as sharp as we can. So, dears grab your 4 irons, now we have to get as precise as we can. Here’s the

challenge: Let’s see if you ladies can hit that 175 yard marker, of how many time you can hit it. Holly and I will keep score.”

So, both ladies took off on that task. On Carrie’s first shot her ball came to rest 5 feet from it. Then they watched Jenny’s shot, to which she nailed the ball. James whistled, because they all knew it looked very good. And it was the ball hit the marker on the fly, and dead in the middle. You honestly could not have walked out and placed that shot any better, seeing this both Jenny and Carrie high fived each other.

“Great going Jen that was an excellent shot sis.” Carrie said and went back for her second attempt, to which she hit the top of the marker. Both James and Holly were speechless; neither could believe just what they had seen.

“Way to go ladies. Perfect!” Holly cheered them on. So each lady hit 50 balls, with the 4 iron seeking out the 175 marker. Carrie had hit it 15 times and came very close 9 more times. But to their amazement, Jenny was right on the damned thing. She had hit that poor marker 26 times and landed close 10 more times. None of Jenny’s shots were any farther than 10 feet from the thing. And to that all of Carrie’s shots were within 15 feet of it.

“Great job ladies Now dears let’s make another challenge out of your mid irons. So, grab your 7 irons ladies. And let’s see how many times you both can hit that sand trap over there.” Holly said pointing to a bunker to the left and about 145 yards away. To this she heard James laugh, and she looked back at him.

“Why is that funny?”

“Because sister dear. You just gave these two the easiest shot they both could get. Carrie here, probably hit in 20 out of 25 times. And Jenny would hit it 23 or 24 times out of 25 tries. There is a reason sister dear, that Jenny is starting to be called ‘the pin seeker’, because she is deadly from that range. And Ms. Carrie here will be the same way; all she needs is more practice at it.” Holly was smiling after James told her this.

“Ok let’s scratch that then. Let’s see here.” She said scanning the field for a target. “Ok ladies I found a target. See that phone pole over there?’ She said point it out.

“Yes mam.” Jenny answered.

“Well dears let’s hit that, say below 10 feet and above 2 feet. Ok?”

“Ok. ” They said.” Who’s first?”

“Well since Carrie went first last challenge, Jenny you go this time.” Jenny set her ball up, and stepped back making practice swings. Then got over her ball and lined up her shot, got ready and made a perfect and beautiful swing. She beamed the pole on her first shot. Then Carrie got up and like Jenny hit the pole to on her first swing. This caused both James and Holly to die laughing.

“I warned you sis. They are very talented with those irons.”

“I’ll be damned! Hell I’ve been on the LPGA tour for 17years, and I haven’t seen anyone that can do just what these ladies have done tonight. I know I can’t hit the thing.” To this Jenny handed Holly her iron and let her try it. She was right; she missed it by about 2 feet on the left. She was laughing again and handed Jenny her club back.

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