Jennifer Ch. 02


Dan’s heart began pounding again as he sat back in his seat. He watched Jennifer as she sat up, drawing her legs under her. She sat on her knees, and looked smilingly at Dan. Slowly, she pulled her blouse off and set it behind her. She turned back to him and cupped her breasts with her hands as she stared at Dan’s hard-on rising from his lap. Her tongue poked out and she ran it over her lips.

She reached her hand out and wrapped it once again around Dan’s cock. She began to stroke him as she moved closer.

“I wasn’t going to tell you this tonight….” she whispered, “but I think I can trust you…” She began to lean forward. She kissed his mouth, running her tongue around his lips. She looked deep into his eyes.

“I love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth, Dan…I always have….I love everything about it…” She was panting now, getting excited about what she was going to do. “I want to suck your cock, Dan….” she sighed. Her hand was flying over Dan’s cock now, spreading his pre-come over the shaft as she teased him. “I want to suck you off…”

She grinned at his look of astonishment, then dropped her head to his lap, opening her mouth and sucking him inside. Her tongue began to wash his cockhead in circles as she slid her mouth over him. She paused for a moment and looked up at him.

“I thought you might be okay with this…..” She grinned and turned her face back to his hard-on.

Dan groaned as her felt the velvety warmth of her mouth envelope him. He couldn’t believe that this angel was sucking his cock. He’d fantasized about it endlessly, but had never thought it would happen tonight. His head fell back against the headrest as he felt Jennifer take more and more of his cock into her mouth. She kind of chuckled under her breath as she mouthed his pole. She made it clear that this wasn’t the first time she’d had a cock in her mouth. And it was clear that she truly enjoyed what she was doing.

She began to slowly bob her head up and down, sucking his cock in long wet movements. She kept her mouth wet, slobbering over his pole as she sucked him. She was obviously a very talented cocksucker.

She pulled her mouth from his cock and looked up at him, as if to answer his unasked question. Her lips and chin shown wetly with pre-come and saliva.

“My cousin taught me how to do this when I was fourteen.” Her tongue flicked out, laving his cockhead as she jerked him against her lips. “I knew it was kind of wrong, but I really enjoyed it…” She took his head into her mouth and sucked hard, before pulling off again.

“He said I was a natural…” she grinned. She felt Dan’s cock throbbing in her hand, and knew he was close. She grinned and licked his head.

“You’re close, aren’t you…?” she whispered. licking his cockhead lightly. “You’re going to come soon…” Dan nodded, a pained expression on his face. Jennifer licked the side of his shaft, pressing his hard-on against her cheek. Dan groaned and fucked his pole against her smiling face as Jennifer smiled and looked into his eyes. She rubbed his cockhead over her lips, wetting them with his pre-come flow.

“Come in my mouth, Dan….” she said with a note of seriousness. She grinned as she felt Dan’s cock buck in her hand. “I’d like that a lot…” She smiled at Dan and winked, then closed her mouth over his cockhead, still looking him in the eyes.

Dan stared into her eyes and slid his cock deep into her mouth. Jennifer took him deep inside, swirling her tongue around him and sucking as hard as she could. She moaned as Dan spread pre-come over her tongue. Her senses were filled with the smell and taste of cock, but she wanted more. She knew that she could blow a guys’ mind just by allowing them to come in her mouth, and she’d used that power over guys Sivas Escort for years. But this time, it was different…. She was determined to repay Dan for his earlier blowing of her own mind.

She wanted to make Dan come in her mouth just as forcefully as she had just come in his. She formed a perfect “O” with her lips and began to bob her head up and down, trying to make him come.

Dan grunted and began to fuck this angels mouth with his cock. Jennifer grinned around his meat and sucked…

On the third thrust, Dan felt his balls fill, then empty themselves in a mighty torrent. He watched Jennifer suck….as her cheeks ballooned out from his load.

Jennifer groaned as her mouth filled with Dan’s cum. Since her first cocksucking experience, she’d loved the taste of semen. She could never get enough of it in her mouth. In high school, she knew she had to control her desires, but tonight, in the front seat of Dan’s car, she wanted to make up for all her lost times.

She sucked for all she was worth as Dan filled her mouth again and again with his seed. He’d never been sucked off like this….by a girl who obviously loved to suck cock.

Jennifer allowed her mouth to fill, then swallowed every bit of thick, tapioca-like cum as it flowed from Dan’s cock. She loved the feeling as it filled her throat and slid into her belly. She continued to bob her head up and down on Dan’s cock, using her fingers to tease more and more cum from his balls.

When she felt he was nearing the end, she kept his cum in her mouth, refraining from swallowing, rolling it around with her tongue, savoring the taste.

When Dan finished, she held it there, then pulled her lips off his cock with a wet, slurping noise. She grinned up at him and opened her mouth wide when he looked down, showed him her cum coated tongue. When she was sure he was watching, she grinned and drew her tongue back inside.

Jennifer tilted her head back, exposing her thin, sleek throat and began to swallow. She wanted to be sure that Dan saw her swallow his cum. She grinned as she heard him groan.

Jennifer loved to play the slut. She loved to BE the slut. Because she knew a lot of her girlfriends in school found cocksucking distasteful, she’d kept her love for it a secret from them. And most of the boys she dated didn’t now of her fondness for it, because she knew how schoolboys talked and didn’t want to be marked that way.

But she also had an ongoing desire to give head. Both for the pleasure it gave her guy, and the pleasure it gave her. On many occasions, on a date with a guy she thought she liked, she was tempted to go down on him, but refrained, resorting instead to a simple hand job, if things even went that far.

And most of the guys she’d dated turned out to have nothing at all in common with her and she dumped them as soon as she realized that. For that reason, she was glad she’d kept her talent a secret.

With Dan, she felt she could play out her fantasies, with no fear of being labeled at school. He’d proven that be his eager willingness to go down on her and drink her own cum. She loved that feeling of trust and freedom.

Dan groaned as he watched Jennifer swallow his semen. He couldn’t believe that the girl of his dreams could also act like such a slut. He felt himself falling in love…only deeper!

As he watched her, Jennifer pulled her mouth from his cock, and stuck her tongue towards him. He could see thick pools of semen on her tongue, and he groaned as she grinned at him and closed her mouth.

He felt a twinge in his balls as he watched her swallow again. It was obvious she was performing for him.

His cock, that Jennifer had been running her wet hand over, began to harden as he watched her. Sivas Escort Bayan Jennifer noticed this, and laughed.

“I love it!” she grinned. “God! You’re getting hard again! You are so hot!” She sat back on her knees and looked at him lovingly, stroking his cock with her left hand, while licking his semen from her right. The glow from the movie screen highlighted her breasts as her chest heaved, and made her cum coated lips glisten.

“I loved that, Dan…” she whispered, leaning forward to kiss him. Their tongues intertwined, teasing and dueling, before she sat back again. Her hand continued to stroke his cock.

“Like I said…” Jennifer continued, “Just because I’m still a virgin, doesn’t mean we can’t play…” Her hand glided up and down his cock and she grinned her contagious grin, causing Dan to chuckle.

“Jennifer, you are incredible…” he panted. “You’re the most exciting girl I’ve ever met in my life.” His eyes shown with a combination of love and lust.

“You’re pretty exciting, too, Dan…” She looked down at his cock, getting turned on by the feeling of his thick meat in her hand. She looked back at him, her eyes burning with passion.

“I loved sucking your cock, Dan…” She felt him twitch. “I love the taste of your cum in my mouth….”

His cock twitched in her hand, making her smile. “Do you want to come again…?” she whispered. “God, can you? That is so cool, Dan…Let me jerk you off…let me make you come again…”

She turned back to his lap, starting to jerk him off faster…gliding her hand up and down, filling the car with a slick, slapping sound. She grinned at Dan as she jerked him.

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a bright light that filled the front seat. Jennifer jumped, releasing her hold on Dan’s cock, and turned to look outside. She was shocked to see a long line of cars passing in front of them. While they were busy playing, the movie had ended, and cars were passing their front windshield in a long, slow procession!

Jennifer quickly sat low in her seat, pulling her blouse over her shoulders and using her hand to keep it closed. She grinned nervously as Dan and adjusted her skirt. Although the windows were fairly fogged, she knew that people could see into the car. She wondered just how much they’d been observed so far!

She turned to Dan, and they both broke out laughing. Even though Jennifer’s hand job had been interrupted, both of them still felt the glow of their new found relationship. Dan knew that this wouldn’t be the last time Jennifer and he would “play”, and that knowledge eased a bit of the pain in his balls.

“We’d better go…” Jennifer laughed. “We can’t be the last ones out. People will talk…” She began to button her blouse, but then, grinning at Dan, pulled it open, exposing her firm tits to his gaze. She cupped a breast in each hand, grinning at him and dropping her eyes to his cock.

“That was SO exciting, Dan!” She heard a horn beep in front of their car, and continued to button up, laughing with Dan. Dan began to put his cock away, but Jennifer stopped him.

“Leave it out…please…” she said, buttoning the last button on her blouse. Dan grinned and started the car. As he pulled into the stream of cars, Jennifer sidled up close to him, laying her head on his shoulder and taking his cock into her right hand. She stroked him lazily as he maneuvered through the parking lot towards the exit.

“You’ve got a great cock, Dan…” she whispered as they drove on.

On the drive home, both of them were silent, lost in their own reflections. Jennifer continued to manipulate his pole, but more in a mindless manner. Her teasing hand kept him at full staff, though.

“You won’t tell anyone about tonight, Dan….will Escort Sivas you…?” Jennifer’s tone was a mixture of trust and concern, as if she was trying to back up her own feelings.

As he pulled up to the end of the long driveway in front of Jennifer’s house, he stopped the car and turned off the lights. He turned to her with a look of genuine concern.

“I’ll never tell anyone about what we do, Jennifer.” he said sincerely. “You mean a lot to me…” Dan leaned over and kissed her, then looked into her eyes. “You mean a lot to me” he repeated, “I’d never do anything to spoil our relationship…” he kissed her again as she smiled.

“Just checking…” Jennifer grinned. She tilted her head back as Dan kissed her deeply. His hand moved up to cup her breast, squeezing and rolling it under his palm. Jennifer’s hand began to masturbate his cock once again.

She rolled her thumb over his cockhead on each upstroke, trying to make him come as quickly as she could. Her method’s worked as Dan’s breathing became ragged and deep. Jennifer pushed him back into his seat with a grin.

“We’re gonna do this a lot, Dan…” she teased, jerking him closer and closer. “I want to watch you come…I want to see it….” Her own breathing turned to panting now, watching Dan’s cock glide through her fist. She was tempted to suck him off again, but she also loved to watch a cock as it sprayed out it’s load. She brought her left hand up and cupped it under Dan’s cockhead as she jerked him off.

Dan began to moan again and again, and fuck his hips up. Jennifer’s smile increased as she watched him near his orgasm. Her hand moved up and down at an agonizingly steady pace.

Dan stiffened and grunted when he heard Jennifer whisper, “Yes…do it…come for me…”. He raised his hips from the seat and his cum started to explode from his cockhead. Jennifer was ready, and pointed his cock into her waiting palm. She too, began to moan as her hand filled with Dan’s hot, thick cum.

She continued to jerk him off, milking his pole for every last bit of juice. The smell of his semen filled the car, making her head swim.

When she was sure Dan had finished coming, she leaned back, releasing his cock and bringing her cum filled hand to her face. She held her palm to her nose and inhaled deeply, her mind reeling as the heady aroma attacked her senses. She stuck her tongue into the pool of semen and licked a small amount into her mouth as she reached into her pocket. “God, you come a lot…” she said in an amazed whisper. “I like that…Mmmmm…. So much….” Withdrawing a small handkerchief, she looked at Dan and grinned. “A little souvenir…” she whispered, pouring his semen from her palm and into the folds of the cloth. She closed her hand, trapping his juices within the hankie, then turned her wet palm upwards. Her tongue shot out, and began to lave her hand, cleaning the remainder of Dan’s come from her fingers.

Dan grinned as he watched his new girlfriend lick his cum from her palm. She was totally too much, he thought. He was definitely in love.

When Jennifer finished her second performance of the evening, Dan started the car and drove up to the house. He made motions as if to walk her up to the door, but Jennifer stopped him with a smile.

“I’m okay, Dan….really. I want you to conserve your strength…” Dan grinned at her joke and settled back, his arm on the steering wheel as he watched his angel open her door and get out.

“I’ll see you in chemistry tomorrow…” Jennifer smiled. “Thanks for a WONDERFUL evening. I really enjoyed every moment…”

Dan mumbled a response, unable to get his mind off how beautiful this girl was, and smiled back as she shut the door. He waited until she was safely inside, then pulled slowly out of the drive. All he could think of was seeing her tomorrow, even if it had to be at school. He was definitely falling in love! Amazingly, his cock began to stiffen inside his pants as he drove home, remembering what had happened just hours earlier.

To Be Continued…

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