Jason Ch. 8

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Chapter Eight
In my senior year I was getting extra credit working in the library after school. One late afternoon I was delivering some books to the girl’s gym. I entered the office but no one was there so I laid the books on the gym coach’s desk and as I was leaving I heard some giggling coming from the locker room. I heard someone say, “god that feels good, you’re making me cum.” I sneaked into the locker room and heard some more giggling by the showers. On a bench outside the showers was this girl lying on a table. She was completely naked. She was on her back with her knees up and spread wide open. Right in front of her and bent over eating the girl was the gym teacher Betty Longshore, who every one called miss Betty. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Miss Betty had those legs spread wide apart and was running her tongue in and out of the girl’s pussy and at the same time she had two fingers in the girls ass. She would suck on her clit and at the same time shove her fingers in and out of her ass. Miss Betty had a real talent for running her tongue first on the clit and then would insert her tongue back into her pussy and lick away the girl’s juices. She kept repeating that procedure over and over. The girl was moaning and almost whimpering as she enjoyed multiple climaxes. I realized the girl was an eleventh grader I had seen around school. She was a real looker with nice firm tits. Miss Betty was stark naked and bent over like she was I could see her ass and her pussy which was wet and dripping with cum. Miss Betty had long athletic legs, tapering to slender ankles, but what an ass. Two beautiful mound that formed a deep crack in the middle. The girl was telling the teacher she couldn’t stand much more of it she was so hot. I got so turned on that I undid my pants and began to stroke my cock. Finally I could not stand it any longer, I walked up behind the teacher and grabbed her around the waist, lifting her off her feet I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. She freaked out and said, “Shit, what’s going on, who is it she cried. I didn’t say a word. I tucked my chin into her neck and plunged my red hot cock into her pussy. She stopped struggling and began to push back at me. I could feel her coming. Her cunt was dripping pussy juice all over her leg, my leg and the floor. At the same time the girl had sat up and the look on her face was sheer fright. I increased my tempo in and out of the teacher’s pussy faster and faster I pumped. I looked up at the girl and slowed my strokes down. I said lye back down and enjoy your teachers tongue. She did and the teacher began to eat her just as if I wasn’t there. I made sure I didn’t ram her to hard so her teeth wouldn’t hurt the girl’s pussy and clit. I fucked her for about eight minuets and I swear that teacher must have cum ten times she was so hot. Finally I grabbed her waist and plunged my hot cock into her and came. I could feel the teacher’s ass quiver as she came with me. As I pulled out of the teacher the girl sat up and looked at my cock and said “My gosh I have never seen one that big”. “I have got to have some of that,” She said.” “Well why don’t you change positions with Miss Betty and eat her beautiful cunt.”. “Oh I want to and you can fuck me at the same time, right.”. Then I said “well Miss Longshore what do you think? She said your Jason (she knew who I was) aren’t you? I nodded. She then said I think that sounds wonderful but just call me Betty. Betty laid down on the table and the girl began to lick her cunt and she turned her head and said “I can taste your cum and its nice. By the way my name is Gloria. She went back to kissing and massaging Betty’s pussy with her tongue. Betty began to moan and I looked at Gloria’s young ass and got hard again. I parted her legs and tried to insert my wet cock into her pussy. It would only go in about three inches because of my girth and I couldn’t get it in any further. She was game because she kept trying to push as hard as she could against my cock but it wouldn’t budge. I pulled out and she said where are you going? Your going to fuck escort kocaeli me aren’t you? I said just a minuet and I went to the shower room and grabbed a bar of soap. I began to massage her pussy with the soap and I inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck her. Her pussy relaxed a little and I was able to insert three fingers. I also inserted my little finger into her ass and she began to rock back and fourth against my fingers. Betty was now cuming like a fountain and Gloria was sucking up her juices as fast as Betty would cum. Finally I soaped my cock real good and re-inserted it into her pussy. This time with the combination of the soap and her own juices I was able to shove about six inches into her. She grunted but kept right on eating Betty’s pussy. I began to move in and out of that real tight pussy. It was stretched to just about the maximum. She came and her pussy relaxed a little more, so I buried my cock deep in her stomach. I could feel her cervix as I slammed her hard. She let out a soft whimper but kept on eating. I really began to thrust my cock in and out of her. She was pushing back at me, and I could feel my balls slapping at the under part of her pussy. Just then Betty grabbed Gloria’s head and forced her face tight against her cunt and I could tell she had one of those big climaxes and she shot her liquid all over Gloria’s face and tits. I was really turned on now and I reached around and began to massage Gloria’s tits. I squeezed her nipples and Gloria let out a soft moan as I drove my cock deep inside her. I began to fuck her in earnest now, shoving my cock in and out of her; in and out always increasing my tempo until I was fucking her in a frenzy. I felt my balls fill and I grabbed her tits and shoved my cock as deep and as hard as I could inside her pussy, and came directly into her cervex. My cock stayed as hard as a rock, it wouldn’t go down, so after a minuet or two I turned her over and set her on the table an re-entered that succulent pussy. This time it welcomed my cock eagerly and I began to fuck her again. We fucked for almost a half hour and I started to get a little sore so I faked cuming and got up. Gloria said, “wow, I have never been fucked like that before. I may never go back to my boy friend. He cums to quick and is a lot smaller than you. I then realized I had cum in her without knowing if she was on the pill. She said she was so I needn’t worry. Betty also echoed Gloria saying she hadn’t been fucked that good in a long time either. It sure made me feel good.
We began to meet after school Mondays & Fridays because there were no gym activities on those days. We got into the routine of my fucking each one while they were eating each other. Betty became scared because Gloria and I were minors and new she would be fired if she got caught. However she was hooked. She liked fucking me and was afraid that if she stopped with Gloria she would tell some one.
Early one morning I was about to enter the school building when I ran into Gloria. She looked around and then lifted up her dress to show me she didn’t have any panty’s on. I got real horny and pulled her behind the hedge and lifted her up and she put her legs around my waste and I inserted my cock into her pussy. She must have been doing something to herself because she was as wet as if she had already been fucking. I fucked her like that for about ten minuets and my legs began to shake so I set her down and turned her around and lifted up her dress and inserted my cock into her doggy style. I stuck two fingers up her ass and began to massage her anus as I fucked her. She went bananas. I had to put my hand over her mouth because she was moaning so loud. I gave a final thrust and came deep inside her. I came quite a bit because when she came out of the bushes she was dripping as she walked so I told her she better go to the bathroom and clean up. She winked at me and said that was a great way to start the dayl. That summer she went away to a girl’s camp, but just before she left she called me and said that since she was going to camp could we get kocaeli anal yapan escort together? She said her parents were working and why didn’t I come to her house? I got there about 11:00 that morning. As soon as I walked in Gloria threw her robe off and began to prance around saying don’t you think I’m beautiful with a great body? At 5’6” and 118 lbs with solid grapefruits for tits I had to admit she was. We went into her bedroom and she began to undress me. As she eased my shorts off she took my cock in her hand and inserted it into her mouth. She began sucking and biting me on the head of it. She wasn’t near as good as Mom or any of the others I was fucking, but she tried real hard. I lifted her up and began to french kiss her and she responded with her own tongue. I moved down her body sucking and biting her nipples. She started to groan, as I moved down close to those lovely pussy lips with blond hair (she was a natural blond) she began contracting her stomach in anticipation. I teased around the lips with my tongue, and flicked my tongue lightly over her clit. She reared up trying to get my tongue into her pussy she came in anticipation. I began to rub my tongue up and down that love opening before I drove my tongue straight into her pussy. She again came immediately. I inserted my fingers into her wet pussy, first one, then two, and finally I was able to get three fingers in. I took the middle finger and started rubbing her “G” spot. I could feel it getting harder and harder as it filled up with fluid. Then she let out a loud moan and barred down on my fingers and came. Boy did she cum. Just like Mom and sister Tina, her juices flowed all over my hand and wrist. Her juices ran down the crack of her ass and I inserted my middle finger and started massaging her anus as I sucked lightly her clit and massaged those lips with my tongue. She lifted her knees and I inserted another finger into her ass. Gloria said oh my god that feels so good. I noticed that she had put a small bottle of oil next to the bed. I lifted her ass up and pored some of the oil into her ass hole. I then was able to put four fingers in by slowly massaging the outer muscle. Gloria whimpered, please fuck me in the ass, I have always wondered what it would be like to be fucked there. I said it might hurt a lot the first time, but I said I would take my time. I told her she needed to relax the anus muscle. She said she would. So I took my fingers and pushed them deep into her anus. She grunted and started to tighten up and I said you have to relax and she did. I inserted my cock into her pussy and began to slowly turn her over and bent her knees so we were in the doggy position. I continued to run my cock in and out of her pussy as I massaged her ass with my four fingers. She began to moan and push her ass against my fingers and she kept repeating how good it felt in her ass. I felt her cum, so I took my cock and inserted the head into her ass. She stiffened and said Oh god that hurts. I said I know, because you need to relax that outer muscle until your ass gets used to having something this big in it. She said she would try, but wouldn’t it be better if you just shoved it in so it only hurts once. I smiled, and said yes, but if I get you to relax the muscle it doesn’t have to hurt at all. OK go ahead. While we were talking her anus muscle relaxed and I went in about three inches without even pushing. She said, Oh, I feel like my ass is stretched to the limit. I said keep relaxing. Think of something else, like eating ice cream. I didn’t move for about a full minuet and then began to move in and out of her ass. About every three strokes I inserted another inch until I had five inches in her. Boy was she tight. I almost came a couple of times but when I got close I would stop. At first there were tears running down her cheeks but she was game, she began to push her ass back against my cock. I took a little more oil and pored in around the outside of her ass. By then I had six inches in and new that was all her ass could take because izmit yabancı escort I was hitting the back wall of her ass. I started fucking that ass with long easy strokes, and Gloria said Oh my gosh that feels wonderful. I even came twice. I really began to pound that ass, and the harder I pushed the louder she moaned and pushed back against me. I felt myself ready to cum and I grabbed her around her waist and shoved my cock in as far as it would go and exploded deep into her. She half screamed as I came again, and we collapsed on the bed. After awhile I took a shower and she took a douche up her ass. I know sooner laid down on her bed when she began to massage my balls and suck my cock. She looked up and said now I want you to fuck my pussy, I’m still wet from your tongue. I pushed her gently back on the bed and began to lick and suck her clit. She came immediately. She said I can’t wait, put that wonderful peace of meat in me. I spread her legs and inserted my cock into that waiting exceedingly wet pussy. We fucked like she was afraid we would never fuck again. After about a half hour I came again. I took her in my arms and rolled over. I started to get a little soft so she began to ride me up and down. She lifted her knees into a sitting position and shoved my dick all the way to the hilt. She began to wiggle her ass with every inch of my dick inside her. It took just a couple of minuets of that and I was hard again. She had strong leg muscles and she rode me like a horse. She would raise up until just the head was in her and then she would let it sink all the way in. She did that for several minuets with long easy strokes. Then she pulled herself off my cock and let it go deep into her ass again. With all that oil I had pored into her she was losey goosey. She began to move up and down on my cock just like she did when it was in her pussy. I felt her shudder a couple of times and new she had cum. We fell asleep with me in her ass. I heard a car door slam and I sat up and woke Gloria up and said I think someone just drove up. She looked at the clock and said, Shit, it must be Mom. What are we going to do? I said get dressed quick and grab a book, pretend you are studying. I grabbed my clothes and jumped out the back window. I dressed in the back yard and was I real glad they didn’t have a dog.
Betty and I would meet some times late in her office and fuck. She wouldn’t tell me where she lived all that summer, but she would call me at home and we would meet at the school when no one was around. We would shower together and some times we would fuck all day during the summer months. It didn’t happen often but was great when we did. On the day of my graduation Betty motioned to me to meet her in the girl’s bathroom and gave me a grate blowjob just before commencement. I fucked her mouth just like a cunt and when I came she swallowed every drop. As I looked out over the crowd just before receiving my diploma I smiled, as I saw my Mother, Sister Tina, Becky, her mother, Betty and my friend Bob. I never saw Gloria after graduation. I think she must have moved.
The rest of the summer I fucked Becky and her Mother every day except on Tuesday, and Thursday when I would fuck Mom. Mom asked me how long had I been fucking Beck’s mother. I was shocked that she new and then remembered that you could see everything at Becky’s from my balcony, so I told her what had happened and that it would be over when we left for Cal Berkeley. Mom smiled that smile of hers and leaned down and began to suck my cock. At that time Mom could suck a cock better than anyone I new. I soon rolled her Mom much because when I could come home on the weekends Dad would be there. I did visit on spring break and holidays, where we would make up for lost time. I remember that first Christmas after I started school. Becky went to visit her Mom and I stayed at the house. Mom acted like she had not had any in years. We must have fucked four or five times that first day. She couldn’t seem to get enough of
me. We would fuck and rest for a while and then fuck again. We finally went to sleep
about four in the morning. When I left to go back to school I was exhausted and sore. I ate a lot of yogurt & drank a lot of milk in those days so I wouldn’t dry up.
(continued) All rights reserved

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