Jackie’s Revenge Ch. 02


Laura was still tied naked to the bed as Jackie grabbed one of her legs and lifted it over her shoulder. She licked Laura’s wet pussy a few more times tasting her cum. Laura squirmed and moaned. Jackie held Laura’s leg over her shoulder as she eased her pussy towards Laura’s. Jackie pushed their pussies together. They moaned from the hot wetness as their pussies kissed. Jackie started to grind her pussy on Laura’s and it wasn’t long before Laura started to grind back.

“Oooh,” moaned Laura.

“You like that bitch?”


“Fuck me like you fuck those cocks. Yeah, yeah bitch. MMmmmmmmm grind that pussy on me. Oh fuck.”

Jackie slapped Laura’s ass with her hand sending a sharp pain up Laura’s body.

“Oooh,” said Jackie. “Yeah bitch you like that. Your pussy is getting wetter whore.”

Jackie slapped her ass again. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. She rubbed her ass. Laura moaned. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP.

“YES!” screamed Laura.

Jackie let Laura’s leg go and Laura wrapped it around Jackie’s waist trying to pull her closer. Their hot pussies grinding against each other. Their hard clits touching and rubbing.

Jackie reached up and grabbed Laura’s tits in her hands. She squeezed them.

“Yes,” said Laura she couldn’t believe she was enjoying it.

“Tell me what you are,” Jackie demaneded squeezing and pinching Laura’s nipples. She rolled them in her finger tips and squeezed hard.

“AAAAH I’m a slut.”

“What else bitch?”

“I’m a cock sucking bitch.”

“And whore.”

“And whore.”

“And lesbian.”

Laura didn’t say anything.

Jackie slapped her tits.

“AAAAHHH” screamed Laura.

“Say it bitch.”

“I can’t,” pleaded Laura.

“Do I make you feel good slut?”


“Do you want me to stop?”

“Noo,” pleaded Laura. “No please.”

“Then say it.”

Laura was still quiet.

Jackie smacked her tits again each time Laura screamed.

“Fine bitch,” said Jackie.

She stopped much to Laura’s disappointment.

Jackie reached under the bed and grabbed her box of toys. Laura tried to grind her pussy on Jackie’s but Jackie was far enough away so the only thing Laura was grinding was air. Jackie grabbed a sixteen inch double ended dildo. Laura gasped when she saw it.

“That’s too big,” cried Laura. “It’s too thick.”

“You didn’t play by the rules,” said Jackie.

“I can’t, I-I.”

Before Laura could finish Jackie shoved the dildo in her mouth and forced her to suck it. Laura sucked it.

“Look at me whore,” Jackie demanded.

Laura looked up at Jackie. Jackie took the other end of the dildo and brought it to her lips. She started to suck the huge cock as she fondled Laura’s tits. Laura moaned over the dildo.

“Does this turn you on slut?” Jackie asked.

Laura moaned.

“Does it bitch? Sucking this cock while I rub your fucking tits. Mmmmm. Our pussies almost touching. Yeah you wanna fuck me don’t you slut? Don’t you? Yeah I know. Mmmmm. Suck that cock whore. Suck it. Take it deep in your fucking mouth like you’re used to. Oh fuck bursa escort yeah. Fucking suck that cock. Mmmmm.”

Jackie took it out of Laura’s mouth and placed it at her pussy. She rubbed the cock up and down her pussy before pushing it in.

“Watch me put this cock up my pussy,” Jackie demanded. “Mmmmmm it’s so big. Mmmm it’s parting my pussy lips. Oh yeah…watch me slut. Look at me you dirty whore. Oooh, it’s stretching my tight pussy. Uhhh mmm. You want some of this slut?”

Laura nodded.

“You want it?”

“Yes,” Laura said meekly.

“You want this cock?” she rubbed the cock up and down over Laura’s hot slit.

“Yes,” she said louder.

“Fine,” Jackie said devilishly. Jackie rammed the other eight inches of the cock all into Laura’s pussy at once. Laura’s back arched and she inhaled sharply. “Take it then bitch. Take it all.”


“Shut the fuck up and take it bitch,” Jackie said as she slid it out and then rammed it again. “You wanted it right slut? Then take it.”

Jackie slammed the cock into Laura’s pussy without mercy ten more times.

“Take it bitch. Shut the fuck up and take it whore. Oh you know you like it. Fuck it bitch. Fuck it like the slut you are. Take this dick. Take the cock whore. You are a cock whore.” Jackie taunted.

Laura moaned and groaned and whined.

“Stop, no stop please. I can’t take anymore. No please. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck FUCK. AAAAHHHH.”

Jackie slammed it in one last time and then ground her pussy against Laura’s again. Laura ground back. Jackie pushed her hips into Laura’s with a lot of force.

“Now,” said Jackie. “What are you bitch?”

Laura moaned and breathed hard.

“I’m, I’m…”

“Say it bitch. SAY IT!”

“I’m a lesbian.”

Jackie smiled and fucked Laura harder. “Again.”

“I’m a lesbian. I’m a fucking lesbian.”

“Tell me why whore.”

“I like being fucked by your thick cock.”


“I liked it when you ate and sucked my pussy.”

“What else bitch? Say it. Tell me.”

“I loved eating your pussy.”


“I loved eating your wet hot pussy.”

“Yeah slut. That’s it. FUCK. You got me so hot. Tell me what you want from me baby?”

“I want you to fuck me…fuck me…OHHHH.”

“Yeah slut?”

“Fuck me until I cum. Yes. Like that. Oh my god yes. YES.”

“Fuck it slut fuck me.”

“Oh shit.”

“FUCK FUCK whore.”


“What’s my name bitch?”






“Yeah bitch fuck it.”


“Cum with me bitch. Cum all over this cock like the whore you are. FUCK. OH SHIT. Good you’re a good piece of pussy slut.”

“JACKIE!” Laura yelled as her body started to shake.

“This young hot tight pussy. FUCK. Cum with me.”



They screamed and creamed loud and hard together. “AHHHHHHHAAAA UHHHH YEAAAAHHHH OOOOOOH.”

They breathed hard and heavy. Jackie bursa escort bayan leaned forward and un-handcuffed Laura. Laura’s arms dropped and she put the over her tits and rubbed them as she moaned. They kept grinding their hips and hot wet cum covered cock filled pussies together. Laura sat up on her elbows. Laura and Jackie stared at each other as their pussies kept grinding. Laura licked her lips at Jackie. Jackie bit her lower lip. They both looked down at the sight of their pussies grinding. Jackie looked at Laura. Jackie pulled Laura’s hips toward her and pulled until Laura was sitting on her lap. Laura wrapped her legs around Jackie’s waist.

“C’mere slut,” said Jackie.

Laura sat up and Jackie took her tit into her mouth. Laura’s head flew back and they grinded harder.

“Oh fuck,” said Laura. “Mmmm.”

Jackie replaced her mouth with her hands and tilted her head back in pleasure. Jackie arched her back and Laura stared at her big perky tits. She had never seen big tits perky except her own. Jackie opened her eyes as saw Laura staring.

“Suck my tits bitch,” Jackie said breathlessly.

Laura took Jackie’s tit into her mouth and started to suck.

“Yeah. Mmmm. Yeah bitch that’s it. Fuck slut. Suck my titties.”

Laura grabbed on in her hand.

“Fuck yes. MMMMMM.”

Laura rolled and rubbed on Jackie’s tit and nipples like she had done to her earlier.

“Do that to my other tit with your mouth.”

Laura licked and sucked on Jackie’s nipples. She nibbled and bit on them.

Jackie slammed Laura harder onto her cock and pussy.

“Fuck yes,” cried Jackie. “My fucking tits oh yeaaa. Mmmm right there slut right there. Yesss mmm don’t stop. Suck my tits. Suck ’em. Oooooh. Yeaaahh.”

Jackie reached and grabbed Laura’s tits with her hands.

“MMMMMM,” they moaned together.

Laura stopped sucking Jackie’s tits. Jackie at back up and with Laura’s tits in her hands rubbed Laura’s nipples against hers. Laura followed Jackie’s lead by grabbing her tits and moving them so their nipples rubbed each other. They both looked and watched getting more and more turned on.

“Oh fuck,” said Laura.

“Yeah bitch. Mmm,” said Jackie.

Laura pressed them together harder so their nipples kissed. “Oh fuck.”

Jackie let go of Laura’s tits and pulled her closer so their tits pressed against each other. Laura grabbed onto Jackie wrapping her arms around her. Jackie grabbed Laura’s hot ass as she slammed her harder down.

“Yes,” screamed Laura. “Harder.”

“You want it harder bitch?”

“Oh yeah. Fuck me harder. Oh fuck. Yeah. Like that. Oh god. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

“Fuck it bitch. Take it. Fuck my pussy.”

“Yeah I’ll fuck your hot pussy.”

“Fuck it slut. You’re so fucking hot.”

Laura dug her nails into Jackie’s back.

“FUCK,” screamed Jackie.

“AH,” Laura screamed as Jackie’s had landed roughly on her ass. “Oh yes. Mmm. Smack my ass. Smack my ass yes.”

Laura pulled Jackie’s head back by her hair and started to suck and lick on her neck. Jackie slid her hand down Laura’s back and escort bursa stuck her middle and ring finger in Laura’s ass.

“Mmm,” Laura groaned into Jackie’s neck as she bit it hard as she sucked.

Jackie slapped Laura’s ass with her other had while she fucked her ass with the other.

“You’re a slut,” said Jackie. “A dirty fuck whore. My new bitch. You’re gonna fuck me when I want it,” she smacked her ass.


“How I want it.”


“Where I want it.”


“Now cum bitch.”


Jackie grabbed Laura’s hair and pulled it back. Laura looked deep in Jackie’s eyes.

“Cum,” Jackie said.

Laura’s body quivered and a shiver shot through her body.

“Uhhh,” Laura quivered as she looked into Jackie’s eyes. She came all over Jackie’s pussy and the dildo.

“Cum,” said Jackie, she smacked her ass again.


“I want it all,” said Jackie.

Laura’s body spasmed as more cum flowed. When she stopped she unwrapped her legs and gently slid off of the cock. Jackie lay back with the cock still in her pussy.

“Clean it,” she told Laura.

Laura took the cock deep in her mouth and sucked. She licked and sucked her cum.

“Yeah. Clean your cum off of my cock bitch.”

Jackie put her hand in Laura’s head and guided it up and down the cock. Laura took one hand and started to stroke the cock as she sucked. Jackie watched her.

“MMM. That’s it bitch. Suck it.”

Laura looked up at Jackie and then looked back down at the cock as she sucked. Laura smiled to herself as she gripped the cock in her hand and instead of stroking it stroked it slowly deeper into Jackie’s pussy.

“MMM,” Jackie moaned.

Laura started to fuck Jackie faster with the cock.

“MMM,” Jackie moaned.

Laura used each stroke to push the cock farther.

“UUUHHH,” Jackie in haled. She opened her eyes and saw Laura looking at her devilishly. Jackie tried to back off the cock but she had no where to go but off the bed so she stopped inching away. “Stop bitch. Stop slut.”

“Mmmm,” Laura moaned over the cock. She rammed it deeper and harder into Jackie’s pussy. Eight inches. To Nine. Ten. And deeper.

“AAAHH,” Jackie screamed. “Oh fuck. No. MMM. Yesss.”

“You like me sucking this cock as I fuck your tight wet pussy?” Laura asked.

“Yes bitch.” Jackie grabbed her head and made her choke as she deep throated the cock. “And don’t you fuckin’ stop. Don’t fucking stop ducking that cock. Mmmm fuck. Fuck me till I cum bitch. FUCK YESS. OOOOHHH. Oh God. YESS. YE S BITCH. OH FUCK. FUCK ME WHORE. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCCCCKKK MEEEEE SLLUTTT. AWWWW. AWW SHIT. OH. OH. OH. OH. OO SHIT UH. I’M GONNA CUM.”

Laura moved the cock deeper and faster. She fucked Jackie deep and hard. She angled the cock so it hit Jackie’s clit every stroke.


“Cum for me baby. Cum for your slut.”


Jackie tried to catch her breath. “MMMMM.”

Laura slowly inched the dildo from Jackie’s hot wet pussy.

“You’re a good fuck, slut,” Jackie said to Laura. “Now get your clothes on and get the fuck out. I’ll deal with you later. And don’t think I’m done with you. Whenever, Wherever, However.” Jackie laughed.

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