Is She, Isn’t She? Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This story has a plot and a decent amount of build-up, so if you’re looking for a QF, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Also, it may be wise to read part one before you continue with part two.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Obviously, don’t reprint without the author’s permission, and any similarities between the characters and people/events of real life are, of course, purely coincidental.



It felt so natural, laying there with Jeanie, in the dark after sex. Ashley felt her eyes grow heavy, and sleep was almost upon her. Her lover was already fast asleep — had been virtually as soon as her head touched her pillow, exhausted and utterly relaxed after the three intense orgasms Ashley had driven her to in the lounge room on the couch.

Ashley’s last conscious thought before she drifted off was how pleasant Jeanie’s bed linen smelt — like a mixture of Jeanie’s sweat, hair, moisturiser, the hair conditioner she used, traces of her perfume and deodorant … Jeanie had sprawled everywhere all over this bed, and as a result, the smell of her body was written all over it. Ashley was surrounded by it. There was enough Jeanie in the room to become intoxicated with her.

Ashley couldn’t wait to wake up with the girl in the morning. The blonde’s body still remained unsatisfied, and she was very hungry for some sexual release of her own. She intended to make love to Jeanie for hours and hours the next day…

On that note, a yummy, comfortable sleep consumed her.

It only seemed to last five minutes to Ashley, but in reality, it must have been a couple of hours at least. The next thing she knew, there was a crash outside the bedroom, down the hall as someone banged the front door open, then strode, giggling and shrieking loudly, into the house, causing Ashley to jolt awake to a torrent of noise.

“… and that cabbie was soo hot, not like the fugly, eye-watering ones we usually gotta put up with — oh whoops, my skirt’s coming down…”

“When isn’t your skirt coming down, Kendra, you slut! Ha ha ha! — shit! Was that umbrella stand always there? I swear it came outta nowhere! Ouch!”

“Do you have to crash into everything, you drunk biatch, this house is already a mess!”

“Shut up, Gerty, why are you hugging the walls? You’re wasted!”

“You shut up, Remonda, so’re you!”

“I wonder if Queen-Jean is home yet!” hollered a loud, drunk voice. “Let’s go into her room and check!”

“If she’s asleep she’ll be pissy with us!” Gerty warned in a sing-song voice.

“Oh whatever! I’m going to go and jump on her bed — it’s going to be so funny …!”

Jeanie, lying beside Ashley, was up like a shot. “Oh fuck!” came spilling out of her mouth, and she leapt out of bed as though she had a firecracker beneath her. “Fuck-fuck-fucketty-fuck! Fuck!”

Ashley woozily sat up. Jeanie’s silhouette was throwing itself about the room in extreme agitation, fumbling around on the floor. As Ashley watched, the nearly-naked brunette straightened from the ground triumphantly with a pair of shorts, stepping long legs into them.

Ashley blinked confusedly in the gloom, and the younger girl knocked her hip on the corner of the dresser in the dark as she yanked her shorts up, with a bang and more hissed cursing.

“What’s going on?” Ashley demanded, fists rubbing at her eyes, leaning over to do them both a favour and groggily switch the lamp on.

Jeanie had launched herself out of bed so fast that she’d ripped the covers from Ashley, so Ashley sat there with her breasts on display, in panties and nothing else, the covers having been tossed backwards down the bed and now only covering her ankles. She shivered — the bedroom air was actually quite cold.

“My flatmates,” Jeanie replied through gritted teeth, not looking at her, instead concentrating on her search for clothes. “They can’t come in here — they can’t see you — you’re not dressed! Shit, this is bad!”

“Just tell them I’m a friend crashing here!” Ashley frowned slightly.

“They’re not going to buy that when you’re naked, when we were both naked!” Jeanie growled snappily, highly stressed, leafing around for a shirt amongst the clothes she’d tossed on the floor.

She found one, a tight grey number, and yanked it over her head. Her own large, luscious breasts were cut off from Ashley’s view, as the brunette lunged for the bedside table and switched the lamp off again.

“Now shhh!” she commanded Ashley tersely, before shooting back toward the bedroom door, pulling it open and slamming it abruptly shut behind her — apparently just as someone else had gone to reach for the handle.

“Jeanie, shit!” a voice sounded very taken-aback, then started laughing. “You scared me!”

“I … heard a crash, are you all alright?” Jeanie’s voice sounded high and unnatural.

“Yeah, it was just Remonda with the umbrella stand — we got kicked outta Splice ’cause she was so drunk bursa escort …”

“Like I was the only one, Kendra, you bitch! You should’a been there, Jean, Christ it was funny! That sexy bouncer I’ve had my eye on was manhandling all over me! Ha ha ha! He told me to let him kick me out next weekend too — I’ll be sleeping with him in like, two seconds, wait and seeeee! Weeeee!”

“Jeanie, why are you standing there with your hand on the doorknob like a shifty bitch — why did you fly out of your room and slam it behind you like you were freaking? — You’ve got someone in there with you, don’t you?” Kendra suddenly sounded gleeful.

“No!” Jeanie snapped immediately.

“You total SLUT, Jeanie!” the glee in Kendra’s voice increased ten-fold. “You’ve been getting some action!” she shrieked the word “action” like she was Tina Turner.

“Ooh, Jeanie, who the hell is it?” Remonda’s voice shrilled, alcohol making all three of them bellow. “It’s Jermaine, isn’t it? Jermaine, get your ass out here now, you tool! Ahahaha! You and Jeanie have been busted, boi! He probably can’t find his underwear, that’s why Jeanie snapped the door shut!” all three of Jeanie’s flatmates started laughing uncontrollably.

“Jesus, shut the hell up Red, Jermaine wishes! There’s no one in my damn room!” Jeanie scoffed, convincingly as she settled into her lies. “I’ve got underwear all over the floor, but no boys tied to my headboard. Unfortunately.” “Disappointment!” giggled Gerty. “How was your party tonight, Jean? You should have come with us, you would have had a much better time, there were soo many studs there tonight, seriously, you would have been like a kid in a candy store! We all were! Ha ha ha!”

“Since Jeanie doesn’t have Jermaine stashed in her room, Gerty is the biggest slut of the house this evening — she had sex in the club toilets with some guy…” Kendra revealed, hooting again.

“High-five!” Jeanie sounded as though she was smirking at her friend. “Classy, Gerty.”

“You’d have done the same thing if he’d flashed you the cum-hither, Jean!” Gerty returned gaily. “He was ripped! It was soo good! Mmm!”

Meanwhile, Ashley was blinking in the gloom of Jeanie’s bedroom, listening to the carry on outside — it sounded as though Jeanie’s flatmates were absolutely wild! Was Jeanie the same? Ashley had to own that she didn’t know much about Jeanie’s life at all, outside of the brunette’s professional behaviour at work — and now, one night spent at her house. The thought was suddenly unsettling. She fidgeted irritably in bed. Jeanie’s friends sounded vile — Ashley decided immediately that she didn’t like them.

“Your party mustn’t have been that wild, if you’re home before us Jean!” Kendra was sneering now. “I mean, we’re only back ’cause our night got cut short too, ’cause we got kicked out. What’s the deal? Bullshit evening? Who was it for again? You never mentioned much about it …”

“It was just some chick from work,” Jeanie returned casually, causing a flash of irritation and hurt to course through Ashley still hidden in the bedroom. Just “some chick”?

“Where did you go? What club?” Gerty was pestering Jeanie.

“Spiral?” Jeanie answered.

“Pfffft! Hahaha!” shrieks of laughter filled the hall again. “Isn’t that a gay joint, Jean? Ew!” groaned Remonda.

“Mixed crowd, or do you really think I would have gone?” Jeanie’s voice was dry.

“I don’t know! You took a job at that dyke bar!” sniggered Kendra.

“I was getting desperate, Ken,” Jeanie reminded her, still dryly. “You guys would have loved me if I hadn’t been able to make the rent. Besides, I’m not homophobic, unlike you bitches! I have no problem with it.”

“You’re a doll, Queen-Jean. And we would have spotted you the rent if you needed us to!” Gerty stated generously.

“So that chick from work whose party it was — she’s not a dyke, is she?” Kendra wanted to know demandingly.

“No!” Jeanie threw back, immediately. “Of course not Ken, don’t be stupid — otherwise, like I would have gone!”

Ashley was now seething.

“Oh, right on girl! Just checking,” Kendra laughed in the hallway.

“God, I’m tired, I gotta get to bed!” Gerty inserted now. “‘Night Jeaneeeee!”

“Goodnight girls! See you tomorrow afternoon!” Jeanie joked.

“Ha ha ha, you can bet on it!” Kendra laughed back. “If our fucking neighbours decide to mow their fucking lawn at eight o’clock in the morning, like they did last Sunday, and wake us up, I’m going to pitch a fucking tent, and a fit …!”

There were the sounds of them shuffling loudly off down the hallway, various doors opening, taps in the bathroom and kitchen being turned on, and slowly, the knob on Jeanie’s bedroom door twisted. The door opened just a crack and Jeanie slipped silently back into the room. She floated over to the bed like a ghost and climbed back into it, and lay back down without a word, with her back to Ashley.

Was she kidding? Anger consumed bursa escort bayan Ashley, but she didn’t say anything.

About ten seconds of silence passed, the atmosphere very strained.

“Sorry I snapped before,” Jeanie eventually broke it, voice edgy in the dark. “I just, panicked. They can’t know anything about this.”

“Fine hun, I can be discreet,” Ashley returned, her voice breezy, but inside, she was furious. What was she now, Jeanie’s dirty little secret? Jeanie was acting as if she was ashamed of what they had done, already.

“I don’t regret anything,” Jeanie said now, uncomfortably, unconvincingly.

Ashley wanted to snappily ask the brunette why she was acting as though she did, then, but restrained herself. If she pushed Jeanie now, at this vulnerable time, she would lose her. She was already in danger of it. Jeanie had pulled away — the closeness and intimacy that she and Ashley had gone to bed with had evaporated at Jeanie’s reminder of her “real world”, represented by her loud, boy-crazy flatmates.

“That’s fine, hun. Relax.” Ashley put her anger on the shelf for the time being, after a pause wherein she considered how to handle the girl. “Some things are personal — some things you don’t want to talk to your friends about — or anybody else. This is obviously one of those things, for you.”

“Yeah. It totally is. It’s personal. They wouldn’t get it,” Jeanie’s voice became slightly stronger, and in the darkness, Ashley could see Jeanie’s slim shoulders relax slightly — the brunette had been laying with them all knotted up. She’d been lying there like a tense ball of muscle.

Her near miss with her friends had definitely frightened her, Ashley could see that. If Kendra had bounded in and jumped drunkenly on the bed while both Jeanie and Ashley had been undressed, in their panties and nothing else, it would have been painfully obvious what had happened between the two of them, and what Jeanie herself had been getting up to with another woman.

“It’s fine hun, I get it,” Ashley continued now. “They didn’t seem like the sort of people who would understand, from what I heard of them. You made the right decision,” she played Jeanie up, making out that the brunette was an angel who could do no wrong — then paused apprehensively to see the results.

Jeanie rolled right over, the distance, coldness and awkwardness evaporating from her body in an instant to be replaced with something like adoration, aimed at Ashley for being so understanding. She smiled at her blonde lover in the gloom.

“Thanks for being so sweet, Ashie,” she whispered, sliding across the bed so she could be closer. “Thanks for understanding. I … I can’t talk to any of them about this, they would … well, they’re all so judgemental.”

“You can talk to me about how you feel about this, if you need someone to talk to,” Ashley told her, whilst simultaneously congratulating herself on her smooth handling of the younger girl. She slid her body up to Jeanie’s, closing the distance between them on the bed, and slipped an arm around her waist. “Are you okay?” she asked, fawning over her.

“Yeah, I’m fine Ashie,” Jeanie returned in a baby voice, shuffling nearer as well, and sliding her own hand over the curve of Ashley’s hips, resting her fingers down the blonde’s bare back.

“What’s the time?” Ashley asked.

“Urm …” Jeanie craned her neck to look at the time displayed on her sound system. “Quarter to four in the morning,” she revealed.

“Gees, how late do your friends usually get back, if this is an early night for them?” Ashley queried surprisedly.

“We usually go to Splice, it’s our favourite club, and it doesn’t shut ’til seven thirty in the morning,” Jeanie answered diligently. “It’s about twenty-five minutes away from here in a cab — sounds like the girls would have got kicked out at about two-thirty, three, then struggled for a cab — then got back here. Splice doesn’t even open until eleven-thirty — they had their night cut way short.”

“I sympathise,” Ashley was bored with this extended reply concerning the activities of Jeanie’s moronic flatmates, and allowed her fingers to gently start tracing patterns over Jeanie’s shirt at the base of her back. “I’ll sneak out of here at six then, baby, so there’s no chance I’ll bump into them and you don’t need to get stressed out, okay?”

“Thankyou Ashie,” Jeanie sounded awkward again.

“No no baby, don’t get worked up, I understand you,” Ashley crooned quickly at the stressed tone in Jeanie’s voice. “Here, stick your tongue out for me,” she added mischievously.

“Ashie!” Jeanie giggled. “Okay,” she said, as she complied.

Ashley slid her face closer to Jeanie, so that their heads were both on the same pillow, and gently licked her tongue out too, sliding it briefly against Jeanie’s, causing the younger girl to giggle again. Ashley smiled herself and repeated the motion, gently licking Jeanie’s outstretched tongue.

Jeanie escort bursa kept giggling at the game and moved her face and body even closer. Their tongues danced on air to the tune of delicate wet sounds, before Ashley closed the distance between them and started kissing Jeanie in earnest.

Their lips softly pressed together. Jeanie gave a happy, relaxed sigh into Ashley’s mouth, and rolled yet closer still under the blankets. Ashley casually slid her hand up Jeanie’s grey shirt. Jeanie wasn’t wearing a bra, so Ashley’s hand closed over one of her bare breasts immediately, and squeezed.

Jeanie’s breathing was slightly deeper again. The breast in Ashley’s hand was meltingly soft, the nipple hardening in the centre of her palm, much more than a handful as the blonde’s long fingers kneaded it. She used her hand on Jeanie’s chest to push the girl over onto her back, and the older woman threw a leg over her, pinning her there.

Jeanie grinned up at her, nice teeth white in the dark. Ashley looked down into her face and at her smile, and her heart lurched. She suddenly had an almost uncontrollable urge to tell Jeanie right then that she loved her — but, cool blonde that she was, she clamped her lips shut and instead reached down Jeanie’s body to the edge of her shirt, resting on the younger girl’s stomach. Seizing it with her fingers, Ashley wrenched it up to Jeanie’s neck in one smooth movement, sitting it under the other girl’s chin and exposing her large breasts in the dim light.

“You’re beautiful, hun,” she told her, before dipping her head and tonguing a nipple.

“That feels nice Ashie, mmm. So are you!” Jeanie replied breathlessly, as Ashley transferred to the brunette’s other breast and licked it. “Um, Ashie?” Jeanie said now, in a small voice. “Um … I um …”

“Yes, baby?” Ashley raised her head at the uncertain tone in the younger woman’s voice, frowning slightly in concern. “You sound stressed again, what is it?”

“I um … think I should do something to you now because … you made me cum three times before, and …” Jeanie began, sounding worried again.

Ashley gave a soft laugh. “Hun, tonight, I just wanted to make you feel good. I knew you were nervous, so I wanted to spoil you and make you unwind. Just relax.”

“But I feel bad,” Jeanie swallowed nervously. “I want to make you feel good too.”

“I feel good just being allowed access to your beautiful body, baby,” Ashley replied wickedly. “But look, I want to take things slow with you anyway. So we did some things tonight — some yummy, nice things. I want to do this again with you, you know — and then maybe we can explore a bit more — and then a bit more after that, and so on, and so on …” she punctuated her words with soft kisses to Jeanie’s lips. “I know this is all new to you, so let’s not rush and ruin it,” she finished simply.

“I … hm …” Jeanie was now looking into Ashley’s eyes, and her fingers left Ashley’s back to trail lightly down the side of the blonde’s face. She brought her lips in closer to Ashley’s, pressing her nose beside Ashley’s and sharing air intimately with her. “I think you should let me,” she whispered persuasively. “I think you should start teaching your poor, innocent young lover how to make you feel good, tonight.”

“Poor, young and innocent, huh?” Ashley smiled back into Jeanie’s lips.

“Please, Ashie?” Jeanie gently licked the inside of Ashley’s upper lip with the tip of her tongue. “Pretty please? Pretty, pretty, pretty please?”

Ashley was laughing at Jeanie’s cutesy behaviour. “You know I can’t deny you anything when you ask me like that!” she giggled helplessly. “Oh dear, Jeanie, you’re going to have me wrapped around your little finger at this rate.”

Jeanie smiled lovingly at her. “I hope so!” she shifted her body beneath Ashley’s relaxedly. “I like getting my own way. So? Can I do something to you? Just tell me what to do, because I don’t know … I … yeah, I don’t want to do the wrong thing …”

Ashley rolled off her, and lay beside her. “I tell you what, baby? My nipples have been dying for some attention all night. They’ve been hard and aching since you got to the door at my place and that was hours ago. Do you want to maybe … lick them a little?”

She wanted to give Jeanie something that the inexperienced brunette could handle. Something erotic, but not too full on. If Ashley left everything up to her raging libido, she would have thrown her leg over Jeanie’s sweet face right then and there and demanded that the young brunette eat her out until the blonde went out of her mind.

But her heart wanted Jeanie, and her head was scheming ways to make Jeanie fall in love with her — and one of the things the older woman’s brain was telling her, was to take it slow with the girl.

“Yeah, I do want to,” Jeanie responded eagerly now, rolling over onto her side, and reaching one slim arm over Ashley’s body to rest on the covers on the other side.

“Maybe touch them and play with them for a little bit, too?” Ashley suggested, wanting Jeanie to get used to touching Ashley’s body with her hands — so far, Jeanie had done very little touching, being too timid to do so.

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