As can happen at 1am, my fiancée, Christina, and I were hungry and decided to go out to eat. It was transitioning from a Saturday night to a Sunday morning, so we knew there was a chance we could encounter an interesting crowd at whatever restaurant we patronized. Given the hour, our choices were also relatively slim: Perkin’s, Denny’s, Waffle House, and IHOP.

While waiting for our food, a couple of women walked in that appeared to have arrived straight from a bar. One was kind of staggering, appearing drunk, something her companion announced along with telling their waitress that she needed a pot of black coffee. As she seemed unable to say anything without laughing, it was highly improbable she was sober.

As they sat in their booth, I turned myself casually to my side, sitting length-wise in my booth seat, giving me an ability to survey much of the restaurant. The sober of the women couple that walked in took off her jacket before she sat down, her black tube top allowing her tanned shoulders and her equally tanned cleavage to openly express part of her body to the world. Her long, chestnut hair rested on her shoulders, as if leading a glance of her body from her darker eyes down to her cleavage. Though she shared in the coffee that their waitress brought to the table, she didn’t seem intoxicated.

Elsewhere in the restaurant was a table of at least six college students who also noticed the women. It didn’t take long for a young man at the end of the table to decide, after being somewhat egged on by his friends, to descend upon these women, to what end I could only speculate and it’d probably be a pretty accurate guess. His light blue baseball cap backward on his head, he appeared to be fresh out of high school and certainly not nearly mature enough to handle two women who appeared to be about ten years his senior.

He sat in right next to the woman with the chestnut hair, practically, and somewhat rudely and obviously immaturely, pushing her over, butting in between the two women uninvited to initiate conversation. Sitting across from the least sober of the two, it is with her he seemed to focus his entire conversation. In overhearing that conversation I would learn that the two women were sisters, and the one with the chestnut hair was in her late 20s and only a couple years younger than me, and the tone of her voice wasn’t pleasant, and the young man certainly wasn’t taking the hint.

He made what little conversation he could before his meal’s arrival beckoned him back to his table. However he kept peering over his shoulder, almost completely turning around in his chair, to look back at the women while he was eating, though the women never paid their young intruder any additional attention. After seeing that a couple times, I spoke up to the young man, “If you have something else to discuss with them, walk over and talk to them instead of just peering over your shoulder.” He did nothing, however, only turning back around and continuing his meal.

Seeing this, I walked over to the women and asked if I might join them for a moment. Allowing me, I sat down next to the one with chestnut hair, across from the woman who was having no problem drowning her drunken state with coffee. I wondered if the white shirt she wore under her denim jacket would be completely dyed a shade of brown before they left. Her darker than blond hair rested cleanly upon the shoulders of the denim jacket, framing her face and allowing her bright blue eyes to stand out.

In a short set of introductions, I learned the coffee drinker is named Kailynn, while the woman next to me is named Sandy.

“So why have you joined us?” Sandy asked, pointing to my fiancée sitting in the nearby booth. “Won’t your girlfriend be disappointed?”

“She trusts me,” I replied. “Plus given you pointed her out, you know my intentions are purely innocent.”

“Oh, and what might your intentions be?”

“Well, I just want to apologize for that horny college kid over there.” Both women perked up right away, and Kailynn seemed to become immediately, if only momentarily, sober. “The one who seems to think he actually has a chance with you.”

Kailynn’s eyes looked as if they needed a night’s sleep instead of a pot of coffee, “And why do you say that?”

“Think about it, did you come to IHOP to pick up men?” Just that moment, their waitress arrived at their table. “Enjoy your meal, and if that kid gives you any trouble…” I stood up next to the waitress. “Whatever they order, it’s on me.”

“That’s not necessary,” Sandy replied. “After all, your intentions aren’t entirely innocent now.”

“Sure they are,” I tried to sound mockingly insulted, “after all I haven’t asked for anything more than your name. And I insist, your meal is on me tonight.” Not wanting to give them another opportunity to decline, I walked back to my booth and sat back down, just in time for my food to arrive.

* * * * *

Given I had offered to pay for their meal, something Christina found both flattering and mildly upsetting at the same time, I had to stick around to bayan escort pay their tab. On their way out, Sandy dropped a folded piece of paper on my table before leaning in to kiss me on my lips in front of my fiancée, “Thanks for the meal.”

After watching them walk off, I glanced toward the table of college students. The young man with the backward baseball cap stared back at me, his eyes wide and his jaw dropped. His friends were certainly good at mimicry as well, as they were also wide-eyed with their jaws on the table.

I looked at the paper and unfolded it to see a phone number written on it. I looked out the window and saw Sandy standing next to her car. I pulled out my phone and called the number. Sandy picked up and I saw her standing next to the car talking to me. After a short conversation, we said our parting words and she got into her car and drove away.

The young man came over and butted his way into our booth and next to Christina. “Okay dude, I’m dying to know, what did you say to them?”

I leaned back in my seat to gain better access to my jeans pocket. “It’s called candor, young man. Learn it.” I stuffed the paper with Sandy’s phone number into my pocket before dismissing the young man.

* * * * *

One of the downsides to working for a large corporation is that, chances are, you become one stalk in a giant cubicle farm. Without any doors to close and worthwhile walls to separate you from your coworkers, other options are needed when your cell phone starts to ring. Thankfully for me, I’m only a few paces from a privacy room, where I had to duck when my phone started buzzing with Sandy’s phone number on the display.

She didn’t start the conversation in a typical way, though, “You really have a way with words.”

“Umm… thank you,” I said somewhat hesitantly.

“But I’ve been thinking,” she began, pausing a moment, “that my kiss isn’t enough to repay your kindness.”

In the privacy room is a rocker recliner style chair and a short round table. I sat down in the chair, sitting back and putting my legs up on the table. “Okay. And what would you suggest?” A few ideas started to run through my mind.

“Well,” she began again, pausing a little longer this time, “let me send you something to give you an idea.”

A few more ideas started running through my mind. When my cell phone buzzed, I pulled it away from my ear and saw the alert on the screen for a new multimedia message from Sandy. I opened the message and was greeted with a picture. I couldn’t tell when the picture was taken, but my attention it definitely had. The picture practically begged to be zoomed and panned, so who was I to deny?

The tan I noticed on her shoulders when I saw her at the restaurant was cascaded more or less evenly across her entire body. Her nipples were darker dots on mounds of tan-kissed skin, and the slim frame I imagined when I first saw her was in reality, at least the reality the photo presented, a more athletic frame, revealing a woman who worked out and took pride in her health and appearance.

The pride in her appearance was definitely evident in the lack, but not full absence, of hair down in the sex folds of her pussy. It appeared to have been shaved and groomed by expert hands, as did her legs.

I’ve mostly disliked seeing pictures of women who stand in front of a mirror and point the camera at the mirror to take a self picture, but here I definitely had to make an exception. Sandy was lying on her side in front of a mirror, her arm supporting her head, and with her body this picture seemed near perfect. Looking at it I could feel admiration for her seeming goddess-like body while also feeling an intense desire to see that body first-hand.

Regaining my senses momentarily, I put the phone back to my ear — I’ll need to remember the Bluetooth headset after today, I thought to myself. Sandy seemed to wonder if I’d completely lost it, asking “Are you still there?”

“Yeah I’m still here,” I replied.

“And what do you think?”

“I think I’d really like to see that in person,” I giggled slightly.

“Mmm, I’m glad to hear that,” was she grinning on her end of the line? “Well I was thinking,” she paused a moment, “that I’d like to properly thank you for your hospitality, and”, she paused again (“how to word this?”), seeming like forever, “thank your girlfriend as well.”

I could feel a tightness swelling in my jeans as I sat in that chair. I leaned back slightly in the chair, just enough that I could reach into my jeans and adjust the growing difficulty to make things a little more comfortable.

“That sounds pretty good,” I replied, “but…” I cut off my reply, letting it dangle in the air for a long moment.

“But… what?” she asked.

“But,” I paused again, letting another long moment hang over the conversation, “I think you will also need to talk to my girlfriend about this.”

She seemed okay with speaking with my fiancée about her desires. After ending the conversation I sent Sandy a text message with my fiancée’s phone number and left the privacy room to return to work.

* * * * *

Through much of the afternoon I had a difficult time clearing my mind of Sandy’s naked body. On more than one occasion I ducked to the restroom in an attempt to do just that, but the relief of a clear mind would not last very long before my mind and concentration were stolen from me again. The best for which I could hope was to present the best illusion of productivity until the time came for me to leave the office.

But even through the drive home, my mind would betray me. The picture would pop into my head or my mind would seemingly involuntarily cause me to operate my phone to bring the picture up onto its display, and the interstate is the last place distractions should be occurring in the car. Very low on the list of things I needed was an embarrassing news report to be broadcast on the news, “And it appears the driver was distracted by a photo of a naked woman on his cell phone.”

After walking in the door to my apartment, locking it behind me as I always do, I turned around to find my fiancée, Christina, standing fully naked at the other end of the living room. Had she been expecting me to be arriving home? I’m not sure if it was entirely obvious.

As I was setting my laptop case down on the floor, Christina walked up to me and started to kiss me with the fervor of a woman aroused beyond the point of needing to be fucked just to continue living. Knowing how Christina can be when she’s at that point, I knew all I could do was just go with it if I wanted to continue living.

“Let me guess,” I started before a kiss interrupted me, “you’ve talked to Sandy.”

Christina’s response was only with her lips, kissing me again after the last breath of Sandy’s name escaped me, a hint of something on her breath that I didn’t recognize. She elaborated on her response by expertly sliding my shirt, along with the t-shirt I wore under it, up and over my head, off my body, and tossing it to the couch. Not content with ending her explanation there, she then immediately went for my pants, my dick immediately jumping to attention as if it heard a bugle call ring out across a morning breeze, but still trapped in the tent of cotton and denim, so it wasn’t going to be seeing some action yet.

As soon as she had my belt loose and my jeans unbuttoned, my jeans and underwear were at my ankles and my dick stood out as a flagpole on the side of a building. She tapped my ankles with her hands and I dug my feet out of my shoes and stepped out of my pants, then slid my socks from my feet before taking a step forward away from the stack of fabric that previously adorned my body.

Still unwilling to answer with actual words, Christina led me across the living room, down the hall and to the last door on the left into the master bedroom. She then turned me around and pushed me down onto the bed. My body flat on the mattress, I propped myself up slightly onto my elbows in time to see Christina kneeling between my legs, taking my almost painfully engorged cock in hand, then in mouth, her tongue gliding up and down my shaft.

From my vantage point, I could see the master bathroom and I noticed the bathroom light was on in the momentary focus on reality I could gain. While Christina was concentrating on my cock, I noticed the bathroom door opened and out walked a tan, firm body that I immediately recognized as the one I almost burned into my retinas throughout much of the afternoon.

Partly covered with a towel, she was drying off the last corners of her body as she approached the bed. Wasting no time, and wasting no energy on words, Sandy pushed me off my elbows as she climbed onto the mattress, positioning her engorged, darker pussy over my face, her eyes staring down across her body into mine. I looked up across the front of her body, seeing her firm tits from below, momentarily taking in the sight and trying to register in my brain that this is actually happening and is not a dream, although feeling like a dream.

I extended my tongue and took a taste of Sandy’s pussy, licking away the juices that saturated her better than a well-marinated turkey. Though this was the first time I licked her pussy, the taste seemed oddly familiar. I indulged myself further and then it registered in my brain that I had just tasted this only a few moments earlier on Christina’s lips. I pulled Sandy down a little more, giving my lips better access to her pussy, wanting to explore where Christina’s had been before me.

Sandy didn’t give me much opportunity to get more than a couple licks at her cherry pie before she pulled her pussy away from me, allowing me to become conscious of the fact that Christina was no longer sucking on my dick but was instead wanting me to move further back onto the bed. Instead of just moving across the mattress, I adjusted my position such that I was lying diagonally across the bed.

Christina crawled onto and across the mattress, bringing her body to mine, her pussy to my dick, straddling my body and sliding my cock into her pussy, slowly allowing her weight to bring me as far into her as I could go. She lowered her face, kissing me with the same fervor I felt when she kissed me after walking in the door. Christina kept her face close, allowing me to feel each breath upon my cheek as she rocked her hips back and forth, up and down, every which way that if I’d closed my eyes I would’ve sworn I was on a roller coaster if I didn’t feel Christina’s warm cunt wrapped around my cock.

I glanced over and could see her eyes were closed, feeling her body move against mine, moans escaping her lips and ducking into my ears, I wondered what was running through her head. Then her eyes came open again, glancing over at mine, then upward above us. She leaned in and kissed my lips softly. I became momentarily aware of a second set of breaths from above us.

Christina lifted herself up, supporting her weight above me as she sat more upright, my cock sliding just a little further into her. I followed her eyes and then time seemed to stop as I saw her lips become one with Sandy’s. I momentarily felt like that moment could be my last, that I could die a happy man, but then what kind of man would I be to leave this world with two women unsatisfied?

But to see Christina kissing another woman, I have no idea how to describe it. I knew she is bisexual, I knew she’d kissed a couple other women. I had imagined it numerous times, but like seemingly everything else, nothing can prepare you for when you see it. I’ve seen women kiss women before in real life, but never has it involved the one I love.

And with this moment seemingly locked in time, my breath still, my dick feeling like it was about to burst, I took a deep swallow and watched as time started to slowly come back to life. I watched as lips and tongues danced a ballet before my eyes, seeming in sync with some music I couldn’t hear. When an intermission came, Sandy’s lips came down to my level and, with what felt like a magic touch upon my lips, albeit brief, brought me into the next act as time seemed to regain its normal pace and Christina started again in moving her pussy up and down, back and forth along my cock.

Sandy kissed Christina’s lips again, causing Christina to hold her hips still, her moves around my cock paused. Lips and tongue appeared to dance again for a moment before I could faintly hear a whisper between the two, a whisper that caused Christina to dismount my cock. Sandy then looked down at me, “I have an idea.”

I sat myself up, and Sandy motioned me off the bed, so I rose and stood near the corner. Christina lay diagonally flat on the mattress, her head toward me but with plenty of space between the corner and her hair. With her legs spread, her knees elevated, my cock rock hard, I watched as Sandy came into view and first straddled herself over Christina’s face, Sandy’s pussy above Christina’s lips, taking a moment to adjust her hair before she leaned across Christina’s body, her lips joining Christina’s pussy.

Christina’s face went momentarily tense, a louder moan escaping her lips. I watched as Sandy 69’d my fiancée with my hand seemingly involuntarily stroking my cock, not wanting to move, not wanting to interrupt. For what seemed like an eternity I watched this before Sandy lifted her face from Christina’s pussy, “Are you going to fuck me, or just watch?”

Having been snapped back to reality, I momentarily questioned what I just heard. I must have questioned it aloud, as Sandy responded, “I want your dick in my pussy.”

I walked over to the 69’ing couple and stroked my hand across Sandy’s pussy, feeling its blood-engorged warmth on my fingers. Christina reached her hand across and slid my cock into her mouth, moaning at the taste, licking and sucking at my dick. I slid my cock from Christina and positioned myself behind Sandy, using my hand to position my cock’s engorged head between her wet lips, feeling her pussy wrap itself around my cock as I pushed into her, Sandy leaning her head back and letting out a deep, satisfied sigh as I slid deep into her pussy.

I took hold of Sandy’s hips, and like a locomotive leaving the station, making its way down the tracks, I started pumping and pounding Sandy’s pussy with my dick, getting myself up to a rhythm before Sandy dropped her head down to Christina’s pussy. It didn’t take long before there was a chorus of moans and groans, a carol of sex being played out in my bedroom. Sandy’s hips got into the rhythm as well, working her cunt around my cock, her muscles squeezing around me and releasing as I pumped into her. Part of me wondered how long I was going to last with these new and amazing sensations running through my groin while also hoping the answer was as long as possible.

A few verses of this sex music played out before Sandy’s hips seemed to have a mind of their own. I took my hands from her hips and watched as she danced her cunt around my cock, starting at a medium speed before slowing down, becoming more intent and intense. She pulled her face from Christina’s pussy and lifted her head back, moving her pussy back and forth along my cock in slow, long, deliberate strokes, her pussy seeming to grab my cock tighter and tighter each time.

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