I Came Home – For You

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*** I wrote this little ditty as a graduation present for my long-term girlfriend. She was sad that this summer will be the end of our relationship. Most of her friends are leaving for college in September, but she is stuck working alone until January. ***


Darkness surrounded the McDonalds, rain splattering a machine gun rhythm against the window panes. The wind howled, cold and lonely, outside. A young girl stood at the register in the empty fast-food joint, staring forlornly from her post into the sheets of water cascading down the glass. Her name was Sarah. At that moment, little could be guessed about what lay underneath her baggy, androgynous mass of a uniform, custom assembled to fit even the most awkwardly shaped body. A hat covered her long silky brown hair, and her heavy pants reduced any curves to a state of prepubescent flatness.

Sarah looked down at a newspaper, idly flipping through the funnies for an hour or more, daydreaming of brighter days and more interesting times. Chief in her daydreams this night was her old flame, Kyle. But he had gone off to college, along with all of her friends, leaving her to mind the empty register for a whole semester.

It was midnight when her shift finally ended, after having served only 4 people the entire night, one of them her coworker. She would normally have changed out of her uniform at the first opportunity, but her sandals and light t-shirt would hardly do for the freak storm that had begun with her shift and then decided to sit on the puget sound throughout the night, and, radio said, through the next few days. Just as she was locking the doors to leave, however, a final customer walked up to her in the dark, asking her if he could sneak a quick snack before she left. He was a tall guy, but Sarah kept her back turned to him as she finished with the stubborn lock, “sorry, but we’re closed. The drive through is open 24-7, you can get your munchies there.” She jimmied the lock again, but it refused to turn. Suddenly his arms reached around her, his big hands covering hers, forcing the key to turn. She pulled her arms back to her body and spun around to face the man, jumping away from him as she did. As she did so he moved forward, pressing her body against the door. She was face to face with a heavy sweatshirt and looked up, into the blue eyes of a face she could barely recognize. He was a tall guy, with surfer-length blonde hair, and a good sized beard. He smiled, and the goofy grin gave it away, it was Kyle, albeit a tad older and hairier than she had last seen him. A light came to her eyes when she recognized him, and she wrapped her arms around him, laughing. He chuckled and wrapped her up in a bear hug, enjoying the feeling of her head on his chest.


“Hello yourself, you know how much you scared me?”

“I can guess,” he replied, before pushing her away from him and looking long and hard at her face, which promptly blushed. She tried to turn her head away from the inspection, and he pulled her back in, apparently meeting with approval, his lips meeting hers with a shock of electricity. “Ow! My first day back and this is the thanks I get?” He tried to look angry and serious. Sarah just kissed him again.

* * *

We kissed for a long time, until the cold finally dragged us from our reverie, and we were forced to seek shelter in my car. I drove you to my house, which my parents had thankfully vacated for the weekend. We talked all along the ride home, about school, about work, and about our individual failures in dating since leaving, but mostly about how much we’d missed each other. class=Section3>

When we got home, all the lights were off, but we were in much too great a hurry to turn them on. At the staircase, I picked you up, carrying your light body the rest of the way to my room. I set you down, and we wasted no time ripping off our clothes. We embraced, our bodies each remembering the other as if we had never parted. We dove into the bed, and you got up first, straddling me while lightly touching your nipples.

I began to sit up in order to stuff my face in your chest, but you pushed me back down, a naughty smile cracking your innocent-looking face. You pushed yourself forward until you levered yourself down over my rock hard cock, rubbing your lips over it and coating it in the juices of an unsatisfied woman. We both sighed, and you reached around and took it in your hand, holding it in position as you slowly moved backwards onto it. When I could just barely feel your warmth you paused, then moved back slowly, then paused again. The head was barely inside you, and the suspense was killing me. I grabbed your thighs and pushed you back, all the way down onto my shaft.

“Go slow, it’s been a long time,” you grunted quietly. You dropped forward, our chests rubbing against each other. Your guiding hand turned to fondle my balls again, as we held still for a long moment, staring into each others’ eyes. I held my arms around you, pulling you as tight to me as I could, revelling in the sensation of the second greatest heaven on earth. We kissed passionately, our czech super models porno/ tongues mashing up against each other, as we slowly began to rock our bodies in time. You slowly moved your hips in a circle, and I followed your lead, beginning to pick up speed. I pushed hard up into you, and you yelped, then I pulled myself almost all the way out. I entered you again, to the hilt, your pussy welcoming every thrust. My thrusts began to lose even that amount of control, however, as in no time we were fucking as fast as we could, you pushing up and then dropping yourself onto me, and me grabbing your asscheeks, holding on for dear life. Your hot warmth got even hotter with the friction. We were both sweating. Your hair was stuck to me, and your boobs slid freely along my chest, your nipples engorged and loving it. Our hands intertwined as we fucked, a death grip on each palm. Your head reached back, a grimace of bliss on your face as I filled you with my warm shaft. Your feet clenched around me and I grabbed your waist, forcing you back into your rhythm. “Aaaahh. Ooohh, Kyyyyyle.” You managed, out of breath as you continued to ride me hard.

“Mmph. Oh. Damn you’re good, girl. Oh, shit. I love you….” I trailed off into a grunt as I felt my orgasm rising. Your scent was full in my head, and all I could see was your face as I began to cum. I pushed your head down into mine, hard, as I began to jerk out of our rhythm, spilling my seed into your pussy, with a heat that caused you to sigh. We kissed, and I pushed my tongue deep into your mouth. My muscles flexed of their own volition as my cock spent its last. I kept humping, my body sliding against yours, gradually slowing down as my cock lost its rigidity. Slumping down, I pushed you off me, onto your side.

“Hey! Why, you little…” I pushed my hips away from yours, ignoring your protests. My fingers quickly found your hairy mound and entered your cum-filled tunnel. First one, then another, then my mouth found it’s goal. Your clit was sticking out from your lips, and I slowly rubbed around it with my tongue. You were dripping from both of our juices, and I lapped them up, using them to lubricate your lonely button. I sucked on it, flicking my tongue up and down, rubbing slowly. “Oh. Ooohh. Mmmm.” You were so ready you began to cum for me almost as soon as I touched your clit, pushing your hips down, hard, onto my face. I wrapped my arms around your butt, massaging your cheeks as I kissed. Your legs began to writhe, and your cooing voice became louder, “Oohhh Kyle. Kyle. God I love you. Oooh. Fuck. Oh yeah, that’s it. Yeahh, that’s it, Oooooahh.” You grabbed my head, holding me to you, as your legs quivered against me. You threw back your head, wordless, as the slow-building waves of your orgasm began to crash about you, singing in your ears, and blinding you to everything but my tongue and my hands, which kept up their pace as you lost control.

Gradually you subsided, your grip relaxing, and I moved up, hugging you and kissing you on your lips slowly and relaxed. Stars were swimming in front of your eyes, and you fell back to the bed, glowing in the heat of the moment. I pulled the sheets up over you, joining you and laying my head down next to you. We both smiled, and our fingers locked together as we both lay there, staring up at the glowing starfield on my ceiling, as the room brightened. The full moon had poked out of the clouds, and it shone in through my window.

We lay there, watching wisps of clouds pass by luna, but you weren’t done with me yet. As I lay back and closed my eyes, you turned around and snuggled up against me, your right hand reaching down to my flaccid and still-wet cock, slowly rubbing it up and down while your left hand played with the hair on the back of my neck. Slowly, it began to stir. I sighed as you began to move your way down my body, letting your hair fall against my shoulder, then my chest, then my stomach, moving your body to the music, and your left hand to my nipples. My eyes were still closed, and I felt your tongue licking along the side of my shaft, from the base to the growing tip. Your hand held my cock upright as you licked the head like a lollipop, with slow sensual strokes, light as a feather. Naturally, I was rock hard already. You left my cock with a glint in your eye, moving downwards. You cupped my balls and kissed them wetly and loudly as your hand continued in a slow stroke of my manhood. I began to sigh at the attention, and your beautiful lips returned to their rightful place, around my cock. You flicked your tongue around the tip as you slowly took more and more into your mouth, deepthroating me. My mouth dropped open and my eyes squeezed shut, struggling to hold still under the attack, as you began to bob up and down, a trail of spit slowly making its cool way down onto my balls and between my ass. I was enveloped in the third greatest heaven on earth, your lips cocooning my cock in a beautiful warmth.

All too soon, you pulled off, and I would have complained, but for what lay ahead. Your nipples were poking straight out, your czech tax porno hair was delightfully mussed, and your pink holiest of holies was shining wet in the light of the moon. I sat up and pulled you down underneath me. Your hand came up to pull my face to yours, and I kissed it, but then grabbed both your arms and held them straight out away from your body. You tried to break free, but I have always been stronger, and I kept them immobilized. You reached upwards with your head, aiming for a kiss, and I pecked quickly at your nose before moving out of range. I dropped my head to the left and kissed your ear, nibbling on your earlobe and flicking my tongue around the edge. I kissed down around your neck, across your throat, and down along your collarbone. I nibbled your shoulder, and licked down the line of your armpit to your breast. I let go of your hands and began to massage your wonderful breasts as I kissed them, circling around them, making sure not to touch your nipples yet. I kneaded the soft flesh for a time and finally dropped my mouth over your right nipple, sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue as my hand pinched your left one lightly, bringing out a gasp from you. I switched, then began slowly rolling them between my fingers with my strong hands as I kissed around your chest and down along the line of your ribcage. Continuing to rub your milky white breasts, I moved southwards, massaging the tight skin of your stomach as I did. I slowed down at your belly button, pushing my tongue into it, and then circling it with my wet and warm tongue.

You were writhing against my hands, enjoying my torture with a smile of complete bliss on your face. I slid my hands down from your breasts to your thighs, scratching along the way with my fingernails, leaving light red marks across your body. I kneaded your thighs, bringing my mouth down to kiss along them as I did. Your legs spread automatically, releasing your musk into the air. I moved my hands closer, closer to your pussy. I bent forward and blew a stream of cold air at it, and you flinched, trying to put yourself in the fetal position, except for my hands, which held your legs still and open. Finally, I kissed it. I slowly lapped up and down your cunt, before I pushed my middle finger up your pussy, gently stroking you. I settled down to your clit, barely touching it with my tongue, then moving my tongue in large lazy circles around it, then, very slowly, closer and closer to it. I pulled my finger out to spread your lips, to keep your fur out of my mouth, and I began to lick your clit in earnest. Gently, I sped up against you, bringing out a long low moan as you came. It was a much smaller orgasm than your first, but you were still breathing heavy when the waves subsided.

Our bodies shone with sweat as we lay panting, wrapped up in each other’s arms, too tired to move. We began to doze off. I woke up several times, seeing your beautiful face framed by unruly hair and the moon next to mine, I would hold onto you tighter and fall back into a blissful, dreamless sleep.

Sometime during the night, you kissed me, and my eyes fluttered open. “Hi.”

“Hi.” No other words were needed, as we began to kiss again, searching each other’s mouth. You grabbed my ass with your free hand, and took my lower lip into your mouth, suckling on it before taking in the upper. While you concentrated on my mouth, however, part of my mind was moving a bit lower, and I began to stroke between your butt with one free hand while my other pushed your body just enough away from me so that I had access to your pussy. Still kissing, I slowly stroked the outside of your crotch, rubbing the insides of your thighs and your very firm belly. You began to gyrate slowly against my touch, and, not one to withhold it, I began to move closer towards your center of womanliness.

“Please, Now,” you panted. Abruptly, I stopped my tease of your sex and reached up towards your breasts. You began making quiet sounds of protest, grabbing my hands to pull them back down. Instead, I wrapped you up into another bear hug, holding you still. You pouted, and I smiled in the dark, giving up and reaching back down to your crotch. I slid a single finger between your lips, finding your clit with deft experience, and slowly rubbing it just the way you like. You were hardly focusing at that point, beginning to buck your hips towards me, as our tongues intertwined in a frenzy. You grabbed me, pulling me to you with all your strength, making sure I wouldn’t pull any more of that teasing crap. You began to cum, first speeding up your gyrations, then your grip on me grew tighter, then, as if a dam had burst, your entire body flexed. Your head shot back as your legs wrapped around me: “Oooh, Oooooh, OOOoohHHHhh!”

Your legs were a vice, every muscle in your body clamped down hard in ecstasy. It was several minutes before I dared move out from the cage of legs, but when he did, there was no resistance, as you had been completely spent by what I had given you. I watched your body, stretched out on the bed, still panting slightly with closed eyes. defloration porno I knelt down onto the bed beside you, watching you as you fell into sleep, before spooning up and leaving for Neverland along with you.

It was very late in the day when we woke up, but it was much later before we bothered to disentangle ourselves. Eventually, we each took showers, and you got dressed, in sandals and the kind of tight shorts that I love.

We went out to the backyard after a small breakfast, lying out on the grass in the surprisingly warm, sunny day. We had only been talking for a few minutes, however, when I caught a droplet of rain square in the face. You suggested that we get inside, but it was still warm, so I pushed you back down. You placed your head on my chest, and idly draped your arm across my body. I pulled my arm out from under you and proceeded to drape it across you, but when I set my arm down, my dirty mind had misjudged, and it was lying flat across your chest, my hand cupping a breast through a shirt that became thinner and thinner as the rain continued.

The rain increased, but the sun continued to shine, lending the air an unearthly quality, giving the world a yellowish tinge as we lay there, our arms wrapped not-so-innocently around each other.

We slowly began to move in concert, our hands finding the others’ secret places of their own accord. Your fingers snaked down the front of my pants and towards my staff, as my own slid down your belly and towards the holiest of holies. Your fingers were chilled, and as they slowly played across my stomach, my breath caught, a shiver passing through me. You smiled up towards the sky and continued your leisurely way down. Meanwhile, I slowly unbuttoned your shorts, giving myself enough room to maneuver, then switched tacts and reached up underneath your shirt, sliding my wet hand over your tight, cold nipples. You gasped as I pinched them, and grabbed the head of my cock, the only part of it you could reach, as it was still constrained by my jeans. Your hands warmed up quickly as they began to stroke up and down my shaft, warm rain providing all the slickness needed. My free hand reached up to your head and began to massage your scalp, while I began the long journey down your sculpted abdomen. I massaged the skin as I went down, slowly circling nearer and nearer towards my goal. While I moved south, you kept up your slow stroking of my cock, touching it, playing with your nimble fingertips. I reached your panties and slid my fingers along the outside of them, running my hand down towards the gates of heaven. They were wet, but not from the rain. I rubbed my middle finger against the wetness of your pussy, eliciting a single small moan of excitement from my girl. I only had to stop my progress for a second in order to dig my hand underneath the panties and resume my conquest. Without the infernal cotton in the way, my middle finger slid easily into you, while my other fingers slowly rubbed your outer lips and the hood of your clit. I began to speed up my finger’s pace, following the lead of your hand on my cock, now fully exposed to the rain, glistening with precum and water.

I couldn’t keep up with your manic pace, and I gasped, dropping my head back to the grass and letting my hand slide from your snatch. You took the opportunity to renew your attack on my manhood, sliding over and placing your lips around the tip. Your long auburn hair slid down around your head, blocking my view, but by that time I was in so much ecstacy that I could care less. My mouth stood open to the rain as your head bobbed up and down on my cock, your lips destroying my reality with each stroke. I came with a crash of lightning through my body, arcing up involuntarily and grabbing your shoulders to steady myself. As the waves of inaudible thunder were spent, I relaxed my hold on you and pulled your head up to meet mine, locking my lips with yours.

I rubbed your chest as I kissed you, your firm flesh taut and soft against my hands, and your nipples hard as pencil erasers. I ran my right hand down to your snatch, leaving my left at your breasts. You were very wet, and eagerly spread your legs as my hand neared its goal. I moved over on hands and knees, grabbing your ass and pulling your hips up towards my face. I breathed in your aroma while I stuck out my tongue to taste you. I nuzzled up between your thighs and craned my neck to give your lips the barest of laps with my outstretched tongue. You flinched, then wrenched my head down to meet the Lips-God-Didn’t-Create as you let out a long sigh. I took the hint, and began to lash your clit with my tongue while I snaked two fingers up inside your pussy. The inside was wetter than the outside. “Come on! Yes! Give it to me!” you whispered through clenched teeth as a spasm shook you. My fingers sped up in time with your breathing, until you were rocking back and forth against my head. You threw a hand down to my head to steady yourself, while I began anew my assault upon your crotch, your pussy dripping out onto the grass. I paused for a moment and while keeping my first two fingers inside you, I slid a third slowly up your ass. You yelped at the intrusion, but my fingers were so well lubricated that it had already slid all the way in. My tongue was still rubbing up against your clit at a breakneck pace, and as I finger-fucked your ass and your pussy, you began to cum in earnest, your arms locking around me.

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