How Nice Guys Get Lucky

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Joseph got the scented invitation via his in box. He smelled it and didn’t recognize the perfume from anyone at the office. He arrived at the address with the invitation in hand. As he rode up the elevator, he wondered who at the office would be able to afford a party in the penthouse of the fanciest hotel in town. None of the other people in accounting has that kind of money and he rarely socialized with anyone at work. These questions distracted him as he stepped out the elevator.

He knocked at the door and was led in by another guy. He thought he recognized him from another department, but kept silent. He was led into the living room where another guy sat waiting. The other two guys there looked more comfortable than he did, like they were in on the joke. As he sat there worrying, a lady walked in. Not just any lady, but the President’s secretary. She wore her hair down so the long black hair fell down her shoulders. She wore a very tight top that was see thru enough to let everyone know she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts stuck out enough to accentuate her curvy waist wrapped in black micromini. She had that deliberate smile on her face, showing she was thinking. “Oops, I forgot there was going to be three of you this time,” she said casually, as if she did it on purpose. “I guess all three of you get to spend the night with me then. “

She walks into the middle of the room and takes off her top. The other two guys walk up and begin to kiss her, one asyalı porno from behind and the other in front. Joseph watched as they were both disrobing quickly and stroking themselves to hardness. Joseph disrobed slowly, then walked over and helped her sit down. He then started kissing her nipples slowly. The other two walked behind the couch and were shoving their cocks near her mouth. As Joseph kissed his way down to her skirt, he looked up to ask if he could remove it. The other two guys laughed, as if he was pathetic. Then, she slowly removed her skirt to show she was absent of any panties. Joe saw that and then asked if he could lick her. She agreed and parted her legs so Joe could have his way. The two guys were fighting over her mouth as she kissed each one for a moment while stroking both. A few minutes later, she raised up.

Almost like a silent signal was given, one of the other two laid on the couch as she straddled his cock and lowered herself. The other guy then went behind her and poked forcefully into her ass. As she struggled between them, she beckoned Joseph to come forward. As he neared her, she gently kissed his cock before deepthroating it in front of the other two. The other two were oblivious to it as she kept sucking him hard. A few minutes later, he saw the other two stop as if they finished. Soon, he felt as if he was about to finish when he asked her if she needed to stop. She sucked harder as he started spurting inside castajans porno her mouth and watched as she swallowed every drop. “hey,” one of the other guys protested. “You said that wasn’t allowed.”

As he started to speak again, she raised a finger to her lips to quiet him. Joseph then walked over to the couch to grab a towel. He offered her one, then began to wipe the stains off her ass and legs where the other two finished. By the time he finished wiping, the other two were already dressed. “Gentleman,” she said. ” You two may leave. Joseph needs to stay here. “All the jaws dropped. The other two guys started to protest again until she grabbed her cell and started to dial. At that, they walked out the door quickly leaving her and Joseph there alone.

She pours herself a drink and offers one to Joseph as he stood paralyzed. She walked over to him and held him until she could feel him relax.” What happened?” Joseph asked.

They sat down and began to chat. They talked about work, life, everything. He discovered that her name was Angela and that she had been the President’s Secretary for eight years. When she lost her husband to a younger woman four years ago, she started to invite guys to her place for release, never thinking a good man would give her the treatment she wanted. It wasn’t until she heard of this gentleman in accounting who was always willing to help people that her interests were peaked. That’s why she sent bangbros porno the invitation. Sure enough, she was impressed by his behavior . As she finished talking, she inched closer and began to kiss his lips. He instinctively reached his arm around her as he pulled her close. They began to kiss more now, romantically and slowly. As they kept kissing, she started to rub his chest and stomach as she inched towards his cock, which was growing already. She stroked it a few times before she straddled it and rode it slowly. Since earlier, he had the chance to recover. She kept riding him as they kept kissing, her vagina muscles tightening around him as she stroked.

A few minutes later, she felt the first orgasm she received in a while. She shuddered on top of him. He held her as she recovered. She raised off of him and noticed he was still hard.

She knelt before him and began to suck him again before she turned around and went on all fours. As he lowered himself to her, she reached back and guided him into her tight bum hole. He was shocked since he had never done that before. As he slowly started to enter into her, she started to moan loudly, commanding him to speed up faster and faster. As he started pounding for dear life, he felt her soft hands reaching back and caressing his balls. The increased stimulation caused him to buck wildly before he began to come. She turned around and stroked him onto her face, reveling in the work she had done. She enjoyed watching him shoot his load. As his cock subsided, she began to kiss it again and lick it to clean it up. Joseph reached over and grabbed the towel and began to wipe her face as he held her.

As she started to stroke him again, she asked, “Good things nice guys finish last, huh?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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