How Much Do You Think I Would Bring Ch. 04


Sorry for the delay in getting the end of this story posted and written. Life got in the way.


March transformed itself into April and then May. Even though I had been marking days off in black ink, I was still surprised when only as month remained until Eileen was returned to me. I focused on getting the home remodeling projects finished. I did not want my wife coming home to a disaster area.

Every room was finished and ready for Eileen’s return by the second week of May. The compound interest on the money offset by far what I had spent. “The Company” helped me fill out my taxes. The money all appeared to come from legal sources. Man, are “The Company’s” accountants slick!

To be honest my mind went through a lot of turmoil. The thought of he calling some guy “Master” and doing his bidding DID, more often than I liked to admit, make me feel like a sucker. It was only because I Knew without question that Eileen was not at her core a tramp that I stuck with the project. More than Once I thought of greeting her with, instead of a spiffy new dress, a frown and divorce papers. But then I realized that I had agreed to this as well. Had I been insistent, I probably could have talked my wife out of it. However, I had been dazzled by the millions as assuredly as she had.

Eileen’s promise to be my slave for her first year back also had a serious cock hardening appeal. I bought a fine filigreed gold chain of three strands. In diamond chips, the front bore a large Letter “E .” It would be far more subtle and a hell of a lot more inconspicuous that the huge ring of metal about her neck now. I also understood Eileen enough that I would have to soft pedal my “Master” role at first. All she had been doing for the past year was obeying, performing, and serving. Even a saint under the most genial conditions would soon tire of that atmosphere.

If I tried to be a hard ass with Eileen when she was returned to be, it would drive her away faster than if I had been caught with three naked airline stewardess at the same time. A major component of my personality was fear. Would the woman who was returned to me be even remotely similar to the one i had seen auctioned off to a stranger? She hadn’t gone to prison, she probably had not been abused, but she had been at hard labor.

I had read a great deal about professional women while Eileen was away. Despite the orgasms and occasional luxury, it was usually a job consisting of drudgery and exhaustion. I understood, somehow that Eileen would be a spent rag doll after her sojourn. It was all quite confusing to me. I spent some money on a shrink. Of course I could not be one hundred percent honest with him. I told the doctor that my wife was involved with a long term affair, which was true enough, but that she had repented and now I needed to pick up the pieces.

It turned out özbek escort the doctor I chose was quite adept at helping husbands such as myself. Decades before he had been in the very same situation. He was still married to the woman who had betrayed him. His advice was constructive and helped me get a handle on my feelings. I now understood that BOTH of us, Eileen and myself, had been changed by this situation. We could NEVER go back to how things were but we could launch a new beginning.

Eileen was the only woman I had ever truly loved. She was also the one human being who understood me the best in all the world. Our history was a good history. Doctor Harris taught me techniques to keep from obsessing about Eileen’s “lover.” The fact that he was a total stranger, and that I had never met him was actually, from a therapy standpoint, beneficial. I did not have the compound betrayal that would have occurred had she slept with one of my friends or business associates. There would be a lot of work for both of us. All this work would not be putting the pieces back. It would be creating a brand new mosaic.

Since I had to face hardship anyway, I knew that the person I wanted to face that adversity with was Eileen. We had faced difficulties before, and we had faced those troubles as a team. There was no reason to break up the team because of a little losing streak. Eileen’s year of slavery had begun as a means to help both of us out of a hole. Could I really stab her in the back for trying to help me? On some level I was a pimp and she was my whore, but those roles were not immutable. We could start again as George and Eileen. The work would be difficult and not entirely pleasant but if I was any kind of man I would march into battle. I would wage war with my emotions, especially because the peace I promised to win would give us both the best years of our lives.

The money would give us the life we had always wanted. Eileen had preformed most of that hard work to give us that life but now I had a role too. Eileen had to feel loved, protected, and desired for more than her physical beauty and sex organs. I was best qualified to give her those things. Like the snake in Eden, Eileen’s year of slavery would be in the garden of our marriage. We could cry and wander off to the land of Nod or we could try to stay in Eden and piss on the snake. I thought that course best for both of us.

A week before Eileen’s return, I went shopping for something for her to wear home. Aside from her rings I wanted everything to be fresh and new. I had her rings polished to a high gloss and bought some diamond studs for her ears. The underwear was very sexy, the kind Eileen like to wear when she was trying to entice me into bed. There were matching shoes and even a small complementary handbag. In the bag, I put things that would mecidiyeköy escort make her feel like a normal woman and wife again. Her driver’s license, library and store cards, some lip gloss and a few other sundries.

My plane ticket from The Company arrived in the mail at about the same time. Along with the ticket came a letter explaining that the ticket was the last freebie. Eileen and I would have to pay our own way from Miami. I have to be honest, those last few days were the most agonizing of the entire year. It took all my resolve to finally bear down and make the hard decision to take Eileen back. The vision of myself as a playboy, practicing dissipation with a string of first class tail had an obvious appeal. I knew that that life, however enthralling it appeared, was not for me. I was a one woman man. And the woman was Eileen and NOTHING could alter that!

The same arena where I had witnessed Eileen auctioned off was far more subdued this time around. It was completely empty except for “The Company” employees and wives and husbands. I recognized a few of the same faces. The older sister, who had stood in support of her sibling, was there as were a few of the other husbands. I realized that a fair number of these women would be going home alone. That fact made me simultaneously angry and sad. Angry at the men for dumping women that they claimed to love simply because they had come into money. They were like the lottery winners you read about. Their first step after cashing their ticket was divorce court. I was angry at those men for being cowards, whatever they felt for the women they had pledged their lives, was not love. I felt profound sadness when I saw the first woman marched to the stage. With a ceremonial flair, their collars were removed and they rose expectantly, to an empty stage! I saw this scenario repeat itself several times. Looking at the hurt on their faces and the obvious pain in their souls, I knew that these women, no matter what fate held in store for them would never be the same.

I was under no illusions that Eileen would be unchanged by her ordeal, but if I were not there to comfort her and support her, she would fare far worse. One of The Company’s agents summoned me when Eileen’s moment of return arrived. In the small valise, the clothing and purse that I had purchased. As I was led to my position in the wings of the stage, I deduced that the previous women had not been able to see if anyone had been waiting for them until after their collar had been removed and they were escorted to a specific spot. It was a final betrayal by “The Company” a last slap in the face for emotionally fragile women. It illustrated fully that they were just another capitalist, uncaring corporation. Now that the wives had served their purpose, they were dismissed like so many extra servants. I was pissed off royally azeri escort but I forced the emotion from my mind to concentrate on Eileen.

God, she was gorgeous. I had never seen her looking more fit. At that instant it occurred to me that I had almost forgotten how beautiful my wife is. She had a really dark and really sexy tan. Her hair hung loose and shimmered attractively under the lighting of the stage. Only the pensive, anxious look upon her sweet face, detracted from her radiant beauty. I took in all of her, the long shapely legs, the succulent shaven snatch, the flat toned belly, that navel which I adored ,and her always amazing tits. I would have been a fool to toss her away.

In a repeat as to how she had entered slavery, two hooded men led Eileen to a silk pillow under a spotlight. Gently they parted her hair and unlocked the ring of metal about her neck. The muffled sound as it fell to the floor was one of the most beautiful I had ever heard. Eileen had teared up as she neared the spot where she could spy me. Even under the harsh lighting of the stage, the pale circle left about her neck from the collar was obvious.

“George! Oh, George! ” she cried as she ran into my outstretched arms. I had forgotten how wonderful her kisses tasted. For the longest time we just whispered each others names, made out like bandits and squeezed each other as though we feared that the person in our arms would vanish in a puff of smoke.

An agent for “The Company” presented us with our second check. There were some forms to sign and then this past year would be only a memory. To my utter delight, Eileen loved the dress and every article I had picked out for her. That her wedding and engagement rings were the first things she slid on made me feel very good indeed. I placed my chain about her neck, as I did so I said, “You don’t have to call me “Master,” plain old George will suffice.” It was so nice to hear her laugh again.

It has not been easy. There are a million questions I want to ask. I know better than to press however, Eileen tells me what she went through in quiet moments, recalling her ordeal as though it had happened to a stranger. I really don’t wear the title “Master” well. The first thing I let her do, after we had made the most passionate and delightful love of our marriage, was to sleep for two weeks when she came home. I do insist that her pussy remain bald, however. The first three months were the worst. Eileen had to reclaim a life with a year missing. We both felt bad lying to our friends, but the truth would have been worse. It turned out that the best antidote to Eileen’s blues was simple domesticity. I’m sure the expensive psychiatrist assisted as well. Now we have an understanding. The sex I have with Eileen now is incredible, in some ways better than what we had, She really did come home with some new and very satisfying tricks. But all of it pales in light of the simple fact that we are back together again. It wasn’t hard to decide that we should try for a child. Eileen wants to conceive in Italy. With no money troubles we can take as long as we need. It is wonderful to have her back!

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