How He Came to Own Us Ch. 01


My wife and I married while in college. We were both pretty sexually inexperienced with little outside each other. We had no money and lived in a very small apartment but at the time I though very happy. We both had part-time jobs so we had little free time or money for going out or taking holidays. Our primary night out or afternoon out on weekends was to visit a little bar nearby and have a few beers and listen to music.

One such evening we struck up a conversation with an older man seated on the next stool. He was nice looking, I wouldn’t say handsome, tall and slim. He appeared to be late 40’s or early 50’s but came across younger more vigorous and fit than typical in our experience. He was well dressed but not flashy and an interesting conversationalist. As he was about to leave he said “Why don’t you come over to my place tomorrow and go for a swim in the pool”. Not having had the opportunity to do something like that in forever we quickly agreed and he gave us the address.

The next day we drove over and as we pulled to the curb in front of his house both our jaws dropped. The place was a mansion! He greeted us at the door in swim trunks and showed us where to change. The pool was beautiful, the water just right and we had a very relaxing and comfortable day in the water and longing beside the pool with lots to eat and drink.

Before we left he invited us to come over on Friday evening, our night off, for dinner and a movie. That was even more enjoyable as he had a great home theater. Over the next month we came over 3 or 4 more evenings or afternoons all very enjoyable. By that point we were both feeling very positive and grateful toward him for the chance to enjoy these luxuries periodically.

One night as he started to select a movie he turned to us and asked if we would like to watch some “sexy films” as he phrased it. Since it was his house and we were guests we said sure and he selected a couple and started one up. It was definitely sexy, more specifically pornographic with lots of fucking and very large cocks being sucked by women with very large breasts. It was arousing though, I would have to admit, and that night when we arrive back at our little apartment we immediately fell on the bed and screwed like crazy.

From that point viewing porno movies became a regular thing and it was soon apparent that he was becoming very aroused during each one, his erection clearly visible through his snug slacks or shorts. One evening as we were watching a particularly erotic scene of a woman on her knees with two men having her mouth and pussy at the same time he turned to us and said, “I can’t take it any longer, do you mind if I masturbate?”. We looked at each other with wide eyes, and finally my wife stammered, “no, it’s ok if you need to”. “Thanks” he replied as though he had asked her to pass the salt.

He pushed down his swim trunks and his fully erect cock popped free. He was not circumcised and he pulled back the foreskin to reveal a wide purple flanged glans already glistening with pre-cum. He began to slowly stroke himself as he watched the action on screen. I glanced at my wife and saw that she had lost all focus on the movie and seemed transfixed by the sight of his cock in his hand. After a few minutes of escort vip stroking he moaned, pushed his hips forward and ejaculated a thick rope of cum that reached up to his bare mid-chest. The first was followed by 4 or 5 more jets of his thick hot semen. Although I heard a sharp uptake of breath from beside me I could not take my eyes off that amazing climax.

The next day I told her I felt we should not go back to his place again, but she said “I think it’s ok we didn’t do anything and he didn’t ask anything of us. Besides I really love the place the dinners are great and the pool is wonderful. I would hate to give it up for no reason.” I said ok but still wondered about that little gasp I heard when he came.

Over the next couple of weeks we were “treated to, exposed to, witnessed” several more times where he masturbated in from of us without seeming to be in the least affected by our watching. Although we never discussed it, it was clear we both found it highly erotic and we progressively began to watch him more openly as he stroked himself to ejaculation. One evening just after he had taken out his cock and began to idly flex it back and forth he turned to us and said “why don’t you come over and sit beside me, I have seen you both watching me so come over here and have a closer look.”

He was sitting in the middle of the couch and his voice, though not a command, was firm yet inviting. I was surprised as without even looking at me my wife moved to stand. She looked down at me and then at him and said “Okay”. She walked over and sat beside him on one side and half turned so that she was leaning against the cushions facing directly toward his swollen erect cock.

Dumbly I felt I had no choice but to follow, taking the spot on his other side. He relaxed back on the cushion and begin to stroke himself slowly at first and then with more intensity. As he neared his climax he said “It is so much more exciting with you watching” just before releasing his seed in spurt after spurt onto his chest.

Later that evening as we were approaching our car to leave, I moved to go around to the drivers side. “No” she said sharply and pulled open the door to the passenger side, “here!” I was a bit shocked by her tone but sat down in the passenger seat. She immediately straddled me, slammed the door shut and began fumbling at my zipper. “Fuck me! Fuck me now, Please!” She cried.

Freeing my now very erect cock she pulled aside her panties and immediately impaled herself on it. We coupled frantically until both of us reached one of the most powerful orgasms we had ever had together. “I was so hot, I couldn’t wait another second to have you inside me.” She panted as she collapsed against my chest. I don’t know if he was watching out his windows but if he was it would have been quite a show.

It was with some trepidation that we returned to his house a few nights later. After a nice dinner and a few drinks he took us by the hand and led us over to the couch one of us on each side of him. Still holding our hands he said “I know you enjoyed watching the other night, I could see it your eyes, there’s nothing to be afraid of or nervous about. It’s just playing around. I am going to leave it up to you whether you want to watch again. If escort rus you do, one of you should unzip me.”

We looked at each other and just as I was about to say no, biting her lower lip she slowly began to reach out her hand toward his zipper. She located it and holding his belt with her other hand slowly began to pull it down. I was dumbfounded. My wife was exposing another man’s cock so that she could watch him masturbate!

But she didn’t stop there; when the zipper was down, her hand slid inside and almost as though in a trance she slid his cock out of his pants, semi-erect and already dripping pre-cum onto her hand. Gently she sank back onto the couch still holding his huge cock in her small hand. Then she pulled back the foreskin exposing the full head of his cock causing him to give a soft moan, “Yes, yes just like that.” He encouraged as she slowly began to stroke his now fully erect member.

Her eyes were half closed as in a trance, but tightly focused on his glans as she stroked. He turned to me and said “don’t let her just go unattended, kneel between her legs and take her in your mouth. Pushing me gently off the couch in a daze, I did as he directed, pushing up her skirt and pulling aside her panties I ran my tongue along her labia and found her to be dripping wet, I began to worship and lick her pussy wildly taking her clit in my mouth and sucking it like a tiny cock until she exploded in a powerful orgasm while still holding his cock in her hand.

He had not yet cum and she was so overcome by the force of her climax that she had stopped stroking. Reaching down he took my hand and brought it to his cock over hers and said “help her out, I need release badly”. The feel of his hard cock was like touching a live wire, sending a shock through me. Before him, I had never seen another man’s erect penis. As he wrapped my fingers around it, I could feel it pulse and jerk.

“Do it like this.” My wife said as she began to come out of her stupor. Entwining her fingers in mine we began slowly stroking his throbbing penis. He was very aroused and it didn’t take him long to reach a powerful climax. The feel of his hard cock as it pulsed in my hand was electric, I could feel the hot cum coursing through his shaft and watched as it erupted from the slit in his flanged purple head into the air and finally as it ran down in streams over our two hands still encircling his thick shaft.

Lying back on the sofa, he sighed “That was incredible, the feel of both your hands on me was out of this world”. Turning to my wife he said “Someone here has not gotten any release and I’ll bet he is very much in need of it.” Without a word she pushed me over on my back (I was still kneeling between her legs) and straddled my legs. Almost ripping my cock out of my shorts she swallowed the whole length of it and began to suck me like never before.

In no time I was shooting my seed into her hungry mouth. As he watched her finally sit up he exclaimed “Ah, isn’t that better than doing it out in the cramped car.” That caused both of us to flush deeply and stammer an apology which he waved away. “It pleases me to know this excites you, don’t give it a thought. Now lets get cleaned up”

The next day was Saturday and when we arrived escort elit he was out by the pool on a lounge. We changed and joined him. After we both had a dip in the pool he motioned us over. “Sit here beside me, one on each side” he said as he slipped off this swim trunks. It was the first time I had seen his penis when it was not erect. With out saying anything he put his hands on both our shoulders and opened his legs.

My wife almost eagerly reached out and began to gently run her finger up and down the length of his flaccid penis. As she did so it began to respond, twitching and growing in size until it began to spring up where she could grasp it and pull back the foreskin. With a stroke or two the tip was oozing pre-cum.

Looking at me he breathed “Touch it”. I added my hand to hers. She had placed her hand just at the base of the flange of his cock head and his length allowed me to place mine beneath her’s easily. Together we began to slowly stroke him expressing even more pre-cum from the slit.

“It looked so good when you took him in your mouth last night, I want you to do that for me” he whispered. I drew back alarmed but she was already moving to him and quickly took the head into her mouth before I could say stop. “Don’t stop her, you can see how she wants to do this for me and she is really good at it, as you know!”he whispered.

I sank back on my heels and watched as she began to take him more deeply into the back of her throat, her lips stretched around the shaft. He was much larger than me and more than she had experienced. After letting her suck for a few minutes he gently lifted her head from his cock and holding her chin in his hand said to her “that was wonderful, you are so very good but I want to share this with both of you, If you want to continue I need him to help you.”

She turned and looked at me with a hunger, a raw need in her eyes. Reaching out she put her hand behind my neck and pulled me to her. She kissed me deeply thrusting her tongue into my mouth still wet with his scent, his taste, his pre-cum.

Breaking the kiss she moaned, “please, please, for me” and pulled me down toward his shaft. She grasped him with her other hand and positioned me as she pulled me down until my lips were touching his glans. At that point I was broken, I opened my mouth and let her pull me down over the head until his cock was fully in my mouth. “Suck him” she moaned in my ear “Suck him good, we will suck him together and take his seed together, please”.

And we did, we took turns licking and sucking his cock, licking his full firm balls. I had his cock firmly inserted into the back of my throat as he groaned. “Get ready to take it, I’m going to cum hard in your mouth.” My wife moved to take the head into her own mouth, but he said “No he needs to take it” and to me “keep it in your mouth and take it all!” Turning to her he said “help me hold his head and make sure he takes my whole load!”

With that he thrust his hips forward, his cock going deep into the back of my throat as I felt the first gush of hot sticky salty man seed fill my mouth. Spurt after spurt of his hot semen followed as the two of them held me firmly on his cock forcing me to swallow his cum load. When he had finally finished and collapsed back on the chaise she pulled his cock from my mouth and stroked and drained the last of his cum into her own before giving me a deep and long kiss, the two of us sharing his cum between us while he watched with satisfaction.

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