Housewives Fur Club Ch. 02

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

This story cannot be posted or reused elsewhere without the permission of this Author.


Fred is over to the shop fairly early Saturday. Gennie is there early as well to meet Frank Brewster. They start by looking him up on the Internet. He looks like a successful Architect with a lot of buildings they know about. He has a medium sized office in a nice location close by.

It’s half an hour before opening so Fred slips his cock up her skirt as they are in the back part of the shop. She’s wrapped in a big Lynx coat and he’s in a very large Beaver coat. Mixed in with furs hanging in a rack they hump-fuck like crazy as they look out through the store and watch folks go by on the street. They are both thrilled with the experience as they orgasm to a beautiful lady standing just outside looking at the big Sable in the window. She’s secretly fondling her breasts as she smiles at the lush Sable. Gennie and Fred can’t keep their hands off each other or his cock out of her pussy. Gennie is thoroughly addicted to Fred’s cock inside her anytime anywhere.

They stop a few minutes before and clean up. Then get the shop opened.

No sooner than the door is unlocked when Frank comes in with a big smile.

“You two sure have big smiles of satisfaction for so early in the morning?”

“Figured us out.” Fred says.

“Get all the coitus you can in furs as early as you can I say.”

“Wow Mr. Brewster .. you sure live up to your name.” he breaks out laughing.

“You really are smart, girl. So you implied that there are errant and wanting married women wandering in and out of this shop?”

“Kind of .. yes. Not something we want to advertise in the yellow pages but we think you might deserve a break. Some of the women are definitely on the prowl.” Fred says.

“Beats pick-ups in the bar scene. No question about furs.”

“So what kinds of furs would you like Mr. Brewster?”

“Call me Frank. I think a nice great coat or overcoat in Mink for starters. Something good for business and I can wear for social entertainment.”

“We actually have a few in stock like that. Hope we have a fit.”

Gennie leads him over to the men’s rack and pulls out a Blackglama and Whiskey Mink overcoats for him to try on. The Blackglama fits … “I look like a Gangster.”

Then he tries on the Whiskey Mink. It’s a bit too big but … “This I like! Got the Aussie Duster Riding coat look.”

“You look fantastic in that coat mister .. the woman in the window from earlier says .. You should get it.”

“Think so?”

“I know so.”

“How about a Silver Fox Frank?” Gennie says .. holding up a magnificent huge and over sized Fox great coat.

The woman takes it from Gennie and holds it up for Frank. Gennie takes the Whiskey Mink and drapes it over the couch.

“Don’t be too modest …. Frank.” as she slips it on him with a coy smile.

“So you like me in this coat?”

“Well .. I like you in both but this one is so incredibly sexy .. well you must get it.”

Gennie and Fred are smiling big while the two grown ups seduce each other.

“Would you like the Sable in the window ma am?” Fred says as he pulls it off the mannequin and comes over to her.

She willingly lowers her arms to slip into the huge Sable and exhales softly as she slips into it. “My god this is more incredible than I thought it would be!”

“You’re magnificent wearing that coat ma ma.” Frank says.

“My god … my husband would kill me!”

“I certainly would do nothing of the like with you in that fur ma am.” Frank says with a very lecherous grin. The woman blushes beet red and sighs softly.

“Really? You really do like me in this coat?”

“Do you really like me in this coat?” as Frank runs his hands down the thick Silver Fox fur.”

“My god YES!” as they approach each other and run their hands through the others fur.

“I’d even buy it for you if you promised to wear it on … special occasions.” and she blushes deeply again but continues stroking Frank’s Silver Fox.

Gennie and Fred are hugging and stroking each other’s furs as well .. watching the two grown ups seduce each other.

“You don’t care that I’m married?”

“Not at all. Marriage is a state of mind.”

“You’re right. But where could we meet?”

“Is your husband about to come here?”

“No way!”

“We have a very nice room you two could go up to for further conversations.” Gennie says.

The two look at Gennie and Fred hugging and stroking each other’s furs.

“Really? The owner wouldn’t mind?” the woman says.

“Oh no ma am. You are very welcome to use it.” Fred nişantaşı escort says.

The woman is quickly going up the stairs as Frank looks back at the two with a wink.

Frank and Mary get upstairs and are overwhelmed with the furry welcome and are both nude in their furs in a heartbeat.

“You would think they have this specially prepared for us?” Mary says as Frank pushes her so willingly back into the mountain of furs on the huge fucking couch.

“You would think so … wouldn’t you as she moans with his stiff cock plunging deep into her wanting womb. She … he are in no mood for finesse at this point. They want to screw in furs together in the worst … best way and they have been quite literally pushed into them. They screw with a mission. Mary has been craving good sex for over a year now. Her nearly impotent husband has avoided her. She’s in no mood to put up with his antics anymore.

Gennie and Fred peek up into the studio and see the wildest sex yet. Frank is making Mary into his fur/sex slave for certain. Mary is totally his.

While Frank and Mary are screwing to their hearts content Gennie makes several sales. It’s like the sexual activity has supercharged the shop with customers setting a record for Saturday sales. From an older woman to a classmate of Gennie’s.

Crystal gets a Crystal Fox jacket when she found there was a fur named after her. She’s a perky and sexy petite blond bound on getting screwed in her fur.

Frank and Mary finally come down and sheepishly Mary says she would like to come back in a few days. Frank puts out his card and buys the Mink and Fox for himself and has us put the Sable on hold for Mary to make up her mind. This he asks in confidence.

Martha stops by later in the afternoon close to closing. Gennie tells her of her sales success but not of the upstairs tryst between Frank and Mary. She expects Gennie and fred to stay late after closing and screw themselves into mindless oblivion.


Ben runs into Gennie at school Monday morning just as Fred comes by. The guys are wearing their new Mink/Leather jackets and Gennie is wearing a short hooded Fitch chubby.

“Hey guys .. lookin’ good in your furs.”

“My oh my Gennie! Martha lets you ..?”

“Oh yeah. Job perk.” just as Crystal comes by wearing her Fox jacket.

“My oh my! The fur squad meeting. I didn’t get an advance notice.”

Some other students are walking by with curious looks at their classmates in furs. Some of the girls have very envious looks. One of Crystal’s current admirers stops.

“Say Crystal .. love the fur! Get together soon?”

“Sure Greg.” and she walks off with him.

“Wonder if we can get anymore students interested in furs?” Ben asks.

“Maybe.” Gennie says as the class bell rings.

“See you later.” Fred says.

Ben stops by Monday after school expecting the store to be open. Only by chance and the desires of Gennie and Fred to screw was there anyone in.

Letting him in .. “I didn’t know you were close Monday?”

“Yeah. We need some time off.” Gennie says with a big grin.

A woman walking by sees them in the shop and tries to come in. Gennie lets her in.

“We’re closed but since we’re here you can come in and look around if you want to.”

Ben is playing with furs further back in the shop when the woman spots him. Seeing a young guy playing with the furs suddenly excites her for some unexplained reason and she walks back where he is. Gennie and Fred are playing with each other and kissing which certainly gives sexual spice to the scene.

“You like furs young man?” she asks.

“Uh .. yeah! .. in surprise .. You like furs?”

“I never thought about it till I walked by and noticed the new shop .. but yeah .. I think I do. They are so soft and sensual .. aren’t they?” smiling sweetly.

“Yeah.” .. as he aggressively fur fondles her over her thin sweater covered body.

The woman softly sighs and returns the fur fondling almost like a pillow fight .. flinging furs at Ben, then he starts to wrestle with her. They’re giggling and laughing as they more wantonly fur fondle each other. They are soon in an embrace and kissing.

This progresses rapidly to more passionate kisses and wilder fur fondling with her sweater opening up and her braless tits are getting fur fondled generously by Ben. Ben pushes her back in the fur racks and has her skirt up with furs pushed up her thighs. She’s moaning and writhing around in the furs with his assault. She’s making no protests at all as Gennie and Fred look on while hugging each other.

She’s unbuckling Ben’s belt and pushing his pants down as he gropes her wonderful tits. When his shorts drop she gasps then moans loudly as Ben’s stiff cock thrusts up deep into her womb. He fucks her vigorously against the furs as she grasps them tight to her naked tits and moans with his ejaculations in her orgasm. Ben is ruthless with his assault and she orgasms repeatedly.

Gennie and Fred launch into their own fucking frenzy in the fur racks close by. kağıthane escort Fred has Gennie face into the furs.

Ben relents and is quickly pulled back in the furs with the woman’s grip in his long hair. She’s kissing him passionately. Ben turns her and thrusts back into her from behind into her dripping pussy. She orgasms more with his renewed onslaught as she is smothered in the furs to her delight.

All finally relent and fumble with their clothes.

“Do you folks play in the furs like this all the time?”

“Pretty much.” Gennie replies.

“Can I come by and play some more with you?” she says with a pleading look.

“Ben can make you happy as often as you would like ma am.” Fred says.

“How about it Ben.” gripping his long hair and pushing him back in the furs again.

“I’m here to please ma am.” gripping her tits with furs.

“You make my husband look like a lame amateur.” kissing Ben more passionately deeper in the furs.

“You really must need lots of loving ma am.”

“Oh god I do. Doing it in furs like this is incredible.”

“What’s your name ma am?” Gennie asks.

“Mimi. I would like to buy a fur. What would you recommend?”

“What do you want it for or where to wear it?”

“Aside from wanting to fuck in furs I would like one to remind me of making love in furs and make me happy. Something I can wear anywhere anytime.”

“A fur lined coat for sure. We have a poplin raincoat with a Lynx lining I’m sure you’ll go crazy over.”

She pulls out a hooded beauty and slips it on her. She embraces herself like a lover.

“I’ll wear it now please.” and hands Gennie her card.

Gennie boxes the coat she was wearing and finishes the sale. Mimi leaves with a very satisfied smile.

“Fred!!! This is making me a lot of money! I’ll share since you guys have certainly helped me sell. Like the ultimate fur sales team. I’ll get Martha to put you guys on as salesmen.”

“What can I say. Sex sells furs!” Fred says with a big grin.


Connie had called Gennie asking if Bob would be over anytime soon. Gennie said she would make sure he knew to be at the shop Tuesday afternoon.

They both show within minutes of each other Tuesday afternoon.

Martha is off at ‘lunch’ with Wanda so the upstairs room is vacant. Fred is at the shop to keep Gennie company as usual.

Connie and Bob go upstairs without preliminaries and screw like two wild Minks for over an hour.

Half hour later another woman comes in who wants a comfort fur as Gennie and Fred refer to them now. Gennie has her trying on a wide variety of furs with Fred making the occasional comment. With Fred’s remarks on her sensual appearance she’s getting very worked up sexually.

They are sitting around the table drinking coffee for a brief break in the routine when Connie comes down the stairs with a small Chinchilla chubby she wants. Gennie rings her up and she leaves with a very big and satisfied smile.

“So there are more furs upstairs?” the new customer asks.

“Why yes there are. Would you like to go up and look for yourself?”

“Certainly.” and she goes up the narrow winding stairs.

As Debbie gets near the top of the stairs she can see in the studio and Bob wrapped in furs on the couch. It’s not clear the degree of dress he is in so she ventures up and into the room. Her curiosity and sexually hyper state has her looking for sex.

“What would you like to see ma am?”

“The sales girl said there are furs for me to see up here as well.”

“Most certainly … and much more. You can see the furs all around. Why don’t you pick several and try them on. I’ll help you in any way I can.”

The space is so small that seeing all the furs can happen from one spot in front of the couch which is where she stands. Bob is handing furs up to her from the couch she can’t easily reach like the ones hanging behind the couch. She turns around to get more hanging behind her and over near the door to the deck. She pauses to look out on the very fine plants in the deck greenhouse.

“This is such an incredibly fine place. So relaxing and sensual.”

“Yes ma am. Care to sit and look from here?” stroking the furs beside him on the couch.

“Oh thank you .. I believe I will.” as she reclines, sinking deep into the soft and thick furs.

“How about this fur ma am.” stroking her with a big Sable coat, pushing it up around her face and over her shoulders.

Debbie has a sensual rush with the fur’s softness.

“Oh my … it’s so wonderful.” as she pulls it closer to her face while Bob runs his hands over the Sable and pushes it over her tits. Debbie moans softly to his forward behavior. She doesn’t recoil but sighs and pulls more on the Sable.

“Would you like to feel the fur more directly on your skin ma am?” as he begins unbuttoning her sweater without her protest and soft sigh.

She looks somewhat in amazement at the young guy putting the make on her. She knows her mind says this should not be happening but she’s powerless to stop osmanbey escort him. It’s like she’s a teenager and she’s being seduced for the very first time. The thrill is just too precious and exciting … exciting in ways she’s not experienced in a very long time. Certainly never with her husband. He’s so young it’s not like she’s being unfaithful she rationalizes to herself. She’s certainly not going to leave her husband for this young guy!

Her hands are like remote control as she slips her skirt off as Bob unfastens her bra. Her breasts pop out like from a Jack-in-the-Box and he sucks her nipples so delicately and almost politely …. it’s such an incredible rush! Such a delicate seduction. The furs are caressing her naked body so wonderfully and softly she’s rising to such a super excited sexual state she just has to have this guy fuck the hell out of her.

“Oh please fuck me …PLLEEEAASE?”

“Of course I will ma am.” and Bob softly fur fondles her as he lays her back in the couch furs and straddles her hips. His stiff cock slips from the furs and Debbie gasps with what she sees. She realizes she’s getting screwed like never before. Bob is more than twice the size of her husband!

Bob thrusts his full cock to her cervix as she’s filled like never before. Her thrill of intercourse is way more than she could ever have expected with Bob pumping his big tool deeper and deeper into her throbbing pussy. She orgasms instantly with the most powerful of her life. She shakes violently while gripping his hips tight to her crotch. Bob is humping her with powerful and long strokes. Debbie nearly looses consciousness in her excitement. She is swearing to be back for much more as Bob jettisons a gallon of cum deep into her womb. The loving warmth and passion is overwhelming for her.

Bob finally relents to her disappointment. Debbie wants it to last for an eternity yet it’s lasted far longer than the longest of her husband’s efforts and Bob is still softly fur fondling her, kissing her body which twitches to his kiss. She’s never experienced such loving passions or loving attention. Her afterglow is incredible.

Bob helps her dress and choose a fur.

She wanders down to Gennie in a haze of sexual gratification.

“I’ll take this fur and make sure you add a fur for Bob on my card. I’ll be back for more … furs.”

“Yes ma am .. I will. I hope you got more than you came for.” with her sweetest smile

“I certainly did.” with the most sensual smile to Gennie and Fred as she leaves.

Not long after Debbie leaves Martha and Wanda come in. Bob is downstairs and fully dressed to leave.

“Hi there. Who are you.” Martha says coming in.

“Martha .. this is Bob and this is Wanda, Bob. Too bad you’re leaving. I think Martha and Wanda would like you to come back soon.”

“Nice to meet you ma am. I’ll come back real soon. I had a lot of fun here today.” smiling as he leaves.

“You missed a choice guy today Martha. The good news are the two repeat customers he’s created for us. Connie and Debbie. Here are their receipts.”

“WOW girl!! You’re going to make a success of this shop despite myself. What would you like as a perk?”

“What about you Fred? A big flat screen for upstairs?”

“That sounds like a great idea sweet.”

“Go ahead and order it on the shop account. You two certainly deserve your evenings here alone.”


Frank shows on Wednesday and no sooner than he gets there when Mary comes in.

“Hi Frank.” and goes over to him as they both select two new furs. She a very full Norwegian Blue Fox and him a mammoth Red Fox. Almost without speaking they go up the stairs and don’t show back for well over an hour. They are hugging and kissing while talking to Gennie over purchasing the two furs.

“Did they fit properly?” Gennie asks humorously.

“Say Fred .. would you like to come by my office sometime and chat about Architecture? Maybe as a professional choice?”

“I’d love to Mr. Brewster.”

Bob comes by just about the time Martha and Wanda come in. Fred had given him a heads up to show.

“Well Bob. I hope you are not too tired today?”

“No ma am. I’m feeling quite fit today. Would like to try on a few furs Debbie wants me to have one.”

“Let me help you pick a nice one. If you don’t like what you see we can always get one made special. I’m sure you deserve that.”

Martha and Bob go about trying on different furs for fit, style and type of fur. Gennie and Fred can tell Bob has Martha right where she wants to be .. in the back corner getting poled in the fur racks. She’s discovering the thrill of getting it in the shop while she’s open for business .. so to speak. Wanda is watching and waiting her turn. With a full length fur on Bob and Martha he’s most discretely fucking Martha crazy.

They do decide to take it upstairs and none too soon since a new customer comes in. She’s a drop-dead-gorgeous blond and clearly quite sad. Another comfort fur case.

Gennie approaches her in her most friendly manner.

“Hi ma am. What can I do for you?”

“Make me happy.”

“Oh lordy. I can do many things but I can’t do that for you .. at least not right now. My happy guy for you isn’t here right now but I can get you a fur that will help in the mean time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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