Holly Ch. 04


All characters are at least eighteen years old. Thanks go out to musicloverxo91 and boheminxen for their editorial assistance.


Billy pouted and said, “Alright, if that’s the only offer on the table.” Of course he was smiling then as he lay back on the mattress so she could go to work. As usual Holly did an excellent job. They got dressed and started for Holly’s house.

“How would you like to go on a picnic in the country tomorrow?”

“That sound like a great idea! What do you want me to bring?”

“Nothing, I’ve got everything covered. You could wear that cute yellow sundress.”

“Are you trying to seduce me, mister?” she replied with a mock sense of offense.

“I already did for the most part and I will say you look better without clothes. I love your perky breasts and the mound concealed under that trimmed dark hair.”

“Why thank you kind sir. You don’t look too shabby in the buff yourself. I will probably dream about you nude tonight.”

“I always have about you, but tonight I have the complete picture. Here is your mint, I almost forgot.”

They walked to the door, kissed and Holly went inside.

“Hi Mom and Dad, I’m home.”

“How was your date?”

“Terrific. We saw a lot of cool, neat cars. I’m always amazed at how much dedication, money and work these people put into restoring and/or customizing those cars. Anyway, Billy and I are going on a picnic tomorrow.”

“I thought you have a date tomorrow night?”

“We do, but decided to make it a day/night double header.”

“Sounds like fun, but don’t overdo it.”

“Stay out of trouble,” her father added.

“Alright, see you in the morning.” Holly went upstairs to her room. She started taking off her clothes as soon as she got into her room. Her panties were soaked and her breasts felt a little tender. She went over to the mirror and saw they were a little red. ‘Billy got a little carried away tonight and I liked it, but I can’t believe I let him go as far as I did. Although; I have to admit I really enjoyed him going down on me. I didn’t think I would like anyone giving me a lick job, but he really knows how to eat pussy. I think I now know what an orgasm feels like and I like it very much.’ She went into the shower and went to bed to see if she would dream about Billy naked.

As soon as Billy got home he called Benji and was surprised he got him. “Hey what are you doing at home, I thought you and Mary Ann had a date?”

“We did, but she was a complete bitch tonight for some unknown reason. We agreed that we weren’t having, nor would we have, any fun under the circumstances, so we cut the date short. What’s up?”

“You know the plan I discussed with you the other day when I showed you the clearing?”

“How could I forget? I was amazed you were even thinking of it. Is this about that?”

“Yep, I want to put it into action. Got past third tonight and want to see if I can score tomorrow either at the picnic or later in the van. Are you still available?”

“Of course, what time?”

“She doesn’t know your car so park down the street from my house around eleven. When I bring her back in the van, you take off and get set up. If I don’t have a shirt on when we come into the clearing, start recording. If not, wait to see if anything starts after we eat and then record. Make sure you have something to eat and drink.”

“I will and good luck.”


The next morning Holly woke with a smile on her face as she did dream of Billy. She looked at the clock and realized she better get a move on. She got in the shower, dried her hair and got dressed in record time for her. She went downstairs, “Hi, Mom. I only want a glass of juice and one piece of toast so I will fix it.” She went about her tasks.

“What time is Billy picking you up?” her mother asked.

“In a few minutes, I knew I should have set the alarm. Normally I would have woken earlier, but I think all the events of the last week have caught up to me. Anyway Billy is going be to be surprised that I am ready for a change,” she said with a chuckle.

Just then the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” Mom she said, as she went toward the door. When she opened it, Billy’s jaw dropped. “I wish I had a camera right now. You wouldn’t believe how you look.”

“Let me pinch myself as I must still be dreaming. This can’t be the girl who is never on time for anything.” as he kissed her. ” Are you ready for our picnic?”

“Yes are you sure there is nothing I can bring?”

“You are bringing the only thing I want, you.”

“You sure know how to please a girl. See you later Mom,” she said as she went out the door.

Billy noticed she had on the sun dress he suggested. ‘I think this may work,’ he thought as he held the door for her. “The next part is going to be tricky.”

Billy drove over to his house and pulled in the drive by his motorcycle. “I thought we would take the bike since it is such a nice day.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I could have worn shorts.” Anadolu Yakası Escort “You’ve bee n on the bike with a mini skirt.”

“Yes, but that wasn’t planned.”

“It wasn’t?” Billy said with a smile.

“It wasn’t on my part at least,” Holly said with a smile. “Did you plan it?”

“I’ll take the fifth on that. Although, if I recall you said you enjoyed the ride and wanted another.”

“I do, but not necessarily in a short dress.”

“You also said it was sort of arousing and there was evidence of that condition.”

Holly remembered the feeling she got between her legs and realized she really did like the sensation. “You have me there counselor, the evidence speaks for itself. I plead guilty,” she said with a smile and bow.

“That is what I thought you would eventually say. There is a reason I asked you to wear that dress in that I think you will get a better feeling if you take your panties off and ride with your bare pussy on the seat.” As he said this Billy reached under the hem of her dress to the waistband of her panties.

“Billy what are you doing? You can’t just take a girl’s panties off!”

“I don’t see why not. You are my girl and I have not only seen, but have eaten out your sweet pussy until you had an orgasm. If you want to take them off that is fine with me.”

“I haven’t said I want to.”

“Do you?”

Holly thought about it and realized he had made some good points, points she couldn’t refute. “Alright, you can take them off, but where are you going to put them? I don’t plan on going all afternoon without any panties.”

“Relax, I will put them in the saddle compartment and take them to the picnic site. You can put them on any time you want then.” He leaned back down and reached up to the waistband pulling them down her legs and over her flip flops. She raised each leg separately to permit him to remove them. During this Billy got a look at her pussy, ‘That is one fine snatch and looks better in daylight,’ he thought. ‘Now for the hard part.’

He took holly in his arms and kissed her deeply moving his hands around her back. When she had responded by kissing him with enthusiasm, he squeezed the hooks and released the bra.

“Now what are you doing?”

“Why don’t we see if not having a bra on arouses you more as there will be less material between your breasts and my back when you are holding on and they are pressed into me.”

Again she thought for a moment, “Okay. But how are you going to get my bra off, Einstein? If you think I’m going to take my dress off in the middle of your driveway, you are crazy.”

“Not to worry little lady,” Billy said as he reached under the right sleeve and pulled the strap down her arm and off. He repeated with the other arm and pulled the bra out of the sleeve. Holly gasped as the material scraped across her nipples causing a reaction. Billy noticed her reaction, ‘This is going better than I hoped.’ Billy stowed the bra and panties.

“Now you can get on the bike.” Holly took a hold of his hand, lifted her leg up and over the seat giving Billy another twat shot. Billy mounted up, started the engine and gave it gas to rev up the engine several times.

Holly felt the vibrations, ‘It is more intense than last time,’she thought,’I think I’m going to enjoy this.’ Billy started slowly down the street and then pulled in the clutch, gunned the engine and popped the clutch. The front wheel came off the ground; Holly screamed and pulled herself hard against him pushing her breasts into his back, just as Billy planned.

There were no more incidents on the ride into the country when Billy pulled off onto a small parking area and dismounted.. “Are you enjoying the ride?”

“Except for the wheelie I wasn’t expecting, yes more than I realized.”

“Is there much of a difference between with panties and without?”

“There sure is, I hope your bike is rustproof!” she said with a ear to ear grin. “Thanks for insisting on this.”

“There is one more thing that I think you will appreciate.”

“What, may I ask?” Although she had an idea and was not adverse to it as good as she felt.

Billy pulled his T-shirt off and said, “Take your dress off.”

“Take my dress off, then I will be nude. Someone will see me on the bike.”

“No one will see you as your front will be concealed by my back. So if any one comes from the front direction, they won’t even know anything until they are past. We are only going about a mile down the road and thee is very little traffic. So what do you say?”

“Are you going to take your pants off?”

“No then anyone approaching will realize what is going on and look possibly causing an accident. A male being without a shirt on a motorcycle is not unusual.”

“Makes sense, and I want to try it,” she said as she reached for the hem and pulled the dress off her body. Billy took the dress remounted and laid it in his lap crimping it under his leg. One to keep it from blowing off and two to hide the woodie Kadıköy Escort he had from seeing Holly’s naked body in daylight.

When he started and revved the engine, it seemed to Holly that the vibrations were more intense. Her bare breasts pressed into Billy’s naked back also felt great as well as arousing. ‘In fact everything about this adventure has been arousing, what a way to picnic,’ she thought.

‘Damn, her tits pushing into my back feel great,’ thought Billy.

Just then a pickup truck was approaching them and Holly grabbed him harder resulting in her breasts flattening into his back. As he told her the truck went past and continued on and Holly relaxed a little. No other vehicle approached from either direction and Billy slowed and turned off onto a narrow path. Holly hadn’t seen it until they turned. He drove in about fifty yards into a small clearing capable of holding five motorcycles, stopped and killed the engine after a final turn of the gas sending on last charge of vibration through Holly’s pussy.

He dismounted helping Holly to do the same. He kissed her pulling her into him and he enjoyed the feeling of her breasts against is chest. Soon he broke the clinch, turned to the storage bins, removing the picnic items as well as Holly’s panties and bra. When he turned he admired her naked form, firm, high breasts, flat stomach and a dark furry triangle nestled between her legs hiding her sex.

“Follow me,” Billy said as he started down a narrow path that after about twenty yards opened into a much larger clearing surrounded by huge trees and high bushes.

Billy went over under a tall tree put down the containers with their food and drinks and spread the blanket out flat. The position of the blanket provided the right amount of light. He turned to Holly holding out her clothes, “You can put your clothes back on now.”

She took them laid them down next to the blanket, turned and stretched her arms toward the sky giving him a complete view of her body with the sunlight shining on her front, “I think I will wait a while, but I have too many clothes on and you need to get out of yours. You’ve had my body to view so don’t you think it is time I get the same?” Holly sat down on the blanket to remove her flip flops and watched Billy get his clothes off faster than she would ever have thought possible.

Across the clearing Benji was busy on the deer stand. He had mounted the camera on a tripod for stability. He had been there about 15 minutes when they arrived. When Billy appeared shirtless he got busy with the camera. When Holly appeared, he gasped at her beauty as he panned up and down her magnificent body. He made sure to linger on her breasts and snatch. He then settled in for the duration.

Once his briefs hit the ground Holly said, “Come over here, stud.” Like in a trance Billy did as she directed and when he got in arms reach she grabbed his dick and pulled him close. She took each ball in her mouth individually gently sucking on each one as she pumped his cock. She then licked her way to the tip and slipped her mouth over the tip slowly going down the shaft sucking and massaging with her tongue. She went back to the tip tonguing his tip slit and rapidly going down the shaft until the whole had disappeared into her. When she came back up she went off, lay on her back telling him, “Come on down, I’m ready for you and I think you are ready for me.”

Billy lay down beside her, took her in his arms, kissed her and his hands started discovering her body again. When he got to her pussy he discovered she was wetter than he had ever felt. “Baby, you are so wet. I think the motorcycle ride agreed with you.”

Breathing hard, Holly said, “Yes it did. I’ve never felt like this before and I want you inside me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, right now!” she panted.

Billy moved over her positioning himself between her legs. He used his legs to spread hers more and brought his dick into contact with her sex. He slid it up her crack bumping her clit ad getting a jolt out of her. He made several similar passes drawing moans from Holly and she started raising and lowering her hips in concert with him.

“OOOOOH, Baby, Now!”

Billy placed his cock between her lips with the tip against her hymen. “Last chance, sweetheart, this will hurt so are you sure?”

“Yes, take me Billy!”

With that Billy plunged forward busting through her maidenhead.

“ARRRRG,” Holly screamed. “It hurts, Billy, stop.” Billy stopped with a little less than two inched inside her. ‘She is so tight. I will wait a while to let the pain subside,’ he thought.

“Holly, it’s okay, honey. I will wait until you tell me you are ready.”

‘She is so tight, I hope she is ready soon or I may shoot my wad in her and embarrass myself in her no less. When she says to proceed I will slowly and gently. I thank my father for his talk with me about sex. He said if I was ever honored to take a girl’s virginity to do it quickly and then go slow to make it Ataşehir Escort less traumatic for her.’ He patiently waited by kissing her gently and licking her tears from her face. “It’s going to be alright Holly, trust me.”

“I don’t feel like it will be alright right now,” she said with a weak try at a smile. “You may as well finish what you started as I think it is going to hurt for a while.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you anymore.” “Yes go on and finish fucking me. Don’t worry how I feel because other girls say they didn’t enjoy their first time.”

Billy then slowly pushed his cock into her honey hole. It was slow going due to her tightness. Finally he reached bottom with his cock fully inserted and their pubic hairs entwined. Billy then slowly withdrew until only the tip remained inside and slowly reinserted to the full depth. He continued in this manner until he felt his spunk starting to rise when he thrust a little faster knowing he was going to cum. Holly was moaning and trying to move her hips a little when he made a final thrust and exploded his load deep into her. He collapsed on her with her breasts flatten against his chest. He lay like that until his breathing started to slow down when he withdrew. He saw her blood on his cock and then red tinged cum started flowing out of her cunt. He took her into his arms, hugging her and said, “Thank you for giving me the honor of being your first.”

“You’re welcome, but you have a unique way of seducing a girl. I guess I am no longer the Ice Queen as you have completely thawed me out.”

“Not completely, I have to make you cum with my dick before I can declare the Ice Queen dead. Now do you feel like eating? Remember that is what we came up here for.”

“Yes, I’m famished. But I don’t think eating was the only mission you had in mind and I can safely say ‘Mission Accomplished!”

Billy laughed and handed her a wet wipe to clean her pussy up while he got the sandwiches and salads ready. “Lunch is served fair damsel. Do you want to dress for dinner?”

“I think this is perfectly fine. I’ve never eaten in the nude before.”

They ate leisurely talking about the last week of school, going to college and plans for the summer. Billy put the trash in the bag as he would throw it out when he got home. “Are you ready to go?”

“Could we try it again before we leave? I want to see if it is any better.”

“Your wish is my command,” Billy replied reaching for her. It didn’t take long until he was deep inside her slowly moving in and out. ‘Damn, is she tight? I’ve never been in a tighter pussy, but then again I’ve never fucked a virgin before,’ he thought;

He realized he would need to speed up his thrusts if possible or they could be there all afternoon — although, that wouldn’t be all bad. “How are you doing, Baby?”

“It still hurts, but not as much and I think I am feeling something.”

“Here’s the deal, I’m going to start thrusting a little faster. You let me know if it gets uncomfortable and I will slow down. If not we will see what happens.”

“Okay, go for it.”

Billy started moving in and out at a faster pace. Holly moaned and started matching his thrusts with her own. Soon they were both in the throes of passion. Holly screamed “AAAAAH.” I’m Cumming. And her cunt muscles started squeezing his cock causing Billy to yell out “Here it comes!” as he exploded into her collapsing onto her.

He kissed her saying, “If I didn’t know better, I think that was a little better for you. In fact I think you may have had a small orgasm.”

“Right on both counts, now I think we better get dressed so you can get some rest.”

“Why do I need to rest?” he said with a grin.

“Because tonight I am going to fuck you silly, there are some things the girls have mentioned I want to try.”

“Such as what?”

“You’ll have to wait to find out. You might need Viagra when I’m done with you. Now where are my clothes because there is no way I’m riding back to town on the buff.”

They got dressed, stowed the gear on the motor cycle, mounted up and started leisurely back to Billy’s house to get the van to avoid any possible questions from her parents.

Billy dropped her off in the van.” I’m taking you to The Great Steakhouse for dinner.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“After what you gave me, it still isn’t enough. Pick you up at 6?”

“Sounds good to me, I know what to wear.”

“You’ll still be late.”

She stuck her tongue out at him, kissed him and said, “Don’t be late.”

“See you later.”

Benji shut down the camera, put it in the bag, gathered the other items and ran across the clearing. He reached up in the trees removing two miniature microphones they had installed. He then returned to his Jeep with the items and went home. As he pulled into the drive, Billy pulled up at the curb.

“How did it go?” Billy asked.

“Great. She is a real fox. Too bad the Ice Queen is dead.”

“True, but she is going to go from freezing to torrid. She has already warned me.”

“Here’s the camera, I left the video in it. I thought you might want to view it.”

“Naw, I’ll wait until tomorrow. I have to get ready for our date.”

“You have a date tonight? Man, are you going to be pussy whipped!”

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