Highly Sexual


**Thanks for reading my story! This is a deviation from the type of story I usually submit, but I can’t turn down a dare. =)

So, here it is…Enjoy! Please take a moment to vote or leave comments and let me know what you think. And again, thanks for stopping by!


I looked over at my brother through the haze of cigarette and pot smoke that hung thickly in the air. His glassy eyes looked through me and then focused, and he offered a goofy grin. I smiled and got up and walked over to him, flopping down on the cozy, beat up sofa beside him. He put his arm around me and I leaned into him.

“We should get high more often…this night was the best,” he said.

He began to twirl a stray strand of my long dark hair as he talked. He had always loved hair…to the point of collecting it from brushes when he was three so he would always have someone’s hair available to play with. Weird little kid.

“It was the best. It was one of those…’the stars were perfectly aligned’ kinda nights…” I giggled.

I felt his chest rumble with a deep chuckle as he answered me. “Mmm…stars don’t align often, Sis.”

“Exactly. That’s why we can’t get high all the time,” I mused. “I like what you came up with tonight…you’ve got a couple of great songs to work with here,” I passed the joint to him as we talked.

“Eh…I’ll see how it sounds when I’m sober,” he giggled…puff, pass.

“You…you giggle like a girl…when you’re stoned,” I taunted…puff, pass.

He hit me in the shoulder, “Shut up! You may be my big sister, but I’m bigger than you and can kick your ass.” Puff…pass.

“Yeah, yeah. What time is Amy coming over?” I asked, then put the joint out.

“Later. Dunno. Hour maybe. You stayin?”

“For a while,” I reached over and cranked up the stereo. Tyler lit a cigarette and we began to pass that instead of the joint.

I don’t know how long we sat there…couldn’t even venture a guess. It had been ages since I had gotten high and I relished the experience of closing my eyes and spinning into oblivion. The music washed over me and then flowed through me. It was almost as if it was cleansing my soul…and I found my thoughts riding the music. They wandered around in my head not quite forming coherent thoughts yet making perfect sense. And in the midst of that, I remembered what I missed most about not getting high anymore. It was this moment…when my thoughts were tumbling out of control and all I could do was feel the music…that moment when I experienced perfect clarity.

Maybe it was just a natural progression of thoughts. Maybe it was feeling him warm and solid beside me. Maybe it was the feel of my hair being twirled around and around. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been laid in weeks…I really don’t know. But, in the next few minutes a taunting conversation began an instant replay in my mind.

It all began with a phone conversation earlier in the day.

“Well, it looks like an incest kinda night,” David laughed into the phone.

“Are you kidding me? I thought that cousin thing was a one time deal. Besides, doesn’t she live out of town?” He never ceased to amaze me with his sexual escapades.

“Well, it WAS a one time thing til she came back for spring break…what can I say, she can’t get enough of me.” Ahhh, the gloating begins.

“Yeah, well…have a great time and spare me the details… well, unless it’s too hot to keep to yourself,” I laughed.

“No details for you…I can hear the condemnation in your voice. You think I’m sick,” he tried to sound hurt.

“I’ve always thought you were sick, Dave. It has nothing to do with your incest laden habits.”

“You wouldn’t do it?” he asked, almost sounding incredulous.

“What? Screw your hot cousin? Sure, hon, bring her on,” I chuckled into the phone.

“No, not her. Well, maybe sometime, that would be hot….you would do that? But no, stop changing the subject. I mean one of YOUR cousins…or an uncle. Hell, your brother?” he sounded hopeful.

“Umm…no. Can’t say I have a burning desire to seduce my brother.”

“Well, fine. But you don’t know what you’re missing. yalova escort But seriously, Sam, aren’t you meeting Tyler tonight? I saw him earlier and happen to know he’s holding a major stash.”

“So? It’s probably for tonight…I’m helping him with the lyrics on a couple of songs.” Tyler had asked me if I would get high with him if he had the goods. He didn’t like being high alone. Hell, who does?

“That’s right,” Dave said smugly. “Tonight. You. Brother. Stoned. Incest. C’mon, Sam…go for it!”

I rolled my eyes. “Have fun, Dave.” I hung up on him.

But not before I heard him. “I dare ya, Sammie.”


It was the echo of David’s dare, and the word “bastard” that was rolling around in my head when I began to ponder the idea. Not consciously, of course…but in the way that when you’re stoned, things become so very profound.

Tyler held his cigarette over for me to take. I leaned over and took a hit without taking it from his hand. As I leaned forward, I felt him tug on my hair pulling me back down. “I’m comfortable, Sis. Don’t move.”

Don’t move…don’t move…don’t move…around and around in my head. I closed my eyes feeling him twirl my hair. Every ounce of my being became wrapped up in the sensation of my hair twirling around his finger. With every soft tug, I felt a thousand tingles radiate from that spot on my scalp and run down my spine…all over my body. And, the longer this went on…ten seconds…ten minutes…I don’t know…but, the longer it went on, the more aware I became of an ache growing between my legs.

Slowly, I became aware of my hand on his knee, rubbing gently. I held my breath trying to gauge his reaction. I heard him sigh and felt him relax further into the sofa. I saw the cigarette teeter in his hand and reached for it, taking one last puff then putting it out in an ashtray beside me. Still, my hand slowly massaged over his knee. Then I began to slowly move up his thigh, my hand slipping under his shorts. I felt the coarse hair on his thigh, and the ache in my pussy throbbed.

As my hand worked over my little brother’s thigh, I heard him moan softly and sink back into the sofa, relaxing even further. I chanced a peak at him as I sensed his breathing becoming deeper. He was dozing peacefully, a half grin painted on his face. I guess it was somewhere in that moment that I decided this was ok. I don’t remember making a conscious decision…it just suddenly seemed like the only course of action. In that moment, he was so utterly male…hot and solid beneath me. And I had to have him.

In one motion, I turned and dropped to my knees between his legs. My hair, being as long as it was, stayed with Tyler as I began to lift his shirt, dropping kisses on his firm abdomen. As his nipples came into view, I sucked the hard pebbles into my mouth, bathing them with my tongue, and then nipping softly at them…first one, then the other. He moaned softly as my fingers began to work on the buttons of his pants. I felt his hands wrap up in my hair as I continued feathering kisses down on him. I let my tongue dip into his navel as I began to work his shorts and boxers down over his hips. I felt him lift his hips to help me and looked up into his face. His grin was replaced by a look of concentration…his eyes still closed…his chest rising more quickly.

I grinned wickedly as his cock came into view. Little brother was packing, and I never even knew it. He was becoming more and more rigid before my eyes…his cock a good eight inches long, the head red and swollen with a dollop of precum sitting at the tip. I wrapped my hand around his shaft…god, it was thick…and tentatively let my tongue scoop that drop of precum from the tip of his cock. He moaned and I realized in that moment that I had gone too far to turn back…everything in my head was buzzing, alive with the tangible static of being high.

With that realization, I lowered my head onto his cock, taking all of him all the way down in one swoop. He groaned and I felt his hands tighten up in my hair.

“Oh, God…Amy, that’s so fucking hot,” he moaned.

Looking edirne escort up at him, I could see his head fallen back against the back of the sofa, his eyes closed, his chest rising…I slowly began to suck at his cock and move my head back off of him. His cock head popped from my mouth, the sound it made echoing in my head.

“Not Amy, little brother…Sammie,” I said softly.

Quickly his eyes flew open, then widened as he registered me on my knees in front of him. His mouth hung open in an exaggerated O and he held his breath.

“Holy FUCK, Sam…what are you doing? You can’t…Stop! Oh, oh God…” his protests turned into a long moan as I dipped my head back down on his shaft, taking him all the way down in my throat again.

As I worked my head slowly up his shaft, my tongue worked over all the veins I could feel pulsing under it. I left the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue over it as my hand began to stroke him. I felt Tyler’s hands wrapped up in my hair, his fists tight. I began to bob my head up and down his long shaft. With each bob of my head, I increased the suction on his cock and took a little more of him into my mouth. In just a couple of strokes, I could feel little brother’s hands on my head…guiding me up and down on his thick shaft…my hot and wet mouth working over him. And a few strokes after that, I could feel his hips beginning to lift from the sofa as he started to fuck my face.

“Fuck, Sis…this is so wrong. So dirty…ahhh, fuck!” I could hear Tyler begin to talk to me, inflaming my pussy. “Your mouth is so fucking hot, Sis. God, Sam…what are you thinking? You wanna fuck your brother? Is that what you want, you naughty little girl?”

I moaned my response around his thick cock, the vibrations running through him. The more he talked, the dirtier he got. His words hung in my head, swirling there, spurring me on as I sucked and licked over his cock. My pussy was on fire. I felt like it was going to burn me up. I could feel it flooding, soaking my panties through.

“I can smell your hot snatch, Sis,” his voice was deep, gravelly. And as it penetrated my consciousness, I knew he was right.

I could smell my arousal wafting up from my hot pussy. I reached a hand down between my legs and rubbed my fingers over my panty clad pussy, then inside my panties, eliciting a moan from deep within my throat. I returned my hand, wet with my juices back to his hard cock. I began to stroke his cock, letting my tongue trail down to his balls. I let my tongue bathe his heavy sac, gently sucking one and then the other ball into my mouth. I could hear him groaning with pleasure and as I suckled at his balls, I felt his weight shift. He lay down on the sofa and I felt his big strong hands wrap around my waist, pulling my hips to his awaiting mouth, flipping my skirt up over my ass.

“Oh God, Tyler,” I gasped as I felt his fingers brush the lips of my pussy, moving my panties over to the side.

The first slip of his tongue, moving up and down my wet slit sent my head spinning and my senses into overload. I dove back down on his hard cock, sucking it with a renewed vengeance. I couldn’t contain my groans and moans as Tyler expertly swirled his tongue around my clit, sucking it into his mouth, nibbling on it deliciously. I could feel him grunting and moaning into my pussy as his hips thrust harder and faster into my awaiting mouth. I ground my pussy into Tyler’s face, feeling an exquisite orgasm beginning to build. I pulled my mouth off his hard cock.

“Oh God, Tyler…I’m gonna cum….Oh God, yes, yes, yes…make me cum little brother, suck my pussy,” I began to ramble, fucking my hot pussy into his face. His thick fingers began to thrust into my pussy and that was all it took. I threw my head back, screaming out my release, my thighs quivering around Tyler’s head as he licked and sucked up the juices flowing into his mouth.

Before I fully recovered from the sensations pulsing through my body, I heard a primal animalistic growl escape Tyler. I felt him pick me up and thrust me down his body as he sat up. Then he pushed erzurum escort me over the arm of the sofa and settled on his knees behind me. I looked at him over my shoulder and gasped at what I saw. This was not my little brother…this was a man. A man with lust filled eyes and a hard, intent expression on his face. This was a man on the prowl.

I felt his hands on my ass kneading my cheeks then spreading them wide so he could stare at my pussy. I shuddered as I pictured what he was seeing…my shaved pussy, wet and glistening with my arousal, lips swollen and red with desire. He looked up at me then, sharply…making eye contact that seared through me. Very deliberately, he raised his hand and let it come falling hard on my ass, the sound reverberating through the room and swimming in my head. The pain was sharp and hard and I gasped as it rushed over me.

“Ah, sis…what have you started?” he asked, his voice strained. I dropped my head to the arm of the sofa, groaning again as his hand crashed against my other ass cheek. “You know you deserve a spanking, sis…you know only the naughtiest little girl would take their brother’s hot cock in their mouth like you did,” his words were deep and rasping, tightly controlled and making me so very wet. They were penetrating my mind and seemed to caress over my body.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

“What?” Tyler asked.

I turned and looked at him over my shoulder. “You heard me, lil brother. Fuck me.”

“Beg me,” he demanded, slowly dragging his hard cock up and down my sopping lips. I thrust my hips back trying to capture his cock, but he kept it out of reach.

“Tyler…I need to be fucked…please,” I was panting with need.

“Just remember you asked for it little sister,” and with that, Tyler grabbed my hips and sank his thick cock into my hot snatch taking my breath away.

He leaned forward and wrapped his hand up in my hair, then pushed my head into the sofa as he began to beat into me with a brutal force. I was so full of cock I could hardly breathe as he pounded into me. I could feel every inch of him stretching me out, hitting every place inside me. I thrust my hips back at him harder. I could hear our bodies slapping together and the slurping wetness of my pussy. I remember becoming aware of the fact that my brother was fucking me senseless, taking my breath away with every stroke…and felt my pussy flood with that realization. His hand untangled from my hair and then fell on my ass. His hands grabbed my hips, pulling me into him harder.

“Oh God, Tyler…fuck me…fuck me…YES, right there,” I could hear myself begging him for it. It spurred him on. He fucked me so hard it almost hurt…his fingers digging into my hips, leaving his finger prints there.

“You’re a hot lil slut, Sammie…so fuckin hot…you want your brother’s cum, sis? You want to feel this hot spunk all over your ass?” he was panting now. I felt him reach around me and start to strum my clit as he talked to me. I began to tense up and spasm, feeling my orgasm hit without warning, crashing into me.

“YES! I want it…please…cum for me,” I could feel my cheeks wet with my tears as I begged for my little brother’s cum. Feeling my pussy clench at his cock was all it took. I heard Tyler grunt and groan as he pulled out of my hot snatch. Then I felt his cum raining down all over my ass.

As I started to come down from the orgasm I was lost in, I found myself lying over the arm of the sofa. I slowly became aware of my brother’s hands massaging my ass cheeks…rubbing his cum into them. I slowly sat up, turned and sat down on the sofa, looking intently at my brother. His breathing was slowing, his chest glistening with sweat. We stared at each other and then slowly began to grin. He shook his head, his grin broadening.

“I don’t know what the hell got into you, Sammie,” he chuckled softly. He reached over then and grabbed a half smoked joint from the table, lit it, and took a long and satisfying drag off of it. He slowly blew the smoke out of his lungs, and then passed the joint to me. “I think we could definitely use some of this,” he winked.

I took a long drag from the joint, smiling. I caught sight of something over Tyler’s shoulder then, and felt my stomach turn over. Returning my eyes to Tyler’s I nodded over to the door. His eyes widened in shock before he turned around, realizing what I already knew. Slowly, we both looked at the door…at Amy, standing there all alone.

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