Hidden Assets


Liz Black was desperate. Her husband had been laid off and unless she found work quickly they were going to lose the house. This was her fifth interview for a position as an administrative assistant. The first four had turned her down for lack of experience. She had never held a job because she had married and become pregnant right out of high school. She stayed home and raised the kids.

Liz needed to find a way to overcome her lack of experience. Looking professional, acting intelligent and emphasizing the valuable skills acquired as a stay at home mom had not impressed anyone in her first four interviews. Liz was an attractive woman in her mid twenties. She had purposely downplayed her feminine assets thinking the prospective employers would find it unprofessional. Perhaps that was the wrong approach.

As she prepared for the next interview Liz let her wavy blond hair fall to her shoulders rather than pulled up in a bun. She added a light tint of eye shadow to her blue eyes and wore a subtle but sensual shade of lipstick. The outfit she chose to wear was sexy and slightly provocative but still professional. Happy with her new look Liz headed out the door.

When she arrived Jim Foster told her to come into his office and close the door. Liz stood in front of his desk while he shamelessly stared at the exposed cleavage of her 36 d-cup breasts. His eyes moved down to her flat tummy and shapely hips. Jim stood and walked behind her admiring her firm ass through the tight skirt she was wearing.

Liz didn’t mind that he was checking her out. That’s why she had dressed that way. She wanted him to notice her great body. Still, Liz was a little nervous. She felt like a piece of expensive merchandise being thoroughly examined by a prospective buyer. Somehow that excited her. She felt her nipples swell.

“Please Mrs. Black, take a seat,” Jim finally said motioning to the couch.

“Thank you Mr. Foster,” she replied nervously.

“So, Mrs. Black, I have looked at your resume,” Jim said as he paced back and forth in front of her. “You don’t have much experience as an administrative assistant. Can you tell me why I should hire you over all the other girls?”

“Well, Mr. Foster,” Liz replied trying to sound confident, “I may not have the same level of experience as your other candidates but what I do have is a high level of integrity and work ethic.”

Liz examined him as he paced and realized that he was quite handsome. Working for Mr. Foster would certainly be more pleasant than some of the fat slobs who had previously interviewed her. It could also be dangerous. With her husband out of work and their money troubles she didn’t have much of a sex life. Her husband mostly sat in front of the television with a beer in his hand moping about his situation.

“I have done some light bookkeeping and I can type 80 words per minute,” she added. “No job is too much or too little for me sir. I am happy to do anything you ask of me.”

Jim stopped pacing and stood directly in front of where she was sitting. He put his hand on his hips. His cock stirred in anticipation of what he really wanted to do to her. A slight bulge appeared in the front of his trousers.

“That’s very nice Mrs. Black, but I asked you to tell me what makes you different from the other girls. Everyone can type fast. I am positive that there are assets you possess that would give you an advantage. I can tell by just looking at you. If you want this job I need see those assets.”

Jim stared shamelessly at her tits. Liz felt her nipples swell and was quite sure they were making little dents through the lacy bra she was wearing. Her eyes drifted down his body to the outline of a bulge in his pants. He was getting excited. She felt her face turn red. Perhaps she had overdone her efforts to look sexy. She needed to steer the conversation in a different direction.

“I’m not sure what assets you are referring to, Mr. Foster. You have my resume with all my qualifications listed on it. I would be happy to demonstrate my skills.”

Jim was sure that Liz knew exactly what he wanted. The only question was how badly she needed this job. Jim squatted in front of her so that his eyes were level with her tits. He put both hands on her knees. Without raising his eyes from her breasts he replied.

“I’m quite sure you know what assets I’m referring to Mrs. Black. I’d like to see them or this interview is over.”

Liz was speechless for several seconds. Not only was he asking to see her breasts, but he was touching her inappropriately. He was blatantly violating every possible sexual harassment regulation. Why would he do such a thing? Perhaps this was just a test to see how she would react. She tried to ignore the throbbing between her legs and put on a confident face.

“What I think you are asking me to do is inappropriate, Mr. Foster. It has nothing to do with my skills. Besides, I’m a married woman.”

“A married woman with a child who needs a job,” Jim said standing and moving towards the door, “But apparently not badly enough. gaziantep escortları I’m sorry, Mrs. Black, but this interview is over.”

Liz was stunned. She needed this job. He hadn’t been testing her. He really did want her to show him her breasts. And then what? Would he give her the job or would there be more tests? How far would he expect her to go? She was certainly attracted to him, but there were limits to what she was willing to do.

“Wait,” Liz blurted out before he opened the door. “Perhaps I misunderstood what you were asking. Are these the assets you wanted to see?”

She began undoing the buttons on the front of her blouse and pulled it open to expose her shapely breasts hidden underneath a white lace bra that barely covered her dark nipples. Two huge dents made by the erect tips poked out from the thin material. She looked up at him waiting for his reaction.

“Perhaps you do want this job after all,” Jim replied moving in front of Liz. “You appear to have at least two assets that could be very useful in your new duties, but a more thorough visual examination is going to be required to validate my analysis. Do you think that would be possible, Mrs. Black?”

Hundreds of men had seen her breasts on the topless beaches during her honeymoon. Showing them to Mr. Foster was no big deal. Liz unsnapped the front clasp of her bra and pulled it open. Two magnificent globes bounced onto her chest, each firm and full with swollen inch-wide brown areolas and a hard tip poking out of the middle.

“I must say, Mrs. Black, that your resume does not adequately capture the quality of your assets. You have certainly made the short list of candidates. Do you have any other assets that could give you a leg up on the competition?”

Jim squatted in front of Liz and put his hands on her knees pushing her legs far enough apart that he could easily see the matching white lace panties she was wearing. Liz knew exactly what he wanted to see. His eyes were intently focused on her pussy. She didn’t mind showing him if it would get her the job, but she needed to draw a line on how far she would go.

“I do have other assets Mr. Foster, but I need some assurances about the job before I expose them.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Black,” Jim explained, “But it doesn’t work that way. I make the hiring decision based on a comprehensive analysis of what the candidate has to offer. I am good a sniffing out any assets a candidate may be trying hide, and my nose tells me that you are hiding one.”

Liz did need the job. If showing Mr. Foster her pussy was the only way to get it then she would show him her pussy. What bothered her was how wet she was getting down there at the thought of exposing herself. She was sure that her panties were already damp. With shaking hands Liz reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. She spread her knees apart.

“I think you can see that I am well qualified for the position Mr. Foster,” Liz said trying to maintain a professional composure. “You have now seen all of my assets. Are you going to hire me?”

Jim moved his face between her knees and stared. Her pussy was completely shaved and swollen with excitement. Tiny pink folds were trying to peek out from the gash down the middle. Her hard clit was exposed at the top of the slit. Jim moved his face even closer and took a deep whiff. His cock was about to rip through his pants.

Liz was trembling with excitement. His lips were only inches from her pussy. It had been ages since her husband had pleasured her with his mouth. The thought of Mr. Foster’s tongue probing her steamy passage made it twitch. A bead of cunt juice dribbled down her gash. She felt both frustrated and relieved when he pulled back from between her legs and looked up at her.

“You do have some excellent credentials, Mrs. Black, but I think you may be sitting on one of your best assets. I need to see it before I can make a final decision about hiring you.”

It took Liz a moment to realize that he wanted to see her ass. She had gone this far so why not show him? Besides, exposing her butt cheeks was no different than what she did at the beach when she wore her thong bikini except of course he would be able to see her pussy as well, but he had already seen that.

“Of course, Mr. Foster. I will be happy to show you if it will help me secure this job. I have nothing to hide.”

Liz turned around and leaned on the back of the couch with her knees on the cushions. She reached behind and lifted the hem of her skirt exposing the creamy cheeks of her perfectly rounded butt to his gaze. She tilted her ass upwards to give him a better view. Jim stared at the picture of perfection which included her dripping pussy puffing out from between her thighs.

“Very nice, Mrs. Black, but I’m having difficulty seeing an asset hidden in the crevice between the two spheres. Perhaps you could spread them for me.”

Liz reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks. The tight knot of her pinkish-brown asshole stared back at him. Jim moved his face closer and breathed in the earthy aroma. Liz felt another bead of cunt juice run down her gash and perch at the tip of her swollen clit before dropping onto the cushion. Her body was on fire. Posing like this was exciting beyond words.

“Mr. Foster, I have now bared all of my assets. I think it’s only fair that you give me an answer about my prospects for getting the job.”

“Your prospects are getting much better Mrs. Black, but outward appearances can be deceiving. I need to probe deeper into the quality of your assets to make sure they are up to company standards. I’ll need your permission before we proceed but I must remind you that failure to cooperate will be noted when I make my final decision.”

Jim unfastened his trousers and let them fall to his knees. He pushed down his boxers and stepped behind Liz. The tip of his hard cock brushed against her dripping pussy. He rubbed it up and down her gash and over her clit.

“Well Mrs. Black, do I have permission?”

Liz felt shivers run through her body. She desperately wanted to feel his hard cock inside her pussy but a voice in her head reminded her she was married. She had never cheated on her husband, and Mr. Foster still had not guaranteed her the job no matter what she did. Maybe there was a way to salvage the situation without cheating, thought Liz… well, not exactly cheating.

“Um… Mr. Foster, I don’t think that will be necessary. You see, there are other skills that I forgot to put on my resume. For example, I have some very unique oral skills that I believe you will find useful. I would be happy to demonstrate them.”

Without waiting for an answer Liz spun around on the couch and sat down with her face only inches from Mr. Foster’s hard cock. She wrapped her fingers around the swollen flesh and looked up at him with hungry eyes.

“Very well, Mrs. Black,” Jim replied. “We’ll defer the deep probe test for the moment. You are correct about oral skills. They could be quite valuable, but you need to show me why they are different from those of the other candidates.”

Liz wasn’t worried about the competition. She loved to suck cock. It was a skill she had perfected in high school before she met her husband. It was also a skill that had come in useful after she was married as a form of payment for services they couldn’t afford. She had never cheated on her husband but she had sucked quite a few cocks.

Liz pushed out her tongue and swirled it around the swollen knob at the tip of his throbbing shaft. She bathed it in spit and teased the tiny slit at the top. Her tongue fluttered across the sensitive area just under the tip. Her hand gripped him tightly and moved up and down his rigid member. Jim moaned from the excruciating pleasure shooting through his body.

After stimulating every nerve ending at the tip of his cock, Liz plunged her lips down his shaft. Her tongue swirled around the hard flesh as her head bobbed up and down his length. Jim’s knob punched at the opening to her throat again and again. Spit dribbled down his shaft and dripped from his balls. Liz moved her fingers to his scrotum and rubbed.

Jim had never had his cock sucked like this. The woman was an animal and clearly loved what she was doing. Liz opened her throat and took him deeper and deeper until her lips were pressed against his matted pubes. She held him there massaging his cock with her throat and still rubbing his scrotum. Just before he exploded Liz pulled away and squeezed the load of cum back into his balls.

Liz looked up at him with strands of spit drooling from her lips and pure animal lust in her eyes. Her hand gripped his cock and stroked it firmly twisting it between her fingers. Then she plunged her mouth back down his length and fucked him hard taking him into her throat each time she slammed her lips down his length. Just before he came she pulled away and squeezed the load back into his balls for a second time.

“I have other skills too Mr. Foster,” Liz whispered as she sat up and slipped his hard cock between her perfect 36D tits. “Do you want me to demonstrate?”

He did. Liz spit all over his cock and rubbed the knob across her erect nipples before wrapping his throbbing shaft inside the warmth of her soft globes. She massaged his hard flesh with her tits as she moved them up and down his length. With her head bent Liz shot out her tongue and swirled it around his swollen knob each time it punched through her cleavage.

Jim was about to die. His balls were so full of cum that they hurt. Liz knew just how to keep him on edge by backing off and squeezing his load back into his balls each time he was about to shoot. She continued to fuck him with her tits and mouth until he was seeing stars. He finally blurted out what he knew he was going to do anyway.

“You can have the job… just let me cum. Please.”

“Of course Mr. Foster. Do you want to cum on my tits or my face, or would you rather do it in my mouth?”

“I don’t care,” he gasped desperately, “Just let me cum.”

Liz decided that in the mouth would not be so messy. She pulled him from between her tits and slid her mouth over his knob. Her tongue fluttered across the underside of his tip. She slid a finger under his scrotum and found his asshole. Jim felt his entire body tremble. Every ounce of energy rushed to his balls. When Liz shoved her finger up his ass he exploded.

Liz was expecting a lot of cum and wasn’t disappointed. It shot out of his cock like a stream of pee splashing off the roof of her mouth and pooling in the opening to her throat. Before she could swallow another equally powerful blast sprayed into her mouth. Spurt after spurt continued to pump from his cock until he was drained. Liz opened her mouth and showed him what he had done. Then she gulped it all down.

Liz had the job but she also had a problem that needed immediate attention. Her pussy was throbbing like crazy. It was demanding to be filled with a big hard cock. Fuck that lazy bastard sitting at home drinking beer and watching TV, she thought. Mr. Foster has what I need and I need it badly.

“I really appreciate your offer, Mr. Foster,” Liz said using her fingers to wipe the excess cum clinging to her lips, “But I want you to be confident that I am fully qualified for the job. Perhaps a deep probe into my other assets should be conducted just to ensure you are being fair to the other candidates.”

Jim couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had already offered Liz the job and she still wanted him to fuck her. Jim could think of nothing he wanted more, but he had a problem. His cock had wilted after he drained his balls into her mouth. He could feel it stirring back to life just thinking about how it would feel deep in her cunt, but it was going to take a little longer before he was ready.

“Your spirit of cooperation is impressive, Mrs. Black, and you are right to be concerned about fairness to other candidates. In order to be completely thorough we shouldn’t skip any steps in the interview process. This would include a complete a taste test. It should be performed before we begin the deep probe. Would that be acceptable to you Mrs. Black?”

Liz felt her pussy clench at the thought of his tongue licking her clit. She loved being eaten almost as much as she loved being fucked. It had been ages since her husband had done that to her. She slid down on the couch until her ass was hanging over the edge and pulled her knees up spreading them wide to expose her dripping pussy to his lustful gaze.

“Of course, Mr. Foster. I want you to be fully satisfied that I am the right candidate for the job.”

“Good,” he replied. “It appears you have several tasty assets, Mrs. Black. I’ll begin with the ones up here while my fingers examine the texture of the assets below.”

Jim leaned over her and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. His teeth and tongue stimulated the hard tip eliciting a moan from Liz. He moved a hand between her legs and slid a finger along the slick folds of her pussy. She gasped when a fingertip massaged her swollen clit. Jim moved to her other nipple and repeated the stimulating ritual. Suddenly two of his fingers plunged deep into her cunt.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh… oh fuck…”

Jim fingered her hard and fast twisting and turning and probing while he continued to suck her nipple. Wet squishing sounds filled the room from all the juices sloshing around inside her pussy. Liz could feel it seeping out and running across her asshole. She was delirious with pleasure. The pressure in her belly was intense.

Jim decided to give Liz some of her own medicine. He felt her body tense and pulled his fingers from her pussy before the explosion hit. Sliding down between her legs he stared at her quivering mound and watched a trickle of cunt juice leak from her gash. When he felt her relax he buried his face between her legs. His mouth clamped tightly around the swollen lips of her pussy. His tongue plunged into her steamy passage.

Jim licked and sucked the juices from her body making loud slurping noises. Liz put her hands on his head and squirmed against his face. Jim slid a fingertip across her slimy asshole and rubbed. Liz gasped and whispered ‘yes.’ Encouraged by her response he slowly twisted his finger into her tight orifice burying it to the knuckle. Liz’s moans became more desperate.

Pumping his finger in and out of her asshole, Jim moved his tongue to her clit. Liz’s breathing became heavier. Her body was shaking. She was so close. Once again he pulled away before the explosion hit despite Liz’s desperate attempt to hold his head in place. Her pussy twitched and released another trickle of cunt juice but the impending orgasm faded away.

“Please,” Liz begged, “Please don’t do this to me. I need to cum.”

Jim smiled and licked his lips which glistened with her pungent secretions. He pulled his finger from her ass. His tongue shot out and bathed her sphincter with saliva. His thumb found her clit and rubbed it back and forth. Liz squirmed and gasped. The intensity of the pressure building in her belly was unlike anything she had ever experienced. It felt as though it might rip her apart when it finally released. She didn’t care.

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