Help on the Highway

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Today was not going well for me, Being a salesman I have to put some serious mileage on my car every week running up and down southeast Florida.

First my car has to go in the shop, then the loaner they gave me got a flat, and to top it off, the spare was also flat. I was about 100 miles from my house sitting on the side of the road.

A Lincoln town car pulled over and a guy calling himself Gene got out asking if I needed a hand. Gene was an older gentleman, maybe 60, and about 5’8″-5’9″ tall.

He said he was just on his way back home from a set of tennis with some friends. I told Gene my predicament which got him laughing. I loosened up some too and also saw the humor in it, Gene’s smile was contagious. A very likeable guy. He told me to put my things in the trunk and he’d give me a lift. I readily accepted.

Climbing into his Lincoln was very relaxing. The a/c was blowing and his windows were so dark I don’t think any heat got in which was a blessing. What amazed me the most was silivri escort the front bench seat. It was as big as a sofa and as comfortable as one too.

We talked about various things, work, homelife, kids and the sort. And as Gene drove I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his shorts. I hadn’t noticed it before, but I wasn’t looking for it either.

I’ve always thought of myself as a straight guy, but I have thought about guys and their cocks before. He had both hands on the wheel, so it wasn’t like he was playing with it.

Well the inevitable happened. Gene saw I was looking at his crotch. He didn’t say anything. He just smiled knowing he had caught me. I tried to look out the window as we talked, but my eyes soon drifted back to Gene’s cock. I couldn’t believe myself, but I was getting hard looking at it. I was busted.

I guess Gene thought he would have some fun with me and reached down between his legs and shifted his growing cock bakırköy escort to poke out the end of the leg of his shorts.

“My god”, I thought, the head of his cock was out in the open. He’s not even hard yet and he’s about 8-9″ long.

I was now mesmerized. I’d never seen another guy’s hard cock in my life. Breaking the ice, Gene said he “gets a lot of looks from other guys.” I bet he does. Gene was now slowly stroking his cock. He knew he had my undivided attention.

I almost freaked when he grabbed my left hand and placed it on his right thigh. “Go ahead” he said, “touch it”. He knew I wanted to.

I slid my hand down his leg to his shaft. “Wow” I whispered out loud.

“How do I feel?” Gene said. I didn’t say a word. I just kept on stroking his cock.

Gene now had his right arm on the seat back behind me, driving with his left hand. “Unzip me if you want?” he said. What else was I to do. As I did that he lifted up from the seat. halkalı escort I knew what he wanted so I pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. His cock was huge. His head and a couple of inches were above the steering wheel, well above his navel.

As I again was stroking his cock Gene told me he was about 11″. He saw my eyes get big when he said that. Then using the telescoping feature he moved the steering wheel so it almost against the dash. “Go ahead”, he said. “We both know you want to suck on it. Give it a try”.

Who am I to say no. I certainly didn’t have to bend over far to reach his cockhead with my lips. I started by kissing and licking it, then got up the nerve to take some of his cock in my mouth. It felt pretty good. A lot better than I thought it would.

Once I got into a rhythm I could take about half his cock down my throat with ease. I must have been doing pretty good because it wasn’t long before he asked if I wanted his cum. I didn’t say a word, just kept on pistoning up and down on his big cock.

Damn, when gene came he flooded my mouth. I kept up with him swallowing as fast as he was shooting. “MMMMMMMM what a load. I should’ve tried this years ago.”

I cleaned up Gene’s cock and he let my off at my house. We never did exchange phone numbers, oh well…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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