Heat Seeking Missile Ch. 02


This story is inspired by a real life experience as related to me by one of the married women he fucked. “Mark” is a real person and is often called “The Heat Seeking Missile”. Women: If your pussy is radiating heat, he will find you. (Edited to protect identities.)


My name is Mark. I’m not sure how I got started fucking around with married women. I think it was mostly just curiosity. The first time was accidental, and I didn’t realize she was married until later. The second time, I suspected she was married but went ahead anyway, and my suspicions were confirmed later.

I did a little research and discovered they estimate around 40% of married women have screwed around on their husbands at least some. It’s only about 50% of men, so the women are gaining fast. I also found out that most of the cheaters were both married. I’m a single (divorced) guy, age 35, and it occurred to me that might be a hell of a problem, because both parties would have to create opportunities and a place and so on. Where there’s a will there’s a way I guess.

I soon realized I knew quite a few married women. I just hadn’t paid much attention to them before. Also there were the casual meetings which I had more or less blown off in the past if I saw wedding rings or otherwise found out they were married. There’s some kind of old song or something about “Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady,” which sort of implies they don’t count, and that may have been my thinking. So to make up to the married women I’ve offended so far, it dawned on me the pickings were good in this field, at least as good as the single women if not better.

It helps that many people consider me at least a borderline “hunk”. I don’t really agree with that, but I’m 6 ft. tall, 170 lbs, with no flab. I’m blessed with features that are at least regular, and “good hair” as they say. I’m able to attract women, and if I get them in bed my thick eight inch cock helps. My sort of “in between” age of 35 also helps, because it gives me a range of partners from about 25 to 45. With these things in mind, I started my own research on married women.

Just as an experiment I homed in on two married women, figuring the 40% rough average might work here. One was a woman I knew at work, and the other an acquaintance I knew otherwise. Both were pretty hot looking, One was Virginia or Virgie, age about 40, with long shapely legs which she liked to show off with short skirts and strappy high heels. The other woman’s name was Monica, age about 32ish, with a set of big tits. Both women had children, but they were at least school age which I thought might be important.

Long story short, I struck out with big tits Monica. I think she liked me well enough, and she showed some interest, but may have thought it was just too risky. And her child was younger which might have played a gaziantep escortları role. Virgie at work was another story. She showed some interest right away.when I started paying attention to her, and I think she was one of those people who might consider me a hunk. Also, at age 40 she was still a hot looking woman but may have started to have thoughts about losing it. I really didn’t know about each woman’s home life, but everybody has problems, just some more than others.

So Virgie had shown some interest. How do you take it to the next level, so to speak? I found out at a happy hour with some of the people at work. I figured the worst she could do was say no, so I put it to her pretty directly and asked if she’d like to continue the happy hour at my place. She looked kind of panicky, and I could tell she was wrestling with some things. Finally she said the timing was not good right now, which I took to mean her home life. “But maybe we could do something another time,” she cheerfully added. She looked good that evening, and I could tell we were getting close. My cock got hard just thinking about those long legs wrapped around my ass.

I decided the next move was up to Virgie, and it didn’t take her long. The next week she asked me about a happy hour for two and named a place outside our usual haunts. I told her that sounded good to me, so there we were having drinks at a dimly lit bar. She was wearing a short tight skirt and strappy heels with no hose as she often did, and I noticed how good her ass looked in addition to her legs. We lingered over one drink, and then I said I had some stuff for drinks at my place, and we could continue there if she liked. Again, she looked a little nervous, but recovered quickly and said, “Sure. How do you get there?”

I’m fairly proud of my condo and I’d had someone help me with the decorating. The maid kept it clean, and she’d been there just yesterday. Virgie admired everything when we got there and sat in a stuffed chair while I put a disc in for some music and made us drinks. The chair was low enough that her skirt rode up to show some thigh. I sat on the sofa and asked her to join me, because it was handier to the coffee table for our drinks. She didn’t hesitate and in fact folded her legs up on the sofa which showed a lot of thigh. I figured we had to do something, sometime to get this started, so I carefully got my hand on a bare thigh. Her breath missed a beat, and she took a stiff slug of her drink.

Virgie said, “I’m so out of practice with this. You’re going to have to guide me through.” I responded by leaning over and kissing her while my hand traveled almost up to her panties crotch. She clung to me, and I laid her out on the sofa and tongue fucked her mouth. Her skirt was almost up to her ass now, and I soon had one hand on her slit. The panties were thin, and I pushed them aside and got a finger in her slick pussy. She gasped and squirmed, but opened her legs some. Now I had two fingers in her cunt, and she was humping my hand. It was time to go to the bedroom.

When we got there she hesitated a second and then sat on the bed. I started taking my shirt and undershirt off and stood there with my bare chest. She was still fully clothed, and she said, “You’re going to have to help me.” I moved over and started helping her get her blouse off, but she took over with the bra. Her tits spilled out, and they were about a cup size bigger than I thought with just a little sag. I stroked her tits while she stroked my chest. She was into it now and got her skirt off with no problem while I got my shoes and pants off. She took her shoes off as well, although I would have preferred she had kept them on. Now it was her in her skimpy panties and me in my boxers.

Her body was even better than I had thought, and those long legs looked good. She eyed the tent in my shorts and knew she was going to be getting what was behind the tent very soon. I laid her out on the bed and knelt over her while I kissed down from her mouth to her neck, I continued and lingered on her tits, licking them and taking each nipple in my mouth. She whimpered as I went down over her belly. She knew what was coming next, and she was right. I eased her panties off, and she helped by raising her ass. There was her pussy in all its glory, and it looked good like the rest of her. I got my shorts off, and she got a good look at my cock then. I think her breath missed another beat.

I kissed and licked her pussy lightly but didn’t really suck it, and she squirmed a bit. She squirmed some more and whimpered as I got my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I rubbed it on her pussy lips and then shoved it in slowly, and she got her ass off the bed and humped ’til it was in her cunt up to the balls.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she whispered. I did just that, and we built up quickly and were soon going after it hard. She bounced her ass on the bed, and then got those long legs I’d been dreaming about wrapped around me with her heels up my ass. Maybe due to her tenseness, her pussy was tight, but I tried to hold off cumming to wait for her. I didn’t have to wait long. I think the excitement took over, and she started gasping and making little cries. I knew she was almost there, and when I grunted and my hot cum hit her pussy walls she bucked and cried out as it triggered the rest of her orgasm. I was able to stay hard for a short time, and we continued fucking ’til my cock was spent.

We relaxed and stroked each other for a short while, and then she said, “I’m going to have to go soon.” I groaned. I usually get hard pretty quickly for a second round, but right now my cock was almost completely flaccid. “Tell you what, I’ll do this,” she said. With that, she straddled my legs and took my soft cock in her hand and stroked it. Then she got her mouth very close. I hadn’t cleaned up at all yet, so if she was going to suck me she was going to taste my cum and her juices. She started licking as if to clean it off and it began to rise. As soon as she took my cock in her mouth it rose some more. She sucked and smacked and then stopped to jack it.

My cock was getting there, and I figured she would continue ’til it was hard enough to put in her pussy. Instead she just continued sucking. I was soon moaning and moving around. I looked down and it was quite a sight with her tits hanging down and grazing my legs, her ass in the air, and her sucking mouth on my cock. It was fully hard, and she was really into it, licking, deep throating, and jacking. It was clear she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I moaned and got one hand on her head and humped her mouth, but she held back enough to keep from gagging. We were in a romp now much like you sometimes get into with fucking. I groaned loudly as I came, and it felt like almost as much as the first time in her pussy. She sucked hard and kept her mouth on my cock ’til she had swallowed all of it.

I was completely spent, but I wondered if she had gotten her fair share out of this. Then again, I knew some women got off satisfying a man this way.

She got dressed and put herself back together. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to get into talk about the future and that kind of thing, and we didn’t. I hugged her rather than kissed her so as not to smudge her lipstick as she went out the door, and we just said we’d see each other at work. For all I knew this was a one night stand, but it turned out it wasn’t. Virgie and I fucked and sucked off and on for a while after that including one memorable all nighter. I think she was trying to get it together for a divorce, but that’s a big step. I liked her, but I think she knew she couldn’t count on me in her future plans.

During and after the time I was fucking Virgie, I fucked other married women until I got my curiosity satisfied. Their stories were all over the map, and frankly some of them just wanted some strange cock. Those were the best, and I had some hot, feverish nights with them including a couple of all nighters in hotels. The youngest was a 26 year old who had decided she married too young, and the oldest a 43 year old who decided she had done the same thing many years before.

There was a certain appeal to a couple of women who at least pretended reluctance or resistance at first but gave up the pussy. They may have gotten into it as some sort of flirtation, not thinking where it could lead. They found out where it could lead as they were gasping and moaning while my cock was pumping cum in their married pussies.

I gradually went back to nearly all single women, but my “guidance system” for married pussy is finely tuned now.

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