Heading West

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Opal was moving west on the Oregon Trail. In a few months, she would be joining her fiancé, a wealthy banker’s son, in Oregon. She was travelling with two men and a skilled nurse, a woman by the name of Anne. Their party was a few weeks out from Independence, and so far, they hadn’t come across any serious hazards, although Anne had treated a snakebite one of the men had gotten. Opal was used to the comforts of home, but she was quickly adapting to life on the trail. Without Anne, it would have been much more difficult.

As they made their way along the trail, Anne and Opal were sitting together in the wagon. The party was in good spirits, as they had just found a clear stream to drink from. Opal had gulped it down with her bare hands and filled her canteen several times, drinking every last drop. Fresh water was rare on the trail, and she savored every bit. Now, though, her bladder was achingly full and the rocky wagon ride made it hard to focus on anything else. Anne seemed unaffected, although she had drunk just as much as Opal. Opal feared wetting herself and having to sit in soiled clothes, but worse than that, she feared leaking into the wagon itself. She felt safe with Anne, but the two men still scared her, and she feared humiliating herself in front of them.

Anne seemed to notice concern on Opal’s young, flushed face.

“Is something the matter?” She asked.

“I just need to use the toilet, that’s all,” she said. Opal’s cheeks grew even more rosy. She was clenching her muscles tight to prevent herself from wetting. Combined with the bumpy ride, her arousal was growing despite the discomfort of the situation. She felt as though her body was betraying her.

Anne looked out on the road before them. It was almost entirely grassy plains, with a grove of trees far off in the distance, just a speck on the horizon.

“I don’t suppose you’d like to do your business with these men watching you in the grass, would you?” Anne joked. She had a soothing voice with a playful tone that always relaxed Opal. She giggled.

“No, not really,” Opal replied.

“Can you wait a little bit to reach Kartal escort the trees over yonder? I’ll go with you.”

“That’s fine. Thank you, Anne.”

“Don’t worry. I’m in the same boat as you. Sometimes it helps me to put my hand between my legs and put some pressure there, if you’re really about to go,” she said.

Opal did as the mild-mannered nurse told her and cupped her vulva through her dress. She realized that her vagina was throbbing and twitching, and wondered if Anne’s was doing the same. The thought of watching Anne’s pee crossed her mind, but the mental image was about to make her wet herself, so she put it out of her mind.

After a rough 45 minutes, the grove of trees was in sight. It was just a couple yards off the main trail.

“Stop here, boys,” Anne said, and they halted the oxen for them. Anne grabbed ahold of Opal’s hand and pulled her towards the trees. She had a smile on her face.

The girls laughed as they hustled over to the trees. They found a dense cluster that would provide them with some privacy and started to pull up their skirts. Opal laughed at the sight of Anne, who was normally so composed and practical, bunching her green skirts up to waist and exposing her vulva. She could see the dark patch of hair hiding lips and a little pink bud.

“Oh, that’s better,” Anne sighed. A fat stream of piss appeared between her legs, pattering softly onto the leaves and dirt below. Holding up her skirts with her arms, she used her hands to spread her labia and aim the stream farther. She moaned a bit as it went on, her head tipping back and ladylike features contorted in pleasure. A lock of honey blonde hair fell out of her tightly wound bun.

Opal was having trouble opening the floodgates after waiting so long, but after seeing Anne’s steam begin, she was able to let go. She let out a guttural noise and almost dropped her skirts at the relief. The stream seemed to continue all by itself for a moment, gravity doing its work, before she had to bear down hard with her muscles. As it began to taper off, she felt her vagina spasm and she shivered deeply. Kurtköy Escort Her pee hole continued to drip for a while, and she noticed Anne’s doing the same. She felt a few drops running down her leg.

Anne sat down on the dry ground next to the wet puddle she had made. She pulled her skirts up around her knees and opened her legs.

“I hope you don’t mind if I relieve myself in another way,” she said to Opal. “It should only take a moment. You can head back to the wagon if you wish.”

Opal could now see how beautiful Anne’s flower truly was. Her bud was a deep shade of red and jumped under her finger as she began rubbing it. She watched with awe as Anne’s finger disappeared inside her tight hole.

“Whew, that’s already so much better,” she said, breathing heavily. The sound of her finger was wet and sticky as she pulled it in and out of her tight hole as fast as she could.

“I-I guess I’ll stay,” Opal said. Whether she wanted to or not, her body was forcing her to stay. The sight of Anne was making her heart race.

Anne’s eyes were shut tightly. She was whining as she played with her flower. Opal longed to touch it, but she didn’t dare say anything. She was too timid to lift up her skirts, too, although desire was flooding all of her senses.

“Join me if you wish,” Anne said, “but I’m so close, I don’t think I’ll be able to—”

A cry interrupted Anne’s sentence. She buried her fingers deep inside herself and writhed on the ground for a moment. As she withdrew her fingers from her pulsing hole, a clear spurt of fluid followed for a couple seconds.

“Oops, I guess I didn’t get everything out before,” Anne said.

Opal was dumbfounded. She had just seen a woman orgasm, and she was beyond aroused by the sight.

“Do you need my help to relieve yourself? I am a nurse, you know. I come across a lot of women who don’t know how.”

“Oh, Anne, please,” Opal begged. A flicker of excitement flashed in Anne’s eyes.

“We’ll have to hurry before the men come looking for us,” she said. Without ceremony she moved Opal’s dusty pink dress to her knees and exposed Pendik Escort her vulva. She had sparser hair than Anne’s, and her lips were longer, framing her hole deliciously. Her clit was poking out of the hood, begging for attention.

“It’s been so long since I’ve touched someone,” Anne said, like she was in a reverie. She used her own sticky fingers to play with Opal’s clit, making the younger girl cry with pleasure.

“Does that feel good?”

Opal nodded vigorously. Black curls were sticking to her forehead underneath her bonnet.

“Have you ever done this to yourself?” Anne asked.

“O-once,” Opal managed. Then Anne prodded at her hole, slipping the tip of one of her fingers inside. She knew right away nothing had ever been inside her vagina. It gripped the nurse’s fingers hungrily.

“Did you reach a climax?”

“What? I don’t think—”

Anne slid another finger into the girl’s hole and she clenched around it like a vise. From the rhythmic patterns of her muscles, Anne knew Opal was about to reach her peak, and she couldn’t wait to watch her unravel.

Anne continued her steady rhythm and noticed that the girl was still peeing a little. She decided not to let her know and let her feel the double sense of relief that comes from peeing and being stimulated. She thrust her fingers deeper inside Opal and found the spot inside her that was sure to trigger an orgasm.

“Aaahn!” Opal shouted out. Her thighs quaked and liquid squirted from her flower, coating Anne’s hand. She kept moving her fingers inside her until she felt the orgasmic muscle contractions subside.

“How do you feel, Opal dear?” She smiled softly at the girl.

“So wonderful, I don’t even know what to say,” Opal replied. Anne bent down to Opal’s vulva and licked at it, sucking her clit for a moment and probing her hole with her tongue. Opal whined and cupped Anne’s flushed face with her hand. She could see tears forming in the younger girl’s eyes from overstimulation.

“Just had to clean you up, that’s all,” Anne said.

In the distance, the girls heard footsteps and shouts coming for the grove. Anne helped Opal up to her feet and the bright-eyed, dark-haired girl thanked her with a chaste kiss on the lips. She felt that it would be the first of many more. She couldn’t wait to give Anne the attention she deserved the next time they set up camp.

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