He Made an Offer I Couldn’t Refuse Pt. 02

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Big Tits

A young man is further enticed into a relationship that improves his lot and turns his world upside down.

Talk about luxury. Ralph’s suite at the Willard Hotel was something out of a movie. I mean it had two bedrooms and baths, a conference table, two couches, and several easy chairs. I was duly impressed as Ralph knew I would be.

I wandered around as Ralph went to relieve himself.

When he returned, I said we should get to work. “Let’s get down to business.”

“The heck with business Justin. Let’s get down to brass tacks.”

“I don’t follow.”

“You know what I’ve done for you, right? Now it’s time for you to begin to return the favor.”

I had no false notions of what he meant. I knew I’d have to pay for what he’d done for me sooner than later, but I wanted to wait. I wasn’t excited about becoming a cock sucker.

“Not yet if you don’t mind. Let me see how it goes at the office tomorrow. I want to see if they come through on everything they promised.” I hope that would at least stall Ralph one more day.

He gave me a disappointed look and said he understood. “Actually Justin, I think waiting is a great move on your part. I get it. I’d do the same. So, how about we discuss our campaign strategy and reporting methods.

He set up a laptop computer on the conference table and we were off.

“Chime in with any questions or suggestions Justin. If we can work smarter or even if we have to break down our data, now’s the time to tell me.”

I poured over the figures and although their action plan wasn’t relevant to my role in creating a database, it was interesting to see the procedures they use to garner votes.

“You guys really do all this stuff huh?”

“O contraire my friend. That’s only the stuff I can show you. We have so many ways to convince the populace to vote for our candidate. Too many to count. But if I showed them to you, I’d have to kill you,” he said with a laugh.

“Are they that sensitive?”

“Absolutamondo Justin. If you ever changed party affiliation or even went to work for the opposition, you might be tempted to share our sensitive methods. Can’t have that man.”

We talked to well after 7 PM and I tried to leave. “I’m starved Ralph. I’m going to go home, eat, make sure I have an ironed shirt for tomorrow, and a tie that matches my suit. I have a big day tomorrow.”

“Let me buy you dinner Justie. I hate eating alone.”

He looked so sad that I gave in. “Okay but please let’s make it quick. I really have a big day tomorrow.”

“Don’t I know baby. Come on. Let’s blow this joint.”

As is Ralph’s usual way, he held the door for me and taking my arm, led me to the elevators. “You know I really like you Justin. I mean I really do. I think we’re going to be good for each other. Don’t you?”

I couldn’t help myself. As attractive and nice as Ralph is, he has a certain charisma, an allure that makes him nearly irresistible. Plus, he’d gotten me a position, a raise, and status within my company. I was beholden to him.

We stood in the rear of the elevator and after a couple stops with people getting on, I reached down and grasped his cock through his woolen trousers. He almost jumped in surprise.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow Ralph,” I whispered in his ear.

He dropped his hand down to my ass and clutched my left buttock, “that makes two of us baby.”

I was getting used to his calling me baby and was no longer put off by it. I have to admit that I began to relish it.

We shared a quiet dinner filled with anticipation for tomorrow. I was anxious to get back to the office and see my new digs. Plus, I was really looking forward to seeing how big a raise I was getting. I mean, who wouldn’t?

The gentleman he is, Ralph walked me outside where I caught a cab. Once again, he opened the door for me. “Good night baby, he said. “See you tomorrow.”

I blew him a kiss out of the cab’s window and I was off.

To say my night was restless would be an understatement. I tossed and turned. I had many things running through my mind, not the least of which was me becoming a cock sucker. I rationalized it by telling myself that it is after all 2020 and it no longer carries the stigma it once did. And I owed him plenty.

And he was so damned handsome.

I finally took an over-the-counter sleep aide and that did the trick.

Arriving at work it dawned on me I didn’t have any idea of where I was supposed to report. I went up to the 8th floor and saw Barbara. She showed me my new office.

A leather couch, a couple chairs, a small conference table, huge modern desk with credenza that held two computer screens. And windows. Glorious windows looking out over some city square park.

“I have a few candidates I’ll be letting you interview in a few moments sir. Can I get you coffee?”

“Fuck yeah,” I thought to myself. “That would be nice. Thank you.”

I did three interviews before deciding on a young man. I have no idea why but he appealed to me. Tall and thin, he was knowledgeable about what Şişli Escort I do, about what the company does, and how to run an office. He said he wouldn’t have a problem getting me coffee, running errands, screening my calls, or any of the usual business of working for an executive.

It was also quite clear to me that he is gay and I think that might have appealed to me as well. I felt comfortable with him, completely at ease.

A couple VP’s stopped in and asked how it went yesterday when Ralph and I left. I assured them we worked out of his suite and began to set requirements and I was going to present him with a sample database by the next Monday. They were pleased with my response, congratulated me again, and left.

At 3 PM my new secretary buzzed me and told me a Mr. Myers was there to see me. “Show him in,” I said in response.

My heart quickened. I knew the time was near. Excitement and fear tore through my body like a fat boy on a Happy Meal.

Ralph entered beaming. “Place looks great Justie. Told you. You ready to get out of here?”

“Yep. Let’s blow this joint.”

Let’s not blow the whole joint,” Ralph said with a laugh. “Let’s start with just you and me.”

I blushed at my Freudian slip and we parted.

“I’m excited Justin,” Ralph whispered to me as he held my arm like it would run off.

“I’m scared but excited too. Does that make any sense?”

“It does baby. It makes perfect sense. You are so going to love my cock. I could see it in you the other night when I first sat next to you at the bar. You don’t know it yet but you were born to suck cocks.”

The sun poured into Ralph’s suite through the Southwestern window. It seemed a spectacular late summer afternoon, an afternoon I would never forget.

“The first thing Justin is to know your place. Cock suckers have a special place in the hierarchy of men.”

“What place is that,? I asked.

“Why, on their knees of course,” Ralph laughed out loud.

“Pour me a Vodka rocks from the bar Justin.”

“Coming right up sir,” I joked but poured him hos cocktail.

Taking the drink, Ralph smiled at me. “Time to pay the piper Justie. You ready?”

“I am, I think. I mean I’ve thought about it for a day and a half now. Let’s just get on with it.”

“Okay then. First things first. Please take off all your clothes.”

I turned to strip but Ralph insisted I face him as I removed clothing. “When preparing to suck your man’s cock Justine, you should always look at him to show your desire for his cock and your gratitude for his benevolence that allows you access to it. Understand?”

“I think I do,” I said feeling emotionally charged.

Ralph watched in silence as I removed my last piece of clothing. I looked him in the eye as I skinned out of my tightie whities.

“Oh Justine likes her panties,” he grinned.

I blushed.

I watched him as he set his drink down. My heart was pounding as he took off his shoes and socks. He followed that by removing his shirt.

Ralph was a beautiful specimen. His Abs we the epitome of the “six-pack”. His hairless chest was broad. Ralph’s upper torso seemed to be chiseled from some ancient masterpiece. My dick was hard.

He had me stand there waiting for him to tell me what to do next. I felt I was on exhibit, display, or something like that.

“Come here baby and open your present, ” Ralph indicated a spot between his spread legs.

I went to him. I took the four steps to my future, my destiny. I knelt and looked at him. “I’m scared Ralph.”

He took my chin in his hand and tilted my face upwards. “I know you are baby. I know. But there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a cock and you’re just a cock sucker. We both know you are and we both know you want it. It will come natural to you. It always does to latent faggots honey.”

His thumb traced the outline of my lips. I kissed it. He then used it to part my lips and insert it into my mouth. “Suck it baby. Suck it like you will my cock.”

And I did. I used my tongue to circle the invading digit and my lips to suck it like a miniature cock.

“Very nice Justine. Such and eager cock sucker. Go ahead now baby. Open my pants and see the gift I have for you.”

Beads of sweat ran down from my forehead and my hands trembled as I unfastened his belt. I looked up once while unbuttoning his trousers to see him smiling at me. It was a comforting smile, one that showed his patience and supreme confidence in himself.

I saw my hands shake when I reached for his zipper but I soldiered on. The noise from his fly being unzipped sounded like a thousand bees.

I grabbed his trousers on each side and Ralph accommodated me by lifting his ass off the couch.

He was erect and it was magnificent. Ralph had shaved his groin so his cock which had to be nearly 10 inches long appeared larger. I stared at it licking my lips.

I reached out to take him in my hand but Ralph stopped me. I looked at him questioningly.

“A polite cock sucker always asks his man Şişli Escort Bayan for permission first baby. Tell me what you want and ask me nicely.”

“Please sir,” I begged in a barely audible voice. “May I suck it?”

“You’re doing good baby. Tell Daddy what you want to suck.”

“Oh God, please. Please Daddy, I want your cock. No, I need your cock. Please let me suck it for you. Please let me be your cock sucker.”

Ralph needed or wanted more from me.

“You promise to be my cock sucker baby? You promise to suck me and only me unless I direct you to suck others? Because that’s what it means to become my personal cock sucker. I’ll own that sweet mouth and sexy fat ass baby of yours. Tell Daddy is that want you want. Do you want to give yourself to me?”

Tears welled up in my eyes. I did want it. For some reason I felt at home between Ralph’s knees, kneeling at his feet, pleading to be his cock sucker. “Yes Daddy,” I hissed. “I want to give myself to you, to your cock. I want you to own my mouth and ass and be my Daddy.”

I meant every word of it too.

“Yes baby, suck Daddy’s cock.”

I took him in my hand and felt the heat of a real cock. It felt hot and smooth. I studied the veins, the way the helmet formed and perfect fireman’s hat. I raised his cock to his stomach and used my free hand to hold his balls. They moved around churning of their own accord. I leaned in to kiss them and heard Ralph sigh contentedly.

“Ah yes. That’s nice baby. You started in the right place. Suck my balls bitch.”

I gave his balls 15 minutes of face time. I absolutely loved the way they felt against my cheeks. I nibbled and licked. I sucked and lapped, teasing both Ralph and myself, each waiting for me to get to the main course.

I pulled my face from his crotch and gently masturbated that beautiful manly cock. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip and I used my tongue to taste the precious fluid. As I licked the head of his cock I looked up at Ralph and smiled back at him. I’d found a place where I belonged. I felt joy over take me as I opened wide and took my new Daddy’s cock between my grateful lips.

I sucked him slowly using my tongue as I sucked. My head bobbed up and down, one hand holding his balls, the other masturbating him in time with my bobbing head. I was in no hurry to finish. I wanted this to last. I want to savor the moment and for Ralph to be proud of my effort.

I can’t say how long I was between his legs, his cock in my mouth. My own dick needed release and I reached down to jack off.

Ralph was quick and understanding in his admonishment. “A good cock sucker, baby, waits until his man has cum. Getting me off is your first and only priority sweetheart.”

I knew I was doing a good job because Ralph began to move his hips. He took my head in his hands and held me still as he fucked my face.

I held him by his ass and knelt submissively as he took his pleasure from me. “I’m cumming baby,” he groaned. “Oh yeah, that’s it that’s what I want. Umph uhnnn, oh hell yes. Eat it. Eat my cum you fucking beautiful cock sucker.”

My mouth was filled with Ralph’s essence. His cock pulsed several times each pulse feeding me more of his potent seed. I swallowed his gift to me, thankful to able to give back something to the man who’d given me so much.

His grip on my head relaxed as his orgasm waned. I stayed on his cock relishing the feel of it going soft and knowing I’d tamed the beast.

One final kiss on the head and I sat back on my heels and looked up at my man. Ralph reached down and tussled my hair. “God damn Justine girl. Wonderful job. You sure that was your first-time baby?”

“It was Ralph. I’m glad I could make you happy. I owe you so much.”

“Now it’s your turn sweetheart. Beat your meat for Daddy. I want you to cum on my cock and clean it off baby. Go on now girl. Do it for me.”

I knelt masturbating as I looked at Ralph’s cock. It was a complete turn-on for me to do what he wanted. I felt so vulnerable, so in need of direction as I beat off looking at the cock I’d sworn myself to. As usual for me, my climax came quickly and I leaned up and spurted my cum on Ralph’s much bigger cock.

My aim was off some as I could see my sperm on his stomach and on the couch between his legs.

“Get it all Justine,” he said with authority. “Get that shit off the couch after you clean it from your Daddy.”

And I did. I wanted to please him, to make him happy with me.

We showered together and Ralph let me wash his sexy body before washing my own. I soaped his cock from behind while kissing his ass all over. Before leaving me to wash up Ralph handed me a hotel provided razor. “Lose the body hair baby doll.”

Leaving the shower, I felt so alive. I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. My smooth skin glistened in the bathroom light.

We dressed and took a cab to Dupont Circle. We strolled hand in hand and I noticed there were many boys like me there with their Daddy’s.

Ralph put his arm around Escort Şişli my waist and I lay my head on his shoulder as we sauntered around the circle enjoying the evening air.

We dined al fresco and people watched. Ralph pointed out male couples who he said were like he and I. “There are many types of gay relationships Justine. And yes baby, I call you Justine on purpose. See, there are the couples who are equal in all things. Like those two over there.”

I looked to where he was pointing and two guys who looked like regular people.

“I don’t get it Ralph. What do you see in them?”

“Their gestures baby. The way they talk back and forth as equals.”

He looked at me for a minute then said, “but that’s not us Justine. In our relationship I’m the man and you’re the woman. As a man, you lack masculinity but as a woman, you’re a natural. The easy way you defer to me, allowing me to open doors, assist in seating you, letting me call you baby and Justine.”

He paused letting me consider his words. He was right. I hadn’t objected to any of those things. I’d let them pass so long that his actions and pet names became normal to me.

“It’s what you need and want isn’t it baby?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative not being able to say the words.

“You need my guidance, my strong hand to lead you, to take you where you need to be. You want me to push you into the life where your sole purpose is pleasing your man. Isn’t that right Justine?”

“I don’t know. I only know that for some reason I really wanted to be with you like we were earlier Ralph. I liked making you happy.”

The palm of his hand felt so nice against my cheek. I peered into his deep brown eyes and tears filled mine. I took his wrist and brought his hand to my mouth and kissed his palm. Then without warning I began to sob uncontrollably.

Ralph came around the table to stand behind me. His hands on my shoulders, he comforted me. “Let it out baby. Rid yourself of those tears. It’s okay sweet girl. Let it out. Let it go. Cry the delusion of manhood right out of your beautiful body. Daddy is going to take care of his baby girl.

I wept for minutes before being able to pull myself together. “I’m sorry Daddy,” I sniffed.

“No, no sweetheart. It’s okay. It’s not unusual for a person to suddenly realize they aren’t what they thought they were. I’ve seen it many times when someone submits for the first time and they come to understand that is who they really are. It’s a release baby. All the pent-up feelings finally freed.”

“How does this work Daddy?”

“Okay then. Well, when we’re around others like at work, I’m Ralph and you’re Justin. When were out like this, alone, I’m Daddy and you’re whatever I call you. If I said Justine, come here and suck my cock right now, I’d expect no less than you falling to your knees and taking my cock out and thanking me just before you took it in your mouth. If I said Justine, see that guy over there? Go ask him if you can suck his cock for him. I would expect you to go to him, no questions asked.”

I shivered as I listened to his expectations of me. Sexy and scary.

“But I would never, ever put you in harm’s way baby. It’s my responsibility to take care of my girl, my sexy sissy. You do want to be my girl, don’t you?”

“Oh God but yes Daddy. I can’t help it but yes I do. I need you to teach me, train me how to be a good girl for you.”

“Very good Justine. Here’s what I want from you. I know it’s moving quickly for both of us but I really think we’re made for each other. I want you to bring only what you need in the immediate future to the hotel after work tomorrow. Shouldn’t take more than one or two suit cases. We’ll go shopping for the things I want you to have. Leave your girlfriend who’s probably out fucking some other guy anyway and come live with me.”

“But you travel a lot and I have a job here,” I whined.

“That’s true for now. But after we’ve completed our mission, I will want you to resign and move to California with me. I have a beautiful house in Malibu right on the ocean. I think you’ll love it there.”

“But what happens when you get tired of me? What then? I’m out on my ass with nothing but some clothes.”

“I figured you’d think like that so I’ve had my attorney draft up an agreement that protects you in the even that we break-up. It’s kind of like a pre-pre-nuptial. You read it over tomorrow or the next day and we’ll work out any issues. I want you to be happy and feel secure Justine. Happy and secure.”

“Ralph, Daddy, I don’t know how to be a sissy. What if I fuck it all up?”

“You won’t baby girl. That question you just asked shows that you are eager to please me. That you want so much for me to be happy with you. Don’t worry about a thing baby doll. Trust your Daddy. Let me show you how to act, how to dress, how to please men, real men. You already have the want in you, I’ll train you in the how. Okay?”

I reached out and took his hand in mine. Again, tears ran down my cheeks but this time they were tears of joy. “If you want Daddy, I’ll suck your cock right now, right here.”

Ralph burst out laughing. “I could kiss you baby. No, I don’t want you to suck me right now. My next load will be in your pussy baby. Tomorrow I will bring out the woman you have hidden inside you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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