Hawk-Chapter 8


 On Thursday morning, they sat quietly, eating breakfast together. While Elizabeth was making coffee and finding something for them to eat, Tommy cleared off the table from last night. They had been so anxious to get to bed they had left their dishes on the table.“I have something for you,” Betts said.Looking up, Tommy watched as Elizabeth stood, picked up something from the counter behind her, and put it by his hand.Tommy looked at a small box with a red ribbon around it. “You got me a box of condoms?” he asked with a grin.“No,” she laughed. “I’d need a much larger box if I was going to keep your cock covered. It’s something I want you to have.”He picked up the box, shook it, and untied the ribbon. Removing the top, he discovered a black object. Taking it out of the box, he looked at Betts with a frown.“It’s a garage door opener,” she told him with a sweet smile. “I want you to keep that sexy Mustang in the garage while you’re here. There’s something else in the box.”Tommy looked back in the small box and discovered a key. “And this?”“It’s a key to my front door,” she explained. “I’d like for it to be the key to your front door too.”Looking at her with a raised eyebrow, Tommy asked, “Are you suggesting that I live with you?”“I am,” she whispered as she touched his cheek. “I would like for you to be in my bed every night. I’ve already told you I love you. I want you here with me unless you’d rather I live with you in your apartment.”“Betts, we’ve only been together for a week. How can you be certain you love me?”“I don’t need a Master’s degree to know that I love you, Tommy. I’ve loved you since I was sixteen. I’ll love you when I’m one hundred and sixteen. With some time together, I’m hoping you’ll love me too. Living together would appear to me to be the best solution.”Elizabeth studied Tommy’s face and was unsure of what the man was thinking. “I have to work late tonight,” she explained. “We have a client in town that will expect to be entertained. Why don’t you stay in your apartment tonight and think about my offer? I don’t want to rush you, but I also don’t want to lose you.”“No chance you could lose me,” he offered.Her smile brightened. “Do you suppose you could come to my office on Friday? Could you possibly get off work early? I’d like for you to see my business and meet some of my people. My assistant is Helen Snider. I know you’ll want to meet her. She’s tall, beautiful and has fantastic tits. You’ll probably fall in love with instantly, and I’ll have to kill her.”“I think that could be arranged,” Tommy replied. “I’d like to see where you work. I could probably just take Friday Anadolu yakası escort afternoon off and arrive at your office around 2:00. How would that work for you?”“That would be perfect,” Elizabeth said with a smile. “And then we can have the entire weekend to ourselves.”“That sounds perfect, too,” he said as he patted her behind. Around 2:00 that afternoon, Tommy received a text message from Elizabeth. When he opened it he found a selfie she had taken with her phone. The photo showed her from the waist up. Tommy laughed when he read her words and looked closely at the picture. She wrote, “I’m thinking of how you treated me last night.” In looking at the image, he could clearly see her nipples pressing against the fabric of her blouse.He replied, “I didn’t know you were into sexting.”Her reply, “I wasn’t until I met you!”Tommy put his phone down and turned to look out his office window at the steady stream of traffic moving into and out of the airport. His mind drifted away from the job. A mental picture appeared of Elizabeth tied naked to her bed. “Perfection,” he whispered aloud. “Absolute perfection.”He looked down to see the bulge in his trousers. For a second, he thought of taking a photo and sending it to Betts. Shaking his head, he turned back to his desk. He had some work to do so that he could leave his office early tomorrow. At 1:00 on Friday, Tommy told his assistant to have a lovely weekend and hurried to his car. He hadn’t spoken to Elizabeth in twenty-four hours, and he was anxious to see her. Tommy had spent Thursday night alone thinking about her proposal for him to live with her. It seemed a little backward that he wasn’t the one extending the invitation, but she had been the one to do it.Tommy had decided that it only made sense for him to live in her home if they were going to co-habitat. She had a large house and a housekeeper. He didn’t see how she could be comfortable living in a one-bedroom apartment. Tommy had chuckled at the idea of having enough closet space for her clothes.He had never spent more than five full days with a woman. The five days had been in Mexico when three couples rented a home for a week outside of Cancun. The first three days had been great fun, but his vacation date became ill, and he brought her home early. “What would it be like to wake up each morning and see that beautiful face?” he wondered aloud.As he maneuvered his car onto the expressway heading toward Dallas, Tommy wondered what it would be like to see that fantastic ass every morning. How would they ever get to work on time?Tommy Kurtköy escort bayan took highway 183 toward Mockingbird Lane. He had decided that at this time of day, this road would have less traffic than Stemmons Freeway. He got off where Elizabeth had recommended and began looking for her building on his left. She had told him that it was a white office building, and there was visitor parking on the upper level of the parking garage. Tommy had assumed the visitor spots would not be covered. He knew the old saying in Dallas, “The best parking spot was not necessarily the closest to the door. It was the spot in the shade.” Tommy also knew that to be the same in the winter.In the lobby by the elevator, he found the directory listing Bonner, Towney, Inc. on the eleventh floor. He stepped out of the elevator and faced the glass doors to Elizabeth’s company. Looking around, Tommy found that there were no other doors and determined that Bonner, Towney must have the entire floor.Stepping inside, Tommy was greeted by a beautiful young woman.“I’m here to see Elizabeth Towney,” he told her.Looking down, the young woman said, “You must be Thomas Hawk. Let me get Ms. Towney’s assistant.” The receptionist made a quick call before saying, “Helen will be right with you.”Thirty seconds later, a tall, auburn-haired woman stepped into the lobby, flashed a warm smile at Tommy and held out her hand. “Mr. Hawk,” she said. “I’m Elizabeth’s assistant, Helen Snider. Please follow me to her office. She’s expecting you.”Tommy walked behind the woman and couldn’t help but notice her spectacular ass twisting as she walked in front of him. To keep himself from staring, he moved up beside Helen.“I understand you work at the airport,” Helen said.“Yes, I work for the company that owns the airport. We’re not actually located on the airport grounds.”“Years ago, I worked for Southwest and flew in and out of Love Field,” the woman told him. “I’ve seen enough airports to last a lifetime.” Just then they arrived at Elizabeth’s office. “Elizabeth,” Helen said. “Your guest is here.”Quickly getting up from her large desk, Elizabeth almost ran to Tommy. When she reached him, Betts threw her arms around him in a hug. “Thank you, Helen,” she told her assistant. “I’ll try not to make too much noise when I have sex with this handsome man on my desk.”“Then perhaps I should close your door?” the woman asked.“I’m not going to jump him just yet,” Elizabeth laughed.As she stepped out of the office, Helen said, “Call me if you need any help. That’s what an assistant is for.”“Isn’t she just Escort Maltepe gorgeous?” Betts asked Tommy. “Are you ready to toss me aside to get her?”“I think I stay with you,” he said with a grin.“I’m glad to hear that,” Elizabeth said as she kissed his chin. “Come in and sit down.”“I love your office,” Tommy told her as he sat in a comfortable chair across the desk from her executive chair.“It was Bill’s office,” she said as she sat down. “The doors are wider than normal to handle his wheelchair. The office itself was built to suit his needs. I moved into this space when Bill was in the hospital for the last time.”A man came into the room saying, “Hey boss. You wanted to see me?” The man spotted Tommy and stopped. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burst in.”“That’s alright, Bryce. I need you to help me out for a bit. Let me introduce you to Thomas Hawk. He’s just about my oldest friend in the world and my dearest friend.”Tommy stood and pushed his hand out to Bryce. “Hi, I’m Thom Hawk. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”Taking Tommy’s hand, Bryce smiled. “Good to meet you, Thom. I’m Bryce Adkins, Elizabeth’s ranch foreman, so to speak.”“Bryce,” Elizabeth said, “Thom came to see the office and visit with me, but I have a call coming in any minute from Daniel Sikes. Would you please show Thom around while I take care of a little business?”“Sure thing, boss,” Bryce said with a grin. “I’m always glad to give the fifty-cent tour.”Just then, Helen’s voice came through an intercom. “Elizabeth, Daniel Sikes is on line two.”“You boys go ahead. I’ll be with you shortly,” Elizabeth said as she picked up the phone.Following Bryce out the door, Tommy was interested to see Elizabeth’s company.“We’ve been in this building for about fourteen years now,” Bryce said as they began walking. Bill Bonner picked it for its central location. We started with a relatively small office on the third floor and moved up here about nine years ago. We grew pretty quickly and needed more space.”“Do you have the entire floor?” Tommy asked.“Yep,” Bryce laughed. “Bill wanted plenty of room to grow, and space was available. He negotiated a good price, and we moved in. At first, it was a large echo chamber, but, as you can see, we managed to fill it up.”As Tommy looked around, he could see that there weren’t any empty spaces. The people working there didn’t seem to be cramped, but there wasn’t a lot of area going to waste. He noticed that offices were lining the outer walls, each with a private door. There were no cubicles, as was now so common in most large offices.“This is my office,” Bryce said as he stepped inside. “The joke about me being the ranch foreman is really an inside joke. That’s what Bill used to call me. I started with him about a week after he opened the firm. I’ve been here since then and have never thought about leaving.”“This is a great office,” Tommy commented. “It’s rare to find this kind of space for someone other than a CEO.”

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