Harem Sisters Pt. 09


Author’s note

Welcome back to the next chapter in the life of Jason and his Harems. I’m looking forward to sharing more of his and his girls story. Not much to say other than thank you all and a big thanks to Sam for his edits and help throughout this whole series.

As always, rate and comment what you feel we deserve. But most importantly.

Enjoy the smut. I do.

Peace out.

Chapter 25

“Jason? Earth to Jason!” Tori’s voice broke me out of my thoughts. The sounds of my surroundings slowly came back to me as I was drawn out of my trance:

the music blaring through the SUV’s speakers, the sounds of the girls chattering amongst themselves, and finally, my little sister looking at me with a half-cocked smile.

She really was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever laid eyes on. From her perfect tanned skin, to her gorgeous brown eyes and full, soft lips and cute little nose down to her smoking hot body, amazingly perky tits and taut ass.

She was a goddess.

I kept my eyes on the road as often as possible as I drove, but I looked over to Tori from time to time to drink in her beauty. I would have done the same for the other girls, but I didn’t want to crash the car.

Behind me sat Lucy and Hayley; these two were best friends and both of the lovely vixens were my lovers also. A fact I still had a hard time believing; they were both solid tens, and I had them both, and Tori.

Hayley was an amazing woman, closer to my age than all the other girls in our little group. The curly haired brunette had a slim figure but her small perky breasts and slender hips were as arousing to me as any of the other girls. The pale skinned beauty was incredibly passionate and challenged me mentality on so many levels; she was easily the most mature out of my group of girls and tended to look out for the others.

Her best friend Lucy was all sorts of Asian beauty. She was an Australian-born Japanese girl who spoke near perfect English, her slight accent was caused from spending most of her early life being home schooled by her parents and only speaking in Japanese. Like her best friend Hayley, my raven-haired lover was slim of build, but taller—only a few inches shorter than myself—but Lucy was all legs.

My lover’s legs were absolutely perfect. Long and slender and shaped like a master artist had sculpted them and her small butt was perfectly rounded and firm.

While Lucy was as slim and slender as her best friend, she rivalled Vicky—My blonde-haired lover—in the chest department.

Lucy’s breasts were almost too large for her slim frame, looking to jut out from her chest almost comically. But I could attest to how perfect those magnificent fun bags were; I still marvelled at how gravity seemed to not affect them one bit.

She was the newest of my lovers, but I still held fond feelings for my Asian beauty. We’d gone on our first date only a couple of weeks ago and spent an incredible night together in a fancy hotel.

Lucy loved rough sex, and as we’d spent more time together over the last week, I quickly found out that my lover was insatiable.

Behind them sat the lovely twins, Liz and Vicky. Although they were twin sisters, the two didn’t even look like sisters—apart from a few facial features they shared—let alone twins.

Liz was easily the tallest of the group—slightly taller than even me—with a toned athletic body. The pale redhead probably spent more time at the gym than any two of my lovers, and all her hard work had paid off.

Her figure was astounding, looking like it was shaped by a master craftsman. Her long legs were toned to perfection, her ass looked like she could crack nuts with it and her perfectly flat stomach showed clear definition on her abdominals whilst still holding her feminine softness. She had small breasts common to women who worked out a lot, but I still found them full, perky and wonderful.

She was shy around me when we first met and I thought she disliked me, but it turns out I was completely wrong.

The sexy redhead had admitted to having a thing for me as soon as we met, but because of her sister’s obvious interest in me she was unsure how to handle the situation. Liz had always done what she could to make her sister happy, and sometimes that was to put herself second. Liz loved her sister like I loved mine.

Her sister, Vicky. The blonde bombshell was all sorts of curvy, sexy babe. She’d been the first one of the group to show interest in me when I came home, openly flirting and ogling me. She’d come to my room the first morning I’d stayed at my parents apartment and given me a mind shattering blow job.

I’d come a long way since first taking the sexy blonde as my lover, but I would always hold her in a special place for being the one to give me the confidence to be the man I am today. Vicky was easily the most outgoing of the group, but I was starting to realise that Lucy was a close second aksaray escort in the crazy shit they’d do. Sometimes the girls fed off each other.

I was glad that I’d been able to bring Vicky and Liz together; the redhead had been in love with her sister for years, but never acted on it. That moment when she admitted to it brought me and my athletic lover closer, almost immediately.

I hadn’t been able to spend any alone time with the twins since the first time, but the girls were fond of sending me teasing snaps of what they were wearing, or not wearing.

“Yeah?” I answered Tori, keeping my eyes on the road.

“What’s up?” Tori asked.

“Nothing,” I replied.

“Then why did it take me so long to get your attention?” she smirked.

I glanced over to my sister and saw her looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Sorry, just a bit on my mind, but I’m fine,” I assured her.

“Okay, I’ll drop it,” Tori said. “How long till we get there?”

“Should only be another hour, but I’ll be stopping soon to fill up and give everyone a break.” I said.

Tori nodded then started shuffling through music on her phone. She was the co-pilot, so music was her job. I wasn’t really one for music and the girls had some awful tastes, but the road trip playlist had been one I actually enjoyed. Lots of old school rock music that seemed to be coming back in the younger generation. At least it had actual musicians and good beats.

I focused my attention back on the road, letting my thoughts drift back to what was troubling me, what I didn’t want to tell my sister. I hated lying to her, but I just didn’t want to worry her just yet.

Our mother had seen the footage of Tori and me fucking like horny teenagers—well, she was a horny teenager after all—in the kitchen. She’d shown me the footage on her phone one night when confronting me, the memory made my palms sweat.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself Jason?” my mother asked, still holding the phone out with the video of Tori and myself playing on a loop.

My heart was slamming in my chest. I had no idea what to do, how to stop everything from spiralling out of control. I had to keep Tori safe.

“I love her,” I said simply.

“But she’s your sister,” my mother replied.

“I don’t care,” I said with more conviction. “We love each other, and that’s all that matters.

My mother studied me for a moment, I never once took my eyes from hers. I didn’t know what she expected to happen, had she shown Dad? He surely would have said something if she did.

“Your father doesn’t know,” she added, almost as if she could read my thoughts.

“Are you going to tell him?” I asked.

“I haven’t decided,” she said.

My mother finally took the phone back, looked at the video for a few seconds, then turned the screen off before placing it on her leg. She was studying me quite intently, a half smile on her face.

“I can see why Tori was drawn to you, the other girls too,” my mother said. “You did turn into quite a handsome young man.”

She moved a hand to my bicep, giving the muscle a tentative squeeze before running her hand up my shoulder.

“I’d hate for this to cause problems between your father and you,” my mother scooted across the couch to sit right beside me, her leg pressing against mine.

“So you won’t tell him?” I asked, hopefully.

“Possibly,” she said, her eyes looking at me with a strange intensity. One I recognized from the first time I met Vicky.

I understood now what my mother wanted, why she hadn’t told dad. Her glances and looks since I’d been back all made sense now. She wanted me.

I stood up and took a few steps away from my mother, keeping my back to her.

“I can’t do that,” I said without looking over.

“Am I not attractive Jason?” my mother purred.

“It’s not that,” I cut off as I turned around to see my mother standing, the dress she’d been wearing was now pooled at her feet, she wore nothing else.

My mother was only in her mid-forties and spent about as much time on her image and body as any of my lovers. The result was she still had a smoking hot body, and even though they were implants, her tits looked amazing.

I ogled her body for a few seconds before shaking my head.

“Mum, we can’t,” I repeated.

“But dear, it could be amazing,” she crossed the distance between us and I felt her hand rubbing against the bulge in my shorts. I was still worked up from Tori earlier and then Vicky, and even though I had no interest in fucking my mother, her body was still amazing to look at.

Things had been really great with Dad and me lately, and even though the idea of incest wasn’t horrible to me, I didn’t want to help my mother cheat on my father. After all, incest or not, I loved Tori, and it’s because I loved her so much that I was able to get past the barrier of fucking a family member. I held love for my mother, but it wasn’t escort the same.

“I’m sorry Mum,” I took her wrist in my hand and firmly removed it from my body. “I love Tori, I don’t love you that way.”

I looked my mother in the eyes as I spoke, and saw the moment she realized she wasn’t getting what she wanted.

My mother could have an anger problem; she was spoilt by her father and then in her younger years by my own father. She rarely had to deal with someone saying no to her, especially her own son.

“Then I guess your father will have to know about this shameful family secret,” she said in a scornful tone.

I snapped. This woman was threatening to expose her own children if I didn’t have sex with her. She wanted what her own daughter had, that happiness, or she wanted it gone. I wasn’t going to have any of that.

The change in my mood must have shown on my face, because my mother took a step back. I took one forward.

“You selfish cunt,” I growled. “You care so much about what YOU want that you’d risk breaking up this family.”

“Jas—” she started, but I cut her off.

“Shut up!” I barked. “You’re going to delete that video and keep your mouth shut, because you love your family. Because you love your daughter.”

She backed up until her legs hit the couch and she fell backwards. She was still naked, but I never took my eyes from hers.

“I love Tori,” I leaned down to look her in the eyes. “I’ll never love you that way, no matter what you do or say. Just know, if you show that to Dad, or tell him about Tori and me, you’ll never see either of us again.”

I straightened, grabbed my towel, and left the apartment.

The feelings I had when dealing with my mother that day were still alien to me. I’d never really been very assertive, but something snapped in me that day, something that knew I needed to protect Tori.

It seemed to have worked, my father hadn’t confronted me about the video and I’d seen my mother plenty of times after that and she hadn’t said a word about the encounter, nor the video of Tori and me. Although, she did look down whenever our eyes met in private.

I didn’t want to scare my mother, but that was the only way I could see to make her back off. I thought about my threat to leave. I knew I’d have to; if my father had found out he would definitely disown me and kick me out. I’d take Tori with me; she was old enough to be out on her own now. It would be tough, but we could do it.

I was just glad that the threat of us leaving was enough to make my mother back off.

I was still surprised she came onto me like she did. I had feelings that my mother had been checking me out since I’d been home, but nothing solid. I could only take a guess that she saw what was happening amongst Tori and her friends and wanted in. Maybe incest was a genetic trait and she’d always had that inside her.

I decided I’d spent far too much of this trip mulling over that encounter and why my mother had backed off, or why she’d even pursued me anyway. It was time to enjoy the weekend with my girls.

I’d planned a trip down to the south coast of New South Wales for the girls and myself. Whilst we had great beaches in Sydney, the south coast really was a magical place to visit. Our parents had a holiday house in a small coastal town of Malua Bay, a place we’d been to many times when we were children.

The weather would be nice and hot, and the girls would be in bikinis or less all weekend. I was really looking forward to it.

“Pit stop,” I announced to the car.

The girls stopped for a second, then continued their chattering. They’d become a lot better at just being themselves in my company and I was starting to feel really comfortable with my little harem. They were all friends and my lovers, they all knew about Tori and me—plus Liz and Vicky—and no one ever got jealous.

I knew it was mostly up to me to make sure I gave each girl the attention she deserved, but so far I’d been doing a pretty good job of it. Plus, the more sex I had, the more I wanted.

I pulled the big SUV into the petrol station and parked beside one of the pumps. Lucy’s father had offered to let us borrow the seven-seater when he overheard us planning the trip. I had planned on renting one or asking my father to borrow one from the work vehicles, but this worked out great.

Our parents knew I had relations with Hayley and Vicky—possibly Lucy—and that the girls were happy with sharing, so me being on this trip wasn’t to abnormal. Lucy’s father knew I’d taken her on a date and her brother knew about Hayley and me too, but he didn’t seem to care. But both my father and Lucy’s father had said they were glad I was going with the girls, since I’d be driving them, and I’d be able to keep an eye on them.

I’d be keeping my eyes on the girls alright.

The girls piled out of the SUV and headed into the petrol station; Tori gave me a quick kiss before following her friends. kağıthane escort It was nice to be able to kiss my sister in public without fear of someone we knew seeing it, to anyone around here we were just two lovers who didn’t mind openly expressing ourselves.

I popped the fuel cap and started filling the tank, watching the dollars tick up on the pump. This thing was a beast and used a lot of fuel, but I had to make sure I returned it with a full tank. It was the courteous thing to do when borrowing someone’s vehicle. Unlike that time I let my housemate borrow my car and he brought it back with the fuel light on.

As I stood there waiting for the tank to fill up, I watched the girls through the glass walls of the petrol station. Vicky and Tori were trying on cheap sunglasses and making silly faces in the mirror while Lucy and Liz were picking out some snacks and Hayley was using the ATM. Just as the pump shut off—signalling that the tank was nice and full—a car pulled up and four guys climbed out. The car was a piece of shit that I was sure wasn’t road worthy, since it rattled and the brakes ground when they abruptly stopped.

But it wasn’t the car that held my attention, it was the guys getting out of the small two door hatchback like it was a clown car.

The driver was insanely tall, lanky and really tanned with short blonde hair. He wore oversized sunglasses and had a stupid, open mouthed look on his face.

The front seat passenger was quite a bit shorter, and rounder. He had a shaved head and a scruffy unkempt beard growing in patches across his rounded jaw. He too wore sunglasses, although these were as stupidly large as the driver.

The two who climbed out of the backseat could have been brothers, although one was clearly younger.

Both had brown unkempt hair that hung about their shoulders and short stubble. I doubted any girl would find them attractive, even just passable. They too were lightly tanned and the older one had an arrogant look about him, walking with a slight swagger.

All four of the group were shirtless and even at first glance, I had a bad feeling about these guys.

I returned the pumped and tightened the petrol cap before locking the car and heading into the petrol station. The girls were still hanging about inside, Hayley, Liz and Lucy were at the counter buying drinks and snacks for the group whilst Vicky and Tori hung about the sunglass stand near the entrance.

Three of the four guys had entered before me, the tall lanky one staying back at the car to fill it up. The shorter stocky guy headed for the snacks after giving my two lovers the eye up and down. But the two I thought were brothers stopped to have a chat.

I didn’t want to butt in and make a scene and I knew my sister and her best friend could handle a couple of guys creeping on them, so I headed for the counter to pay for the fuel.

Liz was in front of me as I walked up and I got a great view of her taut ass through her skin-tight leggings.

She looked over her shoulder and gave me a wink before stepping forward to place her items down.

Lucy and Hayley stepped back once they were done and stood by me.

“Who are those guys?” Hayley asked, nodding over my shoulder.

“No idea,” I replied.

I looked over my shoulder for a second to see the older of the two giving Vicky a wide smile while leaning much to close for my liking. The blonde bombshell didn’t seem phased by how close he was, but I knew Vicky was an expert at dealing with guys she wasn’t interested in. Whilst Hayley would give the cold shoulder and flash her resting bitch face, Vicky would say all the right things to keep the guy in a good mood, without giving anything away. Making him feel like he was the player in control.

My sister on the other hand, she wasn’t so capable with random guys. She’d dated before, but she just wasn’t as well versed in dealing with men as her best friend was.

“You think I should intervene?” I asked my lovers.

“No, that would only escalate things,” Hayley replied.

Just then the shorter guy came to the counter with an arm load of snacks, Liz stepped away since she’d paid for her items and I stepped forward to pay for the fuel.

Once I was done I stepped away from the counter with my three lovers and we made our way over to Vicky and Tori.

“Hey Tori, we’re all done,” I called out to my sister when we approached the entrance.

Tori smiled gratefully and went to step passed the two who’d been talking to them, but the older one put his arm out to block her path.

“We’re just talking here,” the older of the brothers said with a cocky grin.

“Talks over, we gotta hit the road,” I replied, meeting his stare.

The younger of the two hadn’t spoken a word, but he did stare daggers at me, probably thought I was trying to steal his date away.

I was getting ready to square up for a fight with these two, knowing full well the other two were nearby. I guessed I could take each one of them on their own, the older of the brothers was the only one who looked to have any muscle on him, though the stocky guy could probably hit pretty hard. I didn’t like my chances of taking all four.

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