Happy Ending


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fantasy/fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending **

We had known each other for many years as client and therapist, and I had spent hours fantasizing about what could happen if…

I was on the table getting my usual ‘tuneup’ massage, our conversation the usual smalltalk about life’s twists, turns, and miscellaneous stuff. Her hand brushed against my loins, something that had never happened before, and my cock jumped to attention. Her fingers brushed over my now erect parts, and while she didn’t linger there she definitely didn’t avoid the area. “Mmmm… seems we have another area that might need attention.” she said with a chuckle. The topic had never been breached. Now the door was open.

“Um.. yeah… well…” I responded. “I’m sure that kind of attention is out of line here, right?” I asked her.

Without losing her place with the massage, she replied. “Yes, here; but I have a private salon at my home. Just make an appointment and let me know what you want in advance. We can plan time and – um – other things to give you the service you want.” Then, just to make sure I understood, she made contact with my turgid privates again. This time the fingers lingered, stroking my shaft through the sheet that covered my body. “Mmmm?” she added.

I couldn’t believe it. Maybe – just maybe – my fantasy would come true. “Uh.. okay.. sure..” I said.

Intent on finishing the massage, Michele continued her work. “We can chat for a few minutes outside after this, if that’s okay.” she said.

“That’ll work sweetie.” I replied.

The massage and adjustment finished, I settled the bill and scheduled my next visit before heading out to the parking lot where Michele waited next to my car. She smiled as I approached. “Feeling better?” she asked sincerely.

“As usual!” I replied. Eager to get on with the discussion, I asked “so… how do we proceed with this?”

She put her hands on her slender hips. “Well… I offer the usual, you know, hand job to completion along with the normal massage.” she began. “That’s an extra fifty on top of the massage, so…”

“One-oh-five for an hour?” I suggested. She nodded.

“Or… for my special clients there are other options…” she offered.

“Okay, what are they, and am I special?” I asked.

Michele laughed, giving my hand a squeeze before she replied. “Yes of course you’re special. Okay, well I will do oral of course, and – um – anal if you want, just no vaginal intercourse is all.” she replied.

My cock got hard at her mention of oral and anal. She had the cutest little butt, and I had definitely noticed it. Her ass had been a part of an ongoing fantasy. “And pricing?” I asked.

“For you… another fifty for whatever you want… so… a hundred on top of the massage.” she replied. “Satisfaction guaranteed.” she added with a laugh. Then she pulled out a business card and handed it to me. “Call me to setup an appointment and we’ll go from there.”

I took the card and returned her warm smile. “Okay, great. And you want to know my interest in advance, right?” I asked sheepishly.

“Oh, I think I can just plan on the tour and be safe, right?” she suggested with a wink. I knew exactly what she meant.

“Uh… sure.” I replied. We hugged and agreed to ‘see each other soon’, and I drove home with a raging hardon.

To avoid suspicion I waited to setup the appointment, making it for three weeks later. The day arrived and I showered as usual before a massage. The wife had a day of errands to run and would be nowhere porno near Michele’s massage salon, so I was confident there wouldn’t be an interruption. I drove out to the remote area where her home and parlor were located, parking next to the small cottage with the signage. My dick was hard from the moment I pulled into her property, and seeing her gate close behind my car gave me a boost of energy as I anticipated the hours ahead.

Michele greeted me at the door, her hair still wet from a shower, her body covered by only a thin shirt and a pair of panties. She smiled, looking down at the bulge in the front of my jeans. “Oh my… I see you are ready sir.” she giggled, waving me through the door. “Right in there please, you know the drill.” she laughed, pointing to the small room with the massage table – and no windows. I followed her direction, enterring the room and looking around. It didn’t look any different from any other massage therapy salon; but there were a couple of bottles of something other than massage oil conspicuously placed on the shelf next to the table. “I’ll be with you in a few, face down first.” she said – the usual instruction; but then she added “I hope that won’t be too uncomfortable for you.”, she glanced down at my crotch again and winked.

Normally I would leave my shorts on for a massage; but this time was different. I stripped completely and crawled under the blanket, squirming to arrange my cock as I heard her come through the door. It was on!

“Okay.. so is there anything in particular you want me to work on for the massage?” Michele asked, her hands doing their usual exploration.

“Nothing – um – special.” I laughed.

The massage proceeded as usual, her hands working their magic on my back and legs, with a few thinly disguised strokes from her fingertips between my legs that wouldn’t be a part of the normal therapy. I flipped over onto my back as I would normally, my cock still at attention. This time her fingers drifted up to lightly stroke my penis in between a deep kneading of my muscles. She worked her way up, skillfully extracting the toxins from my body. Then instead of ending the session with a quick scruffle of my hair she moved slowly down my side, her fingers lightly touching my skin over the blanket. One hand slipped up beneath the cover along my thigh, then her fingers wrapped around my erection and she squeezed. “Time for something a little special.” she said softly.

I watched her head disappear below the blanket, then her lips teased their way up my leg until they took my balls into her mouth. “Ohhhhkkkmmmmm… nice…” I said hoarsely, not expecting the oral attention to my testicles. She let out a very muffled mewl before releasing the sensitive orb, working her way up the shaft until her lips wrapped around the head of my dick. Now her fingers cupped my balls as her lips nibbled their way down the length of my penis, completely engulfing my organ in her warm mouth. She was definitely a skilled cocksucker, and I settled back to enjoy her ministrations. She seemed to know when I needed a break, either holding still with my organ inside her oral cavity or slowly and gently withdrawing completely.

On one such break she lifted her head and caught my eye. “You want to join in the fun?” she asked with a big smile. I nodded eagerly, and Michele quickly pulled her shirt over her head and pulled off her skimpy panties. Walking up next to me she giggled. “It ain’t immoral if it’s oral.” she said, hopping up on the table to stradle my face. Her mouth was instantly back in contact with my cock as my hands pulled her pussy down to my own lips and tongue. One touch from the tip of my tongue on her clit and her pussy was wet.

My fingers traced the crevice between her cheeks, gently tugging them apart to expose her little rosebud. I momentarily moved my oral digit from her clit, over her moist petals to the snug little wrinkle of her anus, depositing as much natural lube as I could at the entrance to her bottom. A muffled moan escaped her throat as she worked my penis with her lips and tongue. Returning to her clit I began to work my fingertip around her snug sphincter, bringing more moans of a rising passion from my masseuse/fellatrice. Teasing at the little ring, I waited for her body to relax. With a gentle pressure, my finger penetrated her anal port easily, sliding to the second knuckle in her tight hole as I felt her lips nibbling at the base of my dick. Without losing a single stroke, Michele reached over and handed a small bottle back to me. The bottle was some kind of tasty lube, and had a flip-up nozzle which was activated with a single finger. With Michele’s mouth sucking gently on my meat, I pushed the nozzle past her outer ring and gave the bottle a squeeze. After closing the nozzle and setting the bottle down I returned my tongue to her anus, worming the tip inside her ass as she squirmed and wriggled atop me.

We stayed in that position, her lips and tongue knowingly stimulating my organ while I prepared her asshole, for a good fifteen minutes. Her body suddenly trembled, the clenching in her pooper getting intense. Her muffled squeals made it obvious she was cumming and I lashed at her clit with abandon until her spasms subsided. I felt her mouth leave my dick and looked down. She was smiling. “You want my butt?” she asked, squeezing the two fingers inside her with her rectal muscles. I pushed them deep, then pulled them out of her butt. That was all the answer she needed. She climbed down from the table and took the second bottle, opening it and pouring a fair amount into the palm of her hand. Setting the bottle down she placed her coated palm on the head of my dick. The warmth quickly penetrated, and the numbing began. I looked at her cute face as she slowly stroked the shaft. “It’s just for this particular activity.” she told me. “It will slow things down for both of us, so we can enjoy it for a while.” she added, quickly wiping the excess from her hands before hopping back up on the table to straddle my loins. She smiled again, reaching behind her to guide my penis between her buttocks to the glistening little hole. “Ready?” she asked, not waiting for a response.

I felt the head pushing aside the muscular portal of her anus, slipping past the snug ring easily and moving an inch or so up her ass as she lowered her lithe hips. Then she used her muscles to squeeze my member, bringing a twitch from my cock. “Mmmm… feels good.” she said softly, leaning forward to nuzzle my neck as she pushed her hips down until my cock was as far up her asshole as it would go in this position. Her skills were clearly not confined to her hands and her lips, I felt the controlled contractions of her rectal chute massaging my penis without any motion of her hips. Sensing my tension, she pulled her head up just above my face. “Mmmm… just relax… this is a part of your massage, remember…” she told me, working her anal muscles on my cock. After a few minutes of this remarkable action, she lifted her hips and began a more ‘normal’ pumping action, easing her ass up and down on my meat for a dozen strokes before again settling with the entire length inside her bottom. The muscle contractions resumed, and I stroked her sides and hips in a rhythm matching hers. Her hands worked at my neck muscles, easing away the tensions there as her butthole raised the level in my loins. My cock felt incredible in her asshole, the well-trained muscles gripping and releasing the shaft. I’d sodomized several women; but never had this experience before. It was as if Michele’s rectum was an extension of her therapy.

I felt a quick spasm in her butt and she stopped what she was doing. “I’m going to cum again, and I need to know where you want to finish.” she said hoarsely.

“I… uh…” I stammered, surprised at the question.

“My mouth or my butt?” she clarified, squeezing my dick with her ass. When I didn’t answer, she went on. “When I cum, the action in my bottom will get you off, I guarantee it. So if you don’t want to cum now, or you would rather be in my mouth, then….” she added.

My cock twitched inside her butthole, giving her my answer. Her smile told me I’d responded the way she wanted, and her hips began to move. While my dick was getting stroked by her anal ring, her clit was rubbing against my groin with each thrust. She buried her face in my neck and began to moan, the pitch going up as she got closer. Then I learned first hand what she had told me as she flew over the edge, her entire body shuddering as her asshole spasmed wildly around my penis. “Oh yeah sweetie… OH YEAH…. OHGAWDDDD… OHMYGAWDDDD…. YESSSS…” I howled as my jizm squirted in blast after blast into her tight bottom. My spasms continued for several minutes, encited by similarly spasmodic clenches inside her rectal passage, until finally both of us had calmed down. Her muscles continued to work at my organ, squeezing it gently as the erection slowly departed, then finally pushing the intruder out of her nether port.

“Mmmm…. that was nice.” she whispered, still laying on top of me on the table.

“Yes indeed it was.” I replied, stroking her back gently. “Best massage I’ve ever had, that’s for sure.” I added, reaching down to fondle the perky cheeks of her ass.

“I hope it isn’t the last time we do this; but…” she said.

“But what?” I pursued.

“We just can’t let anyone know, that’s all.” she told me, climbing over me and off the table. “You know, I mean I don’t do this for just anyone.” she added, letting her fingers trail down my leg as she retrieved her panties and shirt.

I watched intently, gazing at her taut lithe body as she bent over to grab her undergarment. “Damn you have a cute little butt.” I exclaimed, adding a chuckle as I swung my legs off the table to gather my own clothes.

“I am very pleased you think so sir.” she giggled, pulling up her panties. “And I hope it was a good little butt as well.”

“Oh yes, indeed it was.” I responded.

She held a finger up to her lips and left the room. Gotta make it look normal, just in case I thought. I finished dressing, then waited a couple of minutes before I opened the door and walked out into the ‘lobby’. Michele had added a pair of snug jeans to her outfit, and was waiting by the door. I pulled the folded up bills from my pocket and handed them to her. “Check the amount please sweetie.” I asked her.

Michele counted. Two hundred and fifty – more than she would have charged. “Um…” she began; but I held my finger up to my lips, then pointed to her. She smiled, reaching out to give my shoulder a squeeze. “Thank you sir. I’ll see you next time.”

“I’ll call you to schedule.” I replied, returning her squeeze before heading out the door.

My cock twitched again in my pants. Now THAT was a happy ending I thought, my mind racing to think of a reason for another visit to the massage therapist.

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