Happy Birthday

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On the morning of your birthday you receive an e-mail from me simply with an address and 3 photos of 3 very hot guys. I ask you to tell me which of these guys you like best and then to simply show up at noon at the specified address.

When you arrive at noon the door is answered by the guy you selected from the photos. He is topless, is clearly in great shape and even better looking than in the picture. After closing the door behind you he takes you in his muscular arms, says ‘Hi and Happy Birthday’, and gives you a big long wonderful kiss. Your hands run over his back and chest marveling at the toned muscles.

He suddenly scoops you effortlessly into his arms and carries you towards a bedroom. In the middle of the bedroom is large bed with rose petals scattered across the sheets. He places you gently on the edge of the bed and says ‘Ken changed his mind after sending you the e-mail this morning, all 3 of us are here for your pleasure.’

With that the other two guys who were in the pictures appear in the bedroom. They are also topless and in just as great shape as the first guy. In turn they each come to you, take your hand and kiss it, say ‘Happy Birthday’ and then lean down to kiss you on the mouth.

After the introductory kisses, which already have your heart racing a little, they lie you back onto the bed. One of them is lying on izmir escort each side of you and the other at your feet. The two lying beside you slowly open and remove your blouse while kissing your arms and neck. The one at your feet manages to remove your skirt while gently stroking and kissing your legs. Before removing your bra and panties they stand and simultaneously remove their pants and underwear. Even while they are still soft you can tell each is well hung. They move back to stand in front of the bed and allow you to explore their naked bodies with your hands. Your touch clearly has a positive effect on them as each begins to stiffen. You notice the first guy in particular growing to a size that is quite impressive. You give each a quick lick on their shafts and a kiss on the head.

You are suddenly picked up again off the bed and with swift sure movements, the rest of the your clothes are quickly removed and you are back in the middle of the bed and there is a mouth at each nipple and one hovering above your pussy. They begin gently and lovingly kissing and licking. You lie back and relax as you enjoy the sensations starting to build. As their licks grow more passionate you feel your body rising to a climax far more quickly than normal. The 3 tongues are difficult enough to keep track of but when their hands begin alsancak escort stroking and caressing you the feeling is amazing. You suddenly feel the first finger thrust up inside you and this triggers your first orgasm.

Over the next 20 to 30 minutes they bring you to what seems like an endless string of orgasms with just their hands and tongues. They allow you to come down just for a minute after each one while they swap positions but then immediately bring you back over the edge. You have never before experienced such continuous and prolonged excitement. As you begin to think you may not be able to take much more you feel yourself penetrated by the first of the 3 large cocks. He starts pounding quickly and powerfully. You sense that he is aroused to the point of no return. You wrap your arms around him and the two of you manage to time your release to perfection. You feel him fill you with his warm cum as your body stiffens in climax again.

As you begin to relax, but certainly not to the point of full recovery, you find yourself flipped over and your behind lifted into the air. Cock

enters you doggie style and begins his home stretch run. In this position he is hitting spots inside you that seem impossibly deep. He lasts longer than you think he would given the pace of his thrusts and you try the buca escort best you can to hold on until he is there. Suddenly you hear him grunt and the pace gets even quicker, your pussy explodes once more as you feel shot after shot of his seed firing inside you.

You roll back onto your back to recover and after a short period you realise it was the guy first selected, with the biggest cock of them all, who has not yet had a turn. You motion for him to come closer so you can play with his huge cock. You are actually a little concerned that he may have trouble getting in and that maybe he would settle for a blow job. You take him into your mouth, which is more difficult than you would have thought possible. He settles down to watch you for a while but as he gets near he pulls out flips around in front of you and plows his massive dick all the way inside. You gasp but do not feel the pain you were expecting rather your body jumps back to the edge of orgasm almost immediately. He slows and then speeds up, sensing where you are and trying to hold you on the precipice for as long as possible. You are losing your mind and start begging for him to finish, you feel on the brink of blacking out when finally he lets loose a final series of thrusts and you both scream out simultaneously.

You recall nothing more until awakening some time later to find me cuddling beside you. The 3 strangers have gone, you ask me where I came from and I tell you that I was here the entire time watching and filming so that we might be able to relive it together at some point. I lean over for a kiss and to wish you Happy Birthday. You roll towards me to return the kiss and …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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