Hanson House Ch. 07

Big Dick

The new week started with a bang for the second year females – literally. It had been announced at Sunday night’s dinner that the timetable for their special classes had changed. On Monday evening all students were to assemble in the main hall. They were told only that this was to be another “physical”. Everyone assume that they would be given another ‘medical’ inspection or subjected to some other humiliation. That was enough to get a few of the pupils quite excited.

Arriving at the hall, they all got a little surprise. Instead of medical equipment the room was set up with some strange looking frames. They were like A-frames but they had extra bars on either side, arranged at different heights. There were a few whispers about spanking frames. All students were ordered to strip off their skirts and, as they stood there bare-arsed, one of the senior instructors addressed them.

“Everyone has been working well. Your instructors are very pleased with the progress made by the second year women.” There were smiles all round.

“We also have been informed that the university has set a heavy academic workload for you this week. Since your academic work is also very important for your future, the staff have decided to revise your training program. This is not a problem for us because it allows us to bring in the third year boys to assist with your training.”

That news sent a ripple of muttering and excitement through the entire group. Older boys would be so much sexier than the second years from Friday night.

“Tonight the physical is a short session in corporal punishment.” That meant some kind of spanking. Murmurs of delight and fear spread amongst them. “Of course, a number of you have already had your first training in spanking but don’t worry. We have prepared something special for you,” she said with a lewd grin.

One of the attendants demonstrated what was to be done. The students were divided into nine small groups. Each group had one of the special frames and, along with it, several members of staff. As their name was called, each student would be required to take up the proper position on the frame. They were shown how to do this – feet on the horizontal bar on one side, body bent completely over the high point of the frame and hands gripping the bar on the other side.

At this point Mistress Candace quietly brought the beautiful Elissa to stand next to Amanda and her roommates. The two “special” pupils smiled shyly at one another. Elissa’s tight brown curls made her look even more attractive. Her breasts weren’t as large, though, Amanda was happy to see.

At the command, Lisbeth made her way to the front and boldly took up position over the spanking frame. No-one was quite sure what was going to happen but Lis was ready to be spanked. She lifted her skirt and took up the perfect position. Everyone saw she’d spread her legs, making sure her hairless cunt was displayed.

Amanda took a quick look around. She knew a number of her peers had already been through a week’s classes on spanking. It didn’t mean they were impervious to pain, however. Amanda could see no sign of the young woman who’d cried on the first day of Lis’s spanking classes.

“Students. To start it will be ten with the bare hand. Five on one side and then five on the other. After that you will receive the paddle. This will be another ten, alternating between each side of your bottom.”

The “discipline” was to be delivered variously by instructors and attendants. As the first batch of young women assumed the position, skirts raised and buttocks thrusting out nicely, the designated staff stepped forward and drew back their hands.

At the command nine hands fell with force onto nine pert backsides. Those watching on could see the force being given to the upturned bottoms. The pain and humiliation for the students was evidenced by the shrill cries many of them released as the blows fell on them.

The noise of skin slapping against skin was tremendous and none of the staff halted until they’d delivered the first series of five blows. Most of the women flinched as each smack landed, clinching their young buttocks against the assault. With their legs spread, however, their cunts remained on display. This stuck in Amanda’s thoughts. Their cunts were so often on display, accessible and available even during a spanking.

Everyone bent over a frame had one bright görükle escort red cheek. The command was given again and the beatings were repeated on the other cheeks. It sounded like someone was sobbing softly. Nine young bottoms all turned a lovely shade of pink. Not one of the students dared to move an inch. Amanda looked closely but couldn’t quite tell if Lisbeth’s cunt was starting to moisten.

The paddles came out and the staff changed places. Next moment, the air was filled with the sound of those black leather weapons pounding on the backsides of helpless young women. To those watching, the paddle looked frightening. An instructor threatened to tie down a student who insisted on moving. Amanda held the hand of Jas, hoping to pass on some strength to the tiny Filipina. In her own mind, Amanda knew she’d have to somehow learn to accept the paddle – and worse.

Lis, with her fulsome arse, was in her element. By the completion of ten strokes of the paddle it was clear that the Dane was turned on. Her cunt lips had flared and there was an obvious glint of moisture. The others in the group were amazed that someone could become sexually aroused from being spanked in that way. “Nothing to compare to what we took in class,” announced Lis boldly.

Grace was next on the spanking frame. She seemed happy to show off for her fellow students. She had well-rounded arse cheeks that wobbled just a little as the bare hand of the attendant slapped against them. The young women were not to know but that little wobble would make Grace even more attractive to certain dominants. Two of the instructors who were supervising took note and smiled at one another.

Amanda wondered how Grace would have looked with her big tits out and hanging, swinging as she took her ‘punishment’. Then Amanda remembered that her new friend was a declared lesbian.

“Its better when she is naked and you can see her breasts,” she whispered to Elissa.

“Those jugs are sensational,” came the reply and a sly grin.

Grace withstood the paddle as well as anyone. The fact she was being spanked in front of all the second year women was a plus for her. Some of the woman and all of the male instructors noted that she seemed to have an arse just begging to be spanked. Grace came back to the group, rubbing her reddened butt. But she made sure to give everyone a big grin. “I don’t how it will feel when someone give us a proper whacking.”

Jas was so small she had trouble fitting onto the frame. Instead of holding the bar with her hands the attendant showed her where to grip on the legs of the frame. She was stretched so far that it made her brown arse seem even more delicate and fragile.

She got no mercy from the instructor despite her small size. Amanda was worried their harsh blows would break the small student. His hand almost covered both her cheeks as she was spanked soundly, first on the right and then on the left. It seemed so unfair that little Jas practically got twice as much spanking as the rest. And the paddle was supposed to alternate between sides of the bottom but for Jas all ten blows were received in the same spot, right in the middle of her cute little butt.

Jas didn’t utter a sound during her turn on the frame. But even her brown arsecheeks darkened as a result of the beating. When she came back to the group there were tears in her eyes. Still, Amanda took pride in her friend for not openly sobbing, unlike one or two others.

Elissa was almost as keen as Lis to get onto the spanking frame. Now Amanda had a chance to inspect her new friend and she was impressed. She was impressed by the strong, slender thighs and the tight, firm little butt. When Elissa spread her legs wide on the frame, long inner labia were clearly protruding as if inviting a tongue or a mouth to her cunt. Amanda thought if she were gay she might lust after Elissa as well.

As Elissa prepared herself it was Mistress Pamela who stepped forward. The instructor who had “chosen” Elissa for her special talents was insisting on being the one to deliver spanking. For Amanda, and for those instructors “in the know”, it was a delicious moment. A spanking would be no surprise for Elissa, however, since she’d already completed that first class along with Lisbeth.

Most of the audience could not be sure but it did appear that Mistress Pamela took her time spanking her favourite görükle escort bayan student. Some of them may even have suspected that the paddle fell with a little more force than it did for the other pupils.

Her new friend, however, seemed to enjoy her experience almost as much as Lis. Amanda couldn’t see wetness or any other sign of sexual arousal. But the way Elissa walked with her sore buttcheeks, grinning wildly at Lisbeth, suggested the young student had special talents apart from her desire for women.

It was Amanda who was last. She felt better knowing there were fewer eyes on the final group. A number of students were too busy feeling sorry for themselves. Having seen the bravado of others, especially Grace, she tried to look confident as she approached the frame. It was comfortable enough to be positioned like that. Spreading her legs and exposing her cunt was getting easier for the young student. The top bar she was bent over had a little padding. She thought for a moment it would better if her bottom was padded as well.

The habitual “good girl” had never been spanked in her life. Now she had to stay still, in position, while her arse was punished. And she’d not even made any mistake or broken any rule. It was too late to do anything about that now.

The first few blows came as a shock. The smacks landed harder than she’d expected. The pain was sharp and felt like it was radiating through her whole body. Amanda wanted to cry out in pain – no, in protest. But she forced herself to accept the beating in silence. It was a matter of pride not to show weakness in front of the other students. She’d thought poorly of those who’d cried. Surely her future dominant would want to spank her without such a display of weakness.

She tried to focus on the sound of the slaps. She heard the others around her taking their beating, the impact and the few grunts of pain. It was so hard, however, to try to listen when each impact sent the same hot sting through her.

On the other hand, Amanda realised she was getting a kind of rush from the beating. By the time the second set was finished on her left arsecheek, she could feel not only the warmth in her buttocks but also the surge of adrenaline through her body. No wonder someone like Grace could almost enjoy being beaten. Amanda knew, though, that she’d never be able to take what Lis could bear.

The paddle was worse, of course. But Amanda no longer minded the pain so much. It still hurt but she knew that she was no cry-baby. The instructor had warned on her first day that she would have become accustomed to being spanked.

No-one noticed, but Amanda actually thrust her bottom out a little more. She was as determined as ever and wanting to show that she could offer her arse gladly for whatever beatings her dominant would wish.

Finally it was over and the students were instructed to put their skirts back on. Most of them were dismissed then, sent off to shower or whatever else they wished before dinner. As she walked through the hallway to her room, Amanda was pleasantly surprised by the warmth that continued to radiate from her abused butt cheeks. She was feeling as confused as ever. It seemed corporal punishment might have some benefits, after all.

At dinner Lis and Grace came tumbling in to join their roommates. Lis explained that some students had been told to stay behind in the main hall. These were the students who had already completed classes in “spanking”. Lis had taken the opportunity to ask if Grace could stay behind with them. The instructors had explained that students who’d already been spanked had had an advantage during the “physical”. It was only fair they should receive an additional spanking.

“Oh my god,” blurted Grace. “We got ten more with the paddle. This time they were even harder. It bloody hurt.”

Amanda laughed. “Well you should learn not to be so enthusiastic.”

‘I loved it!’ cried the effervescent Grace. ‘I think that attendant really likes hurting little girls, though. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit down tomorrow.’

Lisbeth piped up then. “That was hardly the worst for you anyway.”

“Oh no!” cried out Grace. “We were made to lie on tables. We had to hold our legs up over our heads and spread them wide. Like a big ‘V’. I was so glad I shaved properly this morning.”

“Get away you slut. You loved showing bursa escort your cunt off to anyone who looked,” said Lis with a laugh.

“But they spanked us,” protested Grace. “Right on our cunts. They spanked us with their hands right on our bare cunts. We had to lie there and take it. Yeah those ones really hurt let me tell you. My clit is still throbbing and I might need to masturbate before I can get to sleep tonight.”

The rest giggled and Grace saw that Lis rolled her eyes. “Oh you were OK,” shot back Grace. “I think you got more spanks on your cunt than anyone else. Mistress Pamela saw to that. I thought you were going to orgasm right there. I saw the way her hand was making little drops of your cunt juice fly off.” Lis could only grin in response.

That night Amanda finally got the courage to ask Lis about spankings and her reaction.

“It does get me really turned-on,” confessed the young Dane. “I can’t explain why exactly. The pain is so fantastic. It makes me feel really alive. To me its not even pain really. It hurts, but its a kind of a good hurt. Do you know what I mean?”

Amanda had to shake her head. No, she had no idea.

“When I was in class, I saw the riding crops and the canes. I wanted to feel them so badly. I’ve no idea whether I’ll enjoy that much pain but when I think about it I cream myself.”

Amanda tried not to laugh at the explicit description. She was also a little shocked at Lisbeth’s deepest desires. Then Lis confessed she’d not told the whole story about her suspicions regarding her mother and submission.

“Please don’t tell the others. Once, a couple of years ago, I heard my parents having sex. I heard the sounds of someone being whipped or something. I was sure it was my mother because I could hear her groans. I was shocked but it sounded like she was loving it. Standing at the door I could hear the ‘whooshing’ sound and the sting as it landed on her. I didn’t know what my father was using but now I wonder if it was some kind of cane.”

Lis lowered her head with a look of shame. “I wanted to go right in there and ask him to hit me instead. I went to my room and I was so horny. So I masturbated thinking about my dad whipping my mother. I did it a lot after that night, except that I thought about me getting the whipping. After that I made my boyfriend spank me a few times.”

“Your boyfriend spanked you? How did you do that?”

“He wasn’t very keen. I made him do it by promising I’d suck his cock and swallow his cum. And I did. But after a few times he said I was too weird and we broke up.”

“So, you sure came to the right place then.”

“It seems that way,” said Lis, almost smiling now. “Mistress Pamela is a mean old thing which is good for me. But I have heard that Master Stephen really likes to go to town on students’ butt cheeks.”

That night the four roommates sat close and talked until it was late. They were discussing cocks. Naturally they all pressed Lisbeth for information as she was the self-appointed expert.

The reason for the increased interest was that at dinner the instructors had told everyone about their classes for the following week. All the second year women would be learning “titfuck”. On hearing the news it had taken several minutes for the students to settle down and cease their yelps of joy and the excited chattering.

Real cocks! Experienced, dominant cocks. All the sophomores had taken to heart the thought that there real place was to be lower than men. Even more, they had begun to appreciate just how low – even lower than those fabulous sources of male power, those thick hard cocks. Even Elissa, the young lesbian, understood that the erect cock was superior to her as a lowly submissive.

Now they had the chance to touch and be touched by some older, dominant cocks. They were all sure it would be more than one cock each. At Hanson House such things were never done “by half”.

The staff had decided “titifuck” was a simple skill for the students to learn. That meant less diversion form academic duties that week. The instructors assured those students with smaller breasts, like Jas, that they would learn how to serve successfully in that way.

“Service”, above all, was what excited the pupils. The word itself conjured the idea of having their bodies used in a sexual way. There would be no doubt they would give pleasure to the chosen cocks. It was real service just as a fully-fledged submissive would give. Service to older, superior men and service to their exalted cocks.

Despite the academic workload it was certain all the young women would spend extra time in masturbation for the remainder of the week.

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