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Stephanie, 45, is the owner of a small but successful catering business serving mostly upscale clients. After several years of participating in all aspects of the business, and working an outrageous and exhausting schedule in the process, she now has a capable staff that allows her to spend more time running the business instead of letting it run her. Stephanie is striking. She’s voluptuous but fit. She stands 5-7, weighs about 140 pounds, and has measurements of 38-28-39 with a 32F bra size. A brunette, her hair hangs to about her shoulder blades. Her eyes are hazel. She’s been married to Zach, 48, for 21 years. They have a son, Hunter, who is 18. Stephanie and Zach are happily married, but they have their ups and downs like most couples.

Adam, 25, and his brother run a coffee shop they opened about a year ago in a recently gentrified section of town. Adam has been an avid soccer player since he was a youngster, and played on school teams in high school and college, where he studied business. He continues to play local club soccer, working it around his busy schedule, and has kept his athletic body remarkably fit. He stands 5-10, weighs about 145 pounds and has dark blonde hair that he often wears a little shaggy. His penis is circumcised and is a little more than 8 inches long at full erection. Adam has been dating Alicia, 25, for several years. They have discussed living together.


The phone was ringing when Stephanie, Zach and Hunter arrived home from dining out. They still had a landline, one of those vestiges of home that Stephanie and Zach still liked. In fact, several other families in the old-school, close-knit neighborhood had landlines, so chances were good this call was from a neighbor.

“Hello?” Stephanie said as Zach and Hunter filed past her. “Hi, Adam. … Yes. We just got home. … Yeah, he’s here. Just a sec.”

Stephanie held up the phone as Hunter turned around, took it from her, sat down at the kitchen table and began chatting. Stephanie and Zach went upstairs and began their evening rituals, changing clothes and going their separate ways for a couple hours until bedtime. In sweatpants, a T-shirt and slippers, Stephanie went back downstairs to her cozy home office to catch up on email and look over her schedule for the rest of the week.

She could hear Hunter talking on the phone, but could only make out a few words here and there. A few days ago she suggested Hunter, who was still trying to decide on a college, give Adam a call. There already was a connection. Adam’s family lived a couple of blocks away, and Stephanie and Zach were friends of Adam’s parents. When Hunter was 11, he started playing soccer, on a local youth team coached by Adam, who was well-known around the neighborhood as a smart, friendly and polite young man.

Hunter liked soccer, and was coached by Adam on various teams over the years, but eventually he developed other interests and stopped playing at around the time Adam went off to college. They’d remained friends, but not close friends. Like Hunter, Adam was a good student and had fully embraced everything about college life, from the academics to the extracurriculars.

Stephanie looked up from her desk about an hour later and heard Hunter wrapping up the conversation. She then heard him walking upstairs to his bedroom. She was happy Hunter and Adam had such a long talk, and she made a mental note to follow up with Hunter in the morning.

It was getting closer to bedtime, so Stephanie shut down her laptop and began to organize a few things on her desk. Finished, she paused, leaned back in her chair and exhaled, but she wasn’t quite ready to go upstairs.

In the silence she began to flash back to memories of Hunter’s soccer days, how much she enjoyed taking him to practice, watching his matches, seeing how much fun he was having. It was a great experience for him, and for Stephanie and Zach as proud parents.

Soon, however, Stephanie’s thoughts drifted to Adam. It was as if she was having a delayed reaction to hearing his voice on the phone earlier.

First and foremost, she liked Adam and how good he had been for Hunter over the years, perhaps even a bit of a role model as a good student and a decent young man. She’d enjoyed her conversations with Adam, who struck her as warm, intelligent, compassionate, and perhaps even a bit sensitive.

There had been plenty of times after practice when Stephanie and Adam would chat while Hunter packed up his gear and mingled with his teammates for a while. Or sometimes, when practice drills were being run by an assistant coach, Adam would wander over and engage in longer conversations. He was polite and attentive to the other parents as well, but Stephanie began to feel there was something different about the way Adam interacted with her.

Some of their conversations over the course of the season were super casual. Others had a bit more depth. Stephanie remembered feeling flattered when Adam began asking her for advice about situations tuzla eve gelen escort with his girlfriend. He seemed very open about his feelings, yet not in such a way that made him seem less masculine. There was an intelligence to their conversations that both of them seemed to enjoy.

She missed those chats during the offseason, when she rarely saw Adam or heard anything about him from Hunter.

Stephanie had wondered if Adam was attracted to her. At first she thought perhaps he didn’t feel comfortable talking about relationship issues with his mother. Yet she also detected a certain happiness in his eyes, voice and manner when they spent time together. Adam had never crossed a line, however. In fact, he’d never said anything remotely inappropriate.

Yes, Stephanie had seen him glancing at her breasts, but she didn’t really think anything of it at the time. His girlfriend, Alicia, was lean and athletic with small breasts, so he probably was just curious. And, unfortunately, men eyeing her breasts had been part of Stephanie’s life since she was young. She never really got used to it, but she was confident in herself and her body. There were far more important things to worry about than trying to keep track of the glances.

For a long time, Stephanie had zero thoughts about Adam as anything other than her son’s soccer coach and one of the many people who were part of the tight-knit neighborhood. Then one day when she went to pick up Hunter from practice, she saw Adam out on the pitch with the team, participating in its scrimmage and drills.

He was shirtless. He was sweaty. Stephanie noticed the way his body moved, forcefully and athletically yet gracefully. She noticed the muscles in his legs, his back, his chest, shoulders and arms. She noticed the way his torso tapered nicely into his shorts. For the first time, she saw him as a man. A desirable man.

Of course, Stephanie knew about Alicia, who also happened to be at practice that day, watching from the other side of the pitch. As practice ended, Stephanie watched Adam run to her. She saw them smile at one another. She saw Alicia’s hands on his sweaty chest as they shared a brief kiss.

Then there was a moment that only heightened Stephanie’s newfound curiosity about Adam. As she spoke with Hunter, she could see Adam and Alicia were now in the middle of the pitch, holding hands as they spoke with a couple of other players. Then she saw Adam look toward her and Hunter. She saw his expression change. She saw him drop Alicia’s hand and take a step toward her and Hunter. For a few seconds, her eyes and Adam’s eyes connected …

Then Alicia called for Adam. He turned, went back to her side and rejoined the conversation. A few seconds later, however, his gaze returned to Stephanie. She smiled and waved. He waved back. Stephanie hesitated before finally walking with Hunter back to her car.

The moment had passed, but the seeds had been planted in Stephanie’s mind.

That night she woke up in the wee hours, with Zach snoring loudly next to her. She tried to piece together fragments from the dream she just snapped out of, but the images remained frustratingly vague.

She wondered if the dream was about Adam, who had been on her mind off and on since the glance they shared just a few hours ago. Actually, it had been more than a glance, she decided. She interpreted it as a message that she had been on his mind. She was curious as to why.

Maybe he only wanted advice or a friendly chat. Maybe he wanted to be near her physically in a way that he hadn’t quite figured out, perhaps somewhere between the warmth of a special friendship and the heat of something much more intense.

Stephanie had rarely fantasized about other men, much less younger men, beyond the innocent acknowledgement that someone was handsome or sexy. But as she lay there in the dark next to her snoring husband, her mind began to race.

She thought back to that kiss Adam and Alicia had shared, how it was short but affectionate. She wondered what Alicia felt as she put her hands on Adam’s sweaty body. Did she always put her hands there, knowing that even if it was for just a instant it would be felt and enjoyed by Adam? She wondered if Adam experienced any arousal in that moment.

Stephanie’s mind raced ahead. What happened after Adam and Alicia left? Did they go home and shower together? She pictured their naked bodies under the streams of water, Alicia’s hand gently holding Adam’s penis as they kissed. Did they have sex? Stephanie saw Alicia on her back, legs apart in the air, as Adam drove himself into her repeatedly. She saw his firm nude body, the way his hips moved as he thrust, the way his bare ass tightened. She could hear Alicia’s moans soon joined by his as he ejaculated inside her.

Stephanie resisted the urge to touch herself and eventually went back to sleep. In the morning as she showered, more images burst vividly in her mind. Adam slipping out of bed, his morning erection tuzla otele gelen escort swaying and bouncing. Adam nude in the bathroom as he shaved and brushed his teeth. Adam quietly getting dressed in the dark as Alicia slumbered. Adam giving her a soft kiss as he left for work.

Later in the day, when Stephanie had a few moments to herself, the visions continued. Only she had replaced Alicia with herself, and Adam was always nude. That evening, when she arrived home to an empty house and knew it would be that way for at least another hour, she masturbated to thoughts of Adam. Her glorious orgasm soon gave way to feelings of guilt, however, and her fantasies about him were mostly shelved.

Now, alone in her home office, the images and fantasies were starting to bubble again. After a few moments of reflection, however, she decided to go to bed. As she turned out the lights and walked into the hallway, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror where she often did a “final check” before heading out the door for the day.

Her nipples were hard against the fabric of her T-shirt. She pulled up her shirt, teased and pinched her nipples for a few moments before pulling the shirt down and going upstairs.

The next morning, Stephanie asked Hunter about his conversation with Adam.

“It was good,” Hunter said. “He gave me a lot of stuff to think about. We’re going to meet up and talk some more soon.”

“That’s great,” Stephanie said. “Adam’s always seemed like a good guy.”

“Yep,” Hunter said as he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and went outside.

As the next few days passed, Stephanie became immersed in work as well as some social obligations with Zach. When Saturday finally rolled around, the usual weekend routine was more than welcomed. After a day of minor chores and errands, Stephanie and Zach decided to cook out even though the late-spring evening was turning cool. As Zach prepared the grill and drinks, Stepanie went upstairs to change clothes for a quick trip to the supermarket.

Stephanie slipped out of her track pants and into a pair of jeans and an old pair of sneakers. She tucked her tight white T-shirt into the jeans and zipped up the fleece jacket she’d worn all day, adequately concealing the fact that she was braless.

The supermarket wasn’t all that crowded and Stephanie made her purchases in good time. As she walked past the other checkout lines on her way to the exit, she felt a surge of recognition. Adam was just finishing up at the self-checkout line.

Stephanie was suddenly conflicted. Say hello? Or pretend I don’t see him? She was almost to the door. It had to be a split-second decision.

She fixed her eyes on Adam, who was wearing track pants with a matching jacket over a T-shirt. She saw him look up, saw him recognize her, saw his eyes change, saw his smile. She realized she was smiling as well. She slowed down as he stepped out of the self-checkout area holding a small bag of items.

“Wow,” he said. “I haven’t seen you in a long time. How have you been?”

“I’m great,” Stephanie said. “How are you, Adam? Catching up on a little shopping?”

“Yeah,” Adam said, holding up his bag. “Flying solo this weekend. Alicia flew out to visit her mom, so it’s microwave burritos for me tonight.”

“Alicia does all your cooking?” Stephanie asked with a wink.

“Oh no, but we eat a lot better when we’re together, or we go out,” Adam said. “These are kind of a guilty pleasure. Just didn’t feel like pizza again tonight, as crazy as that sounds. What about you?”

“Zach’s firing up the grill,” Stephanie said, holding up her two bags, “but we needed some things to put on it.”

They walked outside and continued the conversation, pausing on the sidewalk.

“I’m so glad I ran into you,” Adam said.

“Really?” Stephanie said. “Why?”

“I wanted to thank you for having Hunter call me,” Adam said. “I was flattered and honored that you thought of me.”

Stephanie was happy to be experiencing Adam’s charm, politeness and presence again.

“Well,” she said, “I’m flattered that you were flattered, but I knew you could offer some perspective he’s not going to get from old people like me.”

Adam frowned.

“Who’s he talking to?” he asked. “Because you’re certainly not old.”

“Okay,” Stephanie said with a smile. “Maybe I should have said ‘older people’ instead.”

“There you go,” Adam said. “But I’m also happy to see you because I miss seeing you at the pitch.”

A wave of warmth coursed through Stephanie. Adam didn’t really seem to be flirting, but he was headed in that direction.

“Yeah,” she said. “I miss watching Hunter play soccer. I mean, he’s very happy and focused, and he stays active, but I know he really loved those days and being part of a team and those kinds of things.”

“He was one of those kids who just fit right in. Everybody really liked him,” Adam said. “And it was so great that you were tuzla sınırsız escort there. I know you’re super busy, but you always showed up. The other parents … “

“Well, everyone’s so busy these days. It’s tough to be a great parent,” Stephanie said. “But you really created a great atmosphere. You should be very proud of how you handled everything. I know lots of other parents appreciated you as much as I did.”

Adam seemed genuinely touched and a little embarrased. His face began to redden just a bit. He looked so adorable and so desirable in that moment, Stephanie thought.

“I know you have to get back home,” Adam said. “But I was wondering if maybe you would like to have coffee with me sometime? I really miss our conversations. I know you’re busy, and it seems like I’m always busy too …”

He paused.

“And, hey,” he said, “I do own a coffee shop, so I can get us some great coffee pretty cheap.”

She laughed, a feeling of relief arriving to tamp down her sudden arousal.

“That’s right! I’m so sorry I haven’t stopped by your shop. I’ve heard great things,” Stephanie said. “To answer your question, yes, I would love to visit your shop and have some coffee with you.”

“Fantastic,” Adam said. “Do I have your cell number?”

Without hesistation, she gave it too him and watched him punch it into his phone. It was almost dark.

“Well,” Stephanie said, “I really gotta run. It was great to see you.”

“It was great to see you, too,” Adam said, stepping forward.

Stephanie was a little surprised that he was going to hug her, but she went with it. It was brief and a little awkward.

As she stepped back, a breeze gently blew open her fleece, which she had unzipped while in the store. For just an instant, the curves of her braless breasts and the outline of her nipples were fully visible before the breeze subsided and the fleece fell back into place.

As they said goodbye and walked to their respective cars, she wondered if Adam had noticed.

Stephanie backed out of her parking space and began to pull away. She glanced up to see Adam walking from the back of his SUV to the driver’s door. He was partially illuminated by a streetlight near his parking space.

Stephanie gasped. Adam was erect, his penis bulging against the fabric of his track pants and jostling slightly as he moved. He didn’t seem to see her as he opened the door and hopped into his front seat. Then he looked up and waved as Stephanie drove past.

The moment lasted only a few seconds, but the image was seared into Stephanie’s mind.

Her heart was racing as she drove away. She was overwhelmed with feelings of arousal, lust, shock. But as she got closer to home she realized it wasn’t about seeing Adam’s striking bulge. It was everything that led up to that moment. The innocent flirtations going back a few years now. The occasional longing. The occasional fantasies about Adam and his girlfriend. The occasional fantasies about Adam naked.

Seeing Adam so completely aroused, and in such a dramatic fashion, was simply the moment that brought everything into focus. It confirmed a mutual attraction. Perhaps it was simply a carnal mutual attraction, and perhaps it would go no further. She only knew that a page had been turned and there were so many possibilities in the next chapter.

Stephanie glanced at the time as she arrived home. She wasn’t as late as she thought she might be. Zach was relaxing on the patio with a beer. The fire on the grill was still flaming up a bit. She walked out and gave him a quick kiss and they went inside to begin preparing the meal together, as they so often did.

Hunter was out with some friends, but his absence didn’t really mean anything for Zach and Stephanie. They didn’t see it as an opportunity to be intimate or even romantic. It would be a quiet, pleasant evening, and nothing more. They had a nice conversation and a couple of laughs, but Stephanie’s mind kept drifting away to think about her brief encounter with Adam at the supermarket, the feelings she was experiencing, the vivid memory of his arousal.

The next morning, Zach and Hunter decided to go play golf. Stephanie lingered in bed, her mind racing again. She began touching herself, closing her eyes and letting her hands roam softly. After taking herself close to the edge she slipped out of bed and out of her clothes. She reached into her secret hiding place in her closet and found her favorite glass dildo, which had gone unused for quite some time. In the bathroom, she paused to look at her magnificent body in the mirror, the glass phallus in her hand.

Her self-pleasure intensified in the shower, with the steam, the sound of the water, and the feel of the water accompanying the dildo and her fingers. Her mind was free-flowing with erotic images, but as the dam was about to burst and her orgasm was about to erupt, a new and striking visual detonated: Adam’s track pants being pulled down and his erection springing free. Stephanie’s moan echoed off the tile and glass of the shower as orgasm tore through her with an intensity she hadn’t experienced in ages.

The days that followed held more of the same thoughts and fantasies, but at a significantly reduced volume. Life, work and everyday routine intruded. Other thoughts emerged as well.

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