Had To Go


I’m a 55-year old executive working in a medium-sized corporation. One of the perks of being in top management is that I have a parking space in the lower level of our building. It’s heated, private, and except for the other four executives in the company who have access, no one ever goes into the parking garage, with the exception of the cleaning crew that comes in around 6:00 in the evening…just about the time I usually leave for the day.

About 3 months ago, I noticed a change in the cleaning staff. We must have changed contractors, because two women started at the same time, replacing the scruffy guys that previously did the job. Of the two, one was in her late 30’s to early 40’s, with mid-length platinum-blond hair and a pretty good body, even though she was slightly on the heavy side. One evening, I found out her name was Beth when I heard a coworker call her name in our office suite. Beth seemed to have a fairly perky personality, based on the times I’d heard her making conversation with my staff. She seemed generally very business-like and just went on with her work.

There is a room in the parking garage that I’d never actually been in, although I’d looked in out of curiosity a couple of times as I walked around the garage. To get to the door to this room, you have to walk into a corner of the garage that’s out of the way from my parking space. It’s a large room where the building keeps supplies and some of the smaller maintenance equipment. It’s long and narrow and appeared to be in an “L” shape, with a desk and some cabinets as well as the usual cleaning stuff.

A few weeks ago, I happened to go into the garage and saw Beth walking through. I said “Hi” and noticed that she was wearing a nice sweater and skirt. I went to my car, and was rearranging a few things in the back seat after Beth went into the cleaning room. The door was open and after a few minutes, she walked out wearing her work outfit…tight shorts and a sweatshirt. It struck me that she’d changed in there with the door open. As I drove home, I thought about that incident and consciously realized for the first time that I found Beth physically attractive.

The next evening, as I was leaving for the day, I walked into the garage and heard sounds coming from the cleaning room. I walked to the door, nervously wondering if I might catch her changing and not sure what I’d do if she was in the act. Much to my dismay, she was standing at the rear of the room arranging some supplies. She’d certainly noticed me watching her the night before as she went in and came out wearing her work clothes, so I was certain she suspected I was hoping to catch a glimpse as she changed.

“Can I help you?” she asked. It had happened so quickly, that I hadn’t thought of an excuse for going into the room. All I could think of was to ask if she had any paper towels. Of course she did…it was the cleaning supply room for crying out loud! She gave me a handful and I walked back to my car and drove away, telling myself what an idiot I was.

Well, I thought I’d blown my chance. If I got caught again, there’d be nothing I could say except, “Gee, just hoping to see you naked.” Which of course would be pretty lame and would probably get me into trouble as a pervert.

During the next few weeks, I’d occasionally see Beth as I went to my car, and I’d say “Hi,” and make small talk while I checked her out. She was actually pretty sexy and seemed to be warming up to talking to me.

Then one evening, after a meeting that had lasted all afternoon, I was in a hurry to leave the office. So much so that as I was walking into the garage, I suddenly realized how badly I needed to go to the bathroom, which was way back on the other end of the lower level. I noticed that the maintenance office door was open, and I wondered if there was a restroom in there. I walked to the door and looked in just as Beth was pulling her sweatshirt down over her head, and I could plainly see her breasts spilling out over the top of her fully-loaded bra. She was built better than I’d imagined and her breasts were outstanding. As her head cleared the neck of her shirt, she opened her eyes and saw me standing there. She just looked at me, seemingly annoyed, and said, “Well, do you need something?”

“I saw the door opened and was hoping there was a restroom in here. I really have to go and didn’t want to walk all the way down to the restrooms.” Beth walked over to me, rather slowly, with a serious look on her face as she continued to pull her sweatshirt down over her hips. But she said nothing.

“Is there?” I asked.

“You should knock before coming in here, you know,” she said. “This is a private office.”

“Well, the door was open,” was all I could muster.

She stopped and looked at me as she smoothed the sweatshirt, then turned and walked away toward the back of the deep room. As she approached the end, she pointed toward the rear corner, partially hidden by a large cement pillar. Looking my way, she said, “Here’s your only balçova escort option, if you don’t want to trek back down to the restrooms.”

I was so relieved. It looked as if I was going to get out of this without trouble. As I approached her, I thought of apologizing but as I got nearer to her, I was looking for the door to the bathroom. But there wasn’t one…only a long row of partially filled metal shelves.

In my confusion, I asked, “Uh, where’s the john?”

“Right here.” She was pointing at a small plastic bucket on the shelf, grabbed it and handed it to me.

“So there is no bathroom in here?” I asked.

“Not a formal john,” she reported. “Just this.” She continued to look at me and I understood what she meant, but couldn’t decide how to respond. “Would you rather make the hike down the hall?” she asked. For some reason, I couldn’t come up with an answer. I knew exactly what she was telling me, and I was painfully aware of my full bladder, but wasn’t able to formulate an intelligent response. Finally, she said, “Listen, if you’d like, you could just pee over there in the floor drain.”

I started to reply to her offer, “Well…thanks. I probably…should just go back…to the bathroom,” was pretty much what I said.

“Look, Steve…I’ve seen you in your office and the name on your door…don’t be shy. I use this all the time. It saves a good deal of walking down the hall. Besides…no one…except you…ever comes in here.” If you have to go, you should make up your mind…it’s up to you.”

At that point, I realized I was very uncomfortable. I could probably have made it back down the hall, but if I’d met anyone on the way that wanted to make small-talk, I’d be in big trouble. Plus, my cock was getting a little stiff at discussing my bladder condition with this woman.

“Yeah, if it’s ok, I’ll just go here.” I meekly answered. “Where do you…uh…go?”

Beth looked at me for a couple of seconds and said, “Behind the pillar is a safe place. You,” meaning that I was a guy, “don’t have to drop your pants to go, so it’s as much privacy as this room offers.”

With that I grabbed the bucket form her and stepped behind the pillar. There wasn’t really much room back there as the shelves against the wall took up most of the space. But, I was desperate and getting more anxious, so I placed the bucket on a shelf about 3 feet off the floor, ducked behind the pillar, out of the view of Beth, pulled my zipper down and freed my cock, which had grown to a considerable size because of the somewhat intimate conversation we’d been having. I looked back around the pillar and realized that she was making no attempt to leave or even to retire to the other end of the room.

“I wouldn’t mind a little privacy. Could you please close the door,” I asked, hoping that she would leave so I could relax enough to pee. She didn’t even hesitate, and as she walked to the door, I relaxed and closed my eyes, waiting for her to leave. The door closed, and at that point, I couldn’t have held it in if I’d tried, and began to pee into the bottom of the plastic bucket. Immediately, I felt an enormous relief and all I could do was make sure my aim was true. There was no way I wanted to chance peeing on the shelves or floor.

The pleasure I felt as the tension left me was suddenly broken as I heard a voice right behind me, “Wow, you really did have to go!”

Not knowing exactly what to do, I repositioned myself to be sure my back was to Beth. At the same time, I wanted to appear to be in control, but all I could say was, “Yeah, I almost peed in my pants.” As I spoke, I realized that Beth was moving around to my side, and knew that she could, at the very least, see my torrential stream of pee. And except for our breathing, the only sound in the quiet room was my pee hitting the growing pool in the bucket.

Then she said, “Hmmmm…I’ve never filled it up that much. You must have been in pain.”

Realizing she was watching me pee, I started to get nervous and shakily asked, “Are you sure no one will come in here?”

“Don’t sweat it. The door locks when it closes.” I looked back at the door. “It’s locked tight, and my cleaning partner is all the way up on the fifth floor.”

My stream was now subsiding and I looked at Beth. She had a funny look in her eye as if she seemed to enjoy watching me go. I, on the other hand, was really enjoying her watching me go, and my cock was quickly showing my state of excitement. Peeing with a growing erection is an unusual experience, and as our eyes met, I wondered how this situation was going to evolve. She just stood there with her arms folded across her chest.

Soon, I managed to force a few last drops out of my now nearly complete erection. A few seconds of silence ensued as I tried to decide if I was truly done, or if my boner was keeping me from finishing.

“If you’re done, just take the bucket over there and pour it into the floor drain,” she instructed, bayındır escort pointing toward the front of the room.

“Well, I have a bigger problem,” I answered.

Now that Beth had walked further around to my side, she could view my problem as well. “Yeah, I see what you mean,” she said as she took in the sight of my full erection, still held in my hand. I shook a few last drops and stuffed myself back into my pants before the excitement of the moment caused me to come on the spot. She watched intently as I struggled to complete the task.

“Sorry about that,” I said, thinking that she would be offended by the fact that I’d gotten aroused. But I could only guess by the look on her face that she wasn’t offended at all. She stood silent and her chest was heaving slightly, but noticeably.

We looked at each other for a few seconds before she broke the silence and said, “Well, I better get back to work.”

“Uh, I need to take care of this,” I said, pointing to the bucket. With that, I took it to the floor drain, emptied it and washed it out in the utility tub.

Beth was getting some supplies together as I started to leave. I felt a little awkward at what had just happened, but was still extremely turned on. In the past 10 minutes, I’d witnessed her getting dressed, peed while she watched, and she’d continued to watch as I developed a significant boner…to her apparent delight. She definitely seemed turned on, but wasn’t making any moves to pursue the situation. All I could think of was to say, “Thanks,” as I opened the door and walked out to the garage.

As the door closed, she said, “Good night.”

I was out of town for most of the next couple of weeks, so I didn’t see Beth, even though I thought about that evening almost continuously. When I returned to the office, I actually couldn’t wait to leave for the evening in the hope that I’d see her. Trying to catch up after being out, I worked a little late that first night back and at about 6:30, I looked up to see Beth entering my office. “Hi,” she said, with a big smile on her face. “Welcome back.” I was more than a little flattered that she’d noticed I’d been out.

As she picked up my trash can, I said, “Did you miss me?”

“Well, things haven’t been as interesting since you’ve been gone,” she replied, giving me a knowing glance.

“Sorry about that,” I whispered, realizing that I was apologizing to her again for what had happened in the cleaning room a few weeks before. As she walked out into the hall to empty the trash, I wondered if she had told anyone.

“I wasn’t offended,” she said, as she returned and set my trash can down. She turned to leave my office, then stopped and looked back at me. “In fact, Steve, anytime you have the need…” were her parting words as she went about her business.

Well, I knew right away that I’d get no more work done that night. So I shut everything down, collected my things and called it a day. Even though I hoped to see her, Beth wasn’t around as I went to my car.

But the next day, I decided to leave promptly at 6:00, with the hope that I might be in the garage when she was changing for work. I went down to the garage and did everything I could think of to stall, hoping she’d show up. After about 15 minutes, I was out of things to do to my car and was about to climb in to drive away when Beth came in and walked directly into the cleaning room. I stood behind my car and listened, and within a couple of minutes, she came out, still dressed in her street clothes. She went out into the hallway but returned after a few minutes and entered the supply room again.

I couldn’t wait and quickly walked to the doorway and peered inside. There she was, her back to me, dressed in only her panties and bra as she was putting her blouse on a hanger. I walked in and purposely cleared my throat, as if to apologize for the intrusion. But I think she knew better.

As she turned, I said, “Oops, sorry,” as I diverted my glance away from her. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she was making no attempt to cover herself.

“Close the door, please,” she commanded. “I didn’t realize this was Grand Central Station.”

“Gee, I didn’t think anyone was in here. I’ve been cleaning out my car and thought I could quickly go to the bathroom before I left,” I lied. “That walk back to the bathrooms is a long way, and this is so convenient.” I turned and pulled the door closed, and as it clicked, I realized we were locked in.

Beth walked toward me, and said, “Listen, if you need to go, you know the routine.” But she made no attempt to cover herself or hide the fact that she was in her underwear. I couldn’t help but stare at her body, noticing that her breasts were large and quite firm, and spilling over the top of her lacy bra. Her tummy was by no means flat, but it was taught and she appeared to be in great shape.

“Wouldn’t you like to get dressed?” I asked.

“Steve, I’ve seen you, so I have bayraklı escort no problem with this,” she said, as she pointed to her body. “Besides, I have to go myself.” My cock was growing quickly and I realized that my excuse of needing to go to the bathroom was becoming an idle promise. “I was just getting ready to close the door when you intruded,” she continued. With that she took my arm and pulled me toward the back of the room.

“Uh, Beth…I do have to go…really bad. But there’s no way I can right now.”

“Well, then, you can help me,” she said.

We were now in front of the storage shelves, and she took the bucket off and handed it to me. My mind was racing as I stared into her ample cleavage. She looked up into my face and realized I was beyond making my own decisions in this situation. My cock was so hard, I couldn’t possibly pee. And the view she was providing was driving me further away from being able to. Besides, I’d only said I had to go as an excuse to pop in on her. If necessary, I could have waited quite a while.

“Look, Steve. I don’t know what your intention is by coming in here. I suspect you’ve wanted to catch me changing into my work clothes for a long time. You’re not the first guy who has ogled me at work, but you seem like a nice guy. Plus, what happened a few weeks ago was kinda fun. And since we seem to have a little secret, I don’t feel shy about this.” With that, she pulled her panties down to just above her knees.

The sight of her trimmed pussy was enough to make me inhale sharply. Her abdomen swelled slightly from the middle of her ribcage and it blended well into her slightly wide hips. But her larger size was hardly noticeable given her beautiful shape. She was heavier than average, but she was proportioned so nicely that I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. And, even more appealing, was the way her pubic mound puffed in the center, topped by a nicely trimmed bush, which just revealed the tops of her pussy lips.

“Uh, hello??!” she said, trying to break through the trance I was in as I soaked up her sensual body. “Do you mind helping me here?” she asked, which shook me out of my stupor, and I realized she needed to pee, and now.

“Sorry,” was all I could manage to say. “Looks like you’re going first,” I said, as she took my hand and the bucket I held until it was positioned at about the height of my thighs. I watched her in anticipation, my cock got even harder, now on the verge of being painful. I said, “Wait a second,” and set the bucket on the floor. I walked over to the desk, retrieved a footstool and returned to Beth.

“This will give me a much better view,” I reported, “so I can be sure of giving you a good target.” She smiled and seemed pleased at my effort.

I sat down on the stool, picked up the bucket and asked, “Are you going to squat? I’ve never seen a woman pee standing up.”

“Just hold the bucket in that position,” was all she said.

So I held the bucket about a foot below her pussy as she bent back slightly and pushed her mound forward. Within seconds, an urgent stream of pee was hitting the bottom of the bucket and I could feel the vibrations in my hands as I moved the bucket around to help her hit the target. Her pussy looked so inviting as the pee continued to flow, and the odor of her effort filled the back of the room. My hand that held the edge of the bucket was being sprayed with little droplets of her pee. The bottom of the bucket felt hot as it filled and I was enthralled at the hissing sound as the pee sprayed out of her.

Beth’s head rolled back, her eyes closed, and as I watched her, the action of her breathing caused her magnificent breasts to heave up and down. Had I not been intent on holding the bucket for her, I would most assuredly have made an effort to unsnap her bra.

After what seemed to be a long time, her stream finally faded, and I held the bucket closer to her thighs so that I could catch every drop. As I did so, my fingers rubbed at her skin, and she shuddered as my fingernails excited her, stopping her stream until she could relax again. Just as quickly, she regained control and expelled a last short burst of pee.

She stood, reached over to the shelves and grabbed a cleaning towel, and dabbed it between her legs. She looked at me as she pulled her panties up and then slowly walked over to the desk, where her clothes were. “That felt so-o-o-o-o-o-o good,” she cooed.

I sat on the stool, my cock straining in my pants. But I knew I couldn’t match her performance. I stood, walked over to the floor drain and slowly poured Beth’s pee into the hole. She sat down on the desk chair and began running her fingers through her hair. “Do you still have to go, Steve?”

“Yeah, I do. But I definitely can’t.”

“How bad do you need to go?”

“Well, I’m not in pain, but I could stand a little relief…if you know what I mean.”

“You can’t go for me?” She asked.

“Not for quite a while,” I replied. And I meant it. I was so turned on watching Beth pee that I was damned happy that I didn’t have to go really bad.

Beth looked away for a while, then said, “Tell you what. Why don’t you go down to the bathroom, relieve yourself, then come back and see me.” She opened the drawer and pulled out a key. “You can get back in with this.”

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