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I went to a traditional grammar school and the following event(s) occurred during our final term (i.e. all of us had just turned 18 and our hormones and bodies were finding new exepriences). I enjoyed a place in the first rugby team; I played hooker, being small, and used to swing off the shoulders of the two props – if I didn’t get the ball I made sure I got someone else’s.

The practice had gone OK but it was throwing it down and all got drenched, filthy and somewhat cold. After the practice Ian Rattle, the gym master (his middle name was Tim – It rattle(s) – parents obviously had a sense of humour even if he didn’t) called me over and asked me to collect the posts and lock up the gym as he had a masters’ meeting. This pissed me off as I was now shivering with cold but Rattle was never to be argued with and I acquiesced. I trudged round the field swearing out loud, collected the posts, took them to the gear locker and made my way back to the pavilion. Two of my mates shouted that they were last, they couldn’t wait any longer and they’d see me tomorrow, etc.

Fucked off I entered the changing rooms and was surprised to see Greg Chambers still there tying his shoes and getting ready for the off. I let off some expletives at him for no reason, saying how frozen I now was but as I found my locker he explained how to turn the heat up for the showers. We were never allowed to have warm showers – presumably to prevent any horseplay kocaeli escort etc. I now felt embarrassed that I had let rip at Greg but he seemed OK about it and said he’d be off – I didn’t even say goodbye.

I stripped off (we wore rugby shirt, tight short shorts and jocks then), entered the shower room, turned the heat up and grabbed a nice hot shower. Usually while in the showers I watch the others just because I compared favourably with them, we all joked about size and mostly pretend sexual exploits and only once did any of us have a hard on. This caused such a commotion and taunts from the others ranging from queer, bent and wanker to arse licker and dog fucker, from then if any of us felt that way we quickly returned to the cold water to cool off.

As I was on my own I let the hot water play on my dick and lathered well up including my arse crack. I must have been in there revelling in it for 15 minutes – thinking what would Rattle do if he knew I’d turned the heat up. I dried off and came out with a hard on smack upright against my pubes. Fucking hell, if it wasn’t Greg on the centre bench as I came out of the showers. My mind raced, could he have seen me showering/drying? He muttered something to the effect that he had waited to check I was all right and had managed to turn the heat up. He also said he wanted to ensure I had the right key.

Even if he hadn’t seen the shower he could see my bloody upright dick now. I think kocaeli escort bayan I must have run to my locker and grabbed my clothes. I had a spare rugby shirt, jock and track suit bottoms to put on under my coat to go home. Stupidly I grabbed the jock and tried to get it on. I was still slightly wet from the shower, rock hard and shaking with embarrassment.

Greg just leant back on his arms and said you wont get that in there. I asked whether he’d been watching in the showers to which he replied it had been the best show he’d ever seen. He came over told me not to be so piqued and made a grab (and got) my balls.

Greg told me to lie down on the bench and relax. Light a dumb slave I did so and then experienced the expertise of Greg for the first time. He pushed my head down on to the bench as I was trying to see watch what was going on. One hand gently pulled my balls down pulling my foreskin from over my glans the other gently rubbed up my shaft. I was back hard as ever! He then slid his hand between my body and my dick palm to my abdomen and started rubbing the back of his hand against my shaft. I thought I was going to come. His hand then slipped up to my nipples tweaked them and lightly massaged back down to my dick. The hand that had cupped my balls now pulled down on the skin of my shaft. Eventually I yelled – Fuck Fuck Fuck Greg I’m going to come!

Hold on Ry he said and massaged my abdomen some more. After a few izmit escort minutes calming down he returned to my dick (I had my eyes shut more out of embarrassment than ecstasy). He took the head into his mouth like a plum and began to massage it with his tongue. He held his teeth round my rim while he flicked the slit with his tongue and spit was dribbling down my shaft and onto my pubes. I was trembling not from the cold but from trying not to come – somehow I thought he would not think I was gay if I didn’t come! He then slowly sucked his way all down my shaft, licked and sucked each ball individually to only to return to my mushroom suck some more. I knew I was dribbling pre now and he was still licking and slurping. At the same time as he was tongue massaging my dick I felt one of his hands rub the spit and pre down my arse crack.

Fuck I was going to come. I felt like nothing ever before. I lifted my arse high up into the air pushing my dick down his throat. I felt the top of his mouth rub as it went down. As my dick went down his throat his finger went up my arse. I yelled out at the top of my voice FUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK, FUCK FUCK and came for England.

I was shaking this was my first gay experience – this was my first experience of anything but self-wanking. I had to get dressed, it was 5.45pm and the masters’ meeting would be finishing and the caretaker would be checking the locks. Fuck I couldn’t find the key – Greg had taken it and locked it from the inside (this was pre-meditated!)

We walked home together chatted for hours and though we kept our relationship quiet whilst at school we have been together ever since. (The rest is for part 2)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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