Got Milk? – Delilah , Mac Ch. 07

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Aidra Fox

“Oh, God! I can’t believe he said that about me!” Delilah chuckles with a surprised gesture as she enters another fork full of chicken breast into her mouth. She exhales at the tasteful flavor it eradicates inside, chewing away in bliss.

Sitting at her family’s dinner table alongside Mac, Del is pleased that he offered to make his specialty for dinner: Baked boneless chicken breasts smothered in Campbell’s Cream of Chicken, served with seasoned white jasmine rice, and garlic bread. Granted, it was the only thing Mac was used to cooking, as he picked up the recipe from his favorite aunt, Bernice. Nonetheless, it has served its purpose plenty a day.

“Ugh, no kidding! That man was losing his mind!” Mac says to her as he takes another sip of his orange-soda-flavored Sunkist bottle. “I mean, who the hell is he to judge you OR me, you know? The guy’s in enough of a shit ditch as is!”

“My question is, how can someone be a slut if they are still a virgin?” she asks, referring to herself. “Haha, I mean, it’s kind of a contradiction, isn’t it?”

“My only guess is that when you’re pissed, you kinda lose logic to what the hell you’re saying. Haha.”

“Oy, no kidding. Well… enough about that, dude. That’s in the past, and you can focus on that tomorrow. Tonight is about you and me” Del says with a wink as she takes another bite. “That is, if you don’t mind the subject change.”

Mac shakes his head, chewing away a mouth full of chicken and rice. “Oh, no! Not at all! Heh, what’s on your mind?”

Delilah looks down at her own feet, tapping away at the floor with her white flats. She smiles as she marvels her own sheer pantyhose, and looks back up to Mac. “I just wanted to know for sure what it is you enjoy about this foot fetish of yours before I do something wrong or not the way you’d like.”

Mac nods at her with understanding, watching her as she sips her glass of lemonade. The natural beauty in her eyes as she looks at him while she drinks soothes his soul in a relaxing way. It is to the point where even the smallest gesture she does around him makes his heart melt. He always enjoyed being around her, but this is at a new level of excitement. He looks on as she closes her eyes, enjoying the taste of her lemonade.

Delilah carries on, snapping him out of his gaze phase as she adds “I mean, it’s pretty obvious that you were enjoying what I did today so far. Any advice on what not to do?” Mac ponders a few seconds, finally swallowing the chicken and rice he had in his mouth. “Hmm… there are a couple of things I don’t really like about foot fetishes. I never really got into the BDSM stuff, like domination. Do you know what that is?”

Delilah chuckles as she answers “Yeah, I think I read about that when I was spying on your computer stash. That’s where the guy or girl is like, um… what’s that word… submissive, right?”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Mac clarifies to her, not really too eager to talk about that.

“How come you don’t like that?” She asks, determined to get every detail about his fetish needs correct. Mac finishes off the last of his chicken, and explains “Eh… it’s just not how I get my fix.”

“Haha, have you seen those types of videos before?” Del asks him, gulping down the last of her lemonade.

“Yeah, I remember I saw one video of a guy getting kicked in his balls by a dominatrix. That shit looked so painful, and I had to close the video. She was wearing boots anyway.”

“Haha, what if that was Ms. Dominguez?” Delilah quips, laughing. “Like, her damn side job? Hahaha!”

“Ugh, God, I would be so upset if that was the case!” Mac laughs at the slim possibility.

“Hehe, to each their own, I suppose. Everyone has their own limits to pain and pleasure. But what I’ve noticed from you is that your fetish style is more… casual, if that makes sense.”

“Yeah, I’ve always considered that when it comes to me, my fetish levels are pretty tame.”

“Only when you’re not turned on… hehe, right?”

“… Yeah…”

“Well, that’s the part I want to experience. I want to build you up to that level so you can finally unleash.”

Mac raises an eyebrow, almost impressed at the vigor Delilah is demonstrating. “I understand, Del. It’s funny, actually. The things we just mentioned now? That’s the majority of the fetish community out there, especially online. Not knocking on anybody that’s into that stuff, but, it’s not my style. Like, how can I put this…? I’m more of a sharer, if that makes any sense.”

“Not really recalling what you mean.” Del giggles, entering the last piece of garlic bread into her mouth. “I know the shoeplay is a given for you, for sure, but what do you mean by ‘sharing’?” Mac gulps down the last of his soda, as he is done with his meal. Looking back to Delilah, he asks her “Well, for example, you say that your flats are smelly, right?”

“Hehehe, yeah” she responds in a blushing/teasing manner. “Very smelly…”

“Ok, and you’re pretty much aware casino oyna that I’d like to sniff those flats, right?”

Del mocks a surprised look, making him laugh. “It crossed my mind a couple times,” she answers in a humorous fashion. “Keep going, tiger.”

“Well, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course you can.”

“Before all this fetish stuff, before you know that I liked your feet… if I had asked you if I could smell your flats… would you have let me?”

“Hmm… well… honestly, I’d think it would be kinda weird. But I probably would’ve let you, being that you’re my best friend, and I trust you. Hehe… I would’ve probably made fun about the smell to you, though.”

“I would’ve enjoyed that. Haha.”

“Of course you would’ve. The teasing, duh! Hahaha.”

Mac continues. “Well, let’s say I was sniffing your flats with you next to me. And I was getting so into the fragrance and the odor that came from it.”

“Hahaha, you’re making it sound like my feet smell like roses or something!”

“In a way… they would.”

“Ahhhhh, I see… I guess it’s kinda like a sexual placebo effect… Oh! When you say ‘odor’, you’re not talking about like stepping in dog crap, or anything like that, are you?” Delilah asks, laughing away.

“Ugh, HELL no! Jeez, I’m not THAT intense with my fetish! Haha! No disrespect to the people who ARE into that, though. I just mean more like the natural sweaty scent of your feet being in flats and pantyhose all day.”

“Ahhh, like I did today. I gotcha. Hehe, carry on.” Delilah gets up from her chair carrying her empty plate. She makes her way to the kitchen sink, motioning for Mac to give her his own plate. Standing up with her, he heads to the sink as Del empties the small remains of crumbs into the garbage disposal. She does the same with Mac’s plate, who in turn, makes it his own duty to wash off both dishes for her.

“Aw, you didn’t have to do that, dude,” she says to him. “I don’t mind” Mac says with a smile, scrubbing the plate with the soapy dish sponge. Delilah smiles back and watches him. She lightly sucks on her bottom lip, her feelings for him becoming ever present. As she stands at his right side watching him wash their dishes, she lets her left leg stand over her right. Her toes press hard inside her ballet flat onto the tile floor, demonstrating just how worn out and flexible the shoes have become. “Thank you, tiger. I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome” he warmly says to her.

“Hehe, so… I’m watching you sniff my flats, you said…?”

Mac nods. “Yeah, and after a bit, I look at you, with your flat in my hand…”

“Mmm-hmmmm… and then…?”

Rinsing the last soap bubbles off the plates, Mac hands them both to her as she puts them into the dish holder. He resumes “I would then give the flats to you, and watch as you bring one to your own face…” The realization finally hits her, and she says with another giggle “OOOOOOH… I would then smell it as well, right?”

“Yessssss. And we would take turns smelling it. Or I would smell one and you smell the other one.”

“Like, sharing! I get it now! Haha. So you like it when a girl gets into smelling her own shoes?”

Mac snaps his fingers as he says “You got it. It’s such a turn on, you have no idea. Have you ever done that before?”

“Smell my own shoes? Hmm… yeah, but not lately. Probably a while back. You know the converse I usually wear, right?”

Mac smiles at that question, knowing exactly what she meant. “Yeah… black and white low cuts. You wear those all the time. With black ankle socks.”

Del nods at him. “Hehehe, wow, stalker!” she jokes, making him playfully tackle her. “You know I had those shoes since I was 12, right? So about 6 years now…”

Mac looks at her with wide eyes. “Holy shit… that’s amazing!”

Del winks at him again. “Yup… I love those shoes. Black is my favorite color, and I obviously like black socks. Hehe, but yeah, I remember coming home from school one day, and my feet were really hurting. I was sitting in my room, and I was taking my shoes off, trying to ease the aching on my left heel. Dude… as soon as the scent hit my nostrils, I could tell that those shoes were really stinky.”

Mac smiles at her as she tells her story. “I mean, how wouldn’t they be, being that they are 6 years old?”

“Right? But… for some bizarre reason, I didn’t really get grossed out by it.” Delilah motions for Mac to follow her upstairs. Making both their ways to Del’s room, she carries on with her story. “I dunno, call it curiosity or whatever, but something took over me to just bring that shoe to my nose and… and just sniff away.”

Mac bites his lip, looking on with pure interest as he follows her to the top of the stairs. “Wow… um… how was it? How did it smell?”

Delilah blushes at him, knowing that he was enjoying this, and answers honestly. “Like… kinda like sweat, corn chips, and a bit of musk.” She canlı casino looks on at him, his squirming becoming more and more visible. She giggles once again, and steps closer to him. “But most of all… it smelled like my feet.” Mac blinks hard at her and asks “Um… did you like it?”

Delilah smiles again at him, whispering “Keep it a secret…?”

“Of course…” he whispers back to her.

She etches even closer to him, feeling his hands caress her waist. Delilah looks into his eyes, and again honestly answers him. “I kinda did, actually… no joke about that. I mean, I thought for sure that I would be grossed out from the stench, but… I dunno… I guess it’s just a hormonal thing.”

Mac quietly shivers, looking at her. “Oh, God, Del…”

Bringing her arms around his neck, Delilah softly asks him “You know what I did after that, tiger?”

“What did you do…?”

“I… brought my left foot to my nose… and I sniffed it through my sock.”

“Holy shit…”

“It was a very interesting smell. But I… I enjoyed it.”

His lips almost touching hers, Mac asks her “Del… you liked the smell of your feet?”

Nodding in a blushing way, she confesses. “Yeah… I liked the smell of my feet…”

Finally kissing with an overwhelming passion, Delilah exhales at the feeling of Mac’s lips overlapping hers. Each smooch gets louder and more sloppier, with Mac encouraging her to give into her own admission. “Yeah? … You liked it, huh?”

Another kiss. “Mmm… I loved it…” she says with a soft moan, followed by another kiss. “I loved the smell of my stinky feet…”

Mac exhales along with her, stopping his kiss in time for his next question. “So… what’s the plan now?”

Delilah licks her lips, and smiles “Well, I have to do my nightly hour reading, but I can play with my flats for you as I read. How does it sound for you to sit under my reading table? That way you can get a closer and better view of my feet. Hehe.” Mac smiles, liking the sound of that. “I’m so down!”

Opening the door to her room, Delilah leads Mac inside. As he steps onto the plush carpet floor, he takes looks around: A poster of WWE wrestler CM Punk displays itself on her right light-teal-colored wall next to her door. Her flat screen is set up on the opposite wall across from it, with a black love couch in front of it. A cot-sized bed (with a black blanket set, along with 2 pillows in Marvel Comics pillow covers) is set in the far corner of the right wall, placed horizontally beside the wall. And lastly, her small study area (a small reading desk) is right next to her bed.

Delilah’s rotating chair with rolling wheels blocks their path, and she pushes it aside. Mac adores the simplicity and the space that her room provided, and chuckles as he felt the soft carpet floor take in his own socked feet. He sighs again as he feels Del’s hand caress his left shoulder. “Why don’t you get comfortable, tiger, and I’ll put on some study music. That way, it won’t be too quiet” she sweetly says to him.

Mac nods as he makes his way to her bed. “Sounds good. What have you been listening to lately?”

“Well, I usually just blast some WWE tunes, but lately when I read, I’ve been really getting into Pentatonix.”

“Yes, yes! Definitely Pentatonix!” Mac laughs in glee as he sits down on the floor. He positions himself on the left edge of the reading table, with his back cushioned on the edge of bed. In that position, he figures he would have the same view of her feet he had earlier in class, just now on a more submerged level. Delilah sets and connects her AUX cord into her laptop. Using the extra USB slot that is free, she plugs in her speakers to get a better audio experience from her music. Looking back at Mac, she smiles and asks “Hehe, comfortable?”

“I’ll get there,” he responded.

“Be there in a bit, just setting up here!” Del shouts as she swishes her finger on the touch screen of her laptop. She opens up the music app, finding the Pentatonix album she was searching for. Smiling as the music finally echoes through her room, she makes her way to her table, looking at the ever-ready face of Mac.

“You know, it was actually kinda hot when you ignored me in class today,” Mac admitted to her. “Kind of a innocent, but not-so-innocent way.”

Delilah chuckles, taking another step towards him. “Hehehe, yeah I noticed. You were just squirming in your jeans. Only this time, I have a legit reason to ignore you!”

“Haha, yeah. Just don’t forget about me under here!”

“Don’t worry, I got it all under control.”

As Delilah turns on the small lamp, she finally pulls up her rolling chair and sits down in it. Her flat covered feet make their re-debut in front of Mac. The lighting is just right, and Mac crosses his own legs together, leaving plenty of space for Delilah to work her shoeplay magic. She looks down at him again, and makes one last explanation. “I’ll also be doing some new ideas I came up with kaçak casino for the shoeplay, but I’ll be sure to do the usual stuff I did at school. I know how much you enjoyed that.”

“Oooh, sounds exciting” Mac says while fiddling with his thumbs, showing off his obvious eagerness.

“If you can help yourself, try not to touch my feet just yet. But, you’re more than welcome to sniff my flats. But ONLY if they’re not on my feet,” she said, sticking her tongue out at him at her challenge. He sticks his tongue out back at her. “No promises, but I’ll do my best.”

“I know, tiger. This is only the first phase,” she says with a wink. ” I gotta read now. See you in a hour!” And with one final smile, she raises back up to the table and begins to turn the page on her textbook.

Precisely 5 minutes pass. Mac watches on, staring at her legs and feet with optimism. Delilah is all into her book, with her toes in her flats pointing into the floor. She rolls her chair back a bit to allow her legs to stretch out. Mac looks on as she lifts her legs off the floor, the pantyhose absorbing the light from her lap. She rotates her lifted ankles from left to right, allowing them to pop slightly. The constant rotating make the flats touch each other consistently. She allows her legs to lower back to the floor, and brings her chair back towards the table.

Mac stares at each movement her flats provides as she wobbles her toes back and forth on the carpet floor. Delilah hums at the music, and allows the heel of her left pantyhose-covered foot to pop out of her flat. She presses her toes into the floor harder, letting the heel expose itself even more. Mac quietly smiles, hypnotized by the shaking of her left leg as her heel slithers out of her flat with confidence. With an audible turn of her page, Delilah shifts a bit, slips her heel back into her flat, and crosses her left leg over her right.

Mac sighs in slight disapproval, hoping for her right leg to cross instead. He knows that he would’ve gotten the ultimate closeup view of her foot in front of his face. However, he also knows that this was going to be a spontaneous battle of patience and perseverance, just like it was in class. All he can do is let her lead the charge, and just hope she eventually does whatever he likes.

Delilah bounces her crossed left leg, and flexes her toes in her flat highly. She keeps them flexed in that position for the next 2 minutes as her leg continuously bounces away, the pantyhose shining from the light of her lamp.

As Mac feels his now awaken penis poking at his sweat shorts, he looks on at the far away object of his desire. He almost doesn’t notice Delilah’s right foot on the floor fidgeting a bit. Not knowing what to do, he chooses to take his gaze off of her crossed leg, and shifts his attention to her right foot in her flat.

Del hums again, playing her innocent role to perfection as she flexes her toes inside her right flat a bit. The strength from her toes stretches the fabric of the shoe as they flex, and Mac smiles at the battle-weary flat. He knows that they are only over a year old, and they are already in worn out condition. No holes or rips, however, which makes him smile at the fact that Delilah takes good care of her shoes. If her converse sneakers are 6 years old, he wonders how her flats would look in that time span. Del taps her right foot on the floor, causing Mac to smirk. She was up to something. The question is, what?

And, as if right on cue, Del pops her right heel out of the flat, exposing itself to Mac’s ever watchful gaze. Del’s left crossed leg stops bouncing for a bit, her focus more on her right foot making its way out of her flat. Mac licks his lips again in suspense; just a bit more, and her lovely toes would finally be exposed. Delilah shakes her right leg up and down in a rapid-like fashion, leaving Mac with no choice but to look on. The shaking of her leg stops, and she finally slides her foot partially out of her right flat, just enough to reveal her toes covered in her clinging, damp pantyhose.

Mac’s penis begins throbbing at the vivacious sight of her foot. It is like her feet got even more beautiful since the last time he saw them this afternoon.

With another turn of her page, Delilah allows her toes to smother and rub into the insole of the old flat, all while her left leg is still crossed. Mac keeps his eyes fixated on her foot, watching as her toes begin to bring themselves to the back of her flat. Once there, her toes begin to press down into it, forcing the flat to raise up vertically. As the flat gets situated in that position, Delilah resumes to bouncing her left crossed leg. Mac doesn’t know which to watch; her bouncing left leg, or the toes that were showing their gripping skills on her right flat. All he knows is he is enjoying every single second of it.


That is until Delilah lets the flat she was placing upwards collapse, falling over the right side of her right foot. It makes another roll onto the carpet floor, the entry of the flat landing first. With the flat inches away from her foot, Mac sighs lustfully. Delilah makes no adjustments, and turns another page, continuing her oblivious and innocent role.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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