Going Dutch Ch. 02

Big Dicks

After a quick pause to pull most of our clothes back on, Britt and I made our way to the kitchen. Propped on the counter was a note written in clear script:

Darlings (it read)–I have gone to meet with a new client and will not be back until late.

Enjoy the cassoulet and each other’s company!


Smiling guiltily, Britt and I found a cast-iron pot in the oven. The top was a dense layer of golden breadcrumbs, and when we spooned it into bowls, we found chunks of sausage, duck, and vegetable in a rich sauce. It smelled incredible, and Britt served two healthy portions while I poured two more glasses of wine. With this in hand, we trailed back to the living room. I threw another log on the fire and we settled back in the deep leather chairs to either side to eat. Our feet stretched out to bump against each other on the stone hearth.

We chatted about nothing important while we ate, but when I finally set my bowl aside, I found Britt looking at me over the rim of her wine glass. She had an inquisitive look on her face, but a smile tugged at one corner of her mouth.

“What’s up?” I asked, settling back into my chair.

“Just wondering what made you come over here,” she replied.

“Well, your mom DID invite me…” I offered.

“Yes…by why did you accept?”

“To see you.” I answered simply.

The smile grew wider.

“Not because she was hitting on you as well?”

“Well, that DID make me curious!”

“I saw you first!”

“Britt…I’m only teasing. Your mom is a beautiful woman, but I’m here because of you.”

“Good answer, mister teacher…good answer!”

She seemed to make up her mind about something important, and just like her mother, she acted on it right away. The glass clunked onto a side table, her feet came off the hearth, and with a quick stride, she crossed the distance between us and straddled my lap, towering over me in my chair. I kept my hands on the armrests for the moment.

“One more question, then I decide whether I throw you out or not.”

“Okay,” I said with more confidence that I felt.

“Were you checking me out in the grocery store?”

I don’t know what I was expecting, but that was not it. A snort of laughter escaped me before I could form actual words in response. Quickly, though, I looked into her eyes and told the truth.

“Of course I was! I slowed down to check out your ass when you were picking out garlic!”

“Mmm…good!” she replied. Then she settled down onto my lap firmly and laid her head on my shoulder. My hands acted of their own volition, leaving the wide leather arms of the chair and searching out the object of my initial attraction. I grasped two delightful handfuls of her ass and squeezed firmly. Britt pulled back and gasped a little bit in surprise, but then leaned forward again. Our lips met and parted and our tongues began to dart and tease each other languidly.

As we kissed, her hands crept to the buttons of my shirt. One by one they opened to her touch, and soon she was running her fingers through my chest hair. When her nails grazed my nipples I groaned deep in my throat and I could feel her smiling into our kiss. In response, I let go of her ass and grabbed the bottom of her sweater, lifting it up to her armpits. She compliantly raised her arms and pulled her head away so I could lift it off entirely. Then, as her lips came back to mine, I stroked the full length of her bare skin from arms to shoulders to back to hips–all the way down before settling at her waist, drawing her closer to me. The satiny fabric of her bra was cool against my skin, but the rest of her where she touched me was smooth and warm. Britt’s arms wrapped cosily around me, cradling my head as we kissed.

There was more that I wanted, though. How often does a married man find himself alone and half-naked with a 23-year old Dutch girl working off her schoolgirl fantasies? To move things along, I wrapped my own arms firmly around her waist and stood up. Her legs went trustingly around me as I rose and I held her full weight easily, skin to skin with my hands supporting her ass. I could feel the heat of her crotch against my waist, though, and that was my objective!

Turning around, I lowered her until she was perched in the seat I had just vacated. My hands left her hips as I knelt in front of her, first pulling her upright for a kiss and then pushing her back against the cushions. She watched me smiling as my hands slid to her stomach and unsnapped her jeans. Her eyes sparkled when I let go there and moved up to caress the sides of her breasts in their lacy confinement. Because it was a front-closure bra, it took no effort at all to twist the ends apart and spread it wide on her shoulders. Britt moved her arms back straight and it slipped away behind her leaving her firm, young breasts standing proudly between us.

With a wolfish grin, I lowered my head and sucked hard on one nipple, then the other. Britt’s head Yozgat Escort fell back against the cushion as she arched her torso forward for more. My thumbs ran along the underside of each breast as I moved back and forth, kissing and sucking all around each pink tip and giving them broad laps of my tongue for contrast. Once again, Britt’s arms came up to cradle my head and she kissed any part of me she could reach as I explored her.

When I paused to kiss the soft, pale valley between her breasts, Britt groaned with pleasure. To keep the intensity growing, I urged her back against the cushions once more and leaned down to kiss her taut belly. Her eyes opened to watch me as I explored her navel. My hands, meanwhile, slipped down to her waistband. When my fingertips curled around the fabric on each side and tugged downward, she raised her hips willingly. I teased myself by drawing her jeans and panties off slowly, revealing the inward curve of her slim hips, the swell of her smooth-shaven mound, and the tight muscles at the tops of her thighs as she arched herself upward for me. Her pussy, when it came free of her panties, was a glistening dark pink invitation, but I had to get her clothes out of the way first!

Sitting back on my heels, I drew one foot upward and placed it against my chest. Then I paused for a moment and kissed her big toe, which brought a smile to her lips. My hands went back to work right away, though, and I held her calf and lifted her foot off me to slip her bunched jeans and panties off entirely. Not forgetting to kiss her big toe again, I repeated the performance with her other leg and set her foot gently down on the carpet when I was done.

That moment will stay locked in my head forever–a subject of amazement and fantasy. Britt lay back against the dark leather, her short blond hair framing her face. Firelight sparkled in her half-closed eyes and a small smile remained on her lips. Her arms lay along the rests, leaving her small but full breasts exposed, nipples tight from my earlier attentions. She was breathing deeply, and her belly rose and fell slightly with each inhalation. Her knees were close together, which hid her full charms from me, but the curve of her hips and the perfect line of her thighs was enough of a treat to keep me fully entranced. In fact, my hands went there first and I began to stroke her from waist to knee on both sides, savoring the vision of youthful sensuality in front of me.

“Britt…” I said softly, “you are the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen!”

I think the compliment threw her a little off–her eyes went down modestly and her smile faltered. When I moved one hand to her calf and lifted, though, her eyes came back up to mine. When I kissed her knee and then bent lower to kiss the inside of her thigh, her smile returned. After a few more kisses, I had reached the hollow where her thigh joined her hip and Britt’s eyes were wide with anticipation. I lifted her leg up and over the arm of the chair, spreading her fully and causing her pussy lips to part invitingly. Her other foot came up and over my shoulder, which I took to mean, “yes, please!” as I continued moving lower.

Eager to taste my lovely former student, I bowed low before her and sent my tongue from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top. She was delicious! Salty, spicy, fresh, and clean all darted through my mind as I repeated the journey, delving deep between her labia to catch every drop that I could. Britt sighed deeply and her hands came down to toy with my hair.

“Yes…” she whispered, “taste me! I used to lie awake at night and imagine you there between my legs, licking me just like this!”

Talk about inspiration! I bent to my task with renewed energy, nibbling each lip daintily, darting my tongue deep into her opening, and spreading her wide with my thumbs so I could get to every inch. Soon, though, I began to nudge my tongue against her clit as I teased her, and each contact brought a groan from her lips. Not one to drag things out too long, I began to lick the hood of her clit more earnestly, avoiding direct contact but setting up a steady pattern of stimulation that seems to work well for a lot of women. Britt was lost in a steady series of moans at this point, and when I glanced up, her beautiful face was masked with concentration, eyes closed and eyebrows raised expectantly. Her lower lip was caught between her even white teeth.

Already I could feel her lubricating freely. Her opening was slick with her juices, and every now and then I lapped there briefly to taste them and to spread them all around, keeping my tongue moving all the while. Britt was rocking her hips each time I nudged her clit and I knew she was getting close. Wanting to be ready for her next desire, I took advantage of her focus to carefully unbuckle my pants and push them down, allowing my aching cock to spring free as I knelt before her.

When her moans became more urgent, I glanced Yozgat Escort Bayan up again. Britt’s eyes were tightly shut and ragged breaths escaped her mouth with each wave of stimulus from my tongue. I was thrilled to see that her hands were on her own breasts, and she had a thumb and forefinger around each nipple, pinching and rolling them. I love that! With renewed energy, I returned to her clit, starting now to suck gently and circle her button with my tongue tip.

“Oh my God yessss!” came the response from above me. Her hips came up off the chair again, driving herself against my ravenous tongue and I took the opportunity to seize a double handful of her ass again, squeezing her tightly and holding her hard in place against my lips. My chin was lodged firmly against her opening, spreading her wide there while my tongue lashed her clit mercilessly. I felt her whole body start to quiver and sucked even harder, this time licking directly up and down her swollen clit. That’s all it took. Britt’s leg came off the arm of the chair and joined the other on my shoulder, locking behind my neck and clamping me firmly as wild spasms crashed along her slender body. I stopped licking entirely and simply rode the storm of her pleasure while the unconscious needs of her body thrust her pussy into me again and again. She was no longer groaning–what emerged instead was a steady series of whimpers as she struggled to draw breath during her amazing orgasm. Her abs were rock hard against my forehead and her heels pulled me rhythmically into her core as she shook.

Finally, her quivering body began to relax. I let her butt fall back to the cushion and her legs eased their grip on my head, falling to rest around my arms instead, heels still crossed behind me. Her hands fell away from her breasts and lay limply beside her thighs. I could see a deep flush across her chest–the sign of a powerful orgasm–and I watched her breasts rise and fall as she slowly caught her breath. Her eyes remained closed and she seemed oblivious to me as she came down from the heights of pleasure she had climbed.

When I straightened up, however, she remembered where she was and opened her eyes, a happy and exhausted smile spreading across her face. Her feet uncrossed and dropped to the floor, and as I leaned forward, she reached for my shoulders and pulled herself up to meet me. We kissed briefly, but then her lips traveled all around my face and I could feel her tongue tasting herself on my skin. When she returned to my lips, we shared the flavor in a long tongue-twining kiss that made us both groan with satisfaction.

As satisfying as that tableau was, however, I had more urgent things in mind. With one hand, I was bracing myself on the arm of the chair. The other hand, though, went down to my knee and pushed my pants lower along my ankle. Switching hands, I repeated this on the other side and tugged them off entirely. When I broke our kiss to accomplish this last step, Britt looked down between us. My cock stood hard and neglected against my stomach, and as I rose back up, I pushed down on the broad shaft so that it brushed against her slick opening.

“Do you want to feel this inside you, Britt?” I asked in a deep whisper.

“Oh, God yes!” she groaned, wrapping her arms around my neck again. With a simple thrust of my hips, I glided full-length inside her in a long, steady stroke.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned, her head falling back in bliss.

“Fuck indeed!” I agreed. Holding her tightly around the waist, I began to drive myself into her slim body, gasping as the combination of youthful tightness and slippery heat worked its magic on me. Britt scooted as far forward on the chair as she could and her pussy welcomed each intrusion. Her legs clamped around my waist and urged me into her with every stroke. I kissed the smooth, pale skin of her throat and squeezed her tightly, mashing her breasts into my chest. The feeling of her body against mine fully, the scent and sounds of our joining, and the incredible sensation of her pussy surrounding me were overwhelming and I knew if I kept going, I would explode far too soon.

“Britt!” I said between clenched teeth. “Turn around!” I ordered as I pulled my throbbing cock out of her. The cool air did its job and slowed the rush of my impending orgasm, but my cock bounced wildly with every pulse still. Britt saw the fervor in my eyes and moved quickly, dropping to the floor on her knees and then turning her back to me. Her forearms lay on the seat cushion and she used that leverage, leaning forward and tilting her hips up to improve the angle.

“Still checking out my ass?” she asked mischievously over her shoulder.

“More than ever!” I assured her as I lined my cock back into position and sank inside her again.

We both groaned with pleasure and closed our eyes as I bottomed out.

“Oh, my God!” she quavered, “it’s so deep inside me!”

“And you are so fucking tight!” Escort Yozgat I responded, holding her hips hard against me for a moment. Her inner muscles rippled at the sudden intrusion and I could feel them caressing my shaft from every angle. When I opened my eyes, I saw a sheen of sweat along her back that glinted in the firelight. Taking fresh hold of her hips, I slowly withdrew and then aimed my cock straight down. The full length slid along her opening, across her clit, and emerged in front of her before my pubic bone brought me to a stop. Then I pulled back, sank fully inside her, and pulled out again. She groaned in anguish this time, wanting me to stay buried, but I had other ideas. This time, I let my cock move upward from her opening, spreading her juices along as it slid vertically between the cheeks of her succulent little ass. When the broad underside bumped over her anus, she groaned and pushed back into me hard. Interesting! I saved that thought for the future, though, and returned my cock to its rightful place inside her. With a more reserved pace this time, I fucked her slow and deep for a few strokes, and then held myself against her cervix and rocked my hips into her, pulling her back firmly and spreading her hips even wider. Her pussy widened to accept this push and her ass-cheeks opened against my abs, the whole area slippery and hot because of her copious fluids. Three or four deep grinds and then back to long strokes. Three or four of those and grind again. I breathed steadily through my mouth, wanting to make this last as long as I could because it was by far the most erotic, devastating fuck I had had in years!

Britt’s body, however, was dictating another pace. I saw her hand creep down in front of her and I could tell from the twitching of her arm that she was rubbing her clit as I worked away behind her. Her face was buried against her other arm and I could hear words emerging between gasps of breath.

“Ja, neuk me!” she whimpered. “Fuck me, please!”

Taking firmer hold of her waist with both hands, I gritted my teeth and responded in English.

“Anything you say!” I told her. I gave up on the alternation I had going and simply buried myself inside her, pulling her whole lower body toward me again and again, flexing my hips to change the angle my cock hit inside her.

“Oh…oh…fuck! Ja!” she cried in response to each pull.

“Do it, Brett…cum on my cock!” I said with an especially hard thrust against her.

Her back arched in response, her head flung back as a wordless cry burst from her throat. Breathing deeply to quell my own rising flood, I stayed buried inside her once more as her body shook and shivered. Her muscles did their best to strangle my cock with every spasm.

When at last her head fell forward again, I guessed that she needed a break. I pulled my cock from inside her and pulled her back upright against me, holding her close and kissing the sweaty side of her neck. One arm was across her breasts and the other wrapped diagonally across her waist to rest at her hip. She leaned into me and let her head fall back on my shoulder, breathing deeply.

Finally, her attention returned to the present moment. Twisting in my arms, she kissed me several times as she turned full around to face me. My cock stood tall between us, trapped against her still-heaving belly.

“Did you cum?” she said when her breath returned.

“Not yet!” I told her with a smile. “I was too busy enjoying the show!”

She blushed again and laughed as she kissed me.

“Well now it’s your turn, mister!”

“I’m far too aardig a man to argue,” I told her in my snootiest voice.

That earned me an eye-roll and another kiss.

“How do you want me?” she asked when she was done.

My mind reeled with possibilities, not forgetting her incredible oral skills or the happy gasp when I slid my cock along her ass-crack. First things first, however.

“I want to lie back and watch your beautiful body on top of me,” I said simply.

“Then lie back,” she ordered, leaning over to throw my discarded pants out of the way.

I grabbed a small pillow to keep my head up a bit, then lay back fully, stroking my cock idly. Britt stood over me for a moment running her fingers through her hair to straighten the tangles. Then, with effortless grace, she lowered herself over me until her knees rested on the floor beside my waist. Reaching down, she took my erection out of my hand and held it firmly upright, positioning it for herself. With a flex of her thighs, she came down a little more, socketing the head and using her hand to stir it all around her slick opening. I lay back and watched her as she tilted her hips experimentally, running her clit along the top until our pubic bones bumped together, the pulling back up. Next, she pushed my rod down toward my feet and slid herself down so that my shaft lay once again in the cleft of her ass. She watched my face the whole time, smiling when she saw ripples of surprise or pleasure change my expression. Finally, though, she gave me what I needed. With perfect upright posture, she placed the head of my cock where it belonged and sat down slowly, taking me all the way into the volcanic clasping heat of her pussy once more.

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