Girl’s Night Pt. 03


Fisher climbed the stairs slowly, wary of the quiet that hung over the upstairs. As he hit the landing a soft moan emanated from the bedroom and his heart raced as he entered the doorway. There, framed in the soft light of the bedroom lamps, was Sophie kissing another woman. Her crisp white shirt was unbuttoned, exposing the top of her supple breasts, and giving just a hint of the black bra underneath. Her hands cupped Jenny’s ass, and judging from the way Jenny’s body was pressed into Sophie’s, Sophie was the one controlling the kiss.

She broke the kiss and glanced over at Fisher, still holding Jenny close. “Jealous Candi?”

“Yes Mistress,” he croaked.

“Of course you are slut,” Jenny said as she kissed the curve of Sophie’s neck. “Her lips are delicious, I can’t wait to make you even more envious when I taste more of her.”

“Mmmm,” Sophie moaned, “I can’t wait either, but first, we made a promise to our dirty little slut, didn’t we?”

Jenny laughed and kissed her cheek as Sophie winked at Fisher. They broke their embrace and his jaw dropped at what was laid out on the foot of the bed. A dark leather pad with loops and buckles holding an array of toys glared at him, daring him to continue. He made my way to the bed as Sophie waved him over.

She guided Fisher with a hand on the small of his back as she whispered in his ear. “You have quite a night in front of you dear…”

He only nodded as the array of plugs, whips, clamps and restraints entranced him.

“All for you Candi,” Jenny said as she stood next to him. “All you have to do is choose.”

“But choose wisely,” added Sophie, “because if you don’t choose well enough, we will choose for you, and you won’t like our choices.”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher answered, his cock throbbing violently against the ribbons.

“Something the matter slut?” Jenny asked.

“I forgot to ask you to put the ribbon on my cock after my spanking Domme Jennifer,” He blurted, lowering his eyes and wringing his hands. He hoped the lie would work.

“Yes, you did,” Sophie said, her hand massaging Fisher’s ass over the short skirt of his uniform. “We will let you retrieve that after you’ve chosen something for your sissy pussy, and picked out something for me to spank you with.”

He knew what she wanted. Something that would show her just how much he was committed to this game. So he pushed his boundaries and pointed to the largest of the medium size butt plugs.

“May I please have that in my sissy pussy Mistress and Domme Jennifer?”

“Good girl Candi,” Jenny said as she removed the plug. “Now, for the spankings.”

“Would you please spank me with the leather slapper Mistress?”

“Another good choice,” Sophie said joyfully, squeezing his ass. “now assume the position.”

He bent over at the waist, clasped his fingers behind his calves and raised his head. He swallowed hard as Jenny practically skipped behind him, and he felt the first touch of the unforgiving plug. She slid the tip around his slippery hole and giggled.

“I do love it when a little slut’s panties are soaked,” she said, “such a dirty little bitch Candi, aren’t you? Getting all wet from wearing your sissy clothes?”

“Yes Domme Jennifffff…ungggghhhh!!” Fisher grunted loudly as she stuffed his hole with the plug.

“Ohh, you sound like such a whore Candi,” Sophie murmured. “Moan for me again.”

Sophie squatted next to Fisher, kissing his ear as he moaned, one hand holding his face, the other stretched out to cup his balls. All the while, Jenny twisted the plug into his ass slowly, stretching him as the lube slowly yielded to the molded plastic. He felt Sophie’s fingers slowly drag upward, finding the tip of his cock and pinching it slightly. She rose and the fingers found his mouth. Fisher moaned again as he tasted himself on her fingers and the base of the plug slipped flush.

He could hear the triumph in her voice as Sophie spoke. “Seems you DO like it bitch.”

“Yes Mistress,” he moaned, “Thank you Mistress, thank you Domme Jennifer.”

“Don’t thank us yet,” Jenny said, “you have no idea how happy I am that you chose this particular one.”

Fisher shivered as he felt a low hum emanate from the plug, stopping and then starting again at regular intervals. He bit his lip as the intensity and the frequency slowly increased until there was a constant hum in his ass and he was panting with madness.

“You can go get your ribbon now sissy,” Sophie said, “enjoy your walk…”

He stood and the feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced before. The plug, unlike the beads was unforgiving. The solid black rubber offered no relief and the deep vibration reverberated throughout his body.

“Ye…yes Mistressss,” he moaned. Fisher took one step toward the door and collapsed to his knees as the intensity was abruptly magnified. Sophie and Jenny laughed as he writhed on the floor in agony, the plug ravaging him in unimaginable ways.

They walked over to him, hand in hand, and smiled down at Fisher as he whimpered unintelligibly.

“A Resim Yükle slave to her pussy now,” Jenny said, “a true whore.”

“I told you she would be,” Sophie responded. “next thing you know, she’ll be begging to be shown off, pimped out and fucked.”

He struggled to speak, but his voice was raspy and his lips quivered.

“What do you think,” Jenny asked, a cruel smile crossing her pretty face, “$10 for your mouth, and $50 for your ass, you dirty slut?”

He shook his head from side to side as what felt like an orgasm rushed through him like one he’d never felt before. He became keenly aware of his hard cock rubbing on the dark carpet, and his balls pulling tight. A shrill wail shot from Fisher’s lungs and he dug his fingernails into the floor, but then, the familiar rush of ejaculation didn’t materialize. He cried softly as the women lifted him to his knees, his eyes downcast, unable to face them.

“Aww, looks like the sissy maid is frustrated.” Sophie teased. “No cumming for you.”

Sophie placed her hand delicately under his chin and lifted his face. “And you’re going to be on your knees quite a bit now Candi, so I suggest you get used to it. Now stop your pathetic blubbering, go and get your ribbon and meet us in the game room, maid.”

“Game room?” said Jenny. “Now THAT sounds promising.”

“Not quite what you’re thinking,” Sophie explained, “but I’ll be willing to bet that it’ll be fun. For us at least…”

She smiled and pulled Fisher to his feet. The humming in his ass had stopped momentarily but the ache remained. Coupled with the tremendous pressure on his cock the entire effect was maddening, especially seeing as how Sophie demanded that he was constantly doing his crossed ankle sissy strut. Sophie whispered quietly to Jenny, and Fisher jumped as the humming began in short low cadence again. Their laughter chased him into the dining room and he picked up the ribbon and scissors with quivering fingers.

Sophie was showing Jenny around the downstairs when Fisher came to the bottom of the wooden staircase. They were silhouetted against the French doors to the patio where Sophie had turned on the floodlights to show off the stonework and landscaping they finished the previous summer. When they turned to face each other, they kissed deeply and Fisher remained rooted to the spot as the soft moans slowly drifted over him. Their hands entwined and Sophie moved Jenny’s hands up to her breasts, pulling the smaller woman closer as Jenny again parted her shirt, and rubbed her breasts over Sophie’s bra. Sophie bit down on Jenny’s bottom lip and grabbed a handful of her hair, whispering things Fisher could not hear. Jenny nodded and lowered her eyes, then her hands went to her own breasts. One of Sophie’s hands encircled Jenny’s throat just below her jaw and her lips trailed across her cheek to the her ear. Jenny’s body trembled as she nodded again. Sophie’s face came into view again and she turned toward Fisher slowly, licking her lips and grinning.

“Ready Candi?” she asked simply.

“Yes Mistress,” he answered. “I have the ribbon as you instructed.”

“Good girl,” Sophie said with a smile. “Give it to Jenny and when she is finished I want you bent over the pool table.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jenny smirked as she took the ribbon and scissors from his hand, working quickly to tie the fourth ribbon on his semi-erect cock. When she was finished, she slapped the underside of the head with her palm, and held it up for Fisher to lick. He obeyed and she smirked again, slapping him across the face.

“Dirty whores deserve to be slapped around,” she stated. “Don’t you?”

“Y.. yes Domme Jennifer.”

“Now go do as you’re told before I do it again.”

Fisher sauntered over to the pool table where Sophie was waiting, leather paddle in hand.

“Elbows on the side rail Candi,” she instructed. “Now, wiggle that cute ass backward until I tell you to stop… Mmmm, good girl. Sexy, don’t you think Jenny?”

“Like a porn star,” Jenny answered, “smile for the camera bitch…”

Fisher turned toward Jenny and faked his best smile, expecting a flash, but none came. Instead she moved around the table, keeping her phone trained on him, recording gleefully as his smile slowly faded.

“Tell me your name…” Jenny demanded.

“My name is Candi, MMMPHH!” The paddle crashed into Fisher as he finished.

“And what are you Candi?” Jenny asked, keeping the lens on him.

“I am a sissy maid, MMMPHH!”

“And do you like being spanked?”

“Yes Domme Je, MMMPHH!”

“And do you like being dressed in panties and lingerie?”

“Yes Domme Je, MMMPHH!”

“Thank your Mistress sissy slut…” Jenny said.

“Thank you Mistress, I’m a bad girl and deserve to be punished, MMMPHH!”

“What else are you Candi?”

“I am a dirty whore, MMMPHH!”


“I am a cocksucker, MMMPHH!”

“Keep going,” Jenny encouraged, “are you a cum slut?”

“I AM a cum slut, MMMPHH!”

“Thank your Mistress cum slut…”

“Thank you Mistress, MMMPHH! I’m a dirty cum slut and I, MMMPHH! deserve to be punished…”

Fisher’s ass was on fire now, the leather hot and stinging. But still, Jenny did not relent. He could only watch as she fished a small black circle from her pocket and her thumb grazed one side of it. The humming in his ass came hard and fast, one jarring shock, a short pause and then another jarring shock. He bit his lip and moaned loudly.

“Listen to yourself sissy bitch,” Sophie said from behind him, rubbing the paddle across his ass, “you fucking love this…”

“Yes Mistress,” he groaned, “I love thi, MMMPHH! I love this!”

“Beg me for more bitch,” Sophie urged.

“Please spank me aga, MMMPHH! Please more Mistress! MMMPHH!”

“Thank your Mistress, faggot,” Jenny said.

“Thank you, MMMPHH! Mistress, I’m a sissy bitch and, MMMPHH! I deserve to be punished…”

“Whose sissy are you bitch?” Sophie demanded.

“MMMPHH! Yours Mistress! MMMPHH! I’m your sissy bitch.”

“And you’re going to be my good sissy whore aren’t you?”

“Yes Mis, MMMPHH! Mistress, I’ll be your good, MMMPHH! sissy whore!”

“Beg me to be my whore Candi!”

“MMMPHH! Please let be your whore Mistress!” Fisher begged obediently.

“You’ll suck cock for your Mistress, won’t you Candi?” Jenny teased.

“MMMPHH! Yes, MMMPHH! I’ll suck cock for my Mistress!”

“And you’ll swallow every drop, won’t you cum slut?” Sophie asked.

“Yes Mis, MMMPHH! Yes Mistress!! Please, let me be your cum slut!!”

“Told you she’d be begging to be pimped,” Sophie laughed.


Jenny echoed her in laughter and they embraced once more, enjoying a deep, lingering kiss.

“Should I turn off her plug now?” Jenny asked softly.

“Leave it on,” Sophie said with a wink, “all dirty whores love pleasure don’t they?”

“Y..y..yes Mistress,” Fisher groaned, his fingers digging into the felt of the pool table.

“It was a rhetorical question Candi,” Sophie scoffed.

“Silly ditz,” teased Jenny.

“I’m s..s..s..sorry”

“Yes,” Sophie answered quickly, “you are a sorry little bitch. Now get over here and let me put your ribbon on. Then, you can go upstairs and get us another bottle of wine.”

“Ye..yessss, fuhhk,” standing up compounded the intensity and his legs shook as he stepped towards the two grinning ladies. “Yes Mistress.”

“Something wrong?” Jenny asked.

“No Domme Jennifer” I lied.

“Good girl,” she said watching as Sophie tied the fifth ribbon, “because if you complain at all I will be sure to fit you with the next size larger. Understood?”

“Yes Domme Jennifer.”

“All done sissy slut,” Sophie said, “you have two minutes to get back down here with a bottle of white wine and two new glasses.”

“And if you’re not,” added Jenny, “this cute video of you is going on an amateur fetish website…”

They laughed as Fisher nearly ran from the room and scurried up the stairs, his swollen cock bouncing between his thighs. He quickly grabbed two glasses, the bottle and the corkscrew and hurried back down the stairs.

Jenny looked at her phone and frowned. “Darn it Candi, you made it.”

He lied again. “I’m sorry Domme Jennifer.”

“No you’re not slut,” Sophie said, “you are such a horrible liar…”

Jenny strode toward him, pool cue in hand. “Is that true bitch, did you just lie to me?”

“Yes, Domme Jennifer,” Fisher answered.

Her hand rocked off his face with a heavy smack.

“What the fuck Candi!” she yelled. “Do you think your contact list would like a link to the video I’m about to post?”

“Please no!” he shrieked, his new high pitched voice cracking. “Sophie! Please! That’s too much!”

“Fine,” Sophie said. “Pick 3 of my friends… and if you forget to call me Mistress again, the next film that gets sent out will be of you as a glory hole cum dumpster. Jenny told me all about one over dinner.”

“And it’ll be busy on a Friday night, slut,” Jenny added, “trust me, I’ve had more than one sissy faggot perform there for me.”

“NOW,” said Sophie, “you really are sorry.”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher answered, “I am sorry.”

“And now that I think about it,” Sophie said, “I’ll choose who to send it to.”

Jenny’s free hand slid under his skirt and her fingers gripped his sac tightly. “I don’t think that’s nearly enough people…”

“Oh, its quality,” Sophie said to her, “not quantity. For instance, first on my list is Victoria, tell her who she is sissy bitch.”

“Victoria is ungh!” Jenny’s wrist twisted and lifted Fisher up onto his toes. “Victoria is Mistress’ office assistant, I… mmmph!… see her every week.”

“And is she hot?” Jenny asked, rolling his testicles in her fingers.

“Yes, Domme Jennifer.”

“Oh she is,” Sophie said, “23, tall, blond and curvy. Played volleyball on the AVP beach tour. Bit of a bitch and a total flirt, has the guys around the office wrapped around her little finger. No wonder I like her.”

“Sounds perfect,” Jenny said, “who’s next?”

“Heather.” Fisher’s heart sank.

“Our accountant.” He said, helplessly.

“Recently divorced and rich.” Sophie said. “Took everything when she caught her husband sleeping with their maid. Think she’ll get a kick out of the irony.”

“Oh my god,” Jenny laughed, crushing him slightly in her fist. “That’s perfect.”

“And finally,” Sophie said, pausing for effect, “Katherine.”

“Oh noooo,” He very nearly fainted right then.

“Who is that?!” Jenny asked excitedly, yanking down on my sack.

“Mistress’ little sister, Domme Jennifer” he gasped.

“Damn,” Jenny said softly, “that’s going to make for an awkward Christmas.”

Sophie laughed aloud, and handed her phone to Jenny. “My SORORITY little sister. She is the one on the left.”

“Not exactly ‘little’, is she?” Jenny said, looking at the picture on Catherine’s instagram.

“No,” Sophie answered, “not at all. 5′ 9″ and 36F. All natural too.”

“And ass!” exclaimed Jenny said as she released me. “Does she do a lot of modeling like this?”

“Yep,” said Sophie, “she is a big hit at the custom car shows, trade events and those comic con things. Everybody says she looks like some famous person. Whats her name Candi?”

“Mayra Veronica Mistress,” Fisher whimpered.

“That’s right,” she answered. “Paying her own way at USC graduate program right now.”

“Impressive,” said Jenny, “bet she has no shortage of men, huh?”

“Funny,” said Sophie with a smile, “she’s gay. Full on lipstick lesbian.”

“No shit!” Jenny squealed, “when can I meet her?”

“Oh, I’m sure she’ll be calling when she gets this.” Sophie replied, taking her phone back. “She is still pissed about catching our little bitch here stroking himself to her modeling portfolio.”

Fisher’s jaw dropped. He didn’t know he’d been seen. Katherine had stayed with them late last winter when she had a show in town, and had left her portfolio loaded on their computer. And yeah, she was hot in those pictures. The more he flipped through the harder he got. It was only a matter of time before he was cumming in his hand.

“You’re in truh, uh, bull…” Jenny teased.

“Didn’t think she’d tell me slut?” Sophie asked. “Or that you’d be found out?”

“That I’d be found out Mistress.”

“Oopsie!” Jenny laughed.

Sophie chuckled then held the phone up to his face. “Read it slut.”

For your eyes only. Told you Fisher had a secret. My darling maid and sissy slut telling us she likes to be treated. Yes, you’re right, that is a vibrating plug in her ass, and monstrous DD breasts on her chest. Enjoy, talk to all in the morning.

“Press send,” Sophie instructed.

“Yes Mistress,” he answered, not taking his eye off the still of the video attached to the message. He reached one manicured nail out toward the phone and pressed “send” obediently.

“Good girl,” Sophie said with an evil grin. “can’t wait to hear the reaction from my friends and for behaving, you can pick a movie for us to watch while we Jenny and I play some pool.”

“Thank you Mistress,” he said. “What kind of movie?”

“Sissy bitches with fake breasts…” Jenny quipped.

“Yes Domme Jennifer,” Fisher answered, thinking her serious.

“Lesbians,” Sophie quickly interjected, “you’re into those, aren’t you Candi?”

“Yes Mistress,” he said, feeling his face growing red, knowing she was referring to him pleasuring myself to Catherine.

“Don’t be embarrassed NOW Candi,” laughed Sophie, “go find us a hot lesbian movie to watch.”

“Yes Mistress,” he answered again, and then moaned as the plug in his ass came roaring back to life furiously.

Jenny laughed as he collapsed over the back of the couch then said to Sophie, “So what are we playing for?”

“Easy,” Sophie said, “winner gets to spank the sissy.”

“And the loser?” Jenny asked.

“Loser gets an article of clothing removed by the winner.”

“Mmmm, I’m going to enjoy seeing you in your panties bent over this table. I was the 9 ball champion 3 years running in college.” Jenny bragged.

“Well this isn’t college smart ass,” Sophie shot back, “and once its time to get you out of those sexy jeans, I’m going to have the maid do it for me.”

“Oh, really?” said Jenny with a grin. “That’s intriguing. May have to employ that myself…”

“Are you going to rack em ‘champ'”, teased Sophie, “or are you all talk?’

Fisher missed what Jenny replied as another false orgasm ripped through him, and both women laughed heartily. He composed himself as a long tendril of precum ran down his leg and Jenny shut off his plug. He made his way over to the television as Jenny was racking the game and felt a surge under his skirt as her ass became stretched taut in her jeans. He don’t know how he missed that this afternoon.

“What movie did you find Candi?” Sophie called out to him as he blinked absently.

“Strap-on Divas Mistress.” Fisher replied, his face flushed.

“Mmmm, aching for cock aren’t you dirty girl?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I trust you’ve heard the rules of the game?” Sophie asked.

“Yes Mistress.”

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