Girlie Girl’s Bus Drivers


My first bus driver’s name was Kelvin. An exceptionally buff and handsome man, Kelvin was absolutely perfect for this job. His care and attention to detail was fantastic — for everything that happened on the sixteen-seat bus – guaranteeing each man plenty of time and attention with and from me, Girlie Girl.

Each man paid one thousand dollars just to ride the bus and have the opportunity to watch me fuck other men. Of course, it was my responsibility to make certain that all the men on board wanted to fuck me…but that was what I enjoyed almost more than fucking: taunting, teasing and playing with them until they had fuck fever!

They could shoot photos with the cameras provided, and they could have copies of the photos for their viewing pleasure (after I had downloaded them to my computer) – but not for resale. Also, for additional and varying sums, they could enjoy a myriad of events while on the bus, not the least of which was ending up in my big king-sized bed at the back of the bus. I catered to their cocks, and to their wildest fantasies.

Kelvin handled all the money, distributed the cameras, made certain everyone filled out and signed the necessary paperwork to keep this private bus and its adventures completely private, provided cinnamon breath strips (my favorite flavor) to everyone. And – for his dedication first of all, to me, Girlie Girl, as well as to his love of the job and all it required of him – Kelvin had the pleasure and responsibility of introducing me and my cunt to the men on board. In any way he chose.

Our first trip out, after every man was seated, Kelvin called me on board. I loved the cat calls and the whooping from the men! It started out slowly and softly. “Girlie Girl! Girlie Girl!” Until they were pounding their fists on the arms of their seats with “GIRLIE GIRL!! GIRLIE GIRL!!! GIRLIE GIRL!!!” I pranced up the stairs and did a slow pirouette to demonstrate my long-legged agility, exposing my very large my titties and huge nipples, and then turned my ass to the men and bent over and touched my toes. Kelvin slid his hand into the crotch of my pretty sheer panties and slowly fingered my cunt while I gyrated on his hand, finally pulling his finger out and sucking it with his lips. He invited Mr. Smith (in the first row, first seat, of course) to remove my panties…and Mr. Smith got down tuzla eve gelen escort on his knees and removed them very slowly – with his teeth. Before he could get up, I turned around and pulled my cunt lips apart to let Mr. Smith suck my clit…and had my first orgasm right there in front of all the men. The cheering was wild and so crazy!

I opened my eyes when it was over and looked out at the sea of men, and whispered, “Gentlemen, please! Liberate your johnsons!” I heard zippers open and watched as a sea of cock opened up before me. My mouth was watering, and my cunt was dripping wet.

Mr. Smith rose from his knees and I kissed him on the mouth while he cupped my now bare ass. “Gentlemen, may I introduce you to my benefactor, Mr. Smith. He provided this lovely tour bus and all its amenities so that I may spend several days on the road with you – and you, with me. Please, give him a round of applause, and be sure to express your appreciation to him when the time is right.”

The men applauded again, with great enthusiasm. From his pocket, Mr. Smith extracted a small jewel box and handed it to me. I opened it and found a lovely pair of diamond stud earrings, easily one carat each, commemorating our first trip. I let him put them in my pierced ears, and kissed him again. He sat down in his seat and just beamed!

Kelvin, looking up into his large rear-view mirror smiled at the men and announced it was time to head out on the road, for destination “who gives a damn!” I turned toward him and he sucked my titties and held onto my ass. I gave him a long and lingering kiss on the mouth. “You all mind what Kelvin tells you, please. I depend on him for everything – my safety, my well-being, the opportunity for me to have fun with all of you, and four full days of fucking, sucking cock, eating cunt, and shooting photos without any worries! Please, Gentlemen! A round of applause for Kelvin!”

The men went absolutely wild with applause, and someone shouted, “Kelvin! You the Man!”

The sixteen seats were individualized for comfort and access, allowing me to lap dance, straddle, or suck the cock of one man, while another man across or diagonally across the aisle fingered my cunt or fucked my cunt from behind. If I straddled a lap, other men had access to suck my titties and/or kiss my mouth, tuzla otele gelen escort easily bringing me to the heights of happiness.

That first tour set the precedence for all the tours to come. On every tour following, if Mr. Smith were available to ride with us, he sucked my clit and made me cum. It was that long tongue of his and his vibrating upper lip that made me cum so easily every time. And after Mr. Smith was settled, I made my way down the aisle, stopping to kiss each man fully, with lots of spit and tongue, letting him fondle my big, luscious titties, finger my cunt, and play with my bare ass cheeks. Then I would bend over at the waist to suck cock, my tongue stroking his shaft, and knew I had him right where I wanted him.

Every tour was so amazingly successful that eventually Kelvin wanted to also ride occasionally rather than do all of the driving — and partake of the fun, too, instead of wrestling with the many responsibilities. “Then find me an equal replacement driver, Kelvin! Someone even better than you, if that’s possible!” I did not want an interruption in our tour schedule, nor did I want to have to interview an endless list of ‘possbilities’.”

Within just a few days, Kelvin introduced me to Dwayne. Dwayne was about 6’3″, with a full head of hair, quite imposing in his size — and, instead of offering me his hand at that first meeting, or kissing my cheek, Dwayne upzipped his fly and pulled out his beautiful seven-inch cock. I wanted to drop to my knees right then and initiate him, but I wasn’t sure if he really met all the other qualifications. I trusted Kelvin’s judgment, and I wanted to sample Dwayne’s talents. I insisted they both spend the night with me so that Kelvin could show Dwayne all the, um, ins and outs of the business.

When they arrived that evening, I had champagne on ice, chilled beers, hors d’oeurves — and I was wearing black sheer hose with heels, a garter belt, matching open-tittie bra and crotchless panties, all under a sheer black lace robe.

Kelvin opened the champagne and pour a little over each of my huge titties, sucking and licking the champagne.

“We didn’t come here to eat food, GirlieGirl, Dwayne said, and dropped to his knees. He used his tongue to spread my cunt lips open. Oh, no! Another vibrating upper lip! Oh, shit. tuzla sınırsız escort I came so hard and so fast while Kelvin continued sucking my titties.

“Let Kelvin and me get you out of these unnecessary clothes and give you a shower, Girlie Girl,” Dwayne said, dispensing with formalities. And just like that, he unhooked my nylons and slid them down my legs and off my feet. He sucked my toes. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, he really sucked my toes. Kelvin picked me up and carried me into the bathroom, stripping off my panties while he walked. He stood me on the closed toilet and unhooked my bra and garter belt, tossing them to Dwayne.

“Mind if I keep these as a souvenir of our first time together?” Dwayne asked.

I smiled and said, “Be my guest, Sweetie. Anything you want tonight is fine with me.”

I stood between them in the shower while they washed and played with my titties and nipples, never letting go of my ass, constantly stroking my arms, my legs. I didn’t want to wait any longer. I dropped to my knees and sucked Dwayne’s beautiful cock. The head was so perfect and fit like it was made for my mouth and throat. I could take him all the way in and lick his balls, too. He held the top of my head while he shot hot cum in me, and I swallowed every drop. Dwayne lifted me to my feet and braced himself against the back wall of the tub, planting his feet firmly, and bending his knees. He lifted me up to straddle him. The way his legs were separated really spread my legs, too – and opened up my cunt. While Dwayne kissed me and sucked my titties, Kelvin came at me from behind to fuck my cunt and hold onto my thighs. I was sandwiched between two of the sexiest and greatest fuckers I had ever met.

“You sure you want to give this hot little lady into my care, Kelvin?” Dwayne asked, looking over my shoulder. “You’re the finest fuck I’ve ever had, Girlie Girl!” he said, stroking my ass.

“Precisely why I want a chance to ride the bus, rather than drive it, Dude,” Kelvin said. “I want time in the king-sized bed at the back of the bus, enjoying Girlie Girl’s fine cunt, sucking her clit and these fabulous titties! I’ve listened to all the moaning and screams I can stand – I want to be moaning and screaming, too!

“And you’ll be in charge of everything,” Kelvin added. From making sure Girlie Girl has time to get her toes painted, to choosing who rides the bus. You’re going to be a very, very busy man.

“What do you think, Girlie Girl?” Kelvin asked me while he continued fucking. “Does Dwayne fit with us?”

I nodded quickly, excited and happy to have two wonderful men in my life I could count on to take very good care of me.

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