Gina’s Ride


Gina’s nipples hardened at the thought of the nasty sex she was to partake in later that night. The fifty-one year old woman was horny, and knew what she wanted. Hell, she had worked damn hard at the office in the last several weeks, getting the last quarter’s sales performance figures and analysis compiled, tabulated and what have you. Ten hour days had become the norm, and Gina would frequently find herself still in the office long after most of the other employees had headed home. She took pride in her work, and upper management personnel were noticing. The buzz around the firm was that Gina had a bright future in accounting, and would surely rise through the ranks to more powerful positions. But now, as she headed home to enjoy the long weekend, her thoughts were on getting off. She would reward herself with the nasty sex she so secretly craved.

Gina’s life didn’t have a very smooth beginning. Finding her self pregnant at 17, Gina entered into a rushed marriage with her twenty year old boyfriend. The six year long union was mired in hardship, mostly financial. Gina and Dan were uneducated, and struggled in a long string of mostly low paying, dead end jobs. They divorced when their daughter Samantha was only 5. It was an amicable split, and Dan saw the child every second weekend, and for three weeks in the summer. Meanwhile Gina strived to provide for her daughter, and build a strong future. She took remedial courses to upgrade basic skills, began working as an orderly in a busy downtown hospital, and enrolled at the local community college. She thrived in the classroom, and eventually, after 5 busy years on a part-time basis, graduated with a degree in accounting. Her daughter Samantha meanwhile, thrived under her parents’ guidance, and flourished in school. Samantha rode a full scholarship through 4 years of Stanford law, and was now married and living in the San Francisco area.

In the years following Samantha’s leaving home, Gina concerned herself mostly with work. But she had several friends too, loved gardening, and was a huge movie buff. She also found that the older she got, the hornier she became. She had some boyfriends through the years, and loved good sex. She masturbated frequently, and since turning fifty, usually made her self cum twice a day, first thing in the morning and again before she fell asleep. She would use her fingers, dildos, and even an empty wine bottle to get herself off. She fantasized, and these fantasies ranged from thinking of cute firemen to being forced to suck multiple men’s cocks one after another, and swallowing their cum.

Gina had always had an average, “girl next door” kind of look. She had chestnut brown hair that she kept brushed from her forehead and grown to her shoulders. Bycasino She had her hairdresser do monthly coloring treatments since, as her friends told her, she was too young to look old. She was five feet five and her body had always been curvy. Gina’s heavy, 36 C tits had developed a little bit of a sag, and her brown hard nipples poked out when she licked them in bed or had a boyfriend do the same. She had a big white ass that swayed nicely as she walked. As her libido grew with her age, she found she loved browsing in lingerie shops. Lately she had taken to wearing slutty little thongs, the material clinging to the tight little hole between her luscious cheeks. Knowing she was wearing a red thong beneath her conservative and sensible work outfits made her pussy wet. In fact, more than once in the last few months, she had retired to the privacy of a ladies room stall to lower her pants, spread her legs, pull the slick wet fabric aside and plunge 2 or 3 fingers straight into her cunt. It never took her long to cum. She would bite her lower lip in an effort to suppress her moans, and finger- fuck her sticky cunt hole. She’d alternate between licking her fingers and then quickly returning them to her pussy and clit. A full hairy muff in the seventies had become a trimmed pussy in the eighties. These days see Gina with a pussy like the porn stars she loves to watch late at night on satellite television. She has the sides of her pussy waxed by an esthetician but keeps a little landing strip at the top, a 6 inch line of trimmed brown curls. She loves her pussy.

Gina pulled on to the highway off-ramp near her condo. Tonight she would be hosting a little dinner party. Guests would be Zack & Felicia, a married couple who lived two floors above her. Like Gina, they were both in their fifties. Zack was a retired army colonel and Felicia his stunning, big titted wife. The guest list was rounded off with Kimmy, an 18 year old co-ed at Gina’s alma mater. Gina had met the young woman while volunteering as a tutor at the school’s writing centre. Exactly one hour after their third tutoring session, Gina’s face was being humped by the horny teenager, in the girl’s campus dorm room. Kimmy’s boyfriend was pounding his hard cock meat in and out of Gina’s cunt and enjoying watching Kimmy sit on the older woman’s face. Kimmy had planned the threesome, knowing that her boyfriend had a thing for mature chicks. She very casually but confidently suggested her horny idea to Gina, and was thrilled when Gina found herself unable to resist. Gina had been so horny, and had thought that Kimmy had a cute ass and pretty face. She readily agreed to the encounter. The young Kimmy surprised even herself when she just went ape shit on Gina as soon as the Bycasino giriş two horny women entered the dorm room.

“Suck my teenage cunt!” Kimmy screamed. She pushed Gina onto her little single dorm room bed, and grabbed Gina’s head with both hands. The teenager straddled the older woman, pulling Gina’s face roughly into her young shaved pussy. She leaned over and pushed her tongue lewdly into Gina’s mouth. The women’s tongues battled and Kimmy abruptly pulled away and resumed humping Gina’s face. Gina always was somewhat aware of her submissive inclinations, but was astounded at how turned on she was getting. Kimmy sensed this, and pushed the envelope.

“Lick my wet pussy bitch! You like it don’t you?” Gina’s make-up was starting to run a bit. Some of her hair was matted with Kimmy’s cunt juice and was sticking to her face. She looked dirty and felt obscene. She loved it.

Kimmy commanded Gina. “Reach down, and play with your old pussy! I can see how wet it is! Get it ready for my boyfriend’s big cock!”

At the sound of this, Gina groaned out loud and almost came on the spot. Seized with lust, she moved her head back and pushed her face up against Kimmy’s pink puckered asshole. With a scream, Kimmy flipped around into the doggy position, reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could. “Get behind me and lick my horny teenage asshole!” Kimmy screamed. “Spit on my ass and get it all nasty, bitch! Taste my ass juice. Face- fuck my ass! Do it now!”

Gina did as she was told. She devoured Kimmy’s teenage anus, amazed by its heat, and earthy taste. The 51 year old accountant rubbed her tongue, lips and entire face all over Kimmy’s puckered, nasty hole. There was spit dangling from Kimmy’s anus, down to her wet puffy cunt. Gina thought to herself how fat, swollen and obscene the cunt lips were, on a girl so young. Kimmy was only 18 and had the meatiest cunt lips Gina had ever seen.

“Make me your whore!” Gina screamed. “Force me to service you! Use my face!”

Kimmy was loving this. She turned around, and shouted towards the bathroom. “Steve! Come in here and get your present. Come see this slutty old chick I’ve brought home. She has big saggy tits, and she just licked my asshole like a dirty street whore!”

Steve entered and the strapping young man, 19, was actually sheepish and blushing slightly. He was fully naked and was hiding his cock with both hands. The women giggled because despite his attempts, he couldn’t hide its hard thickness. The young man had a huge, proud boner, with big stallion balls hanging down.

“Get over here honey and fuck this old slut with that beautiful cock of yours!” Kimmy ordered with a smile. Gina got onto her back and Kimmy confidently Bycasino güncel giriş directed the action. She kneeled astride the older woman, and pulled her legs wide and pushed them back. “You’re really going to get fucked now Gina!” Kimmy said with a sneer. “Does the old slut want hard cock? Does she? Beg for it!”

“Oh, yes I do! I need it!” Gina moaned, reaching down and curling her arms around her plump thighs to hold them back to make her sloppy wet vagina and tight ass hole available to the young stud. “Do anything you want! Use my holes. My cunt, my ass…just fuck me. Make me your cum slut! I want it all!”

“When we’re finished slut, you’ll have Steve’s cum all over your face like a nasty old whore!”

“Oh yes…That’s what I want! Use my face. Force me to be your slut. Slap my tits! Pound my holes!”

With that, Steve couldn’t resist. He straddled Gina’s wide spread thighs and easily pushed his cock into her sopping wet hole. She screamed. Kimmy laughed out loud. “Give it to her Steve honey! Fuck her wet cunt.”

Steve’s huge prick meat was pistoning in and out of Gina’s pussy. His powerful young thighs and ass were clenched, their muscles contracting and the skin glistening. Sweat was dripping from his face onto Gina’s face. She opened her mouth to savor the salty fluid and pulled his ass towards her, forcing his cock deeper into her hole.

“I’m cumming! Sweet Jesus I’m cuuuuuuumming! Fuuuccckkk Meeeeee! Aaaarrrrgh!” Gina’s body shuddered, and Kimmy took this as her cue to swing one leg over and straddle the older woman’s screaming face, pushing her sweet cunt hard into Gina’s face.

“That’s it bitch! Eat my pussy as my boyfriend makes your old fat pussy cum!”

“Aaaarrghhh fuuuuucccckkk MMmmmm” Gina mouthed, her face stuffed with pink wet teenage cunt and Steve’s hard cock still ramming her mature pussy, in and out.

It was Steve and Kimmy’s turn to orgasm, and they looked at each other and started to French kiss. Kimmy was the first to pop, sliding her sticky teenage crotch hard against her older friend’s face. She humped her clit hard against Gina’s face, pulling Gina’s hair in the process. It hurt but Kimmy didn’t care. This was HER time to cum. God, how the nubile eighteen year old loved to cum! “Fuuuckkk, I’m Cuuuuuummmmming, you bitch!”

“Move Kimmy! Get your ass off the slut’s face. I’m ready to shoot!” Steve gasped. “Gina, I’m gonna spray my fuck juice all over your face!”

Steve replaced his girlfriend up by Gina’s face and put a muscular thigh on each side of her face. His balls hovered inches from her face, and the older woman reached up and licked them. They tasted of sweat. Gina was in heaven. She tried to get to his asshole. She was feeling like a wanton slut. She would have let him piss all over her at this point.

“Here it comes baby!” Steve screamed, furiously beating his hard cock. “I’m gonna jack off into your face and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

To be continued…

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