Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 08


The saga continues! As always, your thoughts and ideas are appreciated. If you have any situations or types of people that would spice up the story, let me know.



Alex spent the whole day Saturday in funk. She desperately needed her phone, but she was scared of going back to Jake’s pub. She was scared of what might happen if she went back there. She was scared of what she might do while she was there. Just scared. She found reasons the entire day to not venture back to the bar. There were chores and errands to run. All of it was an excuse to not return to the bar.

She decided to be logical about it. She would walk in. She would ask for her phone. She would get it and leave. It would be simple. Once this was done, she wouldn’t even have to return.

Alex dressed for her errands. She picked a very conservative pink shirt that could button up and hide her cleavage. She chose a pair of khaki capris and modest sandals. She pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail and only put on very light make-up. As she got in the car, she felt a familiar pulse between her legs. Consciously, she decided to ignore it.

I’m not going for a fuck!

She made it to the post office and dropped over some papers that a client in Los Angeles needed to sign. She ran past the video store and gave back the movies she has rented a couple weeks ago. Finally, it was time to stop by the bar. It was two o’clock in the afternoon. It was a respectable hour. She was dressed appropriately for this errand. Her sense of professionalism took over.

Alex exited her car and walked to the front door. She inhaled a deep breath and opened the door. As she entered, her eyes darted around. There were a number of people playing pool and sitting at a variety of tables. Alex began to relax. Nothing was going to happen to her with this many people around. She made her way to the bar. She immediately recognized the bartender. When he looked up, a slow smile spread across her face. It was that kind of infectious smile, not a perverted one. Alex was tempted to smile back.

An image of the man’s cock popped into her mind. She could see it pumping into Sue, the waitress. She was so tempted to enter the room the night before when this man motioned for her to do so. Alex quickly dug her nails into her palm. The bite of pain brought her back to the reality of the situation.

John made his way towards the end of the bar. He kept the smile on his lips. He could feel his cock stirring within his jeans. He thought of Sue being at home, recovering from the several rounds of fucking she endured the night before. The evening continued a couple hours after Jake’s first orgasm. They continued to fuck Sue in every which way. She had screamed herself hoarse, and eventually her pussy became dry. Jake remedied the situation by filling her with lube, so he and John could continue taking turns fucking her. At the end, there were blowjobs for both men. Both of them shot their cum across her breasts and face. Finally, Sue said enough. John took her home and bathed her. She was sound asleep before her head hit the pillow. Before John came to work, he had her spread her legs, and he rubbed cream gently on her clit and pussy lips. He liked the sound of her sighs as he took care of her. His thoughts jumped back to the woman at the end of the bar.

“Alex, right?”

Alex simply nodded. She didn’t really want to converse with the man. That meant she would have to recognize the events of the previous evening. She could already feel a slight blush creep across her face.

“You are looking for your phone?” asked John as he grabbed a rag and began wiping the counter.

“Yes, I am.”

“The boss has it. He’s in the back room.”

Alex’s eyes darted to the curtain where she had been standing the night before. Her heart began pounding as images of fucking and licking flashed across her eyes.

“Could you tell him I am here for my phone?”

“Sure. You can always go back and see him if you would like,” said John.

Alex shook her head and dropped her gaze. She noticed the paint on her toenails needed to be changed. It amazed her that she would be thinking of nail polish at a time like this. Actually, that was a good thing. It kept her from thinking the other dirty thoughts.

John reached for the phone to his right by the register and dialed an extension. Alex saw a red light appear on the phone. She knew Jake has picked up on his side of the line.

“Boss, Alex is here. Yeah, her phone. No, she doesn’t want to come back. Yeah, I’ll ask her.” John hung up the phone. He glanced back at Alex. “The boss said he’d be out in a moment and to offer you a drink in the mean time.”

“No, thank you. I appreciate the offer,” Alex replied. She glanced at her watch. She had already been in the bar five minutes longer than she planned. John smiled at her again.

“You made quite an impression on the Mrs. last night. We both enjoyed having you there.”

Alex was shocked at the words John uttered. kurtköy escort This man was thanking her for watching their sex show. Alex immediately wondered what type of impression she could have really made on the woman. She dropped her gaze back to her toenails.

“Am I bugging you Miss?”

Alex’s gaze shot back up to the man. She tried to open her mouth to speak. No words would come out. What do you say to a man who has showed you his cock and invited you into a room where he was fucking his wife over the arm of a couch? What do you say to a man who you saw licking his own cum out of his wife’s pussy? Alex began to stammer. John wiped his hand on his jeans.

“My name is John. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Alex automatically shook his hand and mumbled her own name. She couldn’t believe she was exchanging pleasantries with this man. An image of him licking Sue’s pussy flashed into her mind. The pulse between her legs flared, and Alex felt dampness there.

“You’ve met my best bartender?” asked Jake. Alex’s eyes opened wide. She hadn’t realized he had crossed the room and was standing behind her again. He definitely had a way of sneaking up behind her. She whirled around and met his gaze. It was the same lustful gaze she had seen the night before when he caught her watching. Alex’s blush deepened. She nodded in response to his question.

“I am Jake. Sue said your name is Alex. Right?” he probed as he extended his hand to shake hers. Alex stared at his hand and then back at his eyes. Slowly, she raised her hand and grabbed his for the handshake. She automatically noticed the softness of his hands.

“I would like to have my cell phone please,” she whispered. Jake took a step closer to her. Alex’s breath caught in her throat. She could smell his soap and aftershave. He carried an earthy, musky smell. Jake leaned closer to her ear and neck.

“What else would you like?” he whispered softly in her ear. Alex began to pant in short breaths. No person had ever asked what she would like. Her ex-husband would always simply crawl on top. He would grunt a couple times and roll off. She herself didn’t even really fantasize. She felt it would be like cheating on him. Too bad he had decided to literally cheat on her first. Back to the question at hand. What did she want? What would she like?

Jake’s breath caressed her ear. She felt his hand touch her arm. Her heart was racing out of control. The touch began at her elbow and moved down to her wrist. Alex couldn’t move. She was lost in the feeling of his touch. All thoughts left her mind; she wasn’t able to remember why she was there. Her mind flashed to the fantasy of masturbating on the piano. Then, it morphed into watching the couple from the night before. Instead, this time it was Jake that had her bent over the arm of the couch. Something cold touched her hand. She blinked herself back to reality. Alex realized Jake had slipped the phone into her hand. He stepped back from Alex and smiled.

Do his eyes always light up like that when he smiles?

Alex squeezed her hand around the phone and mumbled a thank you. Jake nodded and told John to pour a snifter of brandy. He turned Alex so she was facing the bar. He nudged her onto a barstool. He smiled even more when he realized it was the small stool he had been seated on while fisting Sue. His smile continued when he saw Alex’s nipples through her conservative shirt. John slid the snifter in front of Alex. Jake excused himself and headed back to the storeroom. Alex grabbed the snifter and swallowed a mouthful of the amber liquid. John watched her with that same friendly smile that he had when she first came in.

“Boss wanted me to explain what you saw last night.”

Alex blinked for a couple moments and then shook her head, “No explanation is needed.”

“Yes, there is. My wife can be a handful. I knew that when I married her. I also knew I was lucky to have her. We both agreed to have an open lifestyle. We like to swing with other people.”

Alex sat entranced by what the man was saying. Without any prompting, he was sharing intimate details with her. She wondered how people could be so free about their sex lives or the details about them. She had had girlfriends in the past that did not bat an eyelash when it came to revealing a boyfriend’s cock size or how well he did or did not use it.

“My wife, Sue, also likes women. She was feeling very attracted to you last night. I guess I got the benefits of that attraction. She wanted you to see how excited you got her.”

Alex swallowed some more of the brandy. “Do you often perform in front of another person like that?”

“We have friends. These are people that we play with. They are other couples or single men and women. We even have a club that we visit for additional…excitement. There are other people who watch. There are other people who join us.”

Alex coughed. “Join you?”

John nodded as he put another splash of brandy in the snifter. He even picked up the glass and aydıntepe escort swirled its contents.

“Sue and I have found that sharing ourselves brings us closer together. We get to have each other; we get the excitement of being with other people.”

Alex looked over to the curtain. She gazed from John to the curtain several times.

“Didn’t Sue say something about Jake last night?”

“Yes, yes she did. Jake is one of our good friends. He’s very selective about his partners. Last night was the first night he has joined us in a long time. It was good to see him come out of his shell again. He wanted me to let you know that you are more than welcome to come back here to the bar anytime.”

Another blush crossed Alex’s face. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what to think. She thanked him for the brandy and found her way to the door. She paused for a moment before she pushed through it.

He joined them last night. Did he fuck Sue too? How did he fuck her? Welcome to come back? More like welcome to cum!

That night, Alex was lying in her bed replaying the day’s conversation with John and Jake. She was intrigued by the idea of what she really wanted. She couldn’t get the comment of Jake being selective out of her mind. Suddenly, there was a familiar ringing. It was her cell phone, and it was 2 a.m. Who would be calling at this hour? Alex got out of bed and snatched her phone. She glanced at the caller ID screen and gasped. It said one word that she couldn’t believe.


He must have programmed her phone. Why is he calling her right now? Why is he calling period? Alex sat on the edge of the bed, listening to the ringing of the phone. Her heart was pounding so loud within her ears. Within a couple seconds, it stopped. Alex began breathing normally.

Her phone vibrated. There was a text message waiting for her. She punched through the buttons and opened the message.

Jake: Why didn’t you answer?

Alex: Why are you calling me?

Jake: Answer my question please.

Alex: Cuz don’t know what you want.

Jake: Want to talk to u

The phone rang again. His name appeared in the caller ID on the display screen. Alex sharply inhaled.


“Hello, Alex.” Alex sat on the edge of her bed with the phone in her hand. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what to feel about the phone call. She could hear him breathing on the other end of the connection.

“Did John speak to you today?”


“Did he explain the situation between he and Sue?”

Alex could feel a tightening between her legs. She thought back to her conversation with John and how he explained the sex life he and his wife enjoyed. Alex focused in on the part of the conversation about Jake.


“I’m glad to hear it. I didn’t want you having the wrong impression about my bar. It’s not some sort of sex club. People just don’t masturbate and have sex whenever they want to while they are there.”

Alex blushed heavily. She knew part of that comment was directed to her and her weekly masturbation sessions in the back booth. It was directed towards the moment he found her fingering her clit while she watched John and Sue fuck.

“I’m sorry for my behavior the other night.”

“Why?” asked Jake.

Alex didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t admit to him what she had been doing in his bar for the past couple of weeks. She couldn’t admit it aloud that she had watched a sex show in the storeroom. She caught her breath when she heard chuckling on the other end of the phone line.

“Alex, I know why you come to the bar.”

Alex looked around the room. It was as if she was looking for some kind of escape, but it was her own house. Her nipples hardened in reaction to her fear.

“What do you want from me?” asked Alex.

“I want you to feel comfortable coming into my bar. I want you to still appreciate my music. I want you to be yourself.”

So many images of sex flashed before her eyes. She could see herself masturbating in the back booth. She saw herself in the car with her leg propped up on the dashboard. She saw herself standing in the doorway of the storeroom with a finger on her clit. Alex inhaled sharply as her clit began to throb.

“Would you like to have lunch today?”

Alex came back to reality.

“What did you say?”

“I asked if you would like to have lunch today?”

Before Alex could think, she blurted out, “Yes.”

“Meet me at Rosemary and Wine by noon.”

Alex nodded for a couple seconds. She quickly realized that he couldn’t see her nodding, so she squeaked a small approval.

“Good. I will see you in a few hours.”

The phone went dead. Alex closed her cell phone and stared at it for a few moments. She couldn’t believe that Jake had called her. She couldn’t believe she had said yes to a lunch with him. What were they going to talk about? How fast she stroked herself to orgasm? What he did with Sue and tuzla içmeler escort John the other night? Alex lay back on her bed and let out an exasperated sigh. What in the hell was she going to do on this lunch? A small vibration caught her off guard. It was another text message from Jake. She opened her phone and viewed the message.

Jake: No panties for lunch

Alex’s jaw dropped open. Her mind began racing through the different scenarios that would happen at lunch. Her sense of professionalism took hold for a moment. She knew that she could not break the lunch date. However, she could control what would happen. Alex knew she would wear her panties no matter what Jake had requested.

She spent the next few hours trying to find the most appropriate outfit to wear for the lunch. She settled on a pair of jeans and blue blouse. It was conservative, but still showed she could be casual at their meeting. Alex could not even bring herself to call it a date. As she drove to the restaurant, she took a peek at herself in the mirror. Her hair was in place, and her make-up was not too heavy. She smiled to check her teeth for lipstick. Everything was in place; if everything was in place, why did she feel so out of place?

She pulled into the parking lot and into the valet parking line. Upon exiting her car, she handed the valet the keys. She noticed that he lingered for a moment in looking at her. Alex wondered if she knew the man. If she didn’t, why was he looking at her so hard? Alex smiled and continued to the front door. The woman at the hostess station smiled and nodded.

“I’m here to meet…” said Alex. The hostess cut her off in mid-sentence.

“Ma’am, your lunch date is already waiting for you on the veranda.” The hostess motioned for Alex to follow her. Alex began to fidget with her shirt, brushing the sleeves straight. Her hand ran through her hair. As she and the hostess rounded the corner, Alex could see Jake sitting at a table. He saw them and stood in greeting.

Jake was exquisite. He wore a pair jeans and a white t-shirt. A smile played across his lips. Alex could tell he was looking her over as well. His gaze stopped in two distinct places: her mouth and her crotch. Alex felt a blush cover her face. Jake moved to pull out Alex’s chair. The hostess wished both of them a good lunch. Alex bent to take her seat. Her heart was pounding at the idea of him being so close to her. His hands brushed across her arms as he pulled back to move to his own seat.

Alex dropped her head and looked at her hands. What was she suppose to do? What should she say? She didn’t know if she had the courage to actually carry on a conversation let alone look at this man.

“What did I tell you the other evening?” asked Jake. Alex coughed. She bit the inner part of her lip.

“I told you to look me in the eyes,” said Jake. Alex was shocked by the forcefulness of his words. Her eyes darted up, and suddenly, she was lost in his blue eyes.

“Thank you for coming to lunch today. John told me that he spoke to you about the other evening.”

“Yes,” squeaked Alex. She began to feel the heat of a blush creep across her cheeks.

“There should be no embarrassment. Sex is completely natural.”

Alex looked around. It was only then that she noticed that no one else was seated on the veranda. She and Jake were completely alone. She could barely hear the normal noise of the restaurant from where they were seated. Her heart began pounding. She felt very unsure of herself.

“I tend to be selective with my partners.”

Alex nodded, “John said that.” Her gaze had dropped to the setting of silverware in front of her.

“Look at me, please.” Alex’s eyes darted back to Jake’s face. She smiled to hide her nervousness. Jake smiled a slow grin in return. Alex couldn’t tell if it was sincere. Instead, his smile looked like something that would come across a predator’s face. Alex shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“Our food has arrived,” Jake stated. Alex kept her eyes on his face. She didn’t want him to have to remind her again. With each previous reminder, her blush appeared. She didn’t want to be red for the entire lunch. The waitress placed a plate of salad in front of her as well as a glass of white wine. She placed the same in front of Jake.

“I hope you don’t mind me ordering for the both of us.” Alex shook her head. The dressing on the salad smelled inviting. She shook her head and reached for the napkin and fork. They ate in relative silence. Alex would occasionally sneak a peek at Jake. He would smile and continue with his salad and wine. Finally, both were finished with their meals.

Jake folded his napkin and placed to the side of his place. He reached for his wine glass and held it before his lips. Before drinking, he asked, “Do you want to fuck me?”

Alex felt her eyes bug out of her head. She had trouble maintaining his gaze. She felt horribly uncomfortable and didn’t know how to answer.

“I know that you have been masturbating in my club. Every Friday for the past four months. And I know that you only masturbate when I play the piano. Why?”

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved so poorly,” Alex stammered. She wanted to grab her purse and run again. However, the pulsing between her legs kept her seated.

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