From Brother to Bitch Ch. 01

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Adriana Chechik

(This is my first erotic writing, so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from any readers.)

James was an ordinary college boy, around 18. He has quite a good look and athletic body, and does lots of extracurricular activities. But due to his extreme shyness, he is still a virgin, uncommon for a boy of 18 in the States.

Well, one day after a hard college work and basketball playing, he is too much tired to do anything else and slip inside the blanket on his bed and sets off to sleep. However in spite of his mental and physical maturity he could not erase a cute little childish habit, he still sucks his thumb while sleeping, just like a toddler.

His mother, father and elder brother used to tease him a lot for this habit, but it never changed anything. His brother, Vito, is a kind of bisexual; even his family was unaware of this fact. When he saw his brother sleeping like that, he sneaked into his room and closed the door from inside.

A sudden erotic idea came to his mind, how about force his little brother to do something, he might not enjoy. He took out his cell phone from his pocket and took many shots, of his sucking brother. Then he brother started shaking his little brother a bit.

James was kind of surprised to see Vito, standing in front of him with a grin, so he asked — “what do you wish of me brother?”

Vito grinned again and looked at James, with a glee, “well, brother you know how fast news can spread in college don’t you? How about I spread these little pictures of you around the college campus?” he showed him those pictures from his mobile.

James was kind of shocked, well since they have little age difference, they always used to play pranks against each other but those were something little, but if this thing gets spread then his life will be hell in the campus.

James jumped up from his bed and grabs the Vito’s arm, “Please brother, don’t do that, if that thing spreads, I will be fucking dead man.”

His voice was kind of loud near the end, so Vito pressed his brother’s lips with his middle finger and cut him off midway, “shh, brother, I won’t do anything, if you promise to do me some favors, you know.”

James was so glad to find out that he may have one chance to avoid that misfortune, so he jumped at the choice, “sure brother, anything for my little pride. I can do anything.”

Vito just smirked and answered in a cold voice, “well, anything means lots of things, little brother, you don’t have any idea.”

He started to pry apart his lips, forcing his middle finger to probe his brother’s mouth a little. James was shocked to notice how his brother is acting, he wanted to scream out and opened his mouths a little bit.

Vito was waiting for this opportunity to trigger, and he forced his middle finger to push into James’s mouth and looked into his eyes and smiled, “well, getting any idea of what I might want, little brother?”

There was a definite mockery in the tone. James pulled his brother’s finger off his mouth and asked him, jaw-dropped, “you are a GAY?”

Vito frowned at the question and slapped his brother on his left cheek, “So what? Sex is nothing but an entertainment and that can be anything, we are not some assholes who are raping girls in the dark alley, are we?”

James fell on the floor because the slapping was quite strong and unexpected; he looked up at his brother and said, “I didn’t mean that, brother. All I told…. “

He was shocked to see, his brother pulling down his pants, revealing his full 8″ cock, and holding it in front his face. “Get to work boy or those hot chicks will know how much you like to suck your thumb and if I add a little spice to it a thumb can become a cock you know that.”

James was too shocked to even lift his fingers; he kept on staring at the cock without urla escort a word. Vito giggled to see that look on his brother’s face and started to jerk off his thing shamelessly.

Soon, he was fully erect and Vito closed his eyes and was trembling with full erotic pleasure, the idea of doing this in front James, turned him on even more than before, it didn’t take him more than few minutes to clench his toes, and shoot up all his loads on his brother’s face intentionally.

Vito looked at his brother’s face dripping with his cum; he smiled shyly, “Sorry brother, I didn’t aim it properly. Well and make sure our parents are completely unaware of this thing. Because I think you can chose pretty well from these two options. Number 1 is to see me grounded for the rest of my life and punished heavily and become a thumb-sucker in the college, or never mention this to mom or dad.”

James was hard in between his legs, Vito didn’t miss that either so before leaving the room, Vito shoots another humiliating comment, “It is not that you didn’t enjoy this.”

James got off from the floor and washed his face with soap, until he can declare himself cleaned. He sneaked inside his room and started to sob like a little boy.

It took him great effort to act normal the rest of the day, and he managed to lower his eyes whenever his brother was around to avoid the eye-contact. In the next morning he thought probably that was some onetime thing and all. He got himself ready and headed towards his college pretending it is like any other day.

The view near his school is magnificent, so many trees and other greenery along with skyscraper from time to time, a perfect mixture of town and city atmosphere.

On approaching the college he saw Jessica waving a hand at him, he waved back happily, but what made his heart skip a beat is to see, Jessica walking towards the famous LOVER’S CORNER around the college and motioned him to follow.

Jessica is one of the sluttiest girls of their college. She has great 34D size boobs, and perfect ass, which made any boy to get a hard on. But in spite all these the most beautiful feature of her is her eyes. Two green eyes shining like Emerald.

James started to follow her, with so many erotic pictures in his head and so many hopes, that maybe she will have sex with him. When both of them arrived at that famous corner, she placed her lips on his and kissed him gently a bit, then simply turned her ass to him and bends over the edge of a table there.

She looked back and smiled, while pulling her skirt over her hips to reveal her tight ass cheeks, and her little hole hiding behind a thin black thong.

She look back and saw the pure lust in his eyes and said simply, “Would you like to fuck me in the ass?”

James didn’t even need to hear that twice, he started to pull his pants down, followed by his underwear, showing of his around 5″ cock to the hot slut before him and he placed his dick on her hole, and started to tease it a bit.

Jessica giggled and slapped his balls hard; she pulled down her skirt and looked at him, purely enjoying the shock in his eyes at this unexpected turn of events.

James’s cock was now shrinking in between his legs and he spoke out, “Bu… but I don’t get it.”

Jessica tilted her head and patted his dick lightly, “Go inside your shell you turtle boy” she teased and then looked at him, “well, I wanted to have sex with you, but after I came to know how much of a sissy boy you are, I can’t allow that. I want hunks to hump me, not some thumb sucking sissies.”

That moment, he understood it all, his brother showed his pictures to the girls of the college. Jessica sighed, “Well, if you want you can watch me having sex with real guys. And don’t worry, it is not about your size, menderes escort cause size doesn’t matter to us.”

James was now blushing from ear to foot he muttered out a meek, “No thank you” and stormed into the college searching for his brother. It didn’t took him long to find his brother, Vito, enjoying a smoke with his friends, he approached him and asked him with full spirit and bull like anger, “Why the hell did you show those pictures?”

Vito was surprised to see his brother so angry at him like that, but he chuckled, “Cause, GAY boy like me and my friends, who are actually bisexual, love sissy boys like you.”

James give him a disgusted look and answered, “So, what?”

Vito look really astonished this time, “Well, I saw your prick standing up when we were having fun the other day, so I thought you are just a sissy. So, since you won’t need girls, I decided to show them the pictures.”

James was really taken aback to hear that, he punched Vito in his face.

Vito smirked a little, “Go on, sissy boy hit me as much as you like, but you will be a bitch for me and my friends here got it? And if any of these got spread out to our parents, my friends will ‘take care’ of you.”

James didn’t realize the threat to be real, he showed his middle finger to his brother and his friends and spit on the ground, “I don’t fucking care, I am leaving, and you can’t do anything to me.”

Vito exhales a deep smoke and said, putting off the cigarette with his foot, “You won’t enjoy this, but we will.”

His friends jumped on poor James, dragging him into the BOY’S COMMON ROOM and started to beat the hell out of him. James started to cry like a little boy, and begged for mercy.

Vito walked towards him and spit on his face and said with an angry tone, “Now, be a good bitch from now on. I will train you at home tonight, so that you may serve us from tomorrow. Got it?”

James had no other option so he nodded. Vito patted his head, “Good boy, now wash your face and go home, I want you to be in my room around 5 p.m. “

James didn’t say anything and washed his face and headed towards home.

He waited in Vito’s room from 4:30 p.m. around exact 5 p.m., Vito got inside his room and closed the door, he chuckled a bit, “So, bitch do what we want and you will not have any permanent damage over your body, is that understood?”

James just nodded. Vito glared at the watch, “Since our parents will be here in any minute, I guess I should just do some basic introduction in your transformation. First you should address me and my friends as ‘Sir’ when we are not in front of our parents. Understand bitch?”

James nodded, fighting back his tears, “Yes, Sir.”

Vito continued, “You are not supposed to wear any underwear ever again, and you will obey orders, no matter how humiliating, even shitting in public like a dog. I saw you reading that type of articles on the internet, so you have that fetish. “

James blushed and nodded, “Yes, sir I do have that fetish.”

Vito sits on the bed and motioned James to stand in front of him, and ordered, “Strip off now, bitch, let me SEE you.”

James was expecting that kind of an order, so he nonchalantly stripped off completely, pulling down his pants and opened his shirts, and stand before his brother naked.

His cock now hanging between his legs, the thought of being naked in front of his brother, turned him on a little as he started to get an erection.

His brother chuckled, “Hmnn, humiliation addict as well. We will have a nice time, won’t we bitch?”

James: Yes sir, we will.

Vito: Good, you are a fast learner.

Vito placed his hands on the erect dick of his brother and said with a disdain, “Shit, sissy like you should always remain shaved, narlıdere escort go bring the shaving cream and razor right now.”

James hurried his way out of the room as he gave his brother quite a nice view of his swinging butt cheeks. James came back within a moment, with the shaving cream and razor, as he was ordered to.

Vito started to shave him, until he is soft as a baby down there, near his cocks, his asshole, everywhere. Vito inquired, “How does it feel like?”

The sensation of James was peculiar, he felt a ticklish sensation growing around those areas as cold wind started to play over his shaved body, he looked at Vito and said, “It’s a strange feeling sir, but it feels good.”

Vito stumped his foot on the ground, “off course it will, a bitch must love anything that is done to him. Now crawl towards me like a dog.”

James swallowed the degrading order without any protest and got on all his fours, crawling to his older brother like an obedient dog.

Vito giggled seeing how his little brother is accepting his fate and patted his head gently, “Good boy, now beg for my cock, you bitch.”

James, squat down in front of his brother and started to nuzzle elder brother’s crotch, his cock was throbbing with each nuzzling, “Please, sir …. “,

Vito pressed his finger against his lips and cut off his words, “No No, bitch don’t talk like a human, all you can do is address me as Sir and then you will become a pure dog.”

James looked down; he couldn’t help his tears from rolling down his cheek, as he barked like a little dog, whining for attention.

Vito slapped his face tightly just to abuse the weak soul a little more, and teasingly said, “Such a slut you are, brother, come over here and beg again.”

James repeated the process once again and this time, Vito pulled his zipper down and pushed his cock inside his mouth and started to fuck the poor mouth of James mercilessly.

James kept on moaning with each thrust, Vito grabbed him by his hair and pushed him deep down, starting to deep throat the little slut.

Soon, Vito closed enough towards his orgasm, “When I will shoot my load inside, I want you to swallow it all, as if it is a tasty wine, got it bitch?”

James nodded in between his moans as his elder brother started to fill up his mouth with his salty loads.

After enjoying his orgasm, Vito pulled his dick from his mouth and wiped his cum on the slut’s face, while Vito noticed that James didn’t swallow it, but instead he is having the cum inside his mouth, couldn’t swallow, because it was too much for him.

Vito started to get angry at this blatant disregard and slap his little bitch hard on the face repeatedly, and shouting, “Swallow it, you bitch, swallow.”

After a short time, James did swallow the cum, he was completely broken by his brother, Vito, he was sobbing like a little girl.

He complained to his elder brother, in between his dying sobs, “Why are you doing this to me? I never did you any harm.”

Vito smiled and stroked James’s hair, “Don’t worry, soon you will love it. Even now, look at your cock, it is rock hard. Right now, your mind is hating this but not your body; soon your mind will be happy too to be abused. Now, squat down and jerk yourself off, I won’t deny your physical pleasure.”

James started to jerk off in front of his brother immediately, he never experienced so intense urge to orgasm before, with each thrust he was closing in and it didn’t take him much long to shoot his load all over the floor.

James, lying on the floor now, because of the intensity of it said, “This is my best orgasm ever.”

Vito just nodded, “I knew it would be. Now, leave my room and get dressed. Tomorrow you will have a hard day that I can guarantee you.”

James nodded and left his room, sinking on his own bed and started to sleep with that same old thumb inside his mouth, sucking like a toddler, because he needs a long rest for tomorrow.

((I will post the second part, when I receive some feedback from the readers. So if you enjoy it or want me to make some changes tell me))

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