Friday Night Lights

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Central was beating Upper Clarion by 4 points. The score was 28 to 24 and it was a goal line stance with 2 seconds left on the clock. Upper had the ball and everyone knew what was coming. They were going to send their star halfback over the middle.

In the stands on the Central side everyone was tense and nervous. But nobody was more nervous than the three women sitting together in the stands. They were three very attractive middle aged women, nervously holding each others’ hands tightly and praying for the defense to hold the line. They were the coaches’ wives and what nobody knew is that they had personal stakes involved in the team winning the game. Stakes that involved much more than just going home with grouchy husbands if the team lost.

The Upper Clarion QB got under center and started to shout the cadence. The ball is snapped and the QB steps back and hands it off to the halfback, who is headed to the University of Wisconsin on a full ride next year. He takes the handoff and rushes forward and dives into the air. He is met by Central’s star linebacker Keith Walker, who is headed to Arizona State next year, also on a full ride. The two collide mid-air and the halfback is knocked back a foot, where he is wrapped up by the defensive end and the nose tackle and dragged to the ground.

The play clock hits zero and the Central crowd roars as their team is once again victorious. But nobody screams louder than the three wives who jump up in the air, raising their hands in victory and hugging each other.

“Oh thank god,” shouts Jodi Taylor, wife of head coach Wes Taylor, with her left arm around Ebony Jackson, wife of the defensive coordinator Bob Jackson, and her other arm around Trinh Henderson who goes by Trina, wife of the offensive coordinator Chuck Pierce.

“I was so nervous,” yells Trina. “I really needed a win. I needed them to win tonight so badly!”

“Me too,” yelled Ebony. “And now I’m nervous for another reason!”

“Yep,” said Jodi. “We are gonna get it good ladies. Oh god are we in for it. They’re really gonna tear into us. Oh my, so much nervous anticipation. It’s always a frenzy when the game is close.”

“I’m already wet and ready,” said Ebony.

“Come on girls. Let’s go,” said Jodi.

The three ladies made their way through the crowd, high fiving the fans and parents in congratulations on the victory. When they finally made their way to Jodi’s car she pulled out her flask, took a pull of the whiskey inside and passed it over to Ebony, who took a swig and handed it back to Trina. They drove to Jodi’s house excitedly talking about the night still to come.

All three women were certified MILFS. Jodi was fifty-one, with wavy, sandy blonde hair that went just past her shoulders. She was five foot, six inches tall with large breasts. Her body was mature but in great shape thanks to hours spent in the gym and the pool. She had a fantastic pair of legs that she liked to show off with short shorts and skirts. She had a very pretty face and was the classic girl next door beauty. She was a sun worshipper, and her tanned skin was covered in freckles that had just increased with age. Being fifty-one, she had some lines and sag but overall was a well preserved beauty.

Ebony Jackson was a forty two year old African American beauty. She was about five feet, seven inches tall with a body built for sex. She was thick in all of the right places, with a flat stomach, juicy ass, and a huge natural rack that the boys and men found impossible not to stare at. She kept her hair short, straightened, and in a sharp pixie cut. She had a beautiful face with what the boys liked to call DSLs, Dick Sucking Lips.

Trinh Pierce was a petite, compact Vietnamese American. She was only five feet tall and maybe a buck ten, if even that. She was forty two years old but could pass for thirty. She had a killer petite body with small but perky tits and a tight ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. She kept her straight black hair long and usually tied into a ponytail, showing off her striking facial features.

The players were celebrating in the locker room, but the seniors quickly got in the showers. The coaches made their way through the crowd where they were constantly stopped and congratulated.

“So what now coach? Are you going to make the senior players come over to your house again,” asked one of the player’s father’s.

“You know the rules Pete. They have to come to the house. It keeps them out of trouble. There hasn’t been one incident all season,” said coach Taylor.

“Oh, come on coach. It’s natural for these boys to have some beers and kick up some dust. We all did it when we were their age. Nothing wrong with pizza and soda at the coach’s house, but these guys are eighteen you know?”

“I understand Pete, but we just made the playoffs and we aren’t going to break with tradition now and risk these kids doing something stupid. Make sure your boy is at my house within the hour. Got it?”

“Got it coach.”

Wes, Bob and Chuck had been coaching Central escort tanıtımları for five years now. In prior years the team would suffer by players partying too much and getting into trouble, causing key players to get suspended from sports. This year coach Wes explained to the parents that he was starting a new rule. After every game the seniors had to come to his house, where they could hang out in the basement and play video games, shoot pool, whatever. He would order pizzas and make sure nobody drank. He would finally send them home after midnight when there were no more parties to go to.

The fifteen senior players hated it at first. And the junior and sophomore players would make fun of them and tell them how they would keep their girlfriends occupied while they were stuck at their coach’s house.

And the season started out bad. Three straight losses and whispers started about how maybe it was time to get a new coach. But then on that fourth game, against undefeated Marshall High, they pulled out a win and everything changed. And the seniors suddenly loved going over to the coach’s house. They had won five straight and were headed to the playoffs. The underclassmen couldn’t understand why they loved the coaches pizza parties and were simply told, “You’ll understand when you’re a senior, just so long as you win.”

The coaches got into Wes’ car and began to pass a flask around as they drove to coach Taylor’s house.

“I’m worried our wives won’t survive tonight,” joked coach Jackson, causing the whole car to erupt in laughter.

“Yeah, they’ll probably need to spend the rest of the weekend recuperating,” joked Wes.

When they got to the house, the wives were getting ready in the master bedroom. The players started to arrive and made their way down to the basement. The coaches grabbed beers and sat in the family room and watched the game film, and analyzed the mistakes that the team needed to work on.

Keith Walker arrived and the coaches congratulated him again on the great hit.

“You still didn’t wrap him up Keith,” said Wes. “We gotta work on that this week ok?”

“Sure thing coach. Uh, are the ladies down there yet?”

“Not yet but they will be soon. Go get yourself some pizza and just relax.”

Soon all of the senior players had arrived and were in the basement. They started to get restless and began to yell up the stairs.

“Hey coach! What the hell! We won man! Let’s get this party started!”

“Yeah coach! Send ’em down!”

“Where the fuck are they! We want our reward!”

Wes opened the door and yelled down to his players, “Just hold your goddamn horses! They’ll be down in a minute!”

He then went to the master bedroom and opened the door. The three wives were finishing up a final round of tequila shots. For the evening they had selected pink, sheer negligees.

“Hey baby,” said Jodi to her husband.

“If you fucking sluts don’t get down there immediately we might have a goddamn riot on our hands!”

“Relax sweetie. We’re almost done getting ready.”

“NOW!!! They won and they want the spoils of their victory!”

“Ok, ok! Come on girls.”

They all put on robes and then Jodi led the wives to the linen cabinet where she grabbed old sheets and a large bottle of lubricant. She then led them through the house towards the basement. They could hear the shouts of the players.

“Oh god I can’t wait! I’m so nervous! How rough do you think they’ll get,” said Ebony.

“Rough enough that we’ll need more tequila,” joked Jodi as they headed down the stairs.

The players cheered as the three women descended the stairs.

“Your sluts have arrived boys,” Jodi announced to the cheering players. “Remember, anything goes!” She then handed them the blankets and put the lubricant on the floor.

“You know the drill,” she said and the players spread some of the blankets on the floor and used the others to cover the large sectionals and lounge chairs. They then faced the three MILFS. They looked incredibly sexy in their short robes, with their negligees peeking out underneath.

“Ok, remember guys,” said Trina. “No matter what we say or do, or how much we plead and beg, do not let up. Just keep going until you can’t go anymore ok?”

The guys all hooted and hollered and started to remove their shirts.

“All right guys, COME GET US,” shouted Ebony.

The three ladies let their robes fall to the floor, and they were immediately set upon. Tongues were thrust into their mouths, hands roamed all over their bodies and their negligees were quickly pulled off of them. They found themselves on the floor in no time, with mouths attached to their breasts and pussies.

The players started to quickly tear their own clothes off. The women were soon all on their backs on the blanket, side by side with their legs up in the air, getting fucked by the players. The first round was an absolute frenzy as the boys cycled through them. They were constantly being mounted by gaziantep escort telefonları fresh players as others shouted for them to hurry up for their own turns.

None of the players ever lasted long for the first round and the wives were given zero breaks in between each fuck. Once a player blew his load in one of the wives’ pussies he would be pushed aside and replaced by a fresh cock.

For the first hour the ladies always found themselves on their backs getting fucked over and over again. Once every player had cum once, the pace would slow down.

The women were usually cum drunk, babbling sluts at this point, letting themselves be tossed around and thrown into different positions. One minute they’d be on their back and then next on all fours, sucking cock while getting rammed from behind. At this point the three MILFS had lost count of their own orgasms.

Ebony wasn’t sure how she got there but she found herself riding the left tackle on the lounge chair. He had his mouth on her left tit and was squeezing her ass with both hands, helping her to bounce up and down on his big dick.

“Is this good baby! Am I going fast enough!”

“It’s perfect Mrs Jackson! Go! Go! Keep going!”

Jodi found herself standing with her back to one of the players who was sitting on the couch, bent over and riding her pussy up and down on his cock. Another player, the team kicker walked up to her and took her head in his hands and shoved his cock into her mouth. He then proceeded to face fuck her while she squatted up and down on the other guy’s cock.

Trina found herself suspended in mid air between two standing players. Her legs were wrapped around one of the outside linebackers, his cock in her pussy, while one of the halfbacks was behind her, his cock in her ass. The players had their hands under thighs and were lifting her up and down on their dicks. Trina had her face buried in the linebacker’s neck and was on the verge of passing out as the pain and pleasure shot through her body.

Eventually they were all positioned on the couch on all fours, with their asses in the air with their elbows resting on the back rest. All three were getting their asses plowed while guys behind the couch fucked their mouths. At one point Trina had Keith Walker behind her and the tight end Javier Ruiz in front. They had the biggest dicks on the team and her tiny body was struggling to handle the foot and a half of cock inside of her. The players on the sideline watched in amazement. It never stopped being incredible watching Trina take eight inches of cock, balls deep into her cute little perky ass.

The guys started a train, with some waiting behind the guys plowing the ladies asses and others waiting their turn in front for the next available mouth. After banging the ladies asses for a bit, those guys would usually then get in the mouth line and vice versa.

After all of the guys had cum at least twice and for some, three times, many would recharge and gorge on pizzas and soda. But there was always at least three still ready to fuck, and so the wives never got any breaks.

These post victory gangbang celebrations were Jodi’s idea. She and her husband Wes were swingers before they had kids. The swinging slowed down when they raised their children. But now their kids were all grown and out of the house either in college or starting their careers, and Jodi and Wes jumped back into swinging with both feet.

It was easy for Wes to get his assistant coaches on board. He knew the whole town wanted to bang his wife Jodi as well as Bob and Chuck’s wives. They all knew that their wives were some of the prettiest women in town, and they all wanted a crack at each other’s spouse. And the three coaches had also kept up with their own looks, still retaining the bodies from when they were college players.

Trina and Ebony were game when the idea of swinging presented itself. What Chuck, Bob and Wes didn’t know was that sometimes the wives’ brunches ended in bottomless mimosas which sometimes led to their own sapphic trysts. Swinging was just the next logical step.

Bob and Chuck and their wives were soon running in the same swinger circles as Wes and Jodi, and they were having a blast. And then the terrible start to this season happened. Three straight losses and it looked like the whole season was going to be a bust.

That Saturday after the third loss the three couples went to a swinging party. In the one room it was just Jodi, Wes, Bob and Chuck. The three coaches had just gotten done triple penetrating Jodi, and all four of them were laying on the floor recuperating. Trina and Ebony were somewhere else in the house getting fucked by other party goers.

“This is the worst start we’ve ever had to a season. And all three of these teams were beatable,” said Wes.

“Maybe they just need some motivation. Something to play for,” said Jodi as she used a towel to mop up the cum leaking out of her pussy and ass.

“Winning is a motivation! gaziantep escort bayan telefonları Who doesn’t like to win,” said Bob.

“People can have multiple reasons to get motivated to win. I was thinking…..,” she trailed off.

“What,” said Wes.

Jodi started to blush, “I was thinking, uh….maybe Ebony, Trina and I can help get these guys motivated.”

“Honey, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“It’s just, these teenage boys today are obsessed with the whole older women thing. And I’m not blind ok? I see them checking us out whenever we show up at practice.”

“Well, you girls sure do sex it up on purpose. Walking around the sidelines in your short shorts, tank tops and high heeled sandals,” said Bob. “Who wouldn’t check you out?”

“We know, which is why we do it! We love to tease those boys. And we also know that you guys get a kick out of it too and will be climbing on top of us after practice.”

“You know, I see where she’s going with this and as nuts as it sounds, I think it might work,” said Chuck.

Just then a naked Ebony and Trina walked in.

“Hey guys, there’s a pretty hot orgy happening in the living room. Come join us,” said Ebony.

“Sit down for a second ladies. Jodi has an idea on getting the players to start winning games,” said Chuck.

“Oh, fucking the players? Yeah, we talk about that a lot when we’re alone,” said Trina.

“Wait, what?”

“Baby, there are a lot of good looking seniors on that team. We have fantasies too and all of those boys are eighteen and legal,” said Jodi. “And there they are every Friday, down in our basement, wishing they were out partying instead. What if we gave them a reason to want to be there?”

“I’m telling you guys, this might work,” said Chuck.

“I think you just like the idea of Trina getting banged by teenagers,” said Bob to Chuck.

“Well, that too, but I’m serious. This could work.”

“Listen guys, Ebony, Trina and I are down for this. You guys talk it out and while we suck your dicks,” said Jodi as she slid over to Bob. “And then we’ll all go join the orgy in the living room.”

Trina got in between Wes’ legs and Ebony did the same to Chuck.

The guys talked about the details and how they would go about this as the wives heads bobbed up and down in their laps.

And then that Friday night the team won. The losing streak was broken and the crowd went nuts. Wes, Bob and Chuck cheered along with their players and then reality set in. They were in the middle of the field just looking at each other.

“Are we actually doing this,” said Chuck.

“We ain’t doing shit. It’s our wives. It’s up to them,” said Wes.

“All right guys, I bet they’ll back out. Let’s just see how this plays out,” said Bob.

The seniors pleaded to be allowed to go celebrate with their underclassmen teammates but Wes would hear none of it and ordered them all to be at the house within the hour.

When the coaches got to the house, they found their wives in Jodi’s room. They were slugging tequila and putting on matching, sheer white negligees.

“Holy shit. You’re all going to actually go through with it,” exclaimed Wes.

“Yep,” smiled Jodi. “Those boys are going to get addicted to winning after we get through with them.”

“More like when they get through with us,” joked Ebony. All three started laughing.

“I wonder how many are still virgins,” asked Trina.

“Probably more than half I’d imagine,” said Jodi.

“They’re not going to be virgins for long,” joked Ebony.

“I can’t believe this,” said Chuck. “I mean, it was one thing to talk about this but it’s actually happening. Our wives are gonna take on fifteen, eighteen year old boys.”

“Babe, are you sure about this,” said Wes, giving them one more chance to back out.

Jodi walked up to her husband and took his hand. She put in under her negligee and onto her pussy. She was dripping wet.

“What do you think baby,” she said.

“Ok. Follow me.”

Wes, Bob and Chuck led their wives down into the basement. The players all turned to look at their coaches, expecting another victory speech. But their chins practically hit the floor when they saw the wives descend the stairs. All three of the smoking hot MILFS were wearing white negligees that barely covered their asses and showed off their fantastic, smooth legs and pretty feet.

“Guys,” barked coach Wes. The players all snapped to attention.

“Great game today! You are all about to learn something very important. And that is that winners fuck and losers go home and jerk off. As long as you win, these ladies are yours for the night.”

He turned to the wives, “All right ladies, they’re all yours.”

Wes, Bob and Chuck went back up the stairs. The wives faced the players who all had stunned looks on their faces.

“So how do we start this,” Trina whispered to Jodi.

“I have no idea,” she whispered back. “I didn’t think this part through.”

“Let’s get the inexperienced guys experienced first,” whispered Ebony.

“Ok, sounds good. Guys! Who all is a virgin,” asked Jodi. “Virgins get to go first.”

The guys just looked at the ladies with stunned expressions. Then finally, Mike Curtis stepped forward. Mike was a halfback and also the school stud. He looked like an Adonis. He had already fucked half of the cheerleading squad and was working on getting to the other half.

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