Following Orders


I don’t consider myself to be an actual sex slave or a sub with a real master, but just a highly sexual woman who did as she was told by her lover. You’re thinking, “What’s the difference?” Well, I can look my lover in the eyes, I don’t have to look at the floor all the time, I can say no, although I usually don’t, I don’t wear a dog collar, and I don’t crawl. Call it whatever you want, but I was happy being in this semi submissive relationship.

Tonight I met my man at the door wearing something simple. I usually go all out to please wearing lingerie, nylons, garters, and stilettos. But this evening I was wearing a simple oversized mans shirt with just me under it, only one button at the middle buttoned so he could catch a glimpse of my 40DD breasts and my shaved pussy. Barefoot, my nails painted bright red, I stood up on my toes to give him a deep sensuous kiss. He parted my teeth with his tongue and I began to suck on it and flick my tongue around his as if I were sucking on his hard cock.

He took me by the hand and led me to my couch and sat. He looked at me and said, “I have a special evening planned for you. We’re going to a party tonight and you are going to be the special entertainment.” He noticed a curious expression come to my face and said, “I’ll explain everything when we get there.” I rose from the couch to get dressed for the party when he said, “No, I want you dressed just as you are.” I’m sure you can imagine my curiosity as to what type of special evening he had planned for me. Again he took me by the hand and this time he led me to his car.

Once we were in his car he took a thick blindfold out of his glove box, covered my eyes and secured it around my head. He stated, “Baby, this is a special night for you, and I will take this off when the time is right.” He then began to drive. I could see nothing through the blindfold, and I began to get very aroused with anticipation of what was in store for me. Plus I was slightly miffed that he had not touched me other than to take my hand that evening. But I knew he had a reason for what he was doing and since I normally agree to everything he asks of me I didn’t complain.

He stopped the car, got out and came around to my side to open the door. It was a warm evening and I could feel a slight breeze blow around my naked body under my shirt. Once again he took my hand and led me through a doorway into a room. He stopped and took off the blindfold. I looked around the room and noticed it was filled with an assortment of men and women in various stages of dress and undress. Of course, I felt horribly over dressed.

All eyes were istanbul escort on my lover and me. Then he announced. “This is my woman, tonight she will be ordered to do what ever I say.” He then said, “I am ordering that she is to service any and everyone here that wants her. She will do what ever is asked of her. I must say that she is the best cock sucker I have ever had and she has the tightest pussy I have experienced.”

He looked at me and said, “Get on your knees and give them a demonstration of your talents.” I hesitated just for a moment, because as I said previously, I could always say no. I was able to make a choice. And I had made a my choice, I removed my shirt and got on my knees and began to suck my lovers cock. (I bet you’d already figured out my choice, other wise there would be no story.)

I wrapped my lips around his hardening cock, running my tongue around and over the tip of his cock. He gripped the back of my head and impaled his cock into my mouth. I could feel my throat open and his cock slide into the back of my throat.

While sucking his cock, I could see the other guests move toward us but I couldn’t totally tell what was going on. I felt a pair of hands grab my ass and begin roughly kneading my ass, I then felt a cock plunge into my pussy. I had started getting aroused when my lover put the blindfold on me, so my pussy was already wet and ready for a cock. The strange cock was pounding so hard in my pussy, my tits were swinging and I was having a difficult time keeping my lovers cock in my mouth. He pulled his cock from my mouth and began shooting his cum over my tits and belly. My lover proclaimed. “Let the games begin!”

The man in my pussy didn’t take long to cum (which did embarrass him some) and pulled out while he was cumming to distribute his fluid all over my back. This really disappointed me because I love to feel cum shoot into my pussy, but I knew there would be more to cum that night.

One man after another took his place and kept me on my knees and pounded deep and hard into my loosening cunt. One man said, “Well, she’s not so tight any more!”

The next man moved me to a nearby sofa and bent me over the back of the sofa with my tits hanging over the other side and started to fuck my cunt. But he just wanted to get his cock lubricated because he then slammed his cock into my yet unfucked ass. Usually when my lover fucked my ass he took it slow and eased his cock in. Not this man, he rammed his cock deep into my ass with one push.

A woman with him got on the other side of the couch and began to suck on my tits. This Escort Anadolu Yakası woman knew what she was doing with breasts. She was squeezing my tits, biting and pulling on my nipples stretching my 40DD breasts tight. Then she was handed a set of nipple clamps and latched each clamp on my stretched nipples.

The stranger in my ass continued to pump his hard cock into my ass, I could feel his cock begin to spasm and knew he was going to fill me with his cum. I could feel the hot cum spurting into my ass. The woman was still pulling and sucking at my tits. This set me afire and my pussy began to spasm and contract into a huge orgasm.

After the man in my ass pulled out, the woman grabbed the chain of the nipple clamps and pulled me off the couch and began to lead me around the room, stopping at every woman and making them taste the cum dripping out of my pussy. Most of them just fingered my pussy to get the cum, but one woman got on her knees and planted her mouth on my sopping cunt then licked and sucked the cum into her mouth. She stood and placed her lips on my mouth and gave me an earth shattering kiss sharing all that cum.

With that kiss she pulled me to the floor and we continued to passionately kiss. I’ve not had much experience with women, but I was finding that kissing a woman wasn’t that much different than kissing a man. Although she was quite a bit softer. My hand started to grope her breasts, and I knew I had to suck and taste her succulent tits.

Not being that knowledgeable of what to do for a woman, I just did what I like to have done. I flicked my tongue over her nipples, having one in my mouth and the other in my fingers. I began to bite and suck her tits just how I liked it done, and I heard her say, “Baby, you’re getting that just right, you’re going to make me cum doing that.” Well, I’d already taken the female plunge with sucking tits, so I decided I needed to taste her pussy.

I slid one of my hands down to her trimmed pussy and began to run my fingers over her clit then pushing my fingers into her juicy cunt. She was dripping. I brought my fingers up to my mouth to taste and found it wasn’t bad. I then moved my fingers to her mouth and she began to lick and suck my fingers like they were little cocks.

My mouth moved from her tits down toward her pussy and began to tentatively lick at her clit. As in sucking her tits, I just did what I knew I liked and I knew when my clit was sucked I liked to have fingers fucking my cunt. So I slid one finger, then two, then three into her pussy while I licked and nibbled on her clit. She began Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort to moan. “More, fill me more with your fingers.”

I know that my pussy will normally take only 3 fingers but her pussy felt much bigger than mine. I pushed another finger into her pussy and she began to hump against my hand. I decided to go for it, and I tried to slide my thumb into her. “Oh yes, that’s it do it, fist me baby.”

I continued to push and I felt my thumb and hand slide into her cunt. “Oh wow” I thought I could never do that. (Although I had been fucked so much tonight I probably was so loose that a hand could enter me.) I began to push and twist my hand into her while she gyrated and moaned. Everyone in the room was watching me fist this woman and urging me to go harder. Which I did, and I was rewarded with her shooting out a huge amount of hot clear liquid. I had made her squirt! She screamed in pleasure and the crowd applauded.

Couples began to pair off, men and women, women and women, men and men. There was a group of about 5 or 6 men left, and they moved over to me.

All their cocks were semi hard, so I began sucking each man in a row, going from one to another till their cocks were rock hard, just the way I like a cock. One man laid on his back and the other men helped me mount his cock and slide it deep in me. Another man began pushing at my ass and his cock easily slid into my well fucked ass.

The other men took turns moving from my hands to my mouth until they could have a turn at my pussy or ass. At one time, I had a cock in my pussy, one in my ass, one in each hand and one in my mouth. I felt like Marilyn Chambers in Behind the Green Door, but I wasn’t on a swing. (If I remembered that movie right.) I was flooded with cum shooting everywhere face, back, tits, pussy, and ass.

Through all of this, my lover had sat comfortably in a chair observing everything. He still had not touched me during the night. After me being flooded with cum, he stood and walked to me and said, “I think you’ve had enough for the night.” Once again he took me by the hand and led me to his car, and we drove back to my house. I had cum every where, dried cum up and down my legs, covering my breasts, on my face and still dripping out of my pussy.

He walked me into my bathroom, sat me on the edge of my tub and drew a hot bath. He took my hand and helped me sink down into my bathtub. Gently he washed my hair, cleansed my entire body with oil and a soft cloth. He assisted me out of the tub, and wrapped me in a soft towel and dried my sore body, then walked me to my bed.

He laid me down on the bed, climbed in close and snuggled next to me. He then whispered into my ear, “You were magnificent tonight. I loved watching you with all those men and women. I am so pleased with you. You will be well rewarded tomorrow. Tonight you just sleep.” With that I drifted off into an exotic dreamland.

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